Saturday, September 30, 2023

September 2023 Fun With Saylor Brooke

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Alabama. I hope you are doing well! We have enjoyed our time this week with some dear friends! It started with an unplanned visit with Pastor J.R. and Sis. Teresa Alexander. God's planning is always good.

Being with some of our church family from home is always a blessing! The Alexanders have been friends of ours for a long time! We enjoy getting to catch up with them wherever we can. 

Wednesday was the start of revival with Pastor Donnie Williamson. Tanner Williams Holiness Church has been on our favorite church list for many years! The kind church family always welcomes us into their family with open arms! It is such a joy to watch God encourage our precious friends! 

We have one more service to wrap up our visit for this time. Tomorrow is Homecoming at Tanner Williams Holiness Church. We have been blessed to participate in many special days here! We love seeing this church minister to their community! It is our happy privilege to be here for Homecoming 2023!

September  2023 Fun With Saylor Brooke

The topic for today's post is one of my special little friends, Little Miss Saylor Brooke Walters! I looked back at a post from last year and had to smile. Click here to see that particular post. It was fun to compare pictures from then until now.

2022 setup day picture.

Last year was her first tent revival. What a difference 12 months makes? Princess Saylor will be two in just a few weeks. She is growing up so quickly! 

2023 setup day picture.

Here are a couple more pictures that show the change from year to year. First, we have a 2022 picture of Saylor with her Mama, Regan Morris Walters. Then, a 2023 version of the picture. I feel like she is growing up before our eyes.

2023 tent revival, Saylor was on the move and involved in every aspect of the week! I had a blast with my little friend from set up, the services, lunchtime and tent take down. 

Below are some more pictures that I captured last week. These are in no particular order. I will pop in with some commentary for context.

This was taken after the tent was down and put away. It was time for a goodbye, for now. I find it hard to leave when she is finally used to me being around again! 

Saylor with Aunt Kelly. Kids always love Mom! 

I can understand. Mom is very loveable! Here, they were reading and singing.

I think Saylor's favorite thing about last week was to push me! She would push on my chair and say beep beep.

The beautiful princess of Richton, Mississippi!

She would take me all over the place! Guiding me, saying beep beep and then saying go, back and round.

She even led me to her playroom. That means I have officially achieved friend status! Only some people get invited to the playroom. I was honored!

I could not go out to jump with her on her little trampoline like she wanted. She came and grabbed my finger and said, "jump". I said, "Baby, I wish I could go jump with you." One day, Saylor Brooke, I want to jump with you! 

Helping with tent setup

Time for a snack!

Watching the tent go up with Aunt RyRy

Tent setup is hard work. It was time to rest!

Papaw James and Saylor.

Trying to play the drums, like her Mama.

Well, there you have a glimpse into our September 2023 fun with Miss Saylor Brooke! We love this little girl so much! I am thankful to be with her a few days out of the year! I am already anticipating my next visit with her!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today! I appreciate you spending some time with me.

Friday, September 29, 2023

Revival In Pictures- Mississippi And Alabama

Friday is often Revival In Pictures, but this Friday is Revivals In Pictures. We were scheduled to be here at Tanner Williams with Pastor Donnie Williamson beginning Wednesday, but we stumbled into two great nights of revival at Trinity for Pastor JR Alexander.

So we have a few pictures from Monday night at Trinity and the first two nights here at Tanner Williams. We are having a super great time with our friends and we are looking forward to Homecoming on Sunday. Stay posted for great pictures from that day to come.

Bro. JR and Sis. Teresa Alexander have been our friends for 35+ years. They were attending Dryden Rd when we began visiting there in 1988. It was a joy and pleasure to be with them again this week.

Now we have a few pictures from Wednesday and Thursday at Tanner Williams. It is such a blessing for us to be here with our dear friends this week. Bro. Donnie and Sis. Gayla and their folks have been so kind to us through the years. They have stood by us, prayed faithfully for us and have always welcomed us with open arms.

Wow! What beautiful pictures and amazing friends. Thank you for stopping in today.