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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Odie's Easter Weekend 2024

Hey Friends,

This is Odie; I am reporting on this fine Saturday. I hope you are doing well. I  am doing great. I have enjoyed my time at home.

I have squeezed in some travel this week. Over the last few days, I have had a wonderful time at the Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference. Next week, I plan to give you a recap of PFYC 2024.

Odie's Easter Weekend 2024

How was your Easter weekend? I had a super great weekend!

On Friday, I went to lunch with my Mamaw and Papaw. We enjoyed spending some time together on a beautiful sunny day!

My Frisch's Big Boy was a really good one!

Saturday afternoon, I spent some time next door at Doods. The kids enjoyed their egg hunt, and I enjoyed seeing family.

Ressurection Sunday: I was in two outstanding services at DRPC! Being home for Easter with my church family is always so good!

The Kids Choir.

The Youth Choir.

The Adult Choir

Our pastor, Bro. Bennie Sutherland preached wonderfully! Conviction was strong in the house. A few people prayed for salvation. The gospel touched many lives, and I think the saints were all saved again! We had a powerful altar service!

Below are some pictures with friends from after the service.

Me and the Alexander Family

Me and Sis. Lana Rank.

Me and my little bestie, Everly.

Sis. Debbie Roberts and me.

Me and Michelle Bostwick.

Me and Emily Roberts.

Ben Rose and Me.

I grabbed a few side shots as families posed for their pictures.
Stewart, Heather and Olivia Hisle.

The Roberts Family.

The Dottry Family.

Me and Eden Maples.

A family pic with Aunt Holly and Jonas.

Brylee James and Me.

Me and Richie Sutherland.

Me and Sharon Whittley.

Me and Rachel Thompson.

Sunday afternoon I spent with the Roberts Family! They had invited family and friends over for dinner.

Mamaw Darien, Me and Lana.

Gunner Burris and Me. 

The Easter Feast.

My plate

Sunday night's pictures.

Me with Princess Albany Blue.

Me with Steph and Rick.

Church time.

Reagan Baker and Me. 

That wraps up my Easter 2024 Recap. Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Dryden Road Pentecostal Church Christmas Play 2023

Hey Friends,

Merry eve of Christmas Eve! Thanks for joining me for a few moments of your Saturday. I hope you are having a fantastic holiday weekend. 

We will be celebrating the birthday of our Savior with a church service tomorrow and lots of family, fun, food and good fellowship on  Sunday and Monday!

On the first Saturday of this month, I attended the Christmas play put on by members of my church. Dryden Road Pentecostal Church has been blessed with many talented people who can tell a compelling story. One moment, I was laughing at a funny line adlib or mishap. Then, the next moment, I was crying over the truth of the real Christmas Story.

Sis. Lana Rank penned and directed this year's play! It was titled "When The Fullness Of Time Was Come". Sis. Lana did a phenomenal job. This story returned to the beginning and told the story of Jesus's birth! We got to re-live history for the evening and imagine what it was like when He came.

I hope you enjoy some pictures from the evening below. Here is a video of the play. This was posted by Bro. Jonathan Mills.

My buddy Ben Rose and me.


Me with sweet Emily Dottry.

I have sat with Grace and Hadley for two years in a row at the play. I vote this becomes a tradition for us. We had a great night together.

I was thrilled to see Mellynn! I miss her. Last November, she got married and moved away.

Holly, Sarah and Bev singing.

Zechariah and Gabreiel. 

Mary and her Mother.

Mary and Joseph visit.

Moriah Jones sings.

Zechariah names John

Joseph talks to a friend.

Bro. Michael Alexander sings.

Joseph prays.

Gabriel visits Joseph.

Roman soldiers

Mary and Joseph visit the inn and find no room there.

Sis. Rachel Thompson sings.

Soldiers pointed out the stable to Joseph.

Baby Jesus was born.

King Herod tries to find the baby.

The Wisemen.

The 2023 play cast.

Merry Christmas! I will see you next time!