Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview 6/25/18

I have had a tent trailer project going this past week, so let us go back to Thursday to wrap that up and then I will get to the weekend. 

The trailer project should have been minor, but I can always escalate a problem without any difficulty at all. I am gifted that way.

The tongue jack on the trailer is hydraulic and has an electric control that plugs into the front of the trailer with a four wire plug. I was rushing to set the trailer on Bro. Rickey Searcy's truck so we could park it when we arrived in OKC a week ago. 

I reached across with gloves on to unplug the control. My hand slipped off the handle and I pulled the cord instead. Before I knew it, the wire was in my hand and the plug was still in the fitting. Oops!

Since Bro. Rickey and I were both in a hurry, we used his floor jack to lift the trailer off his truck and left it for the moment. When I arrived at the bus later and began to put the wires into the plug, I realized my dilemma. Where do the three wires go in the four wire plug?

I could see which three openings had little strands of wire poking out so I at least knew which three, but in what order?

It looked like they had pulled straight out so I hooked them up that way. I took it to the trailer Tuesday and no workie.

I tried two more configurations on Wednesday and no workie.

Finally I took the control at the other end of the cord apart and found how it was wired.

Thursday morning I shuffled things in the trailer, gained access to the motor for the hydraulic lift, got down on my belly and slipped my phone back there and took a video. This is a screenshot from the video and it shows me what I needed to know.

The circle on top of the picture shows me the green wire attached to the big red Hot wire. Green on the hot? I had not even considered that. I put the green on the top pin that I knew was hot and Bingo!

No more floor jack!

I have another tent trailer project that involves the other hydraulic lift and I will try to tackle it this week. I will let you know how that goes.

That same day I was talking to my Dad as he and Mom were going into Red Lobster. I told him to eat a cheddar biscuit for me. I told him to have Mom eat one for me too. They both said they did not need to eat one, but they would each eat one for me.

Sure enough I received this picture evidence in a few moments.

Man! That looks so good. Thankfully Dad and Mom are looking out for me!

We did pretty good for lunch on Friday ourselves!

Friday night we had the last service of revival at Landmark with Pastor Jeremy Brooks and his great folks. It was a little sad saying goodbye to our friends. By God's grace, we will be back around.

We were having great fellowship with all the folks and visitors after church, but that was cut short by a bad storm blowing in. We rushed to the BoggsMobile, loaded Odie in and then quickly transferred the sound equipment into the bus as fast as possible. We got wet but Odie and the equipment were saved. Whew!

All the rain created a bunch of mud. Kelly Jo used Bro. Rickey Searcy's truck Saturday morning to pull the tent trailer out of the parking spot. She did it like a champ, but not without slinging a little mud.

I am afraid she will be wanting a big monster truck soon.

We dropped the trailer off the truck, hooked on with the BoggsMobile, loaded up the Green Machine, strapped it down and headed north. About three hours later we arrived in Wichita and reversed the process, plus washed some red dirt off the tent trailer.

Everything is a little trickier with the tent trailer, but we love parking here at Bethany in Wichita. As they were redoing the parking lot, they have made it very easy for us to get in and out. It all looks great too.

This is our 16th year of revival at Bethany Revival Center in Wichita for Bro. John and Sis. Judy DiZazzo. We love coming here. We had two good revival services on Sunday to begin the meeting. 

Bro. Tom now lives in Maysville, Oklahoma and drove up to be with us for both services on Sunday. He was also with us two nights of tent revival in Amber. It was great to see our friend again.

That wraps up an exciting weekend. We will be here in revival through next Sunday with no service on Saturday night. Come be with us if you can. We would love to have you.

Thanks for dropping in today.


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Our View Out The Front Window June 24, 2018

Here are all the links to our posts from the last week. Please take a moment to check them out.

This is our view out the front window at Bethany Revival Center in Wichita, Kansas.

We are beginning a week of revival here this morning and we are expecting a great time in the Lord.

Thank you for checking in with us today.


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rebecca Blankenship - A True Friend

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from the road. I hope you had a good week. We had a fabulous week in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was wonderful to be with Pastor Jeremy Brooks and our friends at Landmark Holiness Tabernacle. From the start of the revival God met us in a sweet way. 

Today the BoggsMobile will be taking us to Wichita, Kansas. We are anticipating a great revival at Bethany Revival Center beginning tomorrow. We always have a fantastic time with Pastors John and Judy DiZazzo. Revival is scheduled for Sunday-Sunday. There will not be a service on Saturday night. Please join us for revival if you are in the area. 

Our family is truly blessed with awesome friends. We have met thousands of people in our travels and we always love making new friends. Some acquaintances become true lifelong friends. I enjoy looking back over the years and seeing how God has brought people into our path at just the right times. God’s handiwork truly amazes me. 

Friendship is a true gift that I treasure. A true friend is someone you can count on at all times. They are your friends in the good times and bad. They will laugh and rejoice with in the happy times, but will also be there in the bad times when things are sad. I want to purpose to be a true friend. I am blessed with several true friends and I am so thankful!

Over the last several weeks we have had opportunity to see many of those longtime friends. Some of which we do not cross paths with often. It brightens my day to see them!

My friend Rebecca Blankenship is no stranger to the blog. I have mentioned her and her family often in the past. We have known each other more years than we want to admit. I first remember her when I was 4 years old, she was Rebecca Landress then.

I guess we started out as playmates and then our parents were good friends. So over the years our friendship grew closer. As a teenager I needed someone and Becca was there. I will forever be grateful for her during a huge transition in my life. I remember one day we were just listening to music and laughing and enjoying life. I remember thinking this is the breath of fresh air I needed. Since that day we have made countless memories! We have laughed a ton. 

Life changed for her when Jeffery Blankenship came along. I remember the first time I heard about Jeffery, he was a “day dream” to hear Rebecca tell it. That nightmare dream became a reality. Their life as husband and wife began in September of 2004. I had the privilege of having a front row seat. I gained another friend that day. 

It has been a joy to see them become who they are today. They are now in the ministry. Their family grew to include Madelyn and Andrea. They are two of the sweetest young ladies. I can not believe they are growing up!

I was so happy last week to see the Blankenship Family. It made me thankful once again to call them my friends. Miles often separate us more than we would like and our time together is way to short. 

Life has not always been good times and laughter for either of us. There has been lots of laughter, but there has been times of uncertainty and tears. I am glad even in the times of separation, when we wanted to be together, I knew I had a friend. I am thankful for every catch up text message or phone call. We have tried to be there to pray and encourage each other. 

Rebecca Blankenship, you have been a really true friend to me. There is not a way possible for me to express my gratitude properly. I just wanted to take a moment to publicly say thanks for being my friend. I love you so much!

Thank you for visiting us here today. Let me encourage you to reach out to someone in friendship. You will never know the impact your friendship can have on someone else.