Wednesday, March 31, 2021

A Word For Wednesday He Wouldn't Stay Dead

A Word For Wednesday installment today is an old poem on the resurrection of Christ that I have been quoting for over 26 years. I love this! You can see it on our YouTube Channel and read the words below. May God bless you all!

He Wouldn’t Stay Dead
by: Willard G. Thomas

They laid His body in Joseph’s new tomb
And filled His disciples with sorrow and gloom
They did not remember what He had said
That He would die, but He wouldn’t stay dead

Mary came at the break of day
And found the stone was rolled away
She saw an angel and in terror fled
And told His disciples that He didn’t stay dead

In that cold dark tomb, He would not stay
He conquered death and walked away
And now that old grave has lost its fear and dread
He lives again! He wouldn’t stay dead

Full atonement and pardon were made
And forever the sin debt was marked fully paid
The price was His blood as it flowed crimson red
And I’m thankful today that He didn’t stay dead!

Let’s go to our churches and cry aloud
Let’s go to the marketplace and talk to the crowd
Let’s go to the mission fields that lie up ahead
And tell the whole world that He didn’t stay dead!

Because if Jesus Christ had only died
Then the gulf between us and God would still be wide
But thank God He did what He said
He got up out of the ground, He couldn’t stay dead!

Last Stanza by Davy Boggs

Thank you for reading.


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Good Mexican Food!

I did not set aside enough time today to write what I had planned, but I wanted you all to know that in the midst of everything going on in our lives, we are still eating tremendously well.

Although I have not eaten inside Acapulco since March 1, 2020, I am still supporting them with my money, heart and Mile Markers.😁

I really want them to stay in business!

Thank you for stopping in today.


Monday, March 29, 2021

Yes, Best of Times and Worst of Times

To paraphrase Charles Dickens, these are the best of times, these are the worst of times. To interpret, this has been an awesome week and this has been a horrible week. During this week we have been covered by the Spirit of the Lord over and over and we have been slammed over and over with sickness.

Yes, these are the best of times and these are the worst of times.

Since Saturday, March 13, I have sliding backward in my breathing. By Wednesday morning of this past week, I perceived that I was in trouble. By that evening it felt like I had no more room in my lungs for breath and we began to reach out to friends and family for prayer.

The pressure on my chest was severe and constant. Then God's people began to pray. One dear friend called a few minutes before 9:00 eastern Wednesday night. In moments his prayer was covered by the Holy Ghost and we were too. It was glorious for over 20 minutes. KJo and I were ushered into the presence of God right in the BoggsMobile.

Later, I found that others were in serious and fervent prayer for us at that very time. They were touching God, God was touching them and God was touching us! All over America, they were praying and we were feeling it. Praise God!

Even though we felt wonderful in our spirits, Wednesday night was a rough night for me physically. I could barely get enough oxygen, even with supplemental oxygen.

Thursday was shakey, but I rested better Thursday night and Friday night and we have been praising God for it. I still have a long way to go to get back to where I was three or four weeks ago, but I think I am headed in the right direction.

Thank you for praying for us, please continue.

Some Misinformation
By Thursday morning, the word was out to many, many people that I needed prayer. I always appreciate people praying, but some told me they had heard some things that were not true.

Some heard that I was in the hospital on a ventilator and might not make it through the night without a miracle.

Others heard that the doctor had told me I had double pneumonia and needed a miracle.

I am so sorry for the misinformation that was spread. 

I am afraid it is like the news stations that make every rainstorm into the storm of the century and then nearly nothing happens. Soon the people do not even listen to the genuine warnings.

I was very, very sick. I was lower than I have ever been in my life. I did think there was a possibility that I could die without God's touch. I am tremendously thankful for all that prayed for me and that touched God on my behalf. 

However, I am sorry if you received an alert that was not true. I can not do a thing in the world about it, I have no idea how it began, but I am sorry if you received prayer requests that were not true. I hope that does not harden you the next time you get a very serious request to pray for someone.

We are very thankful for the help and guidance that we have received from doctors and nurses and other medical personnel that have offered guidance, advice and direction all the way through this mess. We are thankful for you.

We are also tremendously thankful to all of you that have fervently prayed and offered scripture and words of encouragement. May God bless you for your kindness and thoughtfulness toward us. Some have prayed for hours at a time and others have not gone 15 minutes during the day without praying for us. Thank you.

I am better than I was Wednesday and Thursday. I had no other good direction to go, but up. However, I am not out of the woods yet. I am not able to go, I am not able to preach, I am not able to exert at all. I need some time to heal and I need God's help to heal. Please keep praying.

If the truth is known, I was probably trying to preach and sing and work too much too soon. That may be part of the reason for the recent physical difficulty.

We appreciate you joining us today on Mile Markers, friends.


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sunday Morning Sanity 3/28/21

No view change this week.

Sunday Morning Sanity
Do not panic. The end of one thing is not the end of everything. It is only the end of one thing and the beginning of many new things. 
Pastor Carter Conlon

Many of you have been praying for me this week and I appreciate it so much. I may tell you more about it later, but we are praising God for His help and strength. Hallelujah!

May God bless you with a super great Sunday.


Saturday, March 27, 2021

Good Green Food Fun In 2021

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in and It is great to be visiting with you. Thanks for stopping by today. How are you doing? I am happy to report that I am doing good. I will tell you this. My Daddy is struggling with his lungs. He needs a miracle from God. Please pray for Him.

Good Green Food  Fun 

St. Patrick's Day, March 17, was last week. Green is a staple in my wardrobe, but St. Patrick's Day always gives me a good reason to wear my green. This year even my food was green. I have heard it is healthy to add green food to your diet.

One of my favorite restaurants in our home area is Skyline Chili. Skyline is a regional chain, famous for its Cincinnati style chili. They have a large menu of food options. One of my favorite dishes is the 3way, which consists of spaghetti, chili and cheese.

Each year Skyline gets festive on St. Patrick's Day and offers green spaghetti, Most of the time I am not home to get my "Green Way". A few years ago we happened to be home on that date and I took advantage of it.

My cousin Lisa Isaacs took me to get a Green Way for the first time. Here is a flashback photo from, March 17, 2017. We had a great time together that day. The food was very good too. The green spaghetti does not change the taste.

This year I realized that I would be home for St. Patrick's Day when this advertisement arrived in my inbox. 

Lisa and I had planned to have a Green Way picnic on my porch this year. Conflicting schedules and the weather hindered our plans. It was time for plan B.

Mom was sweet and went and picked up my lunch for me. It was just as yummy as I remembered. Mom could not bring herself to get the green spaghetti. She opted for the regular spaghetti with habanero cheese.

Here are a couple pics from my Good Green Food Fun in 2021. This is the chili and spaghetti before I added the cheese.

Now here is the complete package with the cheese. It looks like Play-Doh to me. I think it is fun to add a little more color to one of my dishes.

I have a for questions for you. Have eaten at Skyline? Have you tried a Green Way? Would you eat Green spaghetti?

Well, that brings us to the end of my fun with food. Thanks for coming along for the ride. I look forward to more adventures ahead with all of you. Have a fantastic weekend!


Friday, March 26, 2021

One More Interesting BoggsMobile Fact

 An Interesting Fact

I wrote Tuesday that we have owned the BoggsMobile for thirteen years this week. While composting that Mile Marker, I discovered an interesting tidbit, at least it is interesting to me.

A few months ago I crossed the line of living in the BoggsMobile longer than I have lived in any other dwelling. When I was born, my parents were living in a rented house in Waynesville. We lived there until I was four. I have memories of the last year or so there.

We moved to another rented house on the edge of town with woods, barns and fun neighbors. The house was near the top of a big hill and the road ended at a farm a little further up. We had super loads of fun there for a year.

My family moved to the place where my parents still live when I was five years old. I lived in that house for twelve years and nine months.

I was eighteen years and six months old when my parents kicked me out and Kelly Jo took me in. Well, it might not have happened exactly like that, but you can not let the facts get in the way of a good story.😜😇

I remember the joy of moving into that home in 1972. It was the first house my parents had purchased. I probably did not understand the difference between renting and buying, but their excitement must have splashed onto me. I remember the excitement.

The house was only a couple of years old, so it was modern and new. There were rooms to explore, a crawl space hide in, lots of trees to climb and a patch of woods across the street calling my name. It was a great house to grow up in.

The years between five and eighteen crawled by slower than I can describe. Snail's pace? Molasses? Slow as a turtle? Heinz 57 Ketchup (Anticipation)? Nope! All of those things move too fast.

The nearly 13 years in my parent's house from age five to thirteen feels like three good and pleasant lifetimes. Wow!

Thirteen years in the bus feels like I slept too late and missed it! Wow Again!

Where in the world did the time go? Now, please understand me, we have had some days of bus ownership that were way, way too long. I wondered if they would ever end before I slipped over the edge into insanity. But overall, the days have flown by!

Thirteen years in the BoggsMoble makes it home. I can not see myself beating that record in this lifetime. In fact, thirteen years from now seems like an eternity.

Thank you for reading Mile Markers today.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

The BoggsMobile Story

Tuesday I wrote about the BoggsMobile being in our family for thirteen years this week. Along the way, I tried to answer some common questions we receive, but it seems I generated some questions as well.

How did we end up with a bus and this bus in particular?

First, the bus thing had been years in the making. It may have begun when my Dad converted a school bus to a camper when I was a small kid. That bus never strayed far from my mind.

Through two different rounds of evangelism and a period covering many years, we have owned and traveled in three fifth wheels pulled by three different trucks.

In 2008 we had a 2004 Chevy Duramax and a 2004 Newmar Kountry Star. I had previously thought fifth wheels fell apart going down the road 30-40,000 miles a year because they were old. The first one was thirteen years old when we bought it and the second was eighteen years old. 

We fixed that. We purchased the Kountry Star new and ordered it like we wanted. 

After pulling the brand new Kountry Star a couple years, I discovered that fifth wheels, or any RV for that matter, fall apart going 30-40,000 miles a year, because they are not made for that purpose. RVs, even well made, four-season fifth wheels from Newmar are made to use two-three weeks in the summer and eight or nine weekends each year.

The Kountry Star was in great shape when we moved out of it, but the handwriting was on the wall. I had replaced springs and shackle brackets way sooner and more often than I thought I would. It was only a matter of time until the miles I was pulling would begin to show.

Commercial bus chassis are designed and built to run two-three million miles and to last decades in their service life. Thus began our long and often discouraging bus search.

We drove many hundreds of miles and even flew from one coast to the other to find the elusive unicorn we were seeking. We desired a low milage bus with a strong engine and a well-done interior conversion for a low price.

What we often found at the end of the rainbow was a pretty nice paint job or a beautiful new conversion built on an old charter bus with unknown mileage (Often a million or more) powered by a tired two-stroke diesel that had been rebuilt by someone in the dark and shady past.

But, they were in our price range!😁

God had put men in our path who had forgotten more about buses than I will ever know and they all said, wait. Wait for a four-stroke 60 series Detroit. Wait for low mileage. Wait for those models to fall into your price range. It may take a few years, but they will eventually come down.

And, they were right.

When Kelly Jo first saw the advertisement for the bus that became the BoggsMobile, our price range was 55% of the recently lowered asking price. Ouch, that is a long way off!

I offered the dealer my price and they literally laughed out loud. But the bus sat on their lot for many, many months and would not sell. That was in our favor.

Our bus was taken in as a trade on a newer used bus and for various reasons, it did not sell for over a year. What kept it from selling? A few things.

It did not have a paint job that said, "Million Dollar bus", but we liked it and we still do.

It was advertised as an accessible bus for the handicapped, but it was not. It had a dangerous setup that no person in a wheelchair would use IF given the choice. We could work with that, but people that did not need an accessible bus did not even look at it after they read the advertisement.

The high quality Berber carpet was dirty down the walkway. People looking for a glamorous bus, probably did not walk past the door because of the carpet. We were willing to deal with it until we could change it a year later.

It had a mid-door configuration that is unusual and not desirable by Prevost buyers. The original purchaser ordered the mid-door and in doing so, the bus became the ugly runt in the litter. 

All of these things, plus old tires and a few bells and whistles that did not make any sounds at all, conspired against the old bus and it sat.

It sat long enough for us to buy it for our original offer and they replaced the engine computer at their expense.

Our bus was not the prettiest bus on the lot. Our bus was not the newest bus on the lot. Our bus was not the lowest mileage bus on the lot. But by the time we waited several months, I guarantee you this, our bus was the cheapest bus on the lot!

The day we bought it was the first day we had ever seen diesel at $4 per gallon. You know what came next, right? Fuel prices kept rising and families had to choose between buying gas for work or paying the mortgage they barely qualified for. Soon the shakey mortgage market fell apart.

A year later  I could have purchased the bus cheaper, but lending had tightened up to the point where a bus that age did not qualify for a loan and I probably would not have qualified either.

We feel like we bought the right bus at the right time and it has served us well. We hope and pray every day that it does well for many years to come.

I reckon that is enough for today. Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

A Word For Wednesday So Great Salvation by Bro. Bill Houston

A Word For Wednesday comes from something Bro. Bill Houston wrote and quoted for years. You can watch A Word For Wednesday on our YouTube channel.

I am not sure if Bro Bill called this a poem or what, but he refined it through the years. This is the version he was quoting about 20 years ago when he gave me a copy to type out and put on paper. He was constantly getting requests for it and he wanted something to hand to them.

Bro. Bill Houston was a great man of God, a tremendous evangelist, a dedicated servant and a faithful friend. He is missed by everyone that knew him well. I am thankful that we have some of his work to remember him.

We are so thankful that Sis. Houston is still with us. She is so sweet and kind and gentle. May God bless her with strength and health for many years to come.

I hope you enjoy A Word For Wednesday So Great Salvation. You can see the words as I read them below.

So-Great Salvation
II Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.  
18  And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;  
19 To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.   
20 Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.   
21  For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

Old Things Are Passed Away; Behold ALL THINGS Are Become “NEW
Good “News”
N-E-W: One NEW“, Singular     N-E-W-S: Plural, more than one “NEW
ALL Things New!    EVERY thing New
-A New Creature
-New Creation
-New Inspiration
-New Aspiration
-Got A New Source Of Information
-The Holy Ghost Is Giving Me A New Vocation
-I’m Standing In A New Judicial Location
-I’ve Heard The Ministry Of Reconciliation
-Where Trespasses Have No Imputation
-I’m Seeing With New Observation
-I’m Sitting In A New Situation
-I’m Talking With New Communication
-I’m Walking With New Conversation
-I’m Counting With New Calculation
-The Trinity Gives Me New Commendation
-I’m Living In A New Habitation
-With New Regal Accommodation
-And Brand New Royal Association
-I Have New Heavenly Affiliation
-I’m Under A New Administration
-I Have God’s Justification
-The Separation Of Sanctification
-The Washing Of Holy Ghost Regeneration
-The Baptism Of Holy Ghost Saturation
-I’m Standing On A New Foundation
-With The Witness of Holy Ghost Confirmation
-I’m Thinking With A New Imagination
-God’s Law Is My New Meditation
-All God’s People Are My New Relation
-I’m In The Righteous Congregation
-He Made Me A Member Of A Holy Nation
-I Have Scriptural Indoctrination
-Spoken At First By JesusOration
-There Is Therefore Now No Condemnation
-I’m Washed In The Blood Of Purification
-I Have A Wedding Invitation
-I’m Going To A Coronation
-That Day of Celestial Celebration
-That Day Of My Savior’s Commemoration
-That Great Day Of Jesus’ Glorification
-In All Of His Saints’ Admiration
-I Have A Reservation For Transportation
-I’m Now Waiting With Anticipation
-For My Own Bodily Glorification
-An Instantaneous Transformation
-Going To Rise With Holy Ghost Levitation
-With New Found Freedom From Gravitation
-With All The Sainted Congregation
-A Number Without Enumeration
-When My Mansion Is Ready For Occupation
-And Jesus Finished His Preparation
-I’m Going On A Heavenly Vacation
-One Of Eternal Duration
-In A Land Of Endless Jubilation
-I’m Waiting Now For The Consummation
-All Because Of God’s So-Great Salvation
-His Death Brought Me Reconciliation
-His Life Is My So-Great Salvation
-Jesus Came In The Incarnation
-Jesus Made Himself Of No Reputation
-He Died On The Cross In Humiliation
-He Bore All Of Omnipotent Indignation
-He Was Raised In Unequalled Exaltation
-Because Of His Impoverisation
-I’ve Been Made Rich With
“So-Great Salvation!”
-I’m Walking With New Confidence
-I’m Living In A New Residence
-I’m Waiting For The Recompense
-Of The Reward Of The Inheritance
-With The Saints In Light
-In A Robe Of White
-Where There Cometh No Night
-And My Faith Ends In Sight
-All Because Of God’s So-Great Salvation!
Bill Houston

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Thirteen Years And Still Rolling

You know that we are all about special dates on Mile Markers and the week is a very special week for the BoggsMobile. I think it is appropriate to begin with a few pictures of the BoggsMobile. 

If you dislike pictures of beautiful buses, go ahead and scroll down for more words.😍😎

Sunday was the thirteen year anniversary of the day we purchased the 1995/1996 Prevost XL Vantare and drove it into the sunset. At times it was the best day of my life and other times it was the worst day of my life and both those emotions welled up inside me numerous times on March 21, 2008.

Whew! It was a rough day. Thankfully the reality proved to be somewhere in the middle of those two emotional mood swings. Along the way, the bus became the BoggsMobile and we are thankful it became such a huge part of our life.

People always ask me why I say 1995/1996. Well, like most buses professionally converted into motorhomes, the years often run together. 

It is not unusual for a bus chassis to be manufactured and titled in one year and the conversion finished in the next year. In fact, it is not terribly uncommon for the conversion completion to be two model years after the chassis.

The bus is retitled to match the conversion. For example, the BoggsMobile chassis was built in early 1995 in Canada and the conversion was completed in Sanford, Florida in late 1995 and was titled as a 1996. For the state of Ohio and the insurance, it is a 1996, when ordering bus parts, it is a 1995.

Clear as mud, right?

I have written recently about the mileage on the BoggsMobile, so I will spare you that for now. I will say for my records, that the mileage stands at 388,353 on the thirteenth anniversary.

Here are the pictures we took on the day we purchased the BoggsMobile. More words below.

Those pictures were from March 21, 2008, thirteen years and two days ago.

Thank you for spending some time with us today.


Monday, March 22, 2021

Weekend Write Up 3/22/21

Before I can give the weekend rundown, I need to go back a few days. Pastor Philip Hoskins invited us to sing and preach Wednesday night at Corwin Pentecostal Church and we were glad to go. I was not able to preach much, but I preached a few minutes and the people were gracious to receive what I could give.

I appreciate the opportunity to minister at Corwin. I was raised one mile from Corwin and the church had a great impact on my life as a child and as a young person.

I also appreciate the opportunity to exercise my lungs in preaching. I am not quite able to pull it off yet, but I will never know when I am ready if I do not keep trying. I have been healed many times while I was preaching and I know that could happen again at any moment.

Odie took some great pictures.

Thursday afternoon we were blessed to have a visit from our dear friend Renae Coffman and her daughter Jacqueline and granddaughter Albany. We love Renea and her daughters and little Albany so much and we loved getting to spend time with them. 

It was so fun to have our friends for lunch and a short visit. It was quite a treat for us. May God bless them for taking time for us.

The Friday highlight was a short online revival service focusing on special prayer for those that needed miracles. I was so thrilled to hear from a few people that told us God touched them and helped them during prayer time. Hallelujah!

I also ask for people in the service to pray for me. I lost some ground in my lungs last week and I need the Lord's help. I need a miracle. Earlier Friday afternoon I had a small measure of improvement and I have held that over the weekend, but I need a miracle. I would appreciate you praying for me.

Friday and Saturday were spent mostly preparing for preach and for A Word For Wednesday. Both days were pretty good and the weather Saturday, the first day of spring, was beautiful!

Sunday was another beautiful spring day. The Sunshine was so nice. I could really get used to warm weather and bright sunshine!

Sunday evening we drove down to Sharonville Free Holiness Church in the Cincinnati area to preach for Pastor Randy Brown and his folks. We love being in service in Sharonville. They make it so easy to preach.

On this visit, I did not even have to preach a full sermon. We were singing "He's Got It All In Control" and the Lord began to move among the people and draw them into the altar. It was a wonderful service!

The is our weekend write up on Mile Markers. Thank you for stopping by.