Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sylvester Carpenter Welcome Home

This morning at Dryden Road Pentecostal Church They are bidding a dear saint good bye. Monday morning Bro. Sylvester Carpenter made it home to Heaven. Bro. Sylvester has been a part of our church since the early days.
He was our song leader for many years. He could sing and shout under the anointing for hours.
Bro. Sylvester often sang
"Some day soon we're going over
To a land beyond the sky
There will be no sad farewells up yonder
For in that land we'll never die.". He has now reached that land. He has joined the Heavenly Choir and is shouting on streets of gold.
Bro. Sylvester will be missed by many. But we will see him again! Please keep Sis. Ruby Carpenter and family in your prayers.


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Harbor of Hope

This week finds just outside of Ozark, Alabama. Revival started Sunday Morning at Harbor of Hope. It is great to be here again with Pastor Al Loper.
This is a very nice place to park. It is very peaceful. Mom is enjoying having a nice place to walk. 13 laps around the parking lot makes a mile. I used my power chair to make 1 mile with her today. It wore me out Lol! My battery was getting low so I has to sit out the 2nd mile.
Two years ago we were here at Harbor of Hope. We had just bought the BoggsMobile. 10 people visited revival just because of our bus in the parking lot. Two of the folks are still coming to church.
I Hope you are having a great week.


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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mt. Sinai Holiness Tabernacle

We started revival this morning in Dothan, Alabama at Mt. Sinai
Holiness Tabernacle. The first picture is of the new church they are
building. The second is Pastor Dewayne & Sis. Bridget Watson holding
their 4th child and their only daughter Larissa.

Bro. Watson poured the footer on this building the 3rd week of
May, 2007. They are very close to being finished. One of the great
things is that they have been building debt free. I know they are
weary of building but God will honor them for their faithfulness &

Please pray that God will give us a harvest of souls this week.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Carrie Kewer Vanzant - One Year In Heaven

Today I'm remembering April 17th 2009. It was a beautiful day. We were ending revival at New Hope in Thomasville, Georgia. The Thursday Night service had been great. I was encouraged and ready to see what was next. But I never would have guessed what was coming next when Dad answered his phone that Friday afternoon.
That call brought the news of a horrible car wreck in Oklahoma. At the time the details were not clear but later we learned that Carrie Kewer Vanzant had left this life for Heaven. Her husband Don Vanzant, Callie Crafton and Bethany Crafton were all taken to hospitals with injuries. Thankfully Don's injuries were not life threatening and He was released later that evening.
In some ways the 365 days that have passed have been long. In other ways they have flown by. I remember that night Dad told me " you can't be sad for Carrie". In our human eyes her life had only started. She was 23, happily married for 8 months and was working in the ministry with her husband. Dad told me "this is the day Carrie lived for.". So today I'm not sad for Carrie. Carrie is home. For one year Carrie has been free of pain, sorrow and trouble! Carrie is forever with Jesus! She is shouting around the throne.
When we lost Carrie many people lost a great friend! She was a bright spot in countless lives! It is still hard to imagine life without her smiling face. I considered Carrie as my big sister. She was older by 6 weeks. I must say God has truly helped me. Everyday I think of Carrie. I thank God for allowing me the privilege of being her friend!
Please say an extra prayer for Don Vanzant and the entire Kewer and Vanzant families today! They are the ones who were closest to her and suffer the biggest loss. There is still a HUGE hole in their lives.
Many continue to ask about Bethany and Callie. Callie had several injuries but Praise God they didn't require surgery. She was released from the hospital in 6 days. Beth is a living miracle! She went through surgeries to repair broken arms, pelvis and back. She spent a week and a half in the hospital. Then several days in a rehabilitation center. At four weeks exactly she was sent home. Both Bethany and Callie have had a long recovery. God has brought them a long way! Bethany is doing good. She still deals with daily pain but continues to make progress. Callie has recovered great. She now has her license and is busy working at Chick-Filet. She is having a good time saying "My Pleasure" to all her customers. LOL
I have added a few pics to this post.
1. Carrie and me - Our last picture taken February 2009 in Weir, Kansas.
2. Mr and MS Don Vanzant - Married August 16th, 2008
3. Anna, Bethany, Callie and me - Taken at Allentown March 2010.
I can't end this without mentioning Anna Crafton. When you meet the Craftons Anna is the quiet middle child. When the accident happened and her sisters were in the hospital and recovering Anna was the glue that kept things together. She was a nurse to the girls and a rock for her parents. Also she kept me informed by phone and text of what was going on. Anna, thanks for being there!
Now it is April 17th, 2010 and life is moving on. We just left New Hope in Thomasville, Georgia again and headed to Alabama . I don't know what lies ahead. I do know that God is in control of it all! Thanks for your prayers.


Odie Boggs

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ma & Pa Boggs

We had a great day today in South Georgia. My Dad and Mom were on
their way home from Florida and the route took them within 42 miles of
us. So we drove over to the interstate at Valdosta and met them for
beakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was so good to see them. We hadn't
seen them or any of our immediate family since December 28th. The
food was good but the fellowship was great!

The last picture is Duncan from the Thomasville church. He is
holding a picture he drew of me tonight. I got a kick out of that!


BoggsMobile at Prevost

A few pictures of the BoggsMobile at Prevost in Nashville. It was
on a different kind of lift this time. We were having shocks put on
and did it ever make a difference in the ride.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thomasville, Georgia

We are having a great time of fellowship and revival at New Hope
Holiness Church in Thomasville, Georgia. We love Pastor Tony Walker
and his dear wife Sis. Annie so very much. Their church folks are
pretty good too! I can't wait to see what all God has in store for
them this week. Our God is an awesome God!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference 2010

Pics of just a few friends that were in Louisville, Kentucky for PFYC.
1. Altar Service on Friday Night
2. Davy & Bro. Rickey Searcy
3. Brook, Darah, Kalynn & Dayla
4. Bro. Darius Templeton
5. Stephanie Roberts & Kelly
6. Odie & Ambria Davis
7. Odie & Jessica Webster
8. Odie & Jessie Everett
A summery of the two service we attended.
Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference 2010

Friday Morning
Bro Aleaka Holt opened the service. Bro. David Webb greeted the people.
Bro. Danny Taylor Reminded us why we came to PFYC, for the Fire of God to be rekindled in our lives. Higher Ground a group of Boys from the Ozark Bible Institute sang.
The Choir from Jersey Holiness Church in Jersey, Georgia sang. Bro. David Brimm introduced Bro. Brent Gabbard. He preached a challenging yet encouraging sermon on
"The Guide Every Youth Group Needs"
Then the PFYC Ensamble sang.
Bro. Ryan Ralston introduced Bro Lloyd Shuecraft. His message was titled "A Sacrifice Between Hai and Bethel." It encouraged us to not look at the world and all the things the devil offers. But to turn our backs to the enticing world and look the Power of God at Bethel. Then there was a great altar service!

Friday Night.

Bro. David Brimm opened the service with announcements. Then Bro. David Webb prayed over the services and encouraged us to worship. Bro. Brent Markee led a congregational song.
Bro. Ryan Ralston introduced Bro. Tracy Holden to take the offering. During the offering Bro Tracy Boyd reminded us to hold to the promise God. God may not promise a smooth road to travel "But He Did Say" He would be there. Then Sis. Shea and the girls sang The Promise which is a song on their new project that is now available. I'm sure I will have more on their new CD in a few days..
The Choir from Savannah Holy Church of God sang. Many were praying and blessed during the singing.
Bro. David Webb introduced Bro. Douglas Meadow preach. He titled it "The Path That Leads to Pentecost". We had a altar service at the end where the Pentecostal wind blew through the place. It was great!

I need to say a HUGE thank you to my Dad for making it possible to attend one day of the 2010 PFYC!
What is Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference? It is an awesome meeting held every April in Louisville, Kentucky. Friday night there were around 4,000 People in South Wing of Kentucky Fair & Expo Center. It was a sea of people from many places in the USA. There were people from coast to coast.
Why did all those folks come to Louisville, Kentucky just for a youth conference? To hear Holiness preaching, to fellowship holiness young people and to ready our generation to carry on through tough times.
Many say young people don't want Holiness. If you believe that opinion then you need to attend PFYC! You will see young people responding by thousands to holiness preaching.
Now it is late Saturday night and we are in Thomasville, Georgia. Revival begins in the morning with Homecoming. We are anticipating a great week here at New Hope Holiness Church. We already had good fellowship with Pastor Tony Walker and Family tonight!
Dad thanks again for a wonderful weekend. I pray God blesses you with extra strength because you drove the extra miles for me to be at Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference 2010! I love you!!!!!!!


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Friday, April 9, 2010

Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference

Here's a glimpse of the Friday morning service at the Pentecostal
Fire Youth Conference. Bro. Brent Gabbard and Bro. Lloyd Shuecraft
preached this morning. Looking for another great service tonight.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When Your Box Falls Apart

Our home on wheels has two doors. The front door has storage compartments. You can get in that way but it would be quite a climb. There is no inside handle on the front door. The entrance door is about midway back. It may help to know this. 

We came back to the BoggsMobile after lunch a couple of weeks ago and the door wouldn't open. The bolt lock was unlocked and the latch pulled but the door would not open. I lifted Kelly Jo up into the front door and she tried the latch from inside and it wouldn't open. Something was broke inside the door and you can't take it apart from inside the bus.

If the latch had broken while we were all inside we would have been stuck! Kelly Jo would have been going out the window. I was able to take the latch apart from the outside and get the door open. I did not have time to take the door completely apart and I knew I could not buy that latch at WalMart or Lowe's anyway. I decided it was better to wait until I went to Nashville.

We arrived at Prevost in Nashville this afternoon and I took off the inside of the door. The latch was busted and Prevost had one in stock so I closed my eyes and bought it. I am so mechanically UNinclined it is not funny but I had it tore apart, so my options were few. I waded in to see if it could be done.

While I was working I needed a tool that I thought was inside the bus. I was looking for the tool and picked up a cardboard box we keep in a drawer that has a little bit of everything. The box fell apart in my hands and all the contents went to the floor. Wire nuts, staples, tape, screws, washers, screwdrivers, pliers, tape measure, hammer, rope, flashlights wire ties and on and on and on. 

You get the idea? All of it went to the floor. All over the floor! It was a mess! I found what I needed and began to install the new latch. 

To complete the job I had to put on a very small nut on a hard to reach place and I had no tool to tighten it. I could not get it on. Just as I was about to give up, I remembered something I saw in the junk I had dropped all over the floor.

It was a very small crescent wrench a good brother gave me years ago as part of an object lesson. I forgot the object lesson long ago and had no idea where the wrench was until the box fell apart in my hands and the contents spilled all over the floor.

You can see how small it is when compared to a small set of finger nail clippers.

The small little wrench was the perfect tool for the task at hand. I could not have finished the job the little wrench. And that means I could not have finished the job without the box falling apart and everything scattering all over the floor. 

So, the next time you feel like crying or quitting when things fall apart, stop. Look closely at the pieces scattered about. You may find that the very thing you need is waiting there for you among the scrambled contents of that broken box!

Broken boxes, jumbled contents and inconvenient messes may be the very thing you need to solve your pressing problem.

By the way, I did get the door fixed!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Resurrection Sunday!

We are near Jacksonville, Alabama with Pastor Roger Boyd and the
folks at Charlie Penny Rd. Holiness Church. We started Saturday night
and we will be here through Tuesday night.

Sunday services have been great. We are praising God for a risen
Saviour! He certainly visited us in a very special way today. Hope you
all had a great day.

God bless,