Friday, October 7, 2016

Special Friends With Us In Richton

The Thursday night City Reach service was fantastic. God is moving and we are so glad to be a part of it. Praise God for his help and strength. It is wonderful to see these people that we love enjoying the presence of the Lord.

The only thing better than having a great revival among friends is to add in a few more friends! We were blessed to have the Millikin's with us Monday night. They are a tremendous asset to any service and they were certainly a great help when they were here. The folks in Richton fell in love with them and that is awesome!

Last night we had some more friends drop in and they plan to be with us all day today and for service tonight as well. We first met Pastor Johnson George and his wife Sis. Binu during City Reach Phoenix area. Bro. George pastors a church in Phoenix and fellowships with Pastor Noah Martinez and the Desert Cove Assembly.

We were thrilled to meet them and have them be a part of City Reach Phoenix. It was a privilege to preach revival for them in their church as well. 

We fell in love with these fine people and God has knit our hearts together as one. It was Pastor George that introduced us to Pastor Sunny Philip in New York and as a result, we were invited to New York to preach their anniversary meeting.

Now, as an extra special bonus, we are blessed to have Pastor George and Sis. Binu with us in City Reach Richton. They are on their first road trip across the USA and they planned as part of that trip to visit us here in Richton. What an amazing blessing!

We have already enjoyed visiting with our dear friends and we are expecting more great fellowship today and tonight. It is wonderful how God has brought us together with them again.

Come be with us under the Blue and White Gospel Tent in Richton if you can. Service begins tonight and Saturday night at 7:15 and Sunday evening at 5:00. Thanks for reading.


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