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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Weekend Dispatch 4/23/24

Tune in tomorrow for A Word For Wednesday.

We will begin the Weekend Dispatch on Thursday. It was a beautiful day so KJo helped me pull the bus out of the barn. Since the weather is nice, the bus will be fine outside and that clears the barn space for things that need to be completed inside over the coming weeks.

Thursday evening we went to Dryden Rd, our home church. Bro Bennie asked me to preach when we arrived. Even though I was road weary, I was glad to try to do as he asked.

Bro. Mike Whitley wearing my suit coat.

Sunday we were scheduled to be in Hillsboro, Ohio to preach for Pastor Danny Morgan, KJo's brother. We had a great time with family and friends Sunday and we enjoyed the Lord helping folks.

Odie captured some great pictures that round out the weekend perfectly. Thank you for dropping by.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Bus Stuff And BoggsMobile Birthday

Tuesday was unexpectedly sunny most of the day but it was chilly early in the day. I had been wanting to get the bus out of the barn and it seemed like a good day to go for it. After lunch, we cranked it up and pulled it out of the barn.

KJo parked it next to the barn and I climbed aboard. I wanted to let the engine run a few hours, get it up to operating temperature and make sure it was running good.

After it was warmed up, we drove about five miles. It was wonderful to be back behind the wheel of the BoggsMobile.

The passenger side brake was dragging a bit the first couple of miles but I am pretty sure it released after that. Those were the brakes that Prevost Nashville worked on in December so I am not sure what is up with that.

I will be sure and keep a close eye on the brakes when we drive it again. It is always something with a bus.

It sure felt good to be on the bus for a few hours! While I was sitting there I remembered that this week marked sixteen years of bus ownership. In fact, we purchased the bus in Sanford, Florida sixteen years ago today. The years have slipped up on me in a hurry.

Another event happened sixteen years ago today. March 21, 2008, was the very first time we had ever seen diesel at $4 a gallon. UGH! My dad put in the first $200 and pumped 50 gallons exactly.

We have since seen diesel at nearly $6 a gallon and we have put in over $4 and over $5 a gallon dozens of times. That first day I thought I might have a heart attack. We have driven the BoggsMobile about 240,500 miles so we had to get over the heart attack stage long ago.

The BoggsMobile has proven to be a blessing in our lives over the last sixteen years and we are incredibly thankful. I sure hope that I can improve enough in my health eventually to move aboard, travel every Saturday and preach every week.

Thank you for praying for us.


Monday, February 5, 2024

A Little Update

On December 29, the day I had the stroke, we were preparing to leave that evening for our first revival of the year. We were planning to drive to Tennessee that night, drop the bus in Vonore and drive the Jeep back to London for revival.

One of the things on the agenda that afternoon before leaving was emptying the holding tanks on the bus. The black tank was full. Obviously, that got put off a while. But after a couple weeks at home I remembered that it needed to be done.

Last Thursday was about 50° so Kelly’s dad and my dad came over and we accomplished the task. I did not do any work, I just kind of oversaw the work.

However, it was a milestone day because it was the first day that I have been down to the barn since December 29.  Kelly drove me down and I unloaded onto the concrete into the barn with my walker.

Kelly Jo cranked the bus, backed it out and they emptied the holding tanks. Then she backed up the driveway and pulled into the barn and they hooked the up electric.

As we were preparing to leave the barn I wondered if maybe I could climb the steps into the bus. I knew there was no way I could have done it even a week ago but I thought I would like to try it.

Against the advice of some of those or maybe all of those standing around, I tried it. There is a good handhold in the doorway and I easily climbed the four steps up into the bus.

It felt really good to be back home, but then I had to get out some way. That was a little different story. It seems that going down the steps for me is a whole lot harder than going up.

With a little coaching and a little effort, I made it down slowly and safely. I was thrilled that I had been able to climb up into the bus and I am looking forward to climbing those steps regularly in the future.

Friday the physical therapist worked me like a borrowed mule again. She is really trying to help me gain my balance and know what to do with all this numbness.

Between Thursday’s adventure to the bus and barn and Friday’s therapy, my thighs and calves have been hurting all weekend. I reckon that’s a good thing because it means I am working toward the goal.

I want to say thank you again to all of you who are praying for us and holding us up before God. I know he is hearing, paying attention and working.

We are looking for more good things in the future.  Thank you for reading today.


Friday, December 22, 2023

A Report On Our Home

We left the BoggsMobile at East Tennessee Luxury Coach and Jeff Rowe while we were in Nigeria. The bus is in good hands there and it needed a few things while it was being cared for so well.

The first thing on the list was four new tires on the drive axle. The existing four tires were installed on June 1, 2016, and had rolled 114,964 miles. Nearly 7.5 years for these tires is plenty long enough.

The two tires on the front were replaced two months ago and the two tires on the tag axle should be replaced in May. That will take care of all of the tires on the BoggsMobile for a while.

One of the other major items was redesigning the area behind the front door. We enter through the mid door and the front door has been storage for nearly 29 years and we have always wanted steps there.

This is as far as they could go with the time we had. 

That is an amazing change!

We want to incorporate some storage into the steps in some fashion and then cover them of course. The bus door also needs a way to open it and lock it from the inside. All of that will come in good time.

Another item cropped up while we were away. This is the shift pad for the Allison Transmission on the bus.

I have had trouble with the shift pad a few times in the past. There were occasions, in extremely cold weather when it was difficult to operate properly. I would have to push the button numerous times to get it into gear.

This problem was rare and it had been working fine the last couple of years. I knew it would eventually have to be replaced, but for now it was fine. While we were gone, Jeff needed to move the bus into the shop and it would not shift. It finally shifted into Reverse and would not shift again.

Unfortunately, there are no new shift pads available. Thankfully, there are companies rebuilding them and Jeff was able to get a rebuilt one. It is unbelievable how easy it is to shift the transmission with the new shift pad.

I am so thankful the shift pad quit at Jeff's shop rather than on a travel day on the side of the road or at a truck stop or rest area.

Each morning I was eating fresh eggs supplied by Jeff from his chickens. Yummy! That is a bonus.

Thank you for stopping by today.