Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday Boggsblogs Birthday

November 7th was the 9th anniversary of Mile Markers preceded the blog by a few years, but migrated here when we discovered how easy it is to post here compared to the old website we had. 

We have posted a bunch of pictures here in 9 years. Odie thought it would be a good idea to post a few of the first pictures for our Vintage View Vednesday.

Our photography standards have always been pretty loose around here, but it is interesting to see how much they have improved, thankfully. Some of these are painful, but here they are.

Our very first post. A Ron's Double Big Daddy!

photo.jpg (400×300)

The same day I tried publishing a post by email and it worked. Here is the picture.

We began the blog as an experiment to see if we could update our friends back home while we were in Nigeria. It worked well and here we are all these years later.

Our luggage ready for our second trip to Nigeria.

The next post was a picture of Odie with my parents at the Dayton airport. You must go to the post and read the comment that I only discovered Monday. Hilarious!

Once we started the trip, I could only send in one picture at a time by email. I posted dozens of times during our stay in Nigeria, one picture at a time. 

Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Advertising the lay down flat First Class seats on the seat back screen in the cattle section.

23 hours later we arrived at our hotel in Abeokuta!

A tasty lunch!

Hotel staff

Praying for Odie at the hotel.

That should give you a taste of the first few days of pictures when this blog began in November 2009. I plan to schedule a few Vintage View posts with older Nigeria pictures while we are gone to Africa this time. We are never sure how much connectivity we will have until we arrive so it is impossible to say how much or little we may be posting.

Thank you for tuning in.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dueling Banjos

Monday was a driving day. It was a 524 mile driving day. And it was raining all day long. 

When I stopped at the rest area near Horse Cave, Kentucky Monday evening, my muscles were strung so tight that I thought I heard my shoulders playing dueling banjos. (Cue the rimshot, please)

Monday Morning

When I woke up at 6:00 and went outside in Richton, I sure was glad we did all of the work the night before. It takes some time and effort to finagle all the pieces into position. Doing it Sunday night, with great help, without rain, was a whole lot better than doing it by myself Monday morning in the rain. Thank you again, brothers.

Bro. Scott had noticed that one of the trailer tires was low Sunday night. These are new tires and rims so what in the world? The guys discovered the metal valve stems were kind of lose. They tightened them, we set all the air pressure levels properly and this morning, all was right with the world of tire pressure. That could have made for a horrible day!

It was only misting rain when we prepared to leave First Assembly a few minutes after 6:00. The light rain continued while fueling in town and for the first 20 minutes or so driving north of Richton. 

Thank you for the fuel, Bro. JW Cooper

I told KJ I could handle a light misting rain like that. Then the sky opened up and the bottom fell out. Oh well, the light rain was good while it lasted.

That was pretty much the story of our whole day. Those windshield wipers slapping' out a tempo, Keepin' perfect rhythm with the song on the radio, I gotta keep rollin' (Except, the BoggsMobile wipers always seem to slap out of tempo)

Even with the hard rain, traffic in Birmingham was doable and traffic in Nashville was heavy, but not as horrible as it could be.

We arrived at Prevost Nashville a little after 2:00. I wanted to get a small part, which they did not have, and I was also picking up two of our speakers. Ben Isaacs repaired two of our nice Meyers that were damaged earlier this year and I had not had a chance to meet up with him to get them.

If I parked in front of the shop doors, I was sure to be right in the way so I pulled around to the side. By the time I carried the Meyers all the way to the trailer I was wishing I had not been so thoughtful and polite. Wow, those things are heavy after a long day.

I could have parked for the night at Prevost, but the parking was tight and I knew there would be open places at the rest area near Horse Cave, Kentucky. 86 miles later we were pulling in and had our choice of places to park. This rest area is huge!

We did get a little break in the rain for the last hour. No, it did not quit raining, but it went back to more of a misty rain.

It was 4:30 when we parked at Horse Cave. I laid down for a long winter's nap, hoping I would feel like finishing the drive to the Ranch. Three things changed my mind when I woke up from the nap. 

-First, my head was as thick as my Grandpa Isaacs' molasses. 
-Two, my shoulders were still playing dueling banjos.
-Three, there was a good chance of snow in the forecast for about a three hour period the coincided with when we would get home.

That was enough for me. We will be home soon enough.

Thank you for stopping in today.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Our Weekend Woundup and Weview 11/12/2018

Friday night we had several friends visit revival at Iron Post near Locust Grove. They helped to make the last night a grand finale. It sure was a wonderful week and we appreciate Bro. Webster having us for revival. 

May God bless all of our wonderful friends. You were a tremendous blessing to us.

Who in the world are these visitors? I hope you recognize Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan by now!

Holy Roadie

Sis. Mona Buzzard. What a great lady! 

Sis Buzzard and her husband, Bro. Leon Buzzard, were very influential to us and encouraging to us when we were first on the road in the 1990s. It was wonderful to see her and their oldest son.

Before we continue with the weekend report, I have a little confessing to do. 

I purposely mislead you in yesterday's "View" post. I posted a picture that was taken out the front window of the BoggsMobile and I said, "This is the view out the front window at Flying J in Effingham, Ilinois."

What I wrote is completely true. The picture I posted yesterday really was a picture that showed the view out the front window of the BoggsMobile at Flying J in Effingham, Illinois. However, that pictures was not taken Sunday morning. It was taken in December 2014.

Why the subterfuge? It was necessary so that one person would be absolutely convinced we were rushing to get home to the Lazy OD Ranch instead of what we were actually doing. 

We were on our way to preach Pastor Appreciation for Pastor Scott Morris at Richton First Assembly in Richton, Mississippi and it was supposed to be a surprise. I could not very well surprise him by posting a view picture 110 miles from his church.

The church planned Pastor Appreciation and Bro. Scott knew it was happening. He was not supposed to know who was preaching the service and we had to do our part to keep the secret.

Bro. Scott was not absolutely completely surprised, but he was pleasantly pleased. It is hard to keep a total secret from Sherlock Holmes.😀

We had a super great time in the service and a wonderful meal following. The people made a great effort to show their Pastor and his family they were loved. It was beautiful. I did my best to honor Bro. Scott and Sis. Kim as well. They deserve it and I hope I portrayed my feelings about them in a way that came through

Odie took quite a few pictures.

Thank you, dear friends, in Richton. It was our happy privilege to be there on such a special occasion. Thank you for the invitation.

Now that you know the direction we went when we left Locust Grove, Oklahoma, I can tell you more about our weekend.

We left the Iron Post church at 10:30 PM Friday night and headed east toward Silom Springs, Arkansas. We turned south on I-49 and then east on I-40. We pulled into a rest area near Ozark, AR at 1:00 AM about 2 1/2 hours after we left. We had driven 137 miles.

My sleep was fitful that night, but we stayed over seven hours before hitting the road. It was cold overnight, but at least it was not in the teens as it was in Locust Grove, Praise God.

This was the view out the window at the rest area near Ozark, Arkansas.

At Flying J in Poplar Bluff, Arkansas.

The day was cold, but the sun was shining all day long and that made it a great day to drive. We drove 386 miles to Bass Pro near Jackson, Mississippi.

This was the view out the front window there.

Bro. Kevin and Sis. Teresa Webster gave us a traveling music kit and we were making music as we went down the road.

We sent the picture above to the Websters and they sent us this one in return. Haha!

You may remember that we left the tent trailer in Richton when we left a couple months ago. We intended to leave it all winter, but since we are back down here, we figured we will take it home with us. 

After the Pastor Appreciation service and the dinner, some of the men helped us get it all hooked up and the car loaded. It sure made my whole night a lot easier. Thank you, brothers.

First thing this morning we will head toward home with a planned stop in the Nashville area. The weather guessers are guessing that we will drive in rain all day long. I hope they are wrong, wrong, wrong, but not wrong enough to be snow instead.

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for reading.