Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hunter Safety by Hank the Church Dog

Hank the West Plains Church Dog loves all you deer hunters out there. He is very concerned about your safety while in pursuit of that record buck or meat for your family's table.

Hank wanted me to encourage every one to observe safe hunting practices at all times. You can never be too careful.

Remember it is not just you in the woods. There might be some crazies out there. Take every extra precaution. Even when wearing orange some idiot is liable to mistake you for a deer.

Please be very careful! Do not let this happen to you!

No animals were harmed in the making of this picture although Hank was probably a little irritated.

Hank is dedicated to going the distance to get the word out about hunter safety. You are a hero, Hank


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lawton, Oklahoma Landmark Holiness Church

We pulled into the church near Lawton about 1:00 Monday afternoon. It was only about 2 hours down here from New Mission. We had a very smooth drive and we are always thankful for that.

We began revival Monday night with an amazing service. God was blessing and helping from the very beginning. Praise God for His goodness to His people.

It was so good to see God meeting men and women in the altars. If the first service is any indication of the revival we are going to have a time.

Pastor Brandon Murray and his family are doing a great job building a church here in Lawton. We are so thankful they have invited us to preach revival. It is an honor.

Pray that God will save a bunch of folks this week.


Here are a few pictures from Monday night.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday October 28, 2012

Sunday morning we were scheduled to preach for Pastor Rickey Searcy and the Mt. Vernon Holiness Church in Oklahoma City. We had a wonderful time with all of our friends.

We have probably been to Mt. Vernon more through the years than any other church in Oklahoma but we have not been there much lately. It was so good to be there.

We slipped in a quick visit to Chelino's for some great Mexican food. Oh my was that super good!

Sunday night we went to Blanchard church and heard Bro. Don Tabor preach. We had not been to Blanchard in several years although we see their pastor and people pretty regular at campmeetings and revivals.

Pastor Lendell Birdsong and his wife Sis. Cindy have always need so kind to us. it was good to be in service with all their folks and also fellowship afterwards. It was a great evening.

Oh and Bro. Tabor preached great and a young man was saved! Praise God.

We start revival tonight in Lawton, Oklahoma tonight so we will be moving the BoggsMobile down there this morning by God's grace.

We are looking forward to being with Pastor Brandon Murray and his church again.

God bless,


Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Next BoggsMobile?

Could this be the next BoggsMobile?

It looks like some cowboy struck oil on his farm!

We wouldn't need to pull a very big fifth wheel. We could put a bed, bath and kitchen inside the truck for Odie.

Odie spotted this while they were in Oklahoma City on Saturday. It is pretty cool looking but I believe I will stick with the current BoggsMobile.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Revival In Pictures - New Mission Holiness Church, Purcell, OK

We closed revival Friday night at New Mission with a wonderful service. It has been a great week.

May God bless Pastor Steve Moore and all the folks here for their kindness and hospitality this week and through the years. We always have great fellowship and enjoy the blessings of God at New Mission.

Tonight we had special visitors all the way from Alabama. Bro. Donnie Williamson and his wife have a daughter and son in law that live in Oklahoma. They are up for a visit so they came over for service tonight. It was a special treat.

It has changed to winter in Oklahoma. It is cold and windy. I had to roll the water hose up Friday to keep it from freezing overnight. I think it is time to go south!

Here are a few pictures from revival.