Friday, October 28, 2016

Travel Days Toward Home

The first of this week was mostly travel with a little rest and recuperation thrown in for good measure. We only drove after church Sunday night about 100 miles and stopped in a beautiful rest area along I-26. There are times that it is difficult to find a place to park along the road at night but this rest are was huge and had plenty of room. It was a very peaceful place to park.

Monday we had a gorgeous drive into east Tennessee. We have not been in the beautiful mountains much during peak leaf season the last few years and we have missed it. For several years we preached revival at Beechfork near Knoxville during October but we have not been able to do it because of tent revivals. We plan to get back to that wonderful habit.

It was nice to be back in the mountains as the leaves are changing.

Monday evening we stopped at an RV Park in Tennessee. I include this picture because it was the first time we had plugged into electricity since we left the Richton Park in Richton, Mississippi over two week before.

We loved the mountains so much that we rested Tuesday and spent another night in the campground. That day of rest was just what the doctor ordered. We drove some in the mountains and did as much of nothing as we could fit in to 24 hours. It also gave Bro. Jimmie a chance to catch up to us.

Wednesday morning we were up before daylight getting ready to leave. I filled the fresh water tank and emptied the holding tanks waiting for the people around us to stir so we did not wake them all up.

By daylight folks were beginning to crank up and leave so we did the same. Other than one fuel stop we zoomed 310 miles home in only a few hours.

A few hours later, Bro. Jimmie joined us at the Lazy OD Ranch.

It is good to be back home for a few days. We have been to church Wednesday and Thursday nights and we worked on tent stuff Thursday. I will try to have pictures of all that on our weekend update Monday.

Thank you very much for reading.


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