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Monday, October 23, 2023

The Weekend Dispatch 10/23/23

Our weekend was off to a great start by lunchtime Friday! That is a good sign that we are going to have a wonderful weekend! 

We enjoyed a wonderful meal and terrific fellowship with Pastor Leon Rich and Sis. Shawna Rich! I say this over and over because it is positively true. When it comes to friends, we have been abundantly blessed.

We had even more friends show up for the last night of revival at Redemption Holiness Church Friday. It was awesome.

We loved the whole week, but Friday night was the finale and we were sad to pack up to go. Thank you, friends, for having us and loving us.

There was no need to rush Saturday morning and that was a good thing since Friday night was a late one. The next revival was only 10 miles on the shortest course. We took the faster track in the bus and it was about 18 miles. We had some traffic backup because of a crash, but overall it was not bad.

We had a gift card to a Mexican restaurant that was given to us a while back. Saturday was a good day to try it out.

Saturday evening was Men's fellowship at the House of Prayer with Bro. Ronnie Baker giving a timely devotion. I failed to get a picture of the men but I did get a couple pictures of the food.

After the fellowship we carried in our equipment and set up. Some of the men helped us with that and Bro. Perry Burkholder connected us to their sound system.

Revival got off to a wonderful start Sunday with both services being well attended and the Lord helping us. We love Pastor Bill Parks, Sis. Melanie and these fine people and we are thrilled to be here this week.

Thank you for stopping by today.


Thursday, October 12, 2023

The Wheels On The Bus God Round and Round

The wheels on the bus go round and round, but they need a little help to keep going.😂😍

I noticed several weeks ago that I had a slow leak in the wheel bearing seal on the passenger front wheel of the bus. Usually, when a seal starts leaking, you will see gear oil on the ground, but not this time. I would see a little oil on the outside of the wheel after about 600 miles.

The seal was leaking a very small amount on the back of the wheel and then spinning out the holes in the wheel to the front. It was actually leaking very little, but since I was going through Tennessee, I am glad Jeff was able to get me in.

I dropped my trailer when we arrived Monday evening and parked the bus.

They pulled me in first thing Tuesday morning. While replacing the seal they decided the front tires had reached their limit.

I usually run the front tires for about 35,000 miles and then put them on the tag axle for two or three years. Because of other circumstances, these tires spent their whole life on the front. They had been on the bus four years and ten months and 70,358 miles. They were done.

One of the new tires.

I think I mentioned earlier that the bus was about due for a full set of tires. I have never replaced all the tires in the same year, but the tire calendar just fell that way this time. Now we have two changed and the plan is to replace the other six while we are in Africa. 

(To be clear, KJo and I will be in Africa. The bus will be in Tennessee.)🤣

They had the tires and wheel seal completed and ready to go by 11:00ish Tuesday. We gave it a quick test drive, checked the wheel temperatures, hooked up to the tent trailer, settled the bill and left for Bond, Kentucky about 12:30

Thank God for a good running bus and thank God for Jeff Rowe. Thank you for stopping by.


Thursday, September 21, 2023

Odie Broke The Bus

Early this year I reconfigured our 12volt water pump system. I intended to plumb the pex line all the way to the new pump, but found there are no pump to pex fittings readily available. I ran a braided 3/4" hose from the tank to the pump and 1/2" clear tubing from the pump to the water system.

In only a few days I noticed that the 1/2" tubing was a mistake. It needs to be braided. The tube started stretching quickly. I knew I needed to replace it but kept neglecting to do so.

Then, Odie broke the bus.

Odie turned on the water pump Sunday morning a week ago and there was no water in the faucet. When she turned on the pump, the line had split and began pumping all of the water out of the broken line in the water.

Why does Odie get the blame? I am using Odie's own logic when I say Odie broke the bus. She needed water. She pushed the button to turn on the pump. Therefore she broke the bus.

When Odie was little she thought whoever ate the last chip in the bag or the last M&M, ate all the chips or M&Ms. She could eat all the chips but two and then I could eat the last two. Odie would say, "Dad ate ALL the potato chips."

The funny thing is, she was absolutely serious. It has become a running joke in our family. You ate ALL the chips because you ate the LAST one. You drank ALL the Pepsi because you took the LAST swallow. You ate ALL the cookies because you ate the LAST crumb.

Therefore Odie broke the bus because she pushed the pump button when the water line broke. Odie broke the bus. Plus, it was Sunday so Odie pushed the Ox (Bus) in the ditch.

I had not shaved or showered yet so the ox was really in the ditch.

But, KJo and I pulled the ox out of the ditch in a few minutes. She knew where the extra 1/2" tubing was located. She fetched it and I changed it in a few minutes.

Even though the non braided line lasted seven months, I intend to replace this one way before then. Hopefully, Odie will not break the bus before then.😜

Thank you for stopping by.