Monday, September 30, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 9/30/19

Friday was a warm late September Mississippi day, but the temperature was comfortable for tent revival by church time Friday evening. We had a great crowd for the final night and a wonderful altar service too. We Praise God for His help in Richton, Mississippi all week long. 

Odie has a few pictures from Friday night.

As we suspected it would be, the tent top was wet with dew at the end of service. The tent is not going up the rest of the year, so the moisture meant the tent could not come down Friday night. The folks stayed after church and helped us put away the chairs and PA equipment.

In a few minutes, the work was complete. The tent kind of looked lonely late Friday night with the chairs all gone.

We love getting the tent down and packed away immediately after church the last night. Even though it seems more difficult on us physically, the folks are there to help after church and there is a satisfying feeling of shutting the door on the trailer knowing the work is done less than two hours after church.

With the tent wet, there was nothing that could be done, but to ask the people to come back Saturday about noon after the tent had a chance to dry out. Bro. Scott came over for a couple of hours Saturday morning and we took down the lights and prepared the trailer to receive the tent later in the day.

We had a terrific crowd of help there before noon and soon we started to work. The tent was down, folded and packed away in short order. Hallelujah! There came that satisfying feeling of shutting the door on a finished product.

Then Bro. Scott and I used the church bus to take the trailer to the church where we will store it for the winter. When we finish up in Mississippi next year in late winter, we will swing by Richton, pick up the trailer and take it north to get it into position for our first tent revival of the year.

It took us about an hour to get everything unhooked, ready to ride and fueled at the local truckstop. 68 miles later and a little before 5:00 PM we were pulling into our Alabama home at Tanner Williams Holiness Church.

Soon Kelly Jo had the BoggsMobile wiggled into place and parked. I thought I would try backing in this time so we could pull out easily when we leave. I like being parked this way, but the back of the bus is going downhill a little and that puts my head downhill at night. I will have to see if we can work it out.

We visited a while with our dear friends, the Apostle and the Epistle. It was so great to see them and hug their necks again. Since we saw them about two weeks ago, Bro. Donnie scared us a with a little health issue, but he is on the mend and doing much, much better. Praise God!

Before we had a chance to consider that we might be tuckered out, Kelly Jo and I took some of our sound equipment up the hill and set up. Bro. David Watson came at 6:30 and hooked us into their mixer and we were ready to go.

Then it was supper, preparations for bed and in bed before 10:00. That is why I was up at 4:00 finishing yesterday's Mile Marker. Ugh!

We always look forward to being at Tanner Williams for Homecoming Revival and Sunday was a great kick off day for the week! We enjoyed two wonderful services on Sunday with a trip to Sonny's for lunch squeezed into the middle.

We failed to take pictures at Sonny's, so maybe it did not really happen, but we do have pictures from the church folks Sunday. I know we were there because there is photographic proof.

There was more wonderful fellowship to enjoy after church Sunday morning and that wrapped up a wonderful weekend. Thank you for reading.