Tuesday, October 4, 2016

First Night of City Reach Richton

We had wonderful day in Richton. Sis. Kim Morris prepared a wonderful meal for us, Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe and the Millikin's as well. It was absolutely delicious. Sis. Kim is one of the top three cooks in the world according to our book. Folks, I may not know much but I know food and Sis. Kim's food is outstanding!

Today we are posting a few pictures of the first night of tent revival in Richton, Mississippi. We hope you enjoy the pictures. If you are close enough, come be with us. Service will begin at 7:15 PM each night and at 5:00 PM on Sunday evening.

The first night of City Reach Richton was wonderful. God blessed and helped several folks and we are rejoicing over what He has done. Praise God for visiting His people. I am excited to see what He is going to do next!

Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe started setting out the sound equipment a little before 5:00 and we joined him at 5:00. We normally do not set up 2 hours and 15 minutes early but on the first night we like to get a running start. I like to make sure the bugs are worked out of everything in plenty of time before the first service begins. 

We have set up several times on the first night of a tent revival only to find a cord that is bad or a speaker that is not working or something else out of adjustment. I hate to deal with all of that 5 minutes before service.

This time all was right and the sound check went off without a hitch. We were ready in plenty of time. It is great having good help like Bro. Jimmie and Kelly Jo.

It was so good to have Bro. Jimmy Millikin and his family with us last night. God used them to minister to the people through their music and song. After the preaching they helped with the altar singing so much too. I am glad they came and we all wish they could stay a few more nights. I tell everyone that will listen that Bro Jimmy Millikin is my favorite evangelist.

We are expecting six more great nights of tent revival in Richton. Please help us pray that God will give us souls each and every night. I will post more pictures of the City Reach later in the week.

Thank you for reading.


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