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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Karen Peck and New River and Triumphant Quartet April 2024

Hey Friends,

Odie is reporting today. Thanks for checking in for this Saturday! I am happy to have my faithful readers, and welcome to any new readers!

Last Friday was a terrific evening. The weather was very cool, windy and spitting rain much of the day, but the yucky weather did not stop us from having some fun. My cousins Lisa Isaacs and Stephanie Stansell picked me up around 4 in the afternoon. We were ready for a girl's night out. All three of us were finally able to coordinate our schedules.

The first item of business for us was food. We headed to one of our local Skyline Chili restaurants. We knew we could get a delicious meal and be on our way to the main event promptly. Skyline did not disappoint!

Local news has been abuzz lately. Skylines are changing from Pepsi products to Coke. Mountain Dew just pairs perfectly with a Skyline meal! Lots of people are sad about this drink change. The changeover was scheduled to start on April 1st. The Centerville location on Main Street still had the Dew last week! It sure made me happy!

Then, it was time to point Lisa's car toward First Baptist of Kettering. Strictly Gospel Concerts was hosting a concert to celebrate 20 years of bringing Southern Gospel Music to the Miami Valley.

We were excited to attend this concert featuring Karen Peck and New River and Triumphant Quartet! Doors opened at 6. We quickly entered the sanctuary. The promoter helped us find seats that would accommodate my chair.

KPNR was brought on stage shortly after 7PM.

We were blessed with wonderful singing from the beginning to the end of their set. 

Matt Gooch jamming out.

Grant Gibson recently celebrated his 6th anniversary with the group! He is a highly talented vocalist.

I was thrilled to see my buddies of KPNR one more time!

The evening featured both old and new favorites from the group. I have too many favorites to hear them all in one night, but they hit the highlights of their hits!

You know it is time for the song Dance when Susan breaks out her pink tambourine. 

I am always happy to hear them live in concert. I also had good friends to enjoy the night with me. It was great to have this concert close to home.

Karen Peck Gooch.

Kari Faith Gooch Balcoum.

Karen, her husband Ricky Gooch, and her sister Susan Peck Jackson started New River 33 years ago. They are still going strong!

KPNR are industry and fan favorites. 

Then, It was time for the Triumphant Quartet to take the stage. They have been voted the favorite male quartet and group of the year many times by Singing News subscribers,

David Sutton is their tenor singer.

We heard many of the Triuphant hits, and the songs that they have introduced to Southern Gospel and made them their hits.

Sean Barber, the lead singer, joined the group last year. This was my first time hearing him. He replaced Scotty Inman. Sean was a great addition to the group.

Triumphant will continue to be a fan favorite! I will go see them again!

Clayton Inman and Eric Bennnett have steadily held their baritone and bass parts for all of Triumphant's history!

The addition of Sean gave them a piano player. He played for several songs of the night.

On one song, Eric Bennette came down and greeted the crowd.

It is impossible to have a Triumphant concert without Clayton singing Old White Flag. It is always a crowd favorite and gets the crowd on their feet. It was a happy note to end the night on.

After the concert, I got the chance to say hooty hoo to the KPNR gang. I put on my Night Owl Diaries hoodie. I was glad to be repping the KPNR Owl Nation. It was Friday night, which meant there was a Night Owl Diaries episode live from the road later that night.

It was good to see my buddy Matt again. 

Kari and Grant were busy working the table I did not get pictures with them. Susan wanted to get a picture with me. 

We got a group selfie with Karen to remember our fantastic girl's night out.

Then we headed to visit the guys from Triumphant. I caught a break in the crowd. I added selfies with the guys to my photo collection. They were so friendly to me!

David Sutton and Odie.

Sean Barber and Odie.

Eric Bennette and Odie.

Clayton Inman and Odie.

Here is another picture with Stephanie and Lisa. 

We made it back home, and it was time to say bye until next time. We gained many great memories on the girl's night out. I am so glad we go to spend a wonderful evening together! They are both not only my cousins but also my dear friends! I am thankful to have them in my life!

I purchased a bag of freshly roasted coffee from Matthew Gooch at the concert. I wish all of you could smell this goodness!

Saturday morning, I was ready for a good cup of coffee. You can check out Solid Ground Coffee online by clicking here.

That wraps up this concert recap. We are already on the lookout for the next adventure. Stay tuned, we will give you a full report when it happens.

Friends, I will see you next week.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Odie's Miscellaneous April Fun

Hey Friends,
This is Odie coming to you from the beach house. Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today. 

Thanks to all of you who have let me know you enjoyed my pictures from PFYC. If you missed it, those pictures are in the posts from Tuesday and Thursday.

Today, I have a myriad of photos that I have not shared previously. This includes travel, to and from PFYC, some fun with friends and eclipse fun. we are only 13 days into April and this month has already been so full of fun!

We decided to stop at Buc-ee's in Kentucky. My cousin Jonas was also headed to PFYC, and we ended up at Buc-ee's at the same time.

This was Michelle's first visit to Bu-cee's. We were overwhelmed! Every time I pass the Richmond, Kentucky Buc-ee's, it is packed with people.

We were blessed with a beautiful day for travel.

Excited to be on the road to Tennessee.

Lunch on the road.

Once we were settled at our hotel on Wednesday, we rested for a bit. Then, we headed to the Island to meet up with our friend Nicole Estes.

We enjoyed a great night ride on the Ferris Wheel.

The views up there are spectacular!

I love that is easy for me to roll on and off with my scooter. 

Before heading home on Saturday, Michelle and I stopped at one of our favorite stores. We ran into friends while there, and I snapped a few pictures while shopping. It was great to catch up with all of them!

Headed home. We had another beautiful travel day.

Sunday night, Sis. Racheal, Sis. Sharon and I tried out our Eclipse glasses. I think they were great fashion accessories.

Eclipse day came we had a gorgeous day. My cousin Lisa and I viewed the eclipse from my driveway. We had fantastic seats and a clear view.

The eclipse was so cool! It was amazing how suddenly it felt like evening! Then we were back to our sunny afternoon.

Here is one last eclipse picture captured by a family member. Thanks for allowing me to post this one. 

Also, did you see this clip Dad posted to YouTube? I think it's so sweet to see the eclipse from Arlo's perspective!

Speaking of Arlo, he turned 2 this week. Happy birthday to our precious Arlo! We love you, buddy!

Thanks for reading. See you next time.