Thursday, October 20, 2016

Weather In Fayetteville, North Carolina

Would you help us pray about the weather? This area of North Carolina was very saturated with rain the two weeks before Hurricane Matthew. During the hurricane they had at least 24 inches in two days here in Fayetteville. I do not think anyone in North Carolina is praying for rain right now.

It has been beautiful every day this week with lots of sunshine and no rain. It has been getting a little warmer each day but it has mostly been 70's-80's during the day and 50's overnight. You can not get much better weather for tent revival. It has been wonderful!

I am concerned about Friday though. Friday's forecast has been up and down all week long. Right now the weather guessers are calling for a 50% chance of rain for Friday. 

Wednesday morning it was 10% for Friday and a few hours ago it was saying 70%. I really need to get this tent down dry on Saturday and with much cooler temperatures forecast on Saturday, it may have a hard time drying if it rains much Friday.

I know God can take care of all this for me and I would appreciate you mentioning it to Him when you pray.

Thank you very much and thank you for reading.


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