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Monday, October 30, 2023

The Weekend Dispatch 10/30/2023

The last night of revival at House of Prayer in Tusla was wonderful. We are praising God for His help in the final service and the whole week. We appreciate Pastor Bill Parks and all of his fine congregation.

We have some pictures from Thursday and Friday.

Saturday afternoon we made the short trip from Tulsa to Claremore, emptied our tanks and got set up in the rain. In the evening we carried in the sound equipment and got a soundcheck.

Sunday morning was Pastor Appreciation for Pastor Jimmy Millikin here at Westside Holiness Church followed by a fantastic meal. It was a wonderful day and we loved being a part of it.

The Sunday evening service was a super finale to the wonderful weekend. Wow! Thank you for stopping by to check on us.


Schedule Note From Davy:
Pastor Phillip Horton from Richlands, Virginia passed away Friday and his funeral is scheduled for Monday. Pastor Jimmy Millikin from the church here in Claremore has a long history with the Richlands Church and He will be attending the funeral Monday. We will not be having revival service tonight while he is gone, but we plan to crank back up again Tuesday night. If anything else about this week changes, I will let you know on Mile Markers.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

DRPC Pastor Appreciation 2023

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting from my the Beach Cottage. People ask me all the time if I enjoy being home. The answer is a resounding, yes! This time around is no exception.

I am definitely ready for better weather. We have had some days that have felt more like winter rather than spring. I am ready to spend some time on my beautiful porch.

DRPC Pastor Appreciation 2023
Last weekend was a special time at Dryden Road Pentecostal Church. We took a couple days to show our appreciation for our Pastors. Bro. Bennie and Sis. Jane Sutherland has been the Pastor of DRPC since January 1978.
Saturday evening we gathered for a Pastor Appreciation church dinner. Our ladies and men of DRPC prepared a feast. I forgot to get pictures of the food tables. Everything that I ate was fantastic.

The food and fellowship with my church family were excellent! I was happy to be home to celebrate my amazing Pastor. Below are some pictures from Saturday.

Sunday Morning
The Sunday morning service was dedicated to Pastor Appreciation. I have a few pictures and commentary from the highlights of the service.

Bro. Andrew Blevins did a phenomenal job conducting the service and honoring our Pastor.

Sis. Kim Abner spoke about Bro. Bennie and Sis. Jane. She was a young lady at DRPC when Bro. Bennie and Sis. Jane came to Pastor.

Sis. Rachel Thompson, Sis. Sarah Boyd and Sis. Rebecca James sang a couple great songs.

Bro. Brandon James told us how Bro. Bennie's leadership has impacted and changed him.

It was good to have Bro. Dallas and Sis. Luvenia Lakes with us Saturday night and Sunday morning. Bro. Bennie and Sis. Jane Sutherland have had a great influence on the Lakes family. Their ministry is just one of the many ministries that have come from Bro. Bennie's leadership.

Bro. John Gabbard was there to preach for Pastor's Appreciation this year. He preached wonderfully and gave honor to his friend, Bro. Bennie!

My family came to DRPC around 35 years ago. I am so grateful that I have had the privilege for most of my life to have Bro. Bennie and Sis. Jane as my Pastors! I love and appreciate them so much! 

I am thankful for the influence, leadership, friendship, guidance and correction of my Pastors. They have stood by us and helped us thru the good and the bad times in life.

I truly believe it is because of their love and support that we have the life we do today. Words do not adequately express how much they mean to me.

Across this country we hear testimonies almost every week how Bro. Bennie and Sis. Jane have helped countless lives! Their ministry is still bearing great fruit in 2023! 

I am proud to say that my Pastors are Bro. Bennie and Sis. Jane Sutherland! God directed the path of my life to intersect with them for a purpose!

Sunday Night
Bro. Bennie took a moment to recognize our Church Secretary, Sis. Kim Abner, and our Church Treasurer, Bro. Jeff Roberts. Both individuals work so hard for our church. They are dedicated to their jobs.

We were blessed with an excellent service Sunday night. God showed up with a mighty move of His Spirit. Then Bro. Gabbard gave us another word from the Lord! It was capped off with a great altar service. Many people received help and encouragement.

The night ended by honoring our Pastors with flowers and an offering! 

Those things are just a small token of appreciation for their labor of love! I am glad I was home for DRPC Pastor Appreciation 2023!

Thanks for visiting with me today. I appreciate you spending some of your time here.