Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Revival In Pictures - City Reach Richton

Looking at these pictures from City Reach Richton and reliving the memories they provoke is the one way I know for sure the whole thing was not a dream. The week flew by and it seems we were there and gone in a blink of an eye. The BoggsMobile is nearly 500 miles away now but we sure enjoyed every moment we were there.

We had a wonderful time and we are praising God for all of His help. It is refreshing to see folks saved, healed and revived. We are expecting good news concerning lots of situations in the coming days as a result of God moving during the revival.

The first picture below is the Morris family, Rylee, Sis. Kim, Pastor Scott and Regan Morris. We appreciate our dear friends for all of their kindness to us. I think Sis. Kim cooked the whole time we were there and believe me when I say, that woman can cook some groceries! God bless you all. We love you very much.

I hope you enjoy City Reach Richton in pictures. Thanks for reading.


This young man is 11 years old. He visited the tent revival in Richton two years ago and was saved.

Sis. Mary Katherine snapped of few of the after church shots for me. I warned her that all pictures left on my phone are considered great blog material.

Yep, great blog material!

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