Sunday, January 23, 2022

View Out The Front Window 1/23/2022

Sunday Morning Sanity
If you want your church to make a good first impression, make sure all your greeters this Sunday are asymptomatic. Mr. Church Guy

View Out The Front Window 1/23/2022
The view out the front window of the bus at Love's Travel Stop near Angleton, Texas.

Our view out the front window in Sweeny, Texas

I hope you have a super great Sunday.


Saturday, January 22, 2022

An Unforgettable Friend

Hey Friends,

Welcome to another blog post. This is Odie reporting in from Texas. I hope all of you are doing well.

This week we had a wonderful time in Livingston, Texas. The precious church family at Beech Creek Assembly always welcome us with open arms.

I enjoy being with them for revival. Our time with them ends too quickly. I am sad to say goodbye to my friends! I am already looking forward to our next visit.

Last week, while traveling to Texas, I was excited to see all of my Beech Creek friends again. My anticipation caused me to look back on our previous visits and happy memories from those trips. Many of those memories include Dake Goodwin.

Dake Goodwin, An Unforgettable Friend

Fall 2013 was the first time that we came to Beech Creek. I was really nervous about going to a new place. I really can not explain the reason for my nervousness. Going to new places and meeting new people is extremely common for us. Therefore, I should not be nervous.

Within moments of entering the church for the first night of revival, I met Dake Goodwin. My nerves were gone and I knew that I had a friend. Dake was friendly and very welcoming to us. He introduced me to everyone! Dake was my Beech Creek tour guide for our first revival.

Dake included me in his friend group. I knew I had people to hang out with and a place to sit when we went to eat. By the end of the revival, I was sad to leave my new friends.

I will forever be grateful for my friendship with Dake that started in October 2013. We stayed in contact with the occasional text message. It was always good to hear from him. He was a proud uncle to his nieces! Often his text to me had something to do with the girls or good news from Beech Creek.

In 2016 we came back to Beech Creek for another visit! It was great to see my friend again!

Dake had a smile and laugh that were infectious. He would brighten any room with his hearty laughter! He always made things fun. The picture below is my favorite and it still makes me laugh!

I had the privilege of being Dake's friend for a few years. Then God took him home. The loss was shocking for all of Dake's countless friends! It was sad to say see you later to such an awesome person!

The heartbreak for his family and church family is still unimaginable to me! Life for them will never be the same. I have watched as they have carried on with grace!

The good memories with Dake will live on forever. Part of me will never stop laughing because of Dake's influence and friendship. I look forward to the day that we can all see Dake again!

Dake Goodwin is genuinely an unforgettable friend! It is an honor to have known such an awesome friend! His open armed welcome was immensely helpful to me!

I am thankful that Dake chose to be my friend! Dake's example challenges me to be a fun, loving and welcoming friend to someone else! There is always room for more friends.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a super great weekend!


Friday, January 21, 2022

Revival In Pictures - Livingston, Texas

We have enjoyed a wonderful week with Pastor Don Goodwin, his family and the folks at Beech Creek Assembly. Our first revival here was in October 2013 and we have enjoyed getting to know these kind people here more and more each visit.

Each and every service was really good this week, but Wednesday seemed especially good. I appreciate the people responding in the altar and I loved watching God touch them and bless them. Praise God for His help!

The weather was cool over the weekend, but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were absolutely beautiful. It was great to be in Texas while the north was in deep freeze mode. We are getting our share now, though. It turned cold Thursday morning.

I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures. Thank you for stopping by for a few minutes.


KJo wants you to know what a coat rack looks like in a Texas church. We grew up with coat racks along the whole back wall or a whole room of coat racks.😁😁