Friday, October 14, 2016

Pictures Of The Tent Going Up In Fayetteville, North Carolina

First I want to wish my baby girl Happy Birthday. I hope you have a very Happy, Happy Birthday, Odie! You make our lives a whole lot brighter!

The tent is in the air in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

We will begin revival tonight at 7:00 PM. Come be with us if you can but make sure you bring some bug spray. The mosquitoes are working overtime with all this flooding.  

The mosquitoes better be careful around here this week. We are going to be so full of Jesus that if a mosquito bites us it will fly away singing, "There's Power In The Blood!"

There was a lot of prep work to do for tent revival. Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe worked very hard the last two days and we all worked hard Thursday. We even had Odie holding side poles!

Look at That!

The very first thing Odie did when she came on the property was drive her power chair into a big hole and dump herself on the ground. No pictures of that for some reason. 

She was on the look out for fire ants and missed the gaping chasm she drove into. The fire ants are multitudinous and they are angry, angry, angry at being disturbed. I intend to disturb them a whole lot more over the next several days. 

Speaking of holes, there is no spot even near level enough for the big tent or even the medium configuration so we are set up in the round this week. It was a challenge to even get the round to fit on the lot but it is up. 

The pictures below were taken by two different phones so they may be slightly out of order. I hope you enjoy them though. 

Thanks for reading. 



  1. Oh my goodness...I was just in Fayetteville, NC last weekend! Yep...during Hurricane Matthew. Had to stay an extra day because of the flooding. Too bad I'm not there this weekend! One of my church girls has just moved there, and she desperately needs to get to the tent revival and hopefully get established with a church there in Fayetteville. I'll text Odie tomorrow. Love y'all!

    1. Hey Angie, I hate we missed seeing you. Please tell your friend to come see us. And tell her to come introduce herself to us.

  2. Happy birthday Odie!!!!!
    We love you
    Bruce & Cilla

    1. Thank you, Bruce and Cilla. I love you all. Looking forward to seeing you all somewhere.

  3. Oh wow, knowing just how much work putting that tent up is, I was sure feeling for you all while looking at the pics. I hope the Lord blesses you double.



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