Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday Vacation 2012 Part V

 In today's Vintage View Vedneday we are continuing with pictures from our vacation in 2012. Here are links to the previous posts.

KJo and I were loving every moment in the Mediterranean Sea and we were excited to experience all that we could. After Barcelona our next stop was France. We had flown through France a few times, even staying in a Paris hotel on one of those trips, but we were always rushing through to Africa or to home. This was our first time to hit the ground exploring a bit.

We have some pictures today of our day in Toulon, France, but first a few pictures of ship life and food!

We ate a few things while walking around, but stopped for lunch at a little place on a pier. These kabobs were amazing!

There is a funny story relating to my sunglasses. 

The day was so bright and I had no sunglasses with me. My eyes were hurting from the strain. While walking through a shaded area of an outdoor market, I found these sunglasses for a few euros.

We walked quite a way down before stepping back into the sun and the sunlight revealed that the glasses I purchased were horrible. They were so blurry, that I could not see. In the shade, they were fine. In the sun, they were unusable.

We walked back to the guy in the market and told him the sunglasses were no good. He refused to even look my way. I suppose he thought if he ignored me, I would give up and go away. I started picking up pairs of glasses and walking several feet out into the sun. 

Well, that got his attention and he started yelling at me in French. I do not know what he was saying, but I knew he thought I was going to walk away with two pairs of glasses. Once I found a good pair that passed the sun test, I walked back with a big smile on my face and put the bad pair in his hands.

He started to protest, but relented as we turned a walked away. I was very kind to him, but I did not even turn around as we walked away.😎

KJo found a boat or two.😁

We saw a Subway and went inside to check it out. We ate a couple of mini-subs for one Euro.

Thank you for reading Mile Markers today. I hope you enjoyed our Vintage View Vednesday.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Glad To Be In Arkansas

It is very nice to be back in Arkansas. We used to preach quite a bit in Arkansas and southwest Arkansas in particular. In fact, we were about an hour north of here in revival when the aerial and naval bombing to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait began on January 17, 1991. That event became known as the commencement of Desert Storm.

It was January 17 in the middle east, but it was announced just before church time on January 16 here. That date is easy for me to remember.

We had two weeks of revival at that church and I remember it being good, but I do not remember many particulars. All of us were concerned about our nation and the world and those events stand out more in my mind than the revival services.

The church was known as Old Center and we were staying in a small camper next to the Pastor's house. With war raging, we were anxious to hear news of how things were going. There was a small AM radio in the camper. I discovered Rush Limbaugh being replayed late at night on an AM station.

Most of the American news media were telling us that the coalition led by the USA was no match for the Iraqi Republican Guard. Mr. Limbaugh rallied us to believe in the might and rightness of the USA military. He was right as evidenced by the collapse of Iraqi defenses during the 100 hour invasion of Kuwait a few weeks later. 

Rush has been my late night driving companion for many, many miles since then. He has been right about a few other things since then too.😉

From that revival we met and preached for Pastors and churches all over the area. It was during that time we visited here at Fairland when Bro. Ben Shaw was the Pastor.

Our preaching in Arkansas continued into 1993. Our last revival during our first evangelistic stint was at Calvary in Fouke, only a few miles from where I sit right now.

We preached quite a bit for Pastor Leon Buzzard in Glenwood, Arkansas about two hours north of here. Bro. Buzzard preached the Christmas/New Year revival at our home church for many years and we were blessed to get acquainted with him there. 

He took us under his wing and often invited us to preach for him and use his church as a hub in southwest Arkansas. We would stay overnight in a Sunday School room and preach at all of the little churches in the whole area. He was a blessing to us and we have never forgotten it.

Bro. Buzzard loved to listen to preaching and there was no such thing as listening online at that time. "Online" was not even a term we recognized unless you were talking about on the clothesline or on the phone line.

He had a tremendous collection of cassette tapes and nearly every day I was there we would listen to at least one sermon together. Bro. Buzzard was an excellent preacher, but he never got above listening and applying preaching to himself. What an example!

By the time we spent six years in Ohio and nearly four years in Kansas, we had lost touch with many of the churches and most of them had changed Pastors. We did come to Fairland Camp Meeting while we were in Kansas and after we hit the road in 2003, so we kept our connection with these fine folks. Plus, we often saw many of them at Camp Meetings across the nation.

The world has kept spinning, the clock has kept ticking and here we are again in Arkansas. That is the way it goes, round and round and soon we are right back where we began!

I sure hope I am a better preacher than I was those many years ago. I sure intend to be a better preacher and a better man. The USA is still at war with others and even at war with ourselves. We sure need revival and we know exactly what to do and where to get it. Only God can give revival and we are thankful He wants us to have revival.

May God give it to us and may God give revival to you! Thank you for joining my musings on Mile Markers today.


Monday, October 26, 2020

What's Up Weekend? 10/26/2020

This weekend we arrived in Fouke, Arkansas to begin revival at Fairland Holiness Church. We have been here several times over the last 30 years, but this is our first revival. We are believing God to help us.

These people and Pastor Shuecraft and his wife have had a tremendous influence on us through the years and it is great to be here with them.

We arrived Saturday afternoon, parked and set up the BoggsMobile and then carried in our sound equipment. The bus needs to be washed terribly, but it was way too chilly to do that Saturday evening. It is uncharacteristically cool this week and I am glad Bro. Shuecraft decided several weeks ago NOT to have tent revival. Brrrr!

Both services Sunday were good and we are anticipating people being saved, saints being healed and encouraged and the community experiencing revival. We all have had so much junk going on this year, we need a wonderful dose of revival.

There are people from the Fairland church that are sick and suffering right now. Please join us in praying for miracles and praying for revival. We know that God hears and answers prayers.

Our phone signal comes and goes here. It can be going along just fine and then drops out for a few hours. If you do not hear from us early in the morning on Mile Markers, check back later, we will try to get something posted when we can.

We do have a few pictures for you today. I will try to get some good pictures of the inside of the church later in the week.

Thank you for joining us today.