Thursday, June 20, 2019

I Made It! The Jackson County Sun!

I am now a published author. Well, technically, I have been a published author for many years. I have written something here on Mile Markers several days a week for well over nine years and to do that I hit the publish button every day. 😁

Plus, I wrote a book in the late 90s and self-published it in 2000. Even though I remember writing that book and I remember receiving shipments of that book, I can not hardly prove I wrote a book, because nobody has it! Half of the 3-4 thousand copies of that book were sent to prisons and jails, where it was well received, but I still missed the New York Times Best Sellers list by a few million copies.😉

Now I am legitimate. I have been published in my Mother's home county and the county where many of my family and friends live. Something I have written has been printed in the Jackson County Sun and I could not be more pleased. 

On May 14 I wrote on Mile Markers about my maternal grandparents, Godfrey and Bessie Isaacs

It was well accepted and shared widely by some of our regular readers. We received a lot of feedback from family and friends along with notes, emails and texts from people way outside our normal circle of readers.

It is always nice when something we post here resonates with people that we do not know and have no way of normally meeting in this big wide world.

After a few days, we received this comment from Ms. Carmen Abner on the post. 

New comment on your post "Godfrey and Bessie Isaacs - 100 Years":

I would love to use this story and the pictures in The Jackson County Sun, with full credit to yourself of course. If you’ll allow, my e-mail address is Just let me know if I have your permission. Our readers would love it! 

Wow! What? For real?

I did not post the comment, but I did respond by email. We corresponded back and forth by email and sure enough, it was legit. The Jackson County Sun wanted to post the article. They like to post stories on Jackson County residents and Jackson Country history. Carmen said, "Our readers will love it" and "It is a wonderful tribute and will undoubtedly take several of our readers down memory lane."

In the Jackson County Sun June 5, 2019 issue, Ms. Abner dedicated most of page 9 to my article on Godfrey and Bessie Isaacs. She sent some copies to my Mother and Mom put one up for me. I will get it when I get home, but in the meantime she sent pictures.

I wish Grandpa and Grandma were alive to see it. They were a huge inspiration to me and many, many others in our family and beyond and it is kind of neat to let others learn a little about them.

Ms. Abner told me she had extra copies of the paper if anyone would like a copy or two. She said to let her know and she would send them to you. You can contact Ms. Carmen Abner by email ( or she said you could reach out to her through Jackson County Sun's Facebook.

She did not say this, but it would be nice to offer to cover the cost of the shipping. Also, I do not know how many extra copies she has so hurry while supplies last.😊

Thank you for following along today.


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday Bond Camp Meeting 2009

This week's Vintage View Vednesday takes us back about 10 years to Bond Camp Meeting. I think these pictures are from 2009. We have had some of the very best times in our life at Bond church and the Bond Camp Meeting. We met folks there in the 1980s that are still very close friends today. (Yeah, I know you are reading and you know who you are.😀)

I love going through these pictures, seeing not only friends from Bond, KY, but friends from all over the country. We start with an old friend parked in front of the BoggsMobile. 

Yes, that is Mr. Cheap Jeep. We sure miss that old friend.

I hope you enjoy this Vintage View Vednesday from Bond Camp Meeting in 2009. Thank you for dropping in.