Monday, February 28, 2011

Wow! What A Weekend!

We closed revival Friday night at New Mission with an awesome service. We enjoyed the presence of the Lord so very close to us as folks prayed and we sought God. We had quite a bit of fellowship from the local churches that night as well so it was all good.

We were scheduled to start revival Sunday morning over 700 miles away so normally we would leave after service on Friday night. During the week I felt just a little check about leaving after service and I have learned to be sensitive to that. There are times that the Lord speaks to us way.  We found out later that this was probably one of those times.

We started early Saturday morning by pulling the trailer a few miles to the interstate with the jeep. I was pretty confident that I couldn't get the trailer out of the narrow approach of the parking lot while hooked to the BoggsMobile so I didn't even try. As you can see in the picture below, the trailer is more that the jeep can handle but it will work for a very short distance in situations like this.

I didn't feel too sorry for Mr. Cheap Jeep because soon he would be inside the trailer and kicked back and enjoying the ride to Mississippi. We had some trouble with straps and trouble with the brake control but soon we were on the road. We stopped while still in Oklahoma and looked everything over and it all looked great.  The bus was pulling the trailer very well.

Just below Gainesville, Texas we came on a terrible wreck on the interstate involving several cars and a semi truck and trailer. Kelly Jo was thanking God for the delays we had in getting started since they could have prevented us from being involved in it as well.

We stopped again about 140 miles into the trip and discovered a problem. The hitch on the BoggsMobile was broken and the trailer was almost on the ground in the front. I was only a mile or less from Camping World so I limped into their parking lot.  To make a very long story short (Trust me you do not want the long version) we made a trip across town to Redneck Welding (Not the real name, but you get the idea) then back to Camping World to pick up the trailer and after only losing about 4 hours we were back on the road. I was so stressed and busy working that I forgot to take a picture.

The guys at Redneck Welding discovered the weld had been broken a long time. The tow bar for the Jeep has very little tongue weight so I had not noticed it. If the other welds had broken the Jeep would have been lost a long time ago. The trailer has much more weight on the tongue so it exposed the weakness that was already there. The welders were very helpful but didn't know how to unhook the electronics so they only repaired the weld that broke. They wanted to weld quite a bit more to reinforce the hitch but I was afraid it would fry the computer on the motor or the transmission. We decided to start off slow and see if the weld would hold.

We drove 20-40 mph across Dallas which is pretty much as fast as we could have driven in the traffic any way.  Then we bumped it up to 50 mph for a few hours and then 60. We checked it each time and the weld seemed to be holding good until about 10:50 that night about 20 minutes west of Monroe, Louisiana. Kelly Jo and I both heard it brake and could see the trailer riding lower in the back up camera. We limped to the next exit and found a wide spot to park. I did take a few pictures by flashlight and also a picture of our location. 

We were about 40 miles from Bro. Tracy Boyd and in a little while he came with Bro. Jr. Bordelon from his church to rescue us.  We put the trailer on Bro. Jr's truck and they left about 1:00AM taking the trailer with them.  Here is a picture of our heroes! Thank you brothers for coming to help us. It was so good to see you arrive.

We will have to backtrack to pick up the trailer in a few days.  Kelly Jo climbed in the Jeep and followed me nearly 2 more hours until we could find a truck stop that had a place to park. We finished up the trip today, had an absolutely wonderful service tonight in Richton, Mississippi and we are now headed to bed. I don't feel all that tired but I do feel like somebody ran over me with a truck!

We have been praising God that the trailer did not come completely unhooked.  That could have been tragic. It was a long hard two days but at least I'm not pastoring a church!

God bless,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Revival in Purcell, Oklahoma/Special Request

We have been in revival at New Mission Holiness Church near Purcell, Oklahoma since Sunday morning. We have been having good services each night with one night being exceptionally good. Praise God for meeting with us in the altar!

We love coming to New Mission to be with Pastor Steve Moore and the folks here. They have been our friends for years and have proven that friendship through thick and thin. They love preaching and love to have church and THAT is our kind of place

The church is out in the country and we love to park here with nothing but the cows and coyotes. We like being in the city with everything we need close at hand but this is always a welcomed break.

We plan to leave here Friday night or Saturday morning headed for Mississippi. It will be our first long trip with the Cheap Jeep loaded up in the trailer so it will be a new experience. Please pray that all goes well. We hope to leave the trailer in one place in the south until it's time to pick up the tent.

We received word today that Bro. Steve Gray and his wife Sis. Lynn from Bond, Kentucky are in desperate need of prayer. Sis. Lynn's mother died tragically this morning and they need God to help them through. Please pray for their family and ask others to pray.
God bless you all,
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Summer of Tent Revivals

We have always enjoyed singing and preaching outdoors. It is a thrill to take the gospel outside the four walls of the church. Nearly every year for the last 11 years we have conducted at least one outdoor revival. It has been in our heart to do more of these type of meetings especially as we see the perilous times we are facing. We see the need, we feel the desire but we could not see a way to devote more than a week or two a year to outdoor meetings.

In the spring of 2009 we began to pray about a summer full of tent revivals. It still seemed impossible but I felt like we needed to start making plans to do it. We set aside 2011 as the time appointed and asked God to lead us each step.

As we prayed, the details began to fall in place. God began to stir the hearts of Pastors and they expressed to us their burden to reach out to their community. We now have 6 tent revivals scheduled over a 10 week period in Oklahoma, Kansas, Virginia and Ohio.

We felt we should ask Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Shauna Millikin to participate in as many meetings as they could so they are planning to join us in singing and preaching the first 3 tent revivals. We are so glad to have them on board with us for three revivals. They are going to be a blessing as they minister each night.

We also hope to have a couple of young men join us each week to help with set up and tear down of the tent, canvassing neighborhoods and working in the altars. We are asking God to direct us to the right ministry minded young men.

We have secured the use of a tent along with chairs and a portable platform. We have been planning to pull a trailer behind the BoggsMobile with the tent, chairs, platform and extra sound equipment. That meant Kelly Jo would have to follow behind in Mr. Jeep about 3500 miles this summer.

In the last few weeks a brother told me he had a trailer big enough to haul the things we needed AND the jeep. It is a 2009 24 foot enclosed car hauler made by Interstate. It is very nice. He was willing to donate nearly 1/3 of the price and that made it very reasonable. We bought it Saturday and you can see the pictures below. I certainly would not want to pull it every where I go but it will be a blessing to us this summer.

The cost of the trailer when factored in with all the other expenses of conducting these revivals is part of the impossibility of devoting a summer to tent revivals. It would be much easier and cheaper to pull up to a different church every week and preach revival. But we feel that God has directed us into these tent revivals and He has never pointed us where He did not provide us with the means to do it. The potential harvest of souls will be worth every mile we drive and every dollar we spend.

Please help us pray about a few key areas concerning these tent revivals. Pray that:
1. God would saturate each revival with His presence.
2. Men and women would be gloriously saved from sin.
3. God would miraculously heal the sick and encourage the saints.
4. God would protect us and each person that attends or works in the meetings and all of the equipment.
5. The weather would be good each week.
6. God would supply the necessary finance to conduct the meetings, for us to bless the Millikin's and other workers, buy the equipment and pay all the expenses.

Thanks for your prayers. I lay all of this out because I know that many folks read these posts every week that are interested in seeing God's work progress. That is exactly what we are trying to do.

God bless

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Miracle

This is Seth and Monica Burdge with their youngest child, Brayden.

They attend Calvary Holiness in Midwest City where Bro. Kenny Searcy is the Pastor.  Brayden has not been keeping any food down and has not been gaining weight.  On Wednesday the doctor diagnosed him with Pyloric Stenosis.  You can Google it.  It is not good.  The treatment is a surgery that usually takes care of the problem. The doctor was sure of his diagnosis so plans were set in motion for the surgery. They had an appointment Thursday morning for an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis with a surgeon standing by.

Wednesday night as the Holy Ghost was moving in the service, Bro. Seth brought little Brayden to the front to be anointed with oil and for the church to pray for his healing.  As the church prayed you could feel faith rising in the service to believe God for a miracle. We had a great move of God and we went home believing that God had heard the prayers of His people.

When the ultrasound was over Thursday morning and they had examined Brayden again, they told Seth and Monica that he did not have Pyloric Stenosis at all. They were sure he had it Wednesday and just as sure that he did not have it on Thursday. The only intervention was prayer to God who hears and answers the cries of his children.

Sis. Monica testified last night at church that Brayden had kept all his food down since he had been prayed for and had not even spit up one time. We were praising and blessing God for most of the service for obviously touching Brayden. Praise God for His miracle working power!

I give this testimony to give Praise and Glory to God and to build your faith.  Jesus said, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. Mark 9:23  Allow faith to rise up in your heart and believe God for a miracle in your situation.  God knows your need.  God cares about your need.  God is able to move in your need.

We are praising God for healing Brayden Burdge and believing that God will move in your needs as well.

God bless,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

USA To Rebuke Israel At United Nations-God Forbid

When I read that headline on the Drudge Report Wednesday night my heart sank. I could not believe I was actually reading that about America. "Why should it bother us" you might say... Read a few of the promises that God made to Abraham. I emphasized the promises with bold letters. Keep in mind that God is not a liar.  He always keeps His Word!

Genesis 12:1  Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee:
 2 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:
 3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

It is my firm belief that one of the main reasons God has blessed America so richly, relates directly to verse 3. For the most part, America has been a friend to Israel.  However, you can mark God's Word, they that curse Abraham's people will bear the curse of God.  That is why my heart sank. My immediate reaction was to ask God for mercy and to remind Him that we are not all against Israel. There are many Americans that pray daily for the peace of Jerusalem and love the people of Israel.  There are many Christians in America that cringe at headlines like the one above.

God forbid that our leadership should so whole heartedly turn on Israel. God forbid that our nation should join forces with those that OPENLY seek the destruction of Israel. The promises of God are very clear.  The miracles that God worked to bring the Jewish people back home after nearly 2000 years are very plain to see.  He brought them back because He gave them that land ForEver.

God said in Verse 7 ... Unto thy seed will I give this land...
In Genesis 13:14 God said, ...Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward:
 15 For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever.
 16 And I will make thy seed as the dust of the earth: so that if a man can number the dust of the earth, then shall thy seed also be numbered.
 17 Arise, walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it; for I will give it unto thee.

Israel is God's real estate and He has given it to the Jewish people.  We must not pressure them to give up their inheritance for an empty promise of elusive peace.  Real lasting peace will never come to the middle east until Christ rules and reigns on the throne of David!  Let the heathen rage!  Let Satan roar! But Israel belongs to the Abraham's seed forever!

You can know for sure that Israel's neighbors will rise again to push her into the sea.  It may be that this is where all of the latest unrest is headed. This may be the time when all of these events began to come to a boiling point. When it does, God will fight for Israel. God will destroy all of her enemies. He will reign down fire to consume them. My prayer is that the USA will be on the right side when that day arrives.

Friends, we must pray that God will turn the tide in America.  If our nation rises up to condemn, rebuke and curse Israel then God WILL curse our nation.  We must pray that our leaders will not harden their hearts against God.  We must intercede to God for those in authority.

If they refuse to heed God's Word... If they join forces with those that would destroy Israel...Then we must pray for mercy.  We must ask God to mix mercy with the promised judgement. Folks it is time to get serious. If you are waiting for perilous times before buckling down and serving God with your whole heart. Now is the time to do it! Tomorrow could very possibly be too late.

Davy Boggs

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Havin' Church Pre-orders Shipping Today

Odie has a new pillow...Eight boxes of CDs!  

Yes, that is right, Havin' Church-Live In California arrived in Oklahoma Tuesday and is in our hands.  We are processing the individual pre-orders as I type this post. 

Next we will start on the larger orders. We had several churches take advantage of the pre-order special and ordered ten or more and we are very thankful. All the pre-orders helped us tremendously. We had hoped to ship all of them by Monday 2/21 and we are on schedule to beat that self imposed deadline. We should be able to take all the packages to the post office today. (Wednesday)

We are so excited for you to hear this CD and let us know what you think. We knew the only way for us to pull off a live recording would be to somehow capture the feeling that we enjoy almost every night when we help Odie to the platform and begin to minister to God’s people.  We needed to be covered up with the Holy Ghost and record us all having church.

The date was set.  The plans were carefully made.  The songs were selected and practiced.  The people came and filled the pews.  The time came to start and sure enough the presence of the Lord met with us there.  In a few minutes we were having church.

We think we captured some of the atmosphere from that service.  We hope you feel it. It is our desire for you to listen to this CD and have church with us.  We want it to be a blessing to you and your family.  May the words and songs speak to your heart and may the Holy Ghost rest on you as He did in Riverdale, California on October 15, 2010.

If you have not ordered one you can do so in the right side bar.

God bless you all.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tulsa Friends

Hey Friends!

Dad has been doing a great job keeping you informed on our Tulsa adventures. The Blizzard was definitely an event of a life time. We had a lot of fun.

Being at Hilldale gave us an opportunity to see some long time friends. We also had some fun getting to meet new friends. I thought I would share a few pictures of friends old and new!

We have had three good services so far this week at Calvary Holiness in Midwest City, Oklahoma. I am looking forward to what God has in store for us!

Be sure to click on the Our Music tab on the top of the page. Also, you can now order CDs
right here on the site!  Just look in the right side bar and click away!


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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Brand New Sunny Day!

We have finally left the Tulsa area behind along with the cold and snow. Now, we love Tulsa.  We love the people, the churches and the places to eat but we have had enough snow to satisfy us for quite a while.  We pulled out of Hilldale Holiness Church just after daylight Saturday morning and traveled just over 100 miles to Oklahoma City.  The whole region is going to be much warmer this week and it has already started.  Sunday was a beautiful 68 degrees and we loved every one of them.  Thursday morning the low was 12 below so you can understand why we appreciate the change!

We started revival this morning at Calvary Holiness Church in Midwest City. The pastor is Bro. Kenny Searcy.  He is in the picture below with his wife Sis. Karen and their 3rd son Bradley.  We have known the Searcy's for many years and we love and appreciate them very much.  We love coming here for revival and we are expecting great things the next several nights.

We are expecting our CDs to arrive here on Tuesday.  We are looking forward to getting them and processing all the preorders.  We hope to have them all sent in a matter of days so if you ordered one it is on the way!  We had half of them sent to Ohio and they received them on Saturday.  Our family is selling them for us so if you live in Ohio contact my brothers Steve or Tommy or my sister Theresa and they will be glad to sell you one or 100!

We have added a new page to Boggsblogs called "Our Music". You can see it by clicking on the tab at the top of the page. We also added Google Checkout to the right side bar so if you would like to order a CD there you can. They will send me an email immediately after you order and we can ship your order to you right away. Thank you so much.

 I had a phone call last night from a brother in our home church that bought Havin' Church on Sunday.  He and his wife loved it so that is encouraging.  He made my day with the call.  Thanks Bro. Rick!

God bless you all!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bill's Jumbo Burgers-The Double Okie

Last week while still in Tulsa Bro. Cleve Silcox from Bethany Holiness Church heard me talking about big hamburgers from Ron's and Spanky's. He asked me if I had ever been to Bill's Jumbo Burgers. I answered I had not...but I have now.

Bro. Cleve and his wife Sis. Valerie picked us up and took us to Bill's for lunch. He said I needed to order the "Double Okie" so that's what I did. It was awesome! Thanks Bro. Cleve.

You can see the results below.


The Double Okie!

With 1/3 pound burger

With a 2/3 pound burger.

One happy camper!

Bro. Cleve and Sis. Valerie outside Bill's.

This is the whole inside of the place!

The History...

Friday, February 11, 2011

On The Road Again February Newsletter

Here's Odie's February Newsletter.  I hope you enjoy..

Published by Odie Podie Music
Volume 9 Issue 1
February 10th, 2011

Boggs Family Ministries
P.O. Box 28
Waynesville, Ohio

On the Road Again

Bogged Down In A Blizzard

Odie's View From Her Bunk
   We are now into our 9th year of our On The Road Again newsletter!  Wow! Time has flown by for our family, and God has been so faithful!!
   I would like to say thank you for all the nice compliments on the newsletter!  It is rewarding to know people enjoy reading about our adventures!  Please feel free to post this on your church bulletin board or even make copies for your church people!  It is impossible to mail it to every one who asks so posting it in your church helps a bunch.  You can also keep up with our daily adventures at
   We were home for the holidays when I last wrote.  We had a short but great visit with family and friends!
   December 26th the BoggsMobile hit the road for Alabama.  It was great to be with Pastor Jon Isaacs and the congregation of Zoar Holiness Church.  The revival was a wonderful way to prepare us for a new year.  The Lord was with us as we entered 2011!  It was an honor for us to take part in the dedication of Anna Kate Isaacs!!!!  She is a beautiful addition to the Isaacs Family!
   It was then time for us to journey to the bayous of Louisiana!  We had a "grandeaux" time in Pine Prairie.  It was two weeks of refreshing for Christian Tabernacle and Pastor Barry Gautreaux  The evangelist's family soaked up the blessings as well!!
   After a long trip from Louisiana we enjoyed a Sunday morning at West Side Holiness Church in Claremore, Oklahoma.  Pastor Darrell Meadow and congregation welcomed us with open arms.  We are so grateful for your friendship!!
   Next it was revival time at Faith Pentecostal Church!  We were excited to be with Pastor Mike Stephens and congregation.  They make us feel right at home.  God definitely visited us with His presence.
   We then journeyed to Weir, Kansas.  This was our 9th January revival at Faith Tabernacle.  We are usually covered with snow at Weir but this year we had snow before and snow after but no snow while in Weir.  Pastor James Fellers and family have become like family to us!  We are so thankful for the wonderful people God has brought into our lives!
   Hilldale Holiness in Tulsa, Oklahoma was our next stop.  This was our first time to be at Hilldale.  Thanks to Pastor Nathan Conner for the invitation to be with you all!
   We also had the chance be in service with Pastor Darrell Toliver at Bethany Holiness Church in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.  Wow is the only way I know to describe the service  Almost four hours after church began we finished the service.  The Saints were encouraged, backsliders had come home, and a little girl had been saved!  God Is So Good!
   Back to Hilldale, we had three great services of revival when the 2011 Blizzard hit.  In a matter of hours we had 14+ inches of snow on the ground and the snow drifted to over 5 feet.  We were literally snowed in.  You can see some amazing pictures at  Three days later yet more snow came.  Needless to say we weren't able to have church for several days.
   They cleared the roads in this neighborhood on the 7th day after the storm and two days later we have 5-8 inches again.
   This week we were scheduled to be with Pastor Bill Parks at House of Prayer, but due to the effects of the weather that has been cancelled.  We have stayed on at Hilldale and hoping the weather cooperates.
   We also visited Pastor Douglas Meadow and the Bristow Holiness Church.  We had a great time in the service and saw many friends!!
   Havin' Church-Live In California is shipping to us today!!  We are very excited about this project.  All the pre-orders should be shipped by February 21st.  If you would like a CD, they are $15 each +$2 each for shipping.  Make checks payable to: Boggs Family Ministries.  You can mail your order to the address above.
   Well, I hear the engine starting so I better go 'cause we're On the Road Again.

All These Dates Are Subject to Change (Like Maybe Tomorrow)
For Our Full Schedule Please Check Our Website

· February 13-18 Midwest City, OK, Calvary Holiness Church, Pastor Kenny Searcy
· February 20-25 Purcell, OK, New Mission Holiness Church, Pastor Steve Moore
· February 27-March 4 Richton, MS, First Assembly Pastor Scott Morris
· March 6th Wilmer, AL, Tanner Williams Holiness Church, Pastor Donnie Williamson
· March 8-11 Semmes, AL, Attending Allentown Campmeeting, Pastor Eugene Futral
· March 13-18  St. Stephens, AL, Midway Assembly, Pastor Lamar Chapman
· March 19 Millry, AL, Singing, Flat Branch Assembly, Pastor Jim Koen
· March 20-25th Ellisville, MS, First Assembly, Pastor Kenny Morris
· March 27-April 1 Dothan, AL, Mt. Sinai Holiness Tabernacle, Pastor Dewayne Watson
· April 3-6, Ozark, AL, Lighthouse, Pastor William Parr
· April 8-9 Louisville, KY, Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference You need to come
· April 10-16 Scheduled Time Off
· April 17-22 Conehatta, MS, White Plains Assembly
· April 24-? Sterlington, LA, Sterlington Holiness Tabernacle, Pastor Tracy Boyd
· May 8-15 Morrow, AR, Hale Mountain, Pastor Ronnie Cooper
· May 16-22 Locust Grove, OK, Iron Post, Pastor Travis Martin

Please Visit Our Blog:
And Our Website:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Made Snow Plow

Well, I think the snow finally got the better of me. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning we had another 6-8 inches of snow. While I am thankful we did not get 2 feet like some places nearby it still brought me to the breaking point. I could not wait 7 days for these residential roads to be plowed. I could not do it. So...

I made my own snow plow!

Here is a closer look! Patent Pending... Lol

I told you I was pushed over the edge.

No church on Wednesday but we hope to crank up again tonight.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Davy, Kelly and Odie Havin' Church Live In California

We are so excited about our new CD. We were told today they would be shipped on Thursday so we should have them by the middle of next week. We plan to process the pre-orders and ship them within 2-3 days after we receive them.

For those that don't know, we recorded the project live in October at Riverdale Assembly in Riverdale, California. We had an awesome time that night and we are calling the CD Havin' Church Live In California.

If you would like to have one or five or eight, send us a note and we will let you know how to go about getting some. I'll make you a real good deal on a hundred of them. Lol

Several have inquired about the songs on the CD so I have listed the tracks below.  We sure hope everybody enjoys it.

God bless,

1. I Want To Thank You (I Think I’ll Take Some Time) 3:52
Bryant Jones Sr./Ship Publishing/All Rights by Just Mike Music/BMI/2nd verse written by Sharon Whitley
2. There Is Power In The Name of Jesus 3:08
Jefferey  S. Ferguson/ Regi Stone/Jeff Ferguson Music/BMI/Belden Street Music Publishing
3. He’s An On Time God 4:16
Dottie Peoples/Dottie Peoples Publishing/BMI/International Atlanta Music/Peermusic III LTD/3rd verse by Davy Boggs
4. Introductions 1:53
5. I’d Rather Have Jesus 4:20
Rhea miller/George Beverly Shea/Word Music/ASCAP
6. Introducing Made Up Mind 1:09
7. Made Up Mind 3:11
Alexander Lowell Talmadge JR/ Randy Phillips/ Jeffery Sean Silvey/Bridge Building Music/BMI/Randy Cox Music INC/BMI
8. Testimony 0:19
9. Ain’t Gonna Give Up Medley 8:49
  -Ain’t Gonna Give Up On God
Charles P Bosarge/ Philip D Johnson /Chaz Bosarge Music /ASCAP/GiveMall Music
  -No Turning Back
 -I’ve Got My Mind Made Up To Serve
Charles Ray Burton/Frank Edward Wilson
Traco Music Company/BMI
10. Odie’s Introduction and Testimony 2:54
11. I Don’t Have A Prayer Without You 3:16
Bruce Haynes
Haynessongs/BMI/ Willow Branch Music/BMI
12. Never Would Have Made It 9:37
Marvin Sapp/Matthew Brownie/Marvin L. Sapp Music/Minstrel Melodies/BMI
13. Romans 8:28-29 1:18
14. Everything Is Gonna Turn Out Right 3:21
Sonya Isaacs/Rebecca Isaacs Bowman/Makem Smile Music/R I Bowman Music/BMI
15. Psalm 39:4-7 1:44
16. My Hope Is Built 2:24
Edward Mote/William Bradbury
17. Testimony on Hope 0:42
18. Faith 3:52
Frank Meyers/Jason Eustice/Richie McDonald/Frank Meyers Music/BMI/Jtunesmusic/SESCA/Loremoma Music/BMI
19. Miracle Man 6:13
Words and Music by Aaron Wilburn and Dave Lehman/Copyright 1981 BMG Music Publishing/ASCAP.
20. Jesus You Are 4:20​
Justin Rivers/Christian Taylor Music/BMI

Monday, February 7, 2011

Praise God For Sunday!

It was great to be back in church yesterday. Although the weather isn't perfect and the residential streets are still a mess, many of the churches were able to have one service yesterday. It was a blessing to be able to go to church.

We were supposed to start revival with Pastor Bill Parks at the House of Prayer yesterday but the after effects of the blizzard had them shut down yesterday. We love Bro. Parks and his church and hate to miss revival there this time but we can't control the storms although I sure tried with this one. "Peace Be Still" doesn't have the same effect when I say it!

We went down to Bristow and preached for Bro. Douglas Meadow yesterday morning and then back here at Hilldale for an afternoon service. Both services were great and we enjoyed worshipping and fellowshipping with God's people all day yesterday.

We appreciate Bro. Meadow and Bro. Conner for having us and treating us so well. IF the weather cooperates this week we are going to have service each night at Hilldale. They are calling for another storm in a couple of days so we will see.

For some reason I only took one picture of our whole day yesterday but it's a good one. Odie was making friends with two little girls at Bristow and they posed for a picture.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free At Last (Well Almost)

Yesterday we went from this...

To This!

Thanks to this.

We still can't even think about driving the BoggsMobile out of this neighborhood but I sure feel a lot better with that wall of snow gone.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hilldale Holiness Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma

We have been parked at Hilldale Holiness Church this week. (and because of the snow we probably will be for quite sometime) We started revival Sunday but have been halted since Tuesday. We were hoping to have church tonight but it is snowing again so that looks impossible.

We have enjoyed visiting with Bro. Nathan and Sis. Stephanie Conner some this week. Bro. Nathan is the Pastor here and they live right across the street. They have tried to accommodate our every need this week and have been a blessing to us.

We have enjoyed visiting with their family and we look forward to coming back again when there is just a tad less snow.

Bro Aaron Jarvis

Our next revival is on the other side of Tulsa. There is no way to move the BoggsMobile in all of this snow but we can drive the jeep back and forth to church. However it is doubtful whether it will be possible to have church next week either. So we will wait it out and enjoy the view.

God bless you all. Keep us in your prayers.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday February 3, 2011

Finally took the Cheap Jeep out and explored some today. The roads were passable for 4WD vehicles but even they were stuck in some places. One brother got stuck in his 2WD truck three times within 50 yards of the church drive. Big trucks were stuck on nearly every exit ramp but they were working hard to clear them out today and making great progress. Here are a few pictures of trucks stuck in the snow that we took while out and more details below.

This is the road to the church. A good Samaritan plowed one lane the first day and it has been packed into ice since then. There is no way the city or county can get to all these roads in a storm like this but I still think this is kind of funny. Can you see the sign on the right side of the road?

Here it is a little closer...

These road improvements made possible by county sales tax.

I think it's funny! You think they need more taxes?

This shows the power of the sun. When I took this picture it was 11 very cold degrees outside. This clock sits in the front window of the bus and the bus is facing east. As you can see it was 91.4 in the window where the sun was shining and 11 degrees about 3 inches on the other side of the glass. Thank God the weather man was wrong when he predicted all clouds this week.

While we were out we ate at Ron's with Pastor Nathan Conner, his family and Bro. Aaron Jarvis. It was so good! Can you guess what I has to eat?

The sky looked really strange this afternoon. It looked like it was split in two all the way across. It was neat.

Still no church of course but we are patiently surviving and having fun. Thanks for all the messages.