Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Tunnel Vision Travel

I thought about skipping today's post and letting yesterday's Mile Marker remain as the top post in case some of you missed it. The post was lengthy but I wrote it from my heart and tried to answer all of the questions you might be asking.

It might explain things if you read it. You will find yesterday's post HERE.

We appreciate all of the calls, texts emails and comments letting us know you are praying for us. There are some calls I could not answer because driving, breathing and talking at the same time was a little beyond my skill set at times, but we appreciate your kindness much!

Among the encouraging communications we received Monday, were a few more invitations to park the BoggsMobile in a few more places while I heal. May God bless all of them for the offers of kindness and hospitality.


When we left Sweeny, Texas Thursday morning we expected to land at our next revival about 280 miles later. We drove 142 miles Thursday and thought we were halfway there.

After a very bad night and worse morning, we sought counsel and made the decision, after much deliberation, to slowly move toward the southeast. We drove Friday, Saturday and Monday, for a total of 660 miles since we left Sweeny.

I could not figure out why I was weak and weary Monday afternoon until I counted up the miles and hours. Duh! No wonder I felt like I was under the bus instead of in the bus.😍😎

Maybe I should have driven halfway and rested a week there. I guess my tunnel vision is showing. Once the decision was made, I could not see anything but reaching our goal, even though we were traveling slower than usual.

I suppose you live and learn. At least you should live and learn.

Thank you again for praying for us. We truly appreciate it. Thank you for reading today.


Monday, January 30, 2023

What To Say?

What to say? How much to say? 

These are questions we ask often and we are never really satisfied completely with the answer to our own questions. We post here daily and have for over thirteen years and less often for many years before that. To quote our own words right here on Mile Markers,
Mile Markers are a good way to describe our updates from the road. They keep track of our progress as we move across the country. We post about the grace of God, great churches, Pastors, people, revivals, music, family, food, fellowship, fun, our travels and who knows what else.
Yet, there are so many things we say little to nothing about. Although we are public about much, we are considerably private about much more of our lives, because they are ...well...private.

One of the many things I learned from these many years of meeting with you here is that we do have a good number of regular readers that will pray sincerely when they know there is a need. You proved it in 2020 and again in 2021 and 2022.

We average 600 to 1000 people stopping by here each day according to statistics we are given by Blogger/Google. Those numbers are not impressive in comparison to big corners of the internet, but we are not here to be impressive.

There is no competition between us versus anyone. Mile Markers describes a family ministry posting about ministry things along the road. Oh, and lots of pictures! We compile the pictures and information in one place for ourselves and for our friends. Several hundred of you have become our friends in the process.

We have come to understand profoundly that many of you are praying for us daily. That is pretty cool and comforting. Several hundred people praying for us every single day is encouraging.

We will take that! We believe God answers prayer and we need God to help us. That is why we have decided to say what I am going to say here today.

What To Say? This!
I posted a prayer request on January 20 and an update Friday and you responded by praying. Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. I am asking you to continue to ask God to help. I need His help.

Without being overly dramatic, I must tell you that I was in severe distress with my lungs within 36 hours of finishing the strong round of medicine to help me breathe. By Thursday evening I was struggling mightily to breathe and that lasted into late Friday morning.

I have had absolutely no congestion in my lungs that I know of. I have pressure in my lungs, I struggle to get my breath and my oxygen level goes down too.

Later Friday, I took a dose of medicine and that helped. I have taken a little each day to keep from going into distress. I could take even more medicine, but it is literally killing me in other ways.

There is no way I could preach revival in Texas this week. I hated to do it, but I had to cancel. Pastor RC Betz was completely compassionate and understanding. He sincerely invited us to finish the trip to his church and park there as long as we needed to and allow them to help us in any way they could. May God bless him and his people!

At first, I was hoping we could take one week off and be good, but after consulting others, including Pastors, spiritual mentors, friends and medical professionals, we came to the conclusion the only chance I have of recovering is to take a few weeks off and rest my lungs.

A miracle could absolutely change that and we are seeking that every single moment. Until then, we have regretfully and sorrowfully cleared our schedule for four full weeks. I will not sing or preach for four weeks while we pray and my lungs heal.

Where to go? Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky or Ohio? 

At least nine Pastors and another friend invited us to park the BoggsMobile at their churches as long as necessary. Most of them offered to help in any way possible including help gaining access to whatever medical assistance I might need.

We were completely overwhelmed by these kind propositions within hours and we were at a loss for which way to go. In addition, we always have the option of going home.

Here is a glimpse into our reasoning and conclusion.

1. I had an aversion to going into the extreme cold if I could avoid it.

2. IF we are able to resume our schedule after four weeks, our next eight obligations are in the southeast so it made sense to us to be in that area.

3. I did not look forward to driving the bus at all. Why drive the BoggsMobile over 1000 miles home and then over 800 miles back into the south four weeks later, The 500 miles from Texas to the southeast seemed insurmountable Friday, so 1000 miles of bus driving was out of the question.

4. Some of the churches that extended invitations were 500 or fewer miles, but then we would have been a lot further from our next revivals.

5. Some of the invitations to park at churches came from the southeast, so that is the direction we have been slowly driving since Friday afternoon. 

We have a good handle on where we will park the bus, but we really have no firm grasp on what the next four weeks will look like. Odie may go home and KJo and I may get out of the bus for a few days or whatever.

We will definitely be attending church, maybe even visiting different churches, including some we do not normally get to attend. However, we will go with the understanding that we should not be put on the spot to sing or preach. I have to do my best to allow my lungs to heal.

Here is a question we are receiving. Do you have any needs? Yes, we need God to help us and we are counting on God's people to sincerely and fervently pray for us without ceasing. That is our desperate need and that is what we greatly desire. Please pray for my lungs or whatever the problem is.

The next question we receive is "what about finances?" The inquirer always acknowledges the personal nature of the question, but I understand the simple and authentic motive behind it. I have asked the question of others in similar situations. I do not want to see friends do without when I have the power to help.

Please understand that we are not asking for finances. Yes, we must absorb four weeks with no regular income, but we have an emergency fund. I think this qualifies for use. IF we need, more, I am sure God will be aware and He will supply through His people as He guides. 

We have never asked you for money for our own needs and we are not going to begin now. Honestly, we are fine.

The final question is this. Is there anything at all we can do besides pray? My honest answer. If I knew there was something you could do to help me heal besides pray, I would immediately ask you to do it.

Now, let me tell you one more important thing. The Lord came to me sweetly and powerfully at 7:00 AM Friday morning while I was struggling for every breath. He visited me again at 8:15 AM. I can not describe the feeling. If you know what I mean then you know! He did not calm my breathing, but He calmed me. Hallelujah!

He has been near me since and I can make it like that.

Programming Notes: 
Odie will be posting quite a lot more than normal the next few weeks so please show up for her. I am not sure about A Word For Wednesday yet. We may have to take that week by week. Thank you for understanding.

And thank you for stopping by today. May God bless you.


Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sunday Morning Sanity

Having strong political views is perfectly acceptable. However, we must guard against our politics replacing our relationship with God. Here is a proposed test for diagnosing when your politics is threatening to become your religion:

If you learn someone shares your faith but not your politics, and you immediately distrust their faith, then your politics might be displacing your religion. David French

I hope you have a super great Sunday.


Saturday, January 28, 2023

Heaven Is Sweeter A Tribute To Sis. Brenda Horton

Hey Friends,

Hello from Odie. The BoggsMobile is on the move. We are traveling today. Thanks for spending a brief moment of your day with me. I am honored when any of you drop in for a visit.

Heaven Gets Sweeter Each Day 
Before this year began, I knew we would have unforeseen surprises. There is no way that I could have imagined saying goodbye to several dear friends already in 2023.

We ended 2022 with a funeral for our precious Aunt Zora in Ohio.

Less than a week into the year, we lost our beloved friend Mark Capps.

I also learned of the sudden passing of my sweet friend Jolynn Evans from Wichita, Kansas.

A Tribute To Sis. Brenda Horton
Last week we were devasted to hear of yet another friend that was unexpectantly called home! We will forever miss Sis. Brenda Horton! It still seems impossible for this blessed saint of God to be gone! 

It was an honor to know Sis. Brenda Horton! It was a pleasure to be counted among her numerous friends! The Bible says to have friends, we must show ourselves friendly. Well, Sis. Brenda truly lived out that verse. She was a friend to everyone around her!

She was genuinely caring, kind, compassionate, loyal, loving, wise and so much more! She brought joy and happiness into any room she entered.

I loved listening to her conversations! She was always ready to tell a story about her life and adventures! Her family and church family were her favorite people! She was proud of them!

Sis. Brenda always had a song to sing. She was known to be a walking songbook. It was fun to sing with her during a long altar service. I would learn some "new to me" songs along the way. 

Sis. Brenda was known for her smile! She lit up a room with her happiness! Her life was lived to the fullest. She was devoted to always working for God! Her love for Christian education was astounding! 

That is just a small tribute to a wonderful friend! I am grateful to have been a tiny part of her life. I am thankful for the memories of our times with her! She will forever be one of my Holiness Heroes that impacted my life greatly! 

I encourage you to read her obituary here. It is a beautiful tribute to our wonderful friend. You can get a glimpse into the life she lived. 

Please join me in praying for all those connected to the Horton family and The Grace Tabernacle Church family in Bristol, Virginia. They will be trying to figure out their new normal for a while!

All of the people that I mentioned in this post are missed by many! Their families and friends need prayer right now. We will never understand why they had to leave this earth. I do know that Heaven gets sweeter each day! I am looking forward to a big reunion in Heaven!

Thanks for reading. See you next week.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Revival In Pictures-Sweeny, Texas PLUS An Update

Job 12:9 Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this?
 10 In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.

I do not know what God is doing, but I know that God is always doing something. He has a plan that is bigger than my plan. He has ways that are bigger than my ways. He has thoughts that are much higher than my thoughts.

Dear Friends, I desire the hand of Lord to help me. I desire the Lord to heal me. I desire Him to breathe into me the breath of life.

There are people all over the world praying for me as a result of our prayer request last week and I sure appreciate it. With all these saints praying for me, I know that my case is in the hands of God. That is the safest place in the world to be!

Bro. Lamb allowed us to close revival Wednesday in order to rest my lungs a bit and I know it was the right thing to do. I am finished with the strong round of medicine, but I still feel tightness in my lungs. I have no congestion, only tightness. Honestly, from Thursday evening into Friday, it is worse. We know that God is able.

Revival In Pictures
It has been a wonderful revival this week at Full Gospel Lighthouse in Sweeny, Texas. The altar services have been tremendous and we are thankful the Lord has met His people in a special way.

Pastor Larry Lamb and his people have been our friends for over thirty years and we love coming to Sweeny to be with them. We have had great meals, great fellowship and great services this week.

We also had a special guest for two nights this week. Sweeny is kind of off the beaten path for most of our friends, but Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe flew in and blessed our services while he was here. Wow! What an amazing treat! You will see pictures of him mixed in below.

Thank you for stopping in. Now I give you Revival In Pictures.