Sunday, September 22, 2019

The View Out The Front Window 9/22/19

This is an awesome view if I ever saw one. This is right outside our door this week in Richton, Mississippi!

Another Sunday has rolled around so here are the links to our posts from this last week.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Power In Prayer

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from Mississippi. Today the tent is going up for the final time in 2019. I am excited to be back in Richton once again. We always have a phenomenal time under The Gospel tent with Pastor Scott Morris and the congregation of First Assembly! We would love to see you under the tent this week too. Revival begins tomorrow night and runs through Friday. 

Power In Prayer
Earlier this week we were in Cantonment, Florida. While we were there, I spent time in the evangelist quarters at Beams of Light Holiness Church. I have great memories from my first stay in those quarters in 2008 with my cousin Deidre. 

The Lord met with us there and it is a special place for us. We will always treasure our fond memories that were collected while there. We laughed a ton and had a blast spending time together and with the Lord in our midst.

One special time happened late at night after a service that built our faith. We had a sweet time in our nightly devotions. That evening we read Mathew chapter seven and verses seven and eight became real to us. 

Matthew 7:7-8
7  Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

I remember discussing theses verses with Deidre that night. We decided if the Bible said to ask, seek and knock then we were going to do those three things in prayer. Deidre and I joined together and believed for many things that were important to us. We had a Holy Ghost prayer meeting in our bedroom that night. It was amazing! I know neither of us will never forget the way God met with us. 

Eleven years later I can testify that we have watched many of those prayers answered in our lives and in the lives of others! Some things took years to see the full answer and others we are still waiting to get our answers. I know they will come according to God’s timing. 

The prayers that have been answered came to pass in ways we never imagined. Several times over the years we have reminded each other of the time that we knew our petitions were heard. The answer was definitely on the way. We had to keep believing and trusting the Lord. 

As I visited our spiritual monument this week, I had joyful praise in my heart. I was reminded of the blessed assurance that I felt from God. It was absolutely real in the summer of 2008 and that has not changed in 2019. 

I am so grateful that I can go boldly to the throne of grace and talk to my God. He hears me anytime I call to Him! I know from experience that there is power in prayer. 

I want to give you a personal reminder. Your petitions are being heard today. Please take courage!  A song by the southern gospel group, 11th Hour, has been on repeat in my heard this week. Click here to hear Power In Prayer on YouTube.

Thank you for taking some time with me today.


Friday, September 20, 2019

Taking Care of Business

Bro. Samuel from Beams of Light slipped into eternity Wednesday evening. Please pray for his wife, all of his family and the church family. Bro. Samuel was a true Christian man and his absence is going to leave a permanent mark on a lot of lives.

Take Care of Business
Life can not be all tent revivals, church revivals and mission trips. All of those things are the public and enjoyable side of ministry. There are also buses to maintain, miles to drive, books to keep, bills to pay, budgets to write and a million other things, most of which I seldom write about.

Bookwork and business may be boring, but if we neglect the business side, the wheels of ministry will fall off and we find ourselves broke down beside the proverbial road wondering what in the world just happened.

This week it was time to take care of some business. We always require lots of help and instruction on the business side. Kelly Jo and I rely heavily on people that know more than we do. They guide us in every area of our lives. 

It may be humbling for some to admit that we do not know things that we are "supposed" to know, but it is also liberating. It is pleading guilty to being a normal human and by doing so, we open ourself up to wisdom, guidance and direction we would otherwise miss.

In 2003 we looked into incorporating our ministry and applying to the IRS to be recognized as a 501c3. It seemed too daunting and expensive and that outweighed the benefits in our minds. We decided to wait.

Near the end of 2007, some of the men that we trust for guidance thought we should reconsider and work toward qualifying as a 501c3. We began the process in early 2008 by incorporating in Ohio and then hiring a company to lead us through the process with the IRS.

It was time consuming and aggravating, but in early 2009 we received our determination letter from the IRS. As a 501c3 we can receive donations that have the potential to be tax deductible to the giver, just like a church. But since we are not a church, we have to fill out a tax form at the end of each year.

During our early years, our income was low and the tax form was a simple formality that took about 3 minutes online. It was basically an acknowledgment that we were still in business and carrying on under a certain financial threshold.

With City Reach and then building the house, we began to go over that threshold. Last year we had to file a more complicated version of that tax form. We parked at a Flying J truck stop and buried ourselves in forms, figures and fistfuls of facts. After two full days, we were feeling fatigued, but finished with our financial filings! Hallelujah!

The form for 2018 is now due November 15. The next several weeks will be chock full of travel and preaching and it really does not look like it will slow down until way past the deadline. That is why we had set aside this week to get it done.

This week went a little sideways with unplanned stuff, but we needed to get on track. With revival service being canceled Wednesday we went to work. KJ pulled out last years forms, I pulled out the financial numbers from 2018 and we plunged in. In about 4 hours, we were really close to wrapping up. Wow! That is better.

Thursday I took several hours to go over the forms AND all the instructions for the forms, dotting my "i"s and crossing my "t"s. I think it is ready and we are very grateful. Business is taken care of for a while. Whew!

In a few minutes, we will leave and begin our journey to Richton, Mississippi. We hope to get settled in at the park and measure and mark the stake line for the tent before dark tonight. Saturday morning the tent will go up in the air for the final time this season by the grace of God.

Thank you for reading.


Thursday, September 19, 2019

Dashcam Incident

We have captured some interesting events with our dashcam since we began using it a few years ago. Right out of the box it captured a guy brake checking me on the interstate. I saw it coming so I was already on the brakes and in no danger of hitting him, but I was continually pointing up at the dashcam.

I could not see the look on his face when he realized he was busted by the camera, but the video plainly showed the smoke from his tailpipe as he mashed the skinny pedal on the right to get away as quick as possible.

The camera has also captured numerous near misses, people passing on a double yellow line, multiple drivers with zero merging skill and driving knowledge, the suicides or near suicides of several animals and a whole bunch of people giving me the signal that they think I am the number one preacher on the highway because I could not magically merge into thin air in order to make up for their lack of planning.

Two weeks ago the dashcam captured an accident. On our way to a tent revival in Pine Prairie, we witnessed an accident in Ferriday, Louisiana. It was a four lane city street, two lanes each direction. We were in the far right lane approaching a signal light. There were some cars in the left lane and it looked like the first car in line was waiting to turn left.

The first car, a white one, turned left right into the path of a car coming from the opposite direction. Ouch! T-bone!

Neither KJ or I actually witness the impact, but we both watched as both cars slid together and came to a halt. The guy coming from the other direction had both hands in the air and a look on his face that said, "What in the world just happened?" or "I cannot believe he just did that." or "Holy Cow! I just paid my car off yesterday!"

It did not appear that anyone was hurt in the accident. Once I realized the dashcam took it all in, I thought the Ferriday police might be interested in the video. Nope. The Ferriday police, the Parish police nor the State police acted as if they had any interest in the video of the accident at all.

Maybe it was too cut and dried to need any video evidence, but I have watched roadside Louisiana justice up close. If I was the guy in the oncoming car, I would welcome some proof that the guy I just t-boned made an illegal left turn on a right into my path and it was not my fault. I am sure his insurance company might be interested too.

Here is the clip. The action begins at about the 8 second mark and happens quickly.

Thank you for tuning in to Mile Markers today. Be safe out there.


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday Beams of Light 2008.

I posted yesterday afternoon that Bro. Samuel from the church here is very low physically. It seems he could slip into eternity at any moment. Most of the church folks were there with him and his precious family so revival at Beams of Light has been canceled. 

It is times like this when we are especially glad for the family of God to take their places in support of each other. We are praying for Bro. Samuel and his family and we ask that you join us in praying for them. Bro. Samuel is a tremendous man and a wonderful Christian gentleman. As of 7:00 PM Tuesday evening he was still hanging on. 

Vintage View Vednesday
Yesterday I found some pictures from one of our revivals at Beams of Light in 2008. There are a bunch of pictures of the people and especially the kids. There are all grown now and it is awesome to see them again in 2008.

We were here in June that year, less than three months after we bought the BoggsMobile. We were still in the stage of learning the bus and trying to figure out if things were broken or if we did not know how to work them.

It turned out to be a combination of both.

Deidre was with us that summer and I am glad she was able to meet our friends in Cantonment. That visit was also the first time that Odie rode in a Corvette. That is certainly a milestone.

I hope you enjoy this Vintage View Vednesday. Thank you for reading.