Friday, January 31, 2020

Revival In Pictures - Sweeny, Texas

Another week has almost completely slipped away, but we have enjoyed every night of revival at Full Gospel Lighthouse in Sweeny, Texas. God has drawn near us each night and I am so thankful for that.

Pastor Larry Lamb and his folks have been so kind to us. We will never forget the way they opened their arms to us last year when the bus broke down on the way here. We stayed two weeks in their evangelist quarters and Sunday School room and we had church most of those nights. We appreciate their thoughtfulness and hospitality.

We are extremely thankful to have the BoggsMobile here this time! Hallelujah! We love having our own beds and our own stuff.

We have one more night of revival and then we move about 150 miles away to Livingston, Texas. We will probably leave tonight after church in order to miss Houston traffic. We do not have to, but that is our plan at the moment.

Today is Revival In Pictures day so it is time to move on to the pictures from this week at Sweeny. I hope you enjoy.


Thursday a special friend took time to stop in and see us. Rudy Leggett from about 2 hours east of here was going through the area and sent a text. I am so glad he did. He was on a schedule, but we spent a few minutes catching up. Thanks Rudy!

Kelly Jo testing out a 2018 GMC Canyon four-door 4x4 diesel with very low miles stored close to the church. It is owned by an estate of a man and will be for sale soon. It would be perfect to tow behind us. It is nice, but will be very pricey.