Friday, July 31, 2015

City Reach Newsletter August, 2015

We are sending out a printed City Reach Newsletter to our mailing list today. Some of the information in that newsletter has been covered here on the blog but there are hundreds of people that receive the printed newsletter or read it on their church bulletin boards and many of them are not connected to the internet or do not read the blog.

There is also information in the Newsletter that we have not shared yet here. We are very excited to share some of that with you today. One of the things we are excited about is the joy little children have in sharing the burden of City Reach. You will read about Melanie just a few paragraphs below.

Another exciting development is the possibility of adding Washington D.C. to the list of City Reach locations. That is awesome and an answer to a long term prayer. You will find that below as well.

There are other things too but a real exciting nugget concerns City Reach in Wichita which is right around the corner. God is pulling a bunch of things together and it is real neat to watch Him work.

This newsletter is devoted to City Reach so there was no room for our schedule. If you are interested in where we will be, you can always see our schedule HERE.

Thank you for reading the blog today and I really hope you share today's post with your friends and family. I not only want everyone to be aware of what God is doing but I really desire folks to pray for us and City Reach. I know that God hears the fervent prayers of His righteous people!


City Reach Newsletter August, 2015

The logistics and planning for City Reach are slightly overwhelming but I have momentary glimpses of God working behind the scenes. That hope is enough to keep me believing that it will all come together. God has sent folks to "hold ropes" for us and what a blessing these friends have been and continue to be.

Exciting Developments

We are hearing from a lot of excited folks. There are churches, Pastors, missionaries, members, young people and other evangelists that are reaching out to us to encourage us on purpose concerning City Reach. Thank you, that strengthens my faith and boosts my resolve.
We really received a shot in the arm recently from a young lady from Pastor Scott Morris’ church in Richton, Mississippi. Her name is Melanie.

Melanie worked hard selling Lemonade in her front yard to raise money for City Reach. She raised $31! Folks, that turns me inside out and makes my eyes start leaking! I am completely unworthy of that kind of effort and I know it. But souls in cities across this nation are worth it and Melanie knows that. God bless her! What an encouragement!
It was really exciting to set up 200 new chairs and to pick up the new tent section in Miami, Oklahoma. The tent can now be set up as 48’x92’ and it will have room for 500 chairs inside.
Pastor Ken Taylor ask me if I would be willing to bring City Reach to the National Mall in Washington D.C. if he could secure permission and permits. I did not have to pray about that one at all because I have been praying about it for over two years! I am willing to bypass other cities I have planned to visit if I have to in order to conduct City Reach in our nation’s capital. Bro. Taylor is working on it now and we are looking at early September 2016. Several churches are very excited about that.

Home Missions Opportunity - City Reach Crew
Some churches and youth groups have expressed an interest in sending a group of young people or young at heart to be a tangible help in the actual revivals. This would be a blessing to us as well as a tremendous home missions opportunity for a group from your church.
Groups would help with canvassing communities, knocking on doors passing out flyers, intercessory prayer, working the altars, setting up and tearing down equipment, cleaning chairs, cleaning the grounds, helping with seating, distributing and collecting visitors cards and a million other things that will need to be done in each city. The possibilities are really endless and I am anxious to see all the avenues to minister that God will open to us through City Reach.
If you have any interest in forming a City Reach Crew from your group, your church or your family to join forces with us for a few days or a week in a metropolitan area near you or across the country please contact me or have your Pastor get in touch with me.
I need to know in advance. There are some cities where we will be working closely with several churches and some cities where our local help will be sparse. It would be nice if groups could rally around those areas where local help could possibly be thin, but I am sure we can put you to work in whatever City Reach you choose to attend.
Since this will be a mission effort, groups that join us and families that travel to help in City Reach would be responsible for funding their own motels, meals and travel expenses.

Because of the faithfulness of God’s people and the generosity of a few churches we are nearing 35-40% of our budget for City Reach and that is amazing. Money is an obvious part of fulfilling City Reach but it is one of the least of my concerns since it is so out of my control. It is amazing to watch God bring everything in line. Thank you to each one that has played a part in that.

Our final cities in 2016 are still fluid but we are pretty set for Phoenix April 3-15, Ft. Worth May 22, Tulsa June 12-19, Dayton, Ohio and Richmond, Indiana in July, Washington, D.C. and Nashville in September and possibly Cincinnati in August and Mobile in October. We are also working toward two locations in California. We begin with Wichita, Kansas September 6-13 THIS year.

(Since I had the Newsletter printed we have found out that a prime location for City Reach in Wichita has become available. A major corporation owns the property we desired and they were willing to let us use it for City Reach. However they had a construction project beginning on the property just a few weeks before the revival.

Bro. DiZazzo and I were willing to move on to other locations but we both felt a very strong pull to THAT particular location. That does not always mean that God is going to open that door but this time He did!

They emailed Pastor John DiZazzo and let him know the construction project has been delayed and we are welcome to use their prime location for City Reach! We have been praising God since we heard the news!

The tent will be set up just west of I-135 on the corner of Lincoln and Hydraulic right across the street from Quick Trip. We are so excited about City Reach Wichita!)
We want to take the tent to the right place at the right time every single time we set it up for City Reach. I want to be preaching on the right street, in the right neighborhood, the Word of God penetrating the right heart and at the right moment. I need God's direction.
These are exciting times. Thank you for going along for the ride. Please get in touch if you have any questions about how you or your church can be involved.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Riverdale 50 Year Celebration Camp Meeting!

We are honored to be taking part in the 50th anniversary celebration at Riverdale Assembly of God in Riverdale, California this fall. Pastor Charles Spencer and his wife pioneered the work in Riverdale in 1965 so they will be celebrating 50 years of pastoring and 50 years as a church. It should be a super great week.

The Millikins have been asked to sing and preach Wednesday night and we will be singing and preaching on Thursday night. They are bringing in Larnelle Harris on Friday night. I really hope Larnelle will not be too intimidated by working with us. We will make it as easy as we can on him. 

We are scheduled to be in Alabama the week before and the week after. We hope to fly out on Tuesday and fly back on Saturday so we should be able to be there for three nights. Come and join us in California. It is bound to be exciting.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Travel Day/Reunited With the BoggsMobile

Bro. and Sis. McCoy came to the motel to pick us up Tuesday morning and delivered us to the Denver airport right on time. The airport was pretty busy and the security line was long but within an hour we were waiting at our gate. They boarded Odie first and before you know it we were ready to go.

We took off from Denver about noon Mountain time.

And we arrived in Detroit for a short layover about 4:30 Eastern time.

The quick visit in Detroit, Michigan means Odie has now visited all 48 continental states in the USA.

Can you tell she is a little excited?

Some travelers do not feel like they have officially visited a state unless they stay over night, eat a meal, touch the dirt, pick up a rock or some other random qualifier. Not us. If we have been there, then we count it. Odie did eat a quick meal in Detroit but I doubt if she has touched the dirt in 10 states!

They had problems getting the plane engines started in Detroit (no joke) so we were about an hour late getting into Cincinnati. The engines seemed to run just fine once they were started. 

My Pa and Ma were there waiting on us and soon we were loaded up and pointed toward the BoggsMobile with a brief stop at Acapulco to drink a little salsa.

I appreciate my parents picking us up. Dad also mowed the grass at the Lazy OD Ranch and kept an eye on the bus. He had the AC turned on in the BoggsMobile so it was nice and comfortable when we arrived. Five weeks without much humidity slapped us right in the face as we exited the airport and it was almost hard to breathe. I could get used to low humidity.

We are scheduled to begin revival tonight about an hour away at House of Deliverance in Hillsboro, Ohio. There is no place to park the bus there so we will drive the Green Machine.

Thanks for reading today.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Our Last Day In Castle Rock

Thank you to those that responded to Monday's blog and have been praying for me. Sunday night was pretty rough and I did not have much relief Monday but I did get a few hours rest in the early evening. That was a wonderful blessing! I have had some severe pain this evening but I am hoping to rest some in the remaining hours of the night. Thanks for praying and keep it up.

Monday was our last full day in Castle Rock, Colorado with Bro. and Sis. McCoy and their girls. We had a great time seeing a few local sights and taking time to visit. 

You can not come to Castle Rock and spend any time without climbing up to THE Castle Rock.

Here it is in the background.

Up we went around the 1 1/4 mile loop.

It was a beautiful walk with gorgeous views.

And I finally made it to the top.

Then we drove to the overlook at Daniel Park and it was as beautiful as advertised!

Pastor McCoy was barely hanging on.

I decided to help him Down!


After Daniel Park we went for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and really enjoyed their salad bar. It is just soup and salad with no meats but it is fresh and excellent. We will definitely look for these around the country when we need a salad fix, which is pretty often on a diet!

That pretty much sums up our last full day in Castle Rock, Colorado. We have had a great time here. Bro. McCoy will pick us up in the morning and deliver us to the airport. We have a long flight to Detroit, a very short layover and then a short flight home. I am VERY anxious to get back to the BoggsMobile and fire that puppy up!

Thanks for reading today.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Revival In Pictures - Castle Rock, Colorado

First, a personal note: I am having a problem with my right jaw and I need a touch from God. It seemed I had a bad tooth so I went to a dentist at home the end of May. He could find nothing at all wrong with the tooth. It has been hurting ever since. 

The last few days we were in Montana I thought I was gaining ground but this week the pain has really turned on. The frequency of the pain and the severity of the pain are now getting worse. It hurts by turns in the tooth, the tooth behind it, the tooth above it and in the jaw bone itself with no rhyme or reason.

It has taken me nearly an hour to type this late Sunday night in between spells of pain. I am willing to admit I am a wimp and that I have a severe allergy to pain but this is really bad. Kelly Jo and Odie have been praying for me and the Lord just came by so sweetly. We are praising God for every moment of relief but I desire to be healed! Please, please pray for me.

Revival In Pictures

We have had a wonderful revival this week at Liberty Holiness Tabernacle near Castle Rock, Colorado. As we mentioned earlier this is a pioneer work and we are very blessed to be a part of trying to get this church off the ground. God has sent them several preachers in the last 1 1/2 years and we are pleased to be added to that list. Please pray that God would continue to help Pastor James McCoy and his family to make an impact on lives for Christ in this part of Colorado.

I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures. Thanks for reading.