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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Odie's Birthday Recap and Bethany Notes

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting from Oklahoma. We just finished the second stop on our four meetings in the Tulsa area. It has been wonderful to be in this area again! We have so many incredible friends here! It is always a blessing to be in service and visit with every one of them!

Birthday Recap
Thank you to everyone who made me feel extremely loved last week on my birthday! I sincerely appreciate your love and friendship! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the comments, cards, texts, calls, emails and gifts!

I spent my birthday with my extraordinary friends, The Cummins Family. Several years ago, they adopted me as their family. They ensured I was spoiled way more than I could ever deserve! I love you all more than words can express, Cummins Family! 

Thank you for making my birthday extra GREAT!

I also had some special visitors I wanted to mention. My Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen came to see us. It was wonderful to have them with us for two services! I had been missing them terribly. My heart and face smiled when they were with us. We will see them again soon!

One of my birthday buddies is Sis Jessa Bond Detherage. We first discovered we shared a birthday back in 2006. Since then, we have always wanted to be together for our birthday, but it never worked out. 

This year, Jessa and her husband, Bro. Shamgar and little Leah came to the fellowship meeting at Bethany. We finally were together on our birthday! Love you, Jessa; thank you for spending your birthday at the fellowship meeting with me!
Odie's Bethany Fellowship Meeting Notes
Last weekend, we were in fellowship meeting at Bethany Holiness Church. We love being with Pastor Darrell Toliver and the people at Bethany! They always welcome us with open arms. 

We were there to do the special singing. It was a blessing to hear some wonderful preaching. Pastor Randy Webb was the night speaker. God helped him challenge our hearts to be ready for revival! All three nights were outstanding messages! 

We heard from visiting ministers the two morning services and Saturday youth service. Below, I included my notes from the services. I hope you enjoy a peek into the meeting.

Thanks for reading. See you next week.


Bethany Holiness Church Sand Springs, Oklahoma 
49th Annual Fellowship Meeting 
October 13-15 2023

Friday Evening 

Pastor Randy Webb- Richlands, Virginia 
1 Chronicles 21:15-18
"The Price Of Revival"

Saturday Morning 

Bro. Edsel Young-Georgia 
Job 6:25

Bro. David Eldrige- Kentucky 
Acts 2:12-16
"The Last Man Standing"

Saturday Youth Service

Bro. Brent - Ozark Bible Institute 
Psalm 96
"A Reason To Worship"

Bro. Shamgar Detherage- Sterlington, Louisiana 
1 Sam 17:37
"Characteristics Of A Giant Killer"

Saturday Evening 

Pastor Randy Webb- Richlands, Virginia 
2 Samuel 6:2-4
The Hindrance To Revival"

Sunday Morning 

Bro. Rick Binkley - Hodgenville, Kentucky 
Philippians 1:6-7. 13
"I Can"
Bro. Nathan Tinsley- Maine 
Acts 8:1-3
"Rejoicing Through Our Tears"

Sunday Evening 

Pastor Randy Webb- Richland, Virginia 
Psalm 68:9
The Promise Of Revival 

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Odie's Archives

Note From Davy: Kelly Jo and I want to wish a very happy birthday to our beautiful and lovely daughter Odie. Happy, Happy Birthday! We love you much and we are thankful God placed you in our lives. We are blessed, but sorry about your luck!

Hey Friends, 

This is Odie reporting in from Odie reporting from Oklahoma. We are thrilled to be part of the fellowship meeting at Bethany Holiness Church again this year! It is a joy to be with Pastor Toliver and the wonderful congregation of Bethany.

We have three more stops before we leave this state. It is so good to be back in the Tulsa area again. I am excited about seeing many friends during our time here. Remember to check our schedule page to see where we will be in the future. It is the third tab at the top of the page, or click here. Come be in a service with us! 

Happy Anniversary
Today is Mom's parents, Danny and Betty Morgan, anniversary. Happy 56 anniversary, Gran and Papaw! We love you both so much! I wish you were in Oklahoma with us today to celebrate. It was good to see you for a little while last weekend.

38th Birthday
Today is also my birthday. I am thankful for another year! God has blessed me beyond measure in my 38 years of life! I have so much to thank God for! My heart is full of gratitude!

I know 8 friends across the country who have a birthday today. They are from Florida to California and several states in between. Happy birthday to each of my birthday buddies! October 14th is a great day for a birthday!

Click here to see a post from a couple years ago. Each year, I like to look back and remember a little about my birthdays. In the future, I will have to update and repost my birthday memories again. That particular post stopped at year 36. 

Last year, for number 37, we were back here at Bethany's meeting. My friends made me feel so loved! I have now spent four of my birthdays here.

Odie's Archives
My Mamaw, Martha Boggs, brought a bin to my house last year. She had saved some items from my younger days. I love baby clothes, but knowing these were mine is extra cool. I took pictures of some of the things to share with you. 

The first set I wore going home from the hospital at 27 days old and to my first church service the following Sunday! I remember seeing photos marking both of those momentous occasions. Everything was so tiny. I was a preemie baby.


This is another one of my cute baby outfits.

Mamaw said this was one of my Christmas dresses.

A bib from my childhood. If you are new to the blog, my name is Andrea. I go by my nickname, Odie.

This is a very special dress. I remember this one. It is a size 4T. I believe this was a gift from Papaw Bill and Mamaw Darien Houston. There was a store here in Oklahoma that sold Bryan dresses. I had several dresses from that store. I loved all of them! Most of them came from Papaw Bill and Mamaw Darien.

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed a look back at some of the things from my childhood archives. See you next week.


Friday, September 1, 2023

End of August Pictures From Odie

Hey Friends,

Welcome to September! This is Odie. I am here today, with a look at my week in pictures. I hope you enjoy a glimpse of my week. This is what I captured between trying to recuperate from campmeeting last week, my tech support calls and trying to fix internet connectivity issues.

I have been having internet issues due to a storm last week. The lady at our internet provider informed me that the original modem had passed away.

The replacement modem the company sent out. Thank you to Papaw, Uncle Jay and Uncle Steve for their personal technical support. It has been a long process all week. Hopefully, now things are headed toward being fully corrected.

Tuesday night, I went to church at DRPC.

Wednesday afternoon, I enjoyed the beautiful weather. I took some time to sit on my porch. Can you believe the wind blowing caused me to get a vest on?

This was my view of the Super Blue Moon Wednesday night. It was extremely bright and beautiful! Pictures could not do it justice! God's handiwork is amazing!

Thursday, I was able to be part of a birthday dinner for my Aunt Patty Boggs. She loves Alcapulco. It was great to spend time with my family!

This is my Mamaw Martha with two sisters-in-law, Patty and Connie.

Food time.

Alcapulco salsa, the star of the show!

Nacho fries with steak is one of my Alcapulco favorites.

Lisa with her enchiladas.

I was thankful to spend some time with Lisa! She is truly a wonderful person! We love her!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Patty!

I love my sweet cousin Deb!

Our friend Jorge stopped by to check on Papaw. He could see Papaw was surrounded by women.

A selfie with Papaw.

Horse fun.

I had to get a photo with two of my great aunts, Aunt Patty Boggs and Aunt Connie Miller.

The after dinner Alcapulco selfie, Odie, Papaw, Mamaw, Lisa, Connie and Patty.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me. See you tomorrow.


Monday, August 21, 2023

The Weekend Dispatch

I hope you are ready for picture overload today! We had a completely full weekend with pictures to prove it.

I need to go all the way back till Wednesday to give you the whole story. We arrived home Wednesday afternoon and I had a new hat waiting for me in the mail.

It is from my dear friend, Bro. Galen Cummins and it is one of my new favorites. It is perfect for me.

Dad came to see us and visit for a while too. It was so good to see him.

Mr. Jeep has a couple thousand miles of road grime on it and KJo could not put up with that.

She did not wash the BoggsMobile though. What is up with that?

Thursday, we met my parents at Acapulco for some salsa, of course.

We have been living way too long without Mexican food!

I told you Friday that we went by to visit Bro. Shobanke Thursday on the way to church.

Bro. Shobanke's granddaughter is beautiful. I reckon her mother played a big part in that.

It was wonderful to be at our home church Thursday night.

I found out I was preaching when I walked in and I was glad to do it. My Pastor has been way to good to me for me to rebel now. I think we had a wonderful service.

Friday, KJo and I ate lunch together and then we divided in order to conquer the day.

I went to a funeral visitation of a cousin for a couple of hours and then I drove to Dayton to visit and pray with Bro. Shobanke a couple hours. Kelly Jo and Odie gathered groceries from various places.

We all arrived home a few minutes before six and then KJo and I jumped in the Jeep to drive an hour to hear Bro. Rick Simpson at Taylor Mill Pentecostal Church in northern Kentucky. It was the last night of their Homecoming Revival and we wanted to hear Bro. Simpson and to be with Pastor Chris Oliver and his folks.

It was a great service and I was encouraged. Bro. Rick preached the Word and I caught it! Hallelujah!

Saturday morning was spent working at home and preparing to go to Hillsboro to visit Kelly's family. They were gathering to celebrate her Dad's 75th birthday. It was a wonderful evening.

Dairy Queen gift card


Sunday We were preaching next door at Dodds Pentecostal Church for Pastor Jay Osborn. We always love being there with family and friends. Plus, I can walk to church! Sunday afternoon, my parents took us for salsa at Acapulco.

This was about half way to church.

And one final picture from the weekend.

Thank you for stopping by.