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Friday, December 25, 2009

Great Day!

We have had a great couple of days with family and friends.
Yesterday we went down to Hillsboro and spent the afternoon and
evening with Kelly Jo's family. We ate a great meal and had wonderful
fellowship with them.
Today the Boggs clan and a few extras gathered in the Dodds church
fellowship hall for a meal and a bunch of fun. We haven't been
finished very long and I laughed so hard the last few minutes that my
side hurts.
I love to give gifts all year long but I've never mastered the art
of receiving gifts graciously. I would rather be on the giving end.
But Odie gave me a gift today that really excites me. She gave me "The
Reese Chronological Bible" in the KJV of course. Mr Reese worked with
many others to place each verse of the Bible in Cronological order.
Bro. Timmons and Pastor Michael Johnson up in Goshen were talking
to me about this Bible in November and the rest is history. I am
really looking forward to reading through it. I'll let you know how
it goes.
Hope you all had a great day. God bless you every one.