Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sedgwick County Jail

The last six revivals here in Wichita I have been blessed with the privilege to preach a few days in the Sedgwick County Jail. This week I am preaching there twice.

The service today was at 9:30. Tomorrow I will preach to a different crowd at 1:00. This morning the men were a little more subdued than normal during the worship but God really helped during the preaching.

I love preaching to these guys so much. Today they pulled the preaching out of me. They responded in the altar with so much feeling. It's amazing when those sin hardened inmates hug me afterwards with tears running off their faces.

I know that once these guys are in the system it is so hard to change their ways. The rate of reoffenders is super high but a relationship with Christ gives them a chance. God can break the chains in the hearts of men and set them free even while in jail.

Praise God for the power of the gospel! That power is the reason I am willing to spend and be spent for the gospel. To touch a life with the message of hope in Jesus is to breathe life into soul that would otherwise die in hopelessness. What an amazing privilege I have.

I thank God He has called me to reach others for Him. Would you pray that God would strengthen me and empower me to be an effective soul winner for Him?


Monday, July 30, 2012

No Waynesville, Ohio Tent Revival This Year

I have decided NOT to have tent revival in Waynesville, Ohio this year. I had set aside the week of August 12-17 for revival there but I can not juggle all of the pieces into place.

The property we were able to use last year is an ideal location for tent revival. It worked wonderfully. The problem now is that our current tent will not fit on that lot.

I have asked about other places and good sites have been suggested but nothing seemed right. I have prayed and sought direction from the Lord but could not feel at peace proceeding with the tent revival.

I have had numerous folks ask about it and I know there will be people that are disappointed but the reality is I am disappointed myself. I love tent revival and I loved having one in our hometown. That tent revival last year was a highlight for us.

However putting the tent up is such a huge responsibility. Having it up at the right place and the right time is very important. Having it up at the wrong place and the wrong time could be tragic.

I have ask advice from several good men but ultimately the responsibility is mine.

As bad as I hate not to put it up I do feel a big relief now that I have made the decision. For whatever reason now is not the right time and place.

Perhaps I can set it up next summer in Waynesville. I will certainly be praying about it over the next few months.

We are still planning to put up the tent in New Castle, Indiana for Pastor Brian Hisle. We hope to have tent revival there August 5-10.

We are also scheduled to preach homecoming services for Pastor Randy Brown in Sharonville, Ohio the morning of the 12th and for Pastor David Webb in Hodgenville, Kentucky at noon on the 19th.

Dryden Rd. Campmeeting is August 21-24 and we hope to be there for all of that as well.

Please pass this blog post to any one you know that might have been planning to attend. I would appreciate it very much.

God bless,


Bethany Revival Center, Wichita, KS

We had a great crowd both services Sunday to kick off revival in Wichita. This is our tenth year in a row preaching revival at Bethany Revival Center and we love coming here.

Pastor John DiZazzo and his congregation are always a great encouragement to us. They always respond well to our singing and preaching and the moving of the Lord.

Today we had good response in the altar both services and it feels like God is doing something special among us. Praise God for his blessings.

We have to leave Thursday night after church so we only have four more services. We are all anxious to see what God is going to do.

I will also be preaching two days at the county jail while we are here. I think this is the sixth year that I have been blessed to do that.

I am posting a few random pictures from today and tonight. I still can not email pictures to the blog but can post them with a Blogger app. It is not perfect but at least they are here.

The pics with the weather are interesting.

God bless you all.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Travel Days - Montana to Kansas

I put this post up several hours ago without pictures because blogger is having trouble with emailing pictures. Later I was trying to finagle another way to get the pictures posted and I noticed the whole post was gone. How in the World??

Thankfully I had saved a rough draft of the text so at least part of the post is preserved. Now it has pictures but I sure can not guarantee the correct order. Anyway, here you go. I hope this one does not get eaten.

We drove about 297 miles the first evening. I did not set the GPS until we were hooked to the trailer a couple of miles from the church. We slept in a rest area near Greycliffe, Montana.

Wednesday we drove 631 miles. Most of the day was mountainous until we were near Nebraska. It was a good day of driving except for the rock chip in the drivers side windshield. It cracked several inches immediately so it will have to be replaced soon.

I have never replaced that side although it has had some small chips since we bought the BoggsMobile. We had a softball size hit on the passenger side and replaced that one. The new one was chipped inside of two months. Life is interesting!

We were up early at Cabela's on Thursday. It was a cool morning and we figured we would drive until afternoon when the temperature was supposed to soar.

We drove about 2 hours then stopped for a quick break in a rest area. I walked around the BoggsMobile and trailer and discovered a low tire on the trailer.

I put the spare on the trailer and it blew out in 17 miles. I should have replaced the spare when I replaced the other tires in June. The spare looked brand new but was aged out. I was hoping not to have to use it!

I was able to air up the original tire and put it back on. We drove 30 miles to a tire store and they discovered the aluminum rim has a whole in it.

That is the second one to leak so I may have a bigger problem on my hands. I may do a post about that later.

I had them put the good tire on the steel spare rim and a junk tire they had on the leaking aluminum rim. If I need a spare at least I know I can air it up and get 30-50 miles closer to help.

By the time the tire situation was straightened out it was well above 90 degrees. We drove about 40 miles and stopped at a Walmart in York, Nebraska.

We stepped out about 6:00 and saw this storm brewing in the Northwest. We were in Walmart when it let loose. You should have seen the reaction when people inside heard the rain on the roof.

People literally ran to the doors to see it rain. From their reaction and what I could hear them saying it was the first rain in a long time.

Unfortunately it did not last long but it left behind some beautiful rainbows. I could not capture it on the camera but the bottom brighter rainbow actually had another one tucked up right against it so there were actually three rainbows. It was really neat and beautiful.

We left York Walmart before 5:00 Friday morning and drove about 233 miles and beat the near record heat into Wichita by 10:00. It was 104 in the afternoon and the next few days are forecast to be even hotter.

It is good to be back in Wichita. We start revival for Bro DiZazzo Sunday morning and I am sure God will meet with us.

Thank you for praying for us in all of our travels.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Travel Days - Florence, Montana to Wichita, Kansas

Well I guess the problem is not all in my set or my head. Google is having some problems with some blogger accounts and mine is one of them I suppose. Here is some of our travel day story. I have more but it will have to wait. We did make it to Wichita!

We left Tuesday evening from Sun Valley Church. Bro. Gary Lockwood pulled the tent trailer from the church to a parking lot down the road. We hooked up and headed east on I-90.

I wanted to climb the Continental Divide in the evening while the temperature was cooler. There are several big pulls all the way through Montana and Wyoming but that one is definitely the hardest.

The divide tops out some where near 7000 feet above sea level. Praise God we made it just fine. The engine temps on the bus were close to perfect.

Some of the pictures above were taken while easing down the 6 mile 6% grade on the east side. We slept in a rest area near Greycliffe, Montana.

We were up early Wednesday morning and made a pretty long day of driving. We stayed on I-90 to Buffalo, Wyoming and then south on I-25. At Cheyenne we turned east on I-80.

It stayed cool all day because of some storms in the area. In fact the storms were so bad after we turned east on I-80 that we had to pull into a truck stop for nearly an hour to let it pass.

The weather on our phones said 50 mph wind gusts and I believe it. It was hitting us broadside and it was time to get off the road.

After the storm we traveled another hour or so and parked at Cabela's in Sidney, Nebraska. It was only 6:00 so we walked around the store for a while before going to bed.

More later.


No Phone Service/Short Post

Long, long, long, long day Thursday and almost absolutely no phone service at the end of it. I have a long post ready but can not get it live. I tried to get Kelly Jo to walk over to the Hampton Inn and ask for their Wifi code but no go. We are getting closer to Wichita. Full story later. Davy

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rueben Casserole at The Metzger's!

When my parents came to Montana with us in 2007 we really had the time of our lives.

We saw the Badlands in South Dakota, Wall Drug, Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, the Needles, Crazy Horse, Devil's Tower, Little Bighorn Battlefield, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Beartooth Pass, Grand Teton National Park and probably a few things I have forgotten.

The reason for the whole trip was revival at Sun Valley Church. The revival and the great fellowship with the Metzger's and the rest of the church family really were the highlights of the whole adventure.

As always fellowship with the Boggs family includes food right at the top of the list. Often at meals the topic of conversation is other meals and future meals!

During one of the great meals at the Metzger's we somehow came upon the subject of my Mom's great dishes. That is how she came to introduce the Metzger family to her famous Reuben Casserole.

Just like that a Metzger/Boggs tradition was born!

Monday we gathered along with the Blantons at the Metzger's and carried on the tradition. The Rueben was delicious. In fact, I told Sis. Metzger it might be some of the best I have ever had.

We sure appreciate the Metzger's for their fine hospitality and kindness. I can hardly wait until the next time.


Jessie with Sid.

You want a little pepper with your Mac & Cheese? Oops the lid broke off the container and the rest is history.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tent Revival Wrap Up - Florence, Montana

This is where the tent was set up.

After months of planning, praying, fasting and preparing the Tent Revival at Sun Valley Church near Florence, Montana has come and gone. It is almost unbelievable but it is over.

We had a wonderful time during this tent revival and we want the Sun Valley church to know how much we appreciate you allowing us to be a part of it. Our family has been greatly blessed.

Although I would have loved to have seen many more people attend from the community I am thrilled that we had visitors each and every night. Many of them were touched and blessed and we praise God for that.

The Sun Valley church jumped into the services with both feet and that was a thrill to see as well. They sang, worshipped, prayed and responded to the preaching every service.

They all worked so hard to prepare and then cooked, cleaned, served and pushed toward the success of the meeting all through the week. It was an incredible job and they did it flawlessly.

There was nothing lacking in effort from these wonderful people. May God bless the fine folks of Sun Valley Church!

I believe that the prayer, fasting and hard work will continue to bear fruit in the future. I believe the seeds that were planted and watered this past week will spring up in the days and weeks to come.

Please continue to help us pray for the Sun Valley Church as they work on in this field for the Lord. Pray for those that were saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and encouraged during this meeting as well.

We are headed toward Heaven at a tremendous pace folks. Let us pray for one another and reach for those that need to be saved around us.

Thank you for all that prayed for this tent revival. I need it and appreciate it so very much.

God bless,