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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Davy's Birthday Special 2023

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from the road. Revival starts tomorrow in Bernice, Louisiana. I am looking forward to a great week ahead. I hope to see some friends along the way too.

My Papa Bear, Davy Boggs, will have another birthday in a few days. He always creates beautiful blog posts for Mom and me for our birthdays. I decided to dedicate this post to honoring him. 

Happy 56th Birthday, Daddy! 
"I love you more than a hog loves slop!" You have taught me that is an enormous amount of love! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and another year loaded with blessings! I thank God for seeing you thru every year of your life! Life is fragile, and I am grateful for the life we experienced together! Looking forward to the next great adventure!

Remember my birthday post last year? Dad shared 37 pictures from the previous year to commemorate my 37th birthday

Well, now it is my turn to go through the picture archives of the year. Here are 56 of my favorite photos from the last 12 months in honor of Dad's birthday. I hope you enjoy this scroll down our memory lane.

1. Davy, Pastor Larmar Chapman and Pastor Andy Stringfellow in Ellisville, Mississippi. Oh, and the photobombers.

2. Davy and Uncle Larry Smith in Ellisville.

3. Davy Preaching at First Assembly in Ellisville.

4. Pastor John Eaton (aka Pops) and Davy at Allentown Campmeeting.

5. Davy and Carrington West at Allentown Campmeeting.

6. Davy and Bro. Roger Ruiss in Colquitt, Georgia.

7. Pastor Jonathan Prickett and Davy in Colquitt, Georgia.

8. Davy and Pastor Bob Jefferies in Romney, West Virginia.

9. Davy and Pastor Eddie Deane in Elkton, Virginia.

10. Bro. Mark Powers and Davy in Elkton, Virginia.

11. Sis. Margaret Woods and Davy in Wartburg, Tennessee.

12. Davy and Joey Amaya in Avenal, California.

13. Sis. Terri, Pastor Doug Spencer, and Davy in Avenal, California

14. Kelly Jo and Davy at Avenal Assembly.

15. Sis. Robin Munoz, Davy and Kelly Jo Fresno, California.

16. Pastor Anthony Munoz and Davy in Fresno, California.

17. Davy and Kelly Jo in California.

18. Reverand Larry, Sis. Rosemary Landress, Kelly and Davy at Pikes Peak Colorado.

19. Davy and Kelly with Pastors John, Judy DiZazzo, Steve and Karen Boggs in Wichita, Kansas.

20. Braden Fellers, Davy and Blake Fellers in Wichita, Kansas.

21. Davy and Odie in the Ark.

22. Davy, Odie and Kelly at The Ark Encounter.

23. Davy with his parents, Martha and Eugene Boggs, in New Miami, Ohio.

24. Davy preaching at Dryden Road Pentecostal Church in Dayton, Ohio.

25. Reverand Ron Wagers and Davy in Middletown, Ohio.

26. Davy with cousin Gerald Livingston in Middletown, Ohio.

27. Chloe Jean and Uncle Davy the Great in Thomasville, Alabama.

28. Davy leading a man to the Lord. He came to talk to "the preacher" during the day in Thomasville, Alabama.

29. Dad and Uncle Larry Smith under the tent in Richton, Mississippi.

30. Davy and Pastor Jerry Arnold in Richton, Mississippi.

31. Pastor Kenny Morris and Davy in Richton, Mississippi.

32. Davy Preaching in Brownsboro, Texas

33. Davy and Pastor Terry Nesmith in Brownsboro, Texas.

34. Davy, Malachi, Kelly and Sis. Aubrey. Four year old Malachi was saved during the revival in Arlington Heights, Texas.

35. Davy and Reverand Keneth Rowe in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

36. Bro. Darren Mize and Davy in Moore, Oklahoma.

37 Davy with Ella, Emma, and Eli Mooter in Moore, Oklahoma.

38. Reverand Mitch Boggs, Davy and Pastor Ronald Coots in Birch Tree, Missouri.

39. Davy with a young girl who visited revival with her family in Birch Tree, Missouri. She was saved that night.

40. The Boggs and Coots Families in Birch Tree, Missouri.

41. Davy and Pastor Dwain Galiher in Birch Tree, Missouri.

42. Pastor Alan Harris and Davy in Paducah, Kentucky.

44. Davy with Pastor Doug and Kenneth Stevens in Paducah, Kentucky.

 45. The Boggs and Stevens Families

46. Kelly and Davy in Paducah, Kentucky.

47. Sis. Beulah Driscoll and Davy with Kelly peeking thru.

48. Davy and Pastor Wade Hicks in West Harrison, Indiana.

49. Davy and Pastor Jerry Pascarella in Cincinnati, Ohio.

50. Bro. Michael Alexander and Davy at Dryden Road. 

51. Uncle Davy the Great with Karleigh Jo at our Morgan's Christmas.

52. Uncle Davy the Great and Chloe Jean at our Boggs' Christmas.

53. Lana and Davy at Dryden Road. She was saved during the Christmas revival.

54. Davy and Pastor Veron Jarvis in London, Kentucky.

55. Davy and Bro. Ron Connor in London, Kentucky.

56. Kelly, Eugene, Davy and Martha Boggs in London, Kentucky

Thanks for joining me as I show my love for an incredible man of God for his birthday! I am blessed to know him as my Dad!

Most of you know him as your friend or family member. You can leave Dad a birthday greeting in the comments below. See you next time.