Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Summary of City Reach Richton

This post contains pictures from the tent take down in Richton and it is also a summary of City Reach Richton.

I have shared this sentiment in other posts but it merits mentioning again. Richton is a small town rather than a larger inner city area we have targeted all across America in City Reach. It is the consummate "small town" America with all of its accompanying charms and challenges.

The reason we bring City Reach to Richton, Mississippi is because City Reach IS Richton. This is where the vision was birthed. Richton is where it all began.

This is one of the first towns where the policemen thanked me for bringing the tent.

This is one of the first towns where Pastors and churches came together and worship and worked as one.

This is the only town where the Mayor came to service, nearly shook my hand off and thanked me for coming and preaching the Gospel.

Richton is the place where I began to see that God could and believe that God would replicate all of this on a larger scale.

Richton First Assembly was the first church to catch my vision of City Reach and to throw their wholehearted support behind it.

Richton is where City Reach was born in my heart.

City Reach "Every Where Else" happened because Richton made it possible.

It is only natural to bring City Reach to Richton, Mississippi. This is where City Reach belongs.

That is how Richton became the only place to host City Reach twice to this point. We held our second City Reach here in September, 2015 and our next to the last City Reach in October, 2016.

The services this week in Richton have been wonderful and God has blessed in a mighty way all the way through. It has been awesome to see Pastor Scott Morris and his folks love this community and to watch the community respond to their love. 

That is how church is supposed to work.

May God bless Pastor Scott Morris, his family and the church he Pastors for catching our vision, participating in our vision and loving our vision of City Reach. It has been a wonderful ride.

These are most of the links for City Reach Richton and below that, I have posted pictures from the tent take down.

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City Reach Richton # 6

I usually post pictures of the tent take down. I do that as a record keeping tool for me and I also like for folks to see that it takes everyone working together to make this thing work. If set up and take down was left to me, Kelly Jo, Bro. Jimmie and the Pastor, we would have a hard way to go. That God for plenty of willing workers!

Getting the tent down dry Saturday night after church was a high priority for us, but we really were not very hopeful. When church was over we took down the lights, cords, ropes, sound equipment and chairs. 

At that point we checked the top of the tent and it was dry. A dry tent was our cue to kick into motion.

First we kick all the side poles in and remove them but we leave the ratchet straps tight.

The next part needs to be completed as quickly as possible. We lower the center poles, remove them, detach the straps and then get the four sections unlaced and up off the ground. If the conditions are just right or wrong, the tent will draw moisture from the ground so the quicker we get it folded and put away, the better.

All the people followed directions, worked together and the work was completed in a few minutes.

We could have waited until Sunday afternoon to take the tent down in the sunshine but it would have made an already crowded Sunday for everyone, even more so. I was very relieved to get it down Saturday night. I appreciate Pastor Scott Morris and all of his folks for working so hard.

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