Thursday, December 31, 2020

A Few Personal Christmas Pictures

More and more of our friends are suffering from the effects of COVID and they need God to help them. I am sure that you have a list of people you are praying for as well. Let us join together in asking God for miracles in so many lives. 

Some are suffering at home. Some are in the hospital. Some are in ICU and some are on a ventilator. We must have God's help!

A Few Personal Christmas Pictures
Do you have room for a few more Christmas pictures? We have a few more to share.

It is our tradition to have our little family Christmas in the BoggsMobile on Christmas morning. Odie came down and climbed on the bus for our family celebration. It was so nice of her to join us.

The day after Christmas Odie cooked a great meal for us and we went up and had Christmas with her in the house. I am loving this new tradition in our family. Thank you, Odie!

We loved every moment of these two family events and we have a few pictures to prove it. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you for stopping by.


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday Tent Revival, Elba, AL 2012

I found some wonderful pictures in the dusty archives today that bring a great big smile to my face. These pictures are from tent revival in Elba, Alabama with Pastor Jon Isaacs and the great folks from Grace Fellowship.

We love Bro. Jon and his family and that makes it super easy to love all the folks from the church they pastor. We had a wonderful week of tent revival in September 2012 and I do not think I will ever forget some of the awesome experiences that week.

I hope you enjoy strolling and scrolling through Vintage View Vednesday. I have an announcement for you at the end of this post.

We have been posting Vintage View Vednesday nearly every week for quite a while. Vintage View began in January 2018 and this is post number 137 in this series. We may publish some more of Vintage View, but I am going to try a new series on Wednesdays as well.

The new series will begin the first Wednesday of 2020, January 6 and we are calling it A Word For Wednesday. As the name suggests, the new series will lean toward spiritual things, God's Word rather than my word. Some of our most-read posts on Mile Markers are posts where I veer into the preaching lane and I love to do it.

Rather than preaching taking over the whole website, I am giving it space on Wednesdays. Some weeks I may post some sermons notes or sermons thoughts or a sermon illustration. Some weeks it may be in print and other weeks it may be in video format on YouTube. Some weeks it may be both.

The first week is already recorded on video. I plan to post it on January 6. I sat down and read a whole sermon that spoke to me and impacted me deeply. Reading a whole sermon will probably be rare, but I would love to have your honest and kind feedback.

We will see how it goes and probably insert some Vintage View Wednesdays in occasionally. I really do value your thoughts.

Thank you for joining us today.