Thursday, June 22, 2017

Are We Trying to Win Souls to Christ?

The Lord has been stirring me to win more souls! I have been reading about soul winners and stumbled onto several things I have written and preached in the past. I have read myself into condemnation, but I am determined not to say there!

I often come under conviction while reading of men and women that have given all to follow the call of Christ and to spread the Gospel of Christ. It is so easy for me to get caught up in my little world and my little struggles until I lose sight of the price others have paid and are paying for their faith.

That is not to diminish my very real problems in spreading the Gospel but my difficulties are so "First world." Most of the obstacles I face involve logistics, transportation and provisions along with more personal items related to health and family.

I have never had to consider there might be cannibals in the place God has sent me or that the people in the next state over that have killed every missionary that has ever tried to reach them. I have not buried my wife and my children because they were cut down by strange diseases in pursuit of souls for the kingdom of God.

I have never sailed on a ship for months to a foreign field, hacked my way through the jungle, been threatened by the people I was trying to reach or labored for years without ever going home.

I am thankful I face a different set of problems. I do not feel guilty for never having to flee to avoid being boiled and eaten for lunch. 

Yet I do not want to forget what others have done, what others have faced and what others are enduring even today. I must not grow complacent and over confident and reach the place that I feel that God some how owes me more than it seems He has given others.

I try to stay up to date on some of what Christians are going through today by reading Voice of the Martyrs. I was reading a few years ago and came upon an article concerning missionary James Chalmers. I was cut to the heart.

As a young man he answered the call and gave himself to win souls. God blessed him. God rewarded him for his labor. God gave him converts. Yet something stirred in James Chalmers to win even more. When others would perhaps have settled and enjoyed the fruit of their labor, he pressed on in pursuit.

My prayer since reading the short synopsis of his life has been,

O, God, give us a hunger for souls. Do not allow us to become comfortable in our victories but give us courage to look beyond our current borders that we might win others to Christ.

Now, God may not send you to Africa, friend. God may not send you to the foreign mission field at all. God may not send you to evangelize or lead a church. Young person, God may not call you to a pulpit ministry. But rest assured God has called you to win souls. God has called you to look beyond your own borders.

Doing that may be as close as reaching across your back yard fence with a hand of love and fellowship to your neighbor or helping that couple load their groceries at Walmart or praying with the waitress that is crying in the corner. You could visit the family that is grieving, slip a piece of money to the family that is struggling or pray with the young person that is drowning in despair.

The point is, there is something for each one of us to do. Let's go do it. Let's win some one to Christ this month. Let's spread our faith. Let's break out of our comfort zone. Let's take a chance for Christ. 

You need some inspiration for the task? Read the story of James Chalmers below. He never lost his thirst for souls. It may seem as if it ended badly for him but he has been in Heaven for over 100 years and I would say he feels like his life ended just fine.

Thanks for reading.


He Has Joined a Great Assembly

James Chalmers was a carefree, high-spirited Scottish boy. “I dearly loved adventure,” he later said, “and a dangerous position was exhilarating.” Perhaps that’s why he listened carefully one Sunday when his minister read a letter from missionaries in Fiji. The preacher, tears in his eyes, added, “I wonder if there is a boy here who will, by and by, bring the gospel to the cannibals.” Young James said quietly, “I will!”—and he wasn’t even yet converted.

In 1866, having been converted and trained, he sailed for the South Pacific as a Presbyterian missionary. Chalmers had a way with people. “It was in his presence, his carriage, his eye, his voice,” a friend wrote. “There was something almost hypnotic about him. His perfect composure, his judgement and tact and fearlessness brought him through a hundred difficulties.” Robert Louis Stevenson, who didn’t like missionaries until he met Chalmers, said, “He is a rowdy, but he is a hero. You can’t weary me of that fellow. He took me fairly by storm.”

In 1877 Chalmers sailed on to New Guinea. His ministry was successful there. Packed churches replaced feasts of human flesh. But as the years passed he grew lonely. He was delighted when young Oliver Tomkins came to join him in 1901. The two men decided to explore a new part of the islands, and on Easter Sunday they sailed alongside a new village. The next morning, April 8, 1901, Chalmers and Tomkins went ashore. They were never seen again. A rescue party soon learned that the men had been clubbed to death, chopped to pieces, cooked and eaten.

News flashed around the world. “I cannot believe it!” exclaimed Dr. Joseph Parker from the pulpit of London’s famous City Temple. “I do not want to believe it! Such a mystery of Providence makes it hard for our strained faith to recover. Yet Jesus was murdered. When I think of that side of the case, I cannot but feel that our honored and noble-minded friend has joined a great assembly.”

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Eastern Indiana Pentecostal Camp Meeting

Tuesday I worked a little on the house but I am mostly at a standstill until the plumber is finished and the roof is installed. The metal for the roof should be delivered early next week and Mitch Boggs Jr. and Jason Fellers should arrive with their families a week from today to put it on. 

The plumber told me that he thought the plumbing would be ready for inspection Tuesday morning but I was pretty sure he was dreaming a little. He was.😀 He must have been busy elsewhere so I locked up the house about 4:30 and left for Indiana.

We drove to the Eastern Indiana Pentecostal Camp Meeting on the west side of Connersville, Indiana. We wanted to attend this meeting at least one service and yesterday was our best opportunity. Bro. David Webb is preaching the nights and we had a great time singing with them before and after the preaching. He preached great and God helped some folks.

We also enjoyed great fellowship with a bunch of friends. It was good to see folks we had not seen in a while and meet a few new folks along the way as well. I wish we had time to visit the meeting a little more this week.

Here are a few pictures from Tuesday night at Eastern Indiana Pentecostal Camp Meeting.

Thanks for reading today.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A House Update - Framing, Electrical and HVAC Inspection

Last Friday I finished up the high electrical work while Dad put the finishing touches on the panel and switches. For some reason we did not get many pictures.

It is a long way up there. More importantly, when I am up there, it is a long way down!

The ladder that Kelly Jo is standing on to hand me the can light is a 12' ladder so that gives you some perspective.

The light near the upper right in the pictures below was the very last of 51 recessed can lights to be hung and wired in the house. Men love darkness because the deeds are evil. We love light!

I am planning to do a wood treatment on the tall ceiling in the living area and kitchen so I will be very acquainted with the top of that scaffolding before it is finished!

I mentioned the other day that Duke Energy installed a new pole across the road. The next day they put one on our side of the road and the next day finished wiring them up. They installed a new transformer across the road. The old one was overloaded from trying to handle several houses. We hope that will solve some of our erratic voltage problems.

Monday was scheduled to be inspection day on the house. The same inspector examines the framing, electrical and HVAC. In Warren County you call the building department on the previous business day and I did that Friday. Then if you want to know a more specific time, you call between 8:00 and 9:00 the day of the inspection.

The inspector told me he would arrive around lunch and he was right on time. One thing that I did not know was that the roof must be completed before the framing inspection can be completely approved. Oops!

I apologized for bringing the inspector out without the roof on but he was cool with it. He went ahead and completed a thorough inspection and will come back after the metal roof is finished.

He gave me a small list of things to correct and that list was knocked down in very short order. Here are most of the items from memory.

-There was one place on the base plate of the framed walls that needed and additional anchor into the slab. That was the only framing item. Not bad at all.

-The main electrical service cable needed to be moved over about six inches as it exited the garage so it would not be near a 2x4 an attract a stray drywall screw or exterior siding nail.

-There were three places where it looked like electrical wires might be laying on he metal gussets of the trusses. On closer inspection, they were all fine but I stapled them over a bit anyway to remove the "very appearance of evil."

-Two pieces of PVC going into the panel needed metal protection plates inside and out, again to protect from screws and nails. I should have seen that one.

-I needed to put 2x4s next to wires running near the attic access to prevent someone (me) from stepping on the wires in the future. Dad had reminded me of that and I forgot! I am a lot like those "Three German Police Dogs" Wendy Bagwell told about. (That is probably an obscure reference for some of you.😀 Look it up.)

-The bathroom exhaust fans are vented to the outside. I had run the flexible duct about one foot above the ceiling and strapped them to the uprights of the trusses. He said they needed to be insulated to R-4 if suspended above the ceiling but did not need insulation if laying on the ceiling. No problem, done.

I think that is about it. He said everything else looked good and was sufficiently impressed with the neatness of the work. Dad's work in the panel and every where else looks great and I am thoroughly impressed myself!

The plumber's helper was here a big part of the day Monday and I am hoping they will be ready for inspection very soon.

That wraps up today's post. Thank you for stopping to sit a spell with us.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #25

We had revival right through the weekend at Pentecostal Faith Church on Cain Avenue in New Miami, Ohio. We had great services each night and the folks received us warmly. It was extremely easy to preach and we enjoyed the whole revival.

I appreciate Pastor Steve Allen and his precious little family for inviting us to be with them the last week. He originally asked about a tent revival but I could not do it at this time. I fully intend to take the tent back in the near future. The church is in a perfect area for tent revival and Pastor Allen has a burden to reach that community!

I posted a Revival In Pictures post on Thursday with lots of pictures from the revival in New Miami. Today we have a few more pictures from Friday, Saturday and both services Sunday.

This is beautiful little Bella with her arms around not so little Belly!

It was great to have so much fellowship in revival. We had several Pastors, folks from local churches, my family and new visitors. I love it when revival generates enough excitement that people want to get in on the excitement.

Sunday night, when the service was over, we loaded the sound equipment into the Green Machine and headed back to the Lazy OD Ranch after some fellowship. Next weekend we will travel to Virginia for services and we are looking forward to it.


I had a few items to finish Saturday concerning the electrical on the house. I finished those early and then we straightened things up and cleaned the house. We have an electrical, framing and HVAC inspection today and we want everything looking good.

While my brother Steve and I were burning some construction debris we had visitors drop in. Bro. John and Sis. Latasha attend our home church at Dryden Rd. They were out driving and decided to drive by and check out the progress on the house.

It was great to see them and we appreciate them taking time to stop and see us. It was a wonderful surprise!

Little Jonah drove the tractor, climbed scaffolding and ladders and generally had a whale of a good time! He was a lot of fun.

It was lunch time so that meant taking a few moments to introduce them to the best salsa in the world at Acapulco in Lebanon.

That pretty much wraps up our weekend. If the inspection goes well today, then all we have left between now and insulation is the plumbing inspection. Hopefully that will be ready in a few days. We will see.  

Bro. Mitch Boggs Jr. and his family are supposed to arrive June 28 to put on the roof and we are ready for that. It is going to be exciting to see our friends again.

Thank you for reading today. I hope you have a great week.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

You Taught Me - A Father's Day Poem

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and to all the Dad's reading. God bless you on your special day. My regular Sunday post is below the poem for all the Dads and my Dad in particular. I wrote this to honor him many, many years ago.

You Taught Me

Dad, you bought me a bike when I was three and taught me how to ride.
You pushed a while and then let go, I thought you were beside.
You said I picked it up real quick and said I went fast too.
Dad, my only dream when I was young was to go half as fast as you.

You taught me how to bat and how to throw a ball.
While others came to play the game, You said “son, give it your all”.
I loved it Dad when the crowd would scream, “hit it out of here”.
But, Dad, I hit that ball with all my might just to hear you cheer.

You taught me how to swim and dive.  We had so much fun.
You’d bury me up to my neck in the sand and bake me in the sun.
You’d throw us in and jump in too, we’d scream and splash and shout.
When the sun went down and we had to go home, you had to nearly pull us out.

Playing football in the fall, I’d run and push and fight.
I’d work all week and kill myself to play on Friday night.
Every game I’d push the limit trying to do my best.
You were standing at the thirty-yard line, I wanted to pass your test.

You taught me how to work, Dad, although I didn’t like it then.
You taught me the value of a hard days work, when to save and when to spend.
You taught me to respect other people and how to put others first.
To say sir and mam, please and thank-you, to see people at their best and not their worst.

There’s one thing you’ve taught me often, Dad, that I’ve been slow to learn.
“Take care of the name I’ve given you son, It’s something I’ve had to earn.”
There’s been several times, through the years, when my head’s hung in shame.
When I’ve drug the name you’ve given me through the mud. I know it’s caused you pain.

But you’ve been faithful to me, through the good times and the bad.
When you should have left me in defeat, You’ve been there for me Dad.
You were there to pick up the pieces, though I lost when I should have won.
The greatest thing you’ve taught me Dad is how deeply you love your son.

The bats and balls and other things have faded in the past.
I’m trying to trade these temporal things for something that will last.
I’m sure I’ve got a lot to learn.  I’ve only just begun.
But the greatest thing you’ve taught me, Papa, is how deeply The Father Loves His sons.

Davy Boggs

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happy Father's Day 2017

Hey Friends, this is Odie checking in today. I hope your weekend is off to a great start. We are having a great revival this week in New Miami, Ohio. The Lord has visited us sweetly in every service. I am anticipating more great services tonight and tomorrow. 

I have loved getting to be with Pastor Steven and Sis. Sarah Allen. It is wonderful to see my friends work in the ministry. They have been pastoring a while and God is blessing them!

Father's Day

Tomorrow is Father's Day for 2017. I could not let the day pass by without showing my Dad some love. My daddy is Superman, Batman, Captain America, and other super heroes wrapped is one package. I am blessed beyond measure to have the most amazing Papa! 


Daddy has worked countless hours on the house project. I know this would not be happening without him! He has shed blood, sweat and tears for me. I am so grateful for him! 

All my life he has shown me how to persevere and overcome obstacles that life throws in our path. He has taught me to do my best, trust God for the rest and then expect results and never give up.

I get the privilege to sing next to my Dad almost every night of the year. My favorite thing is to watch God cover him up with the anointing. 


Most nights I sit close to Him as he delivers God's Word. He builds faith, reaches for the lost and tries to encourage the broken and bruised. I know he carries a burden for people. My Dad knows that God can save, heal, restore and comfort and he spreads that hope each night.

Daddy, thank you for being my super hero, my encourager and my #1 man. I love you more than a hog loves slop! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for me. Happy Father's Day!!!

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful weekend.