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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Thankful Through Covid

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in with you. I apologize ahead of time, this post may be more incoherent than normal. My brain is working in a bit of a fog. 

I do not know when you will read this post. I am composing this post on Monday, February 1st 2021. Dad and I are on day two of our Covid journey. Day two is starting out better than day one for me. We were able to get some rest last night. That helped me tremendously. The BoggsMobile, while I am typing, is carrying us home to Ohio. Dad is working hard through his sickness to get us home.

Thank you to everyone that has been checking on us. We appreciate all of the prayers from all over! I am thankful to be part of the family of God! We love all of you!

We repeatedly have proclaimed through this whole pandemic that God is in control! That message is still ringing true for me as we face Covid for ourselves. I can already see His hand at work.

Life's problems come from out of nowhere and punch you. We were surprised to wake up yesterday, January 31, feeling crummy. I thought it was my normal allergies. Dad was concerned about his symptoms. He decided to get tested, just to be on the safe side. At this point, I found that I had a fever. We decided that I needed to be tested as well. The people at the hospital were so nice! The test did not end up being too bad. I had dreaded the moment that I would need to be tested.

I am very grateful for two things. 1. We had friends that helped us get rapid tests. 2. We found out before we exposed the church family at Abundant Life Holiness Church in Bernice, Louisianna! 

Pastor Michael Brandon was extremely helpful and understanding. We were disappointed to have to cancel the revival, especially at the last second. We have anticipated that revival for a year. I was so excited to get to see a precious friend. It seems we can not meet up. Twice now Covid has messed up our plans.😢

Well, like the preachers often say, I am going to work toward a close. Joni Erickson Tada has been a lady that I have admired from afar for a long time. She is a portrait of an overcomer and her life is an encouragement to me. She posted this clip about her battle with this nasty virus. Joni's words of wisdom encouraged me greatly. I will leave you with her message.

Thank you for visiting us today!