Monday, October 31, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 10/31/22

Friday morning, we were up with the sun to prepare to drive from West Plains, Missouri to Paducah, Kentucky. First things first, I needed to add about a quart of Dexron to the power steering reservoir. As you can see, we are prepared.😍

Hwy 60 across southern Missouri is slow going in the bus and once you cross the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, it is even slower going in Kentucky. Plus, we stopped twice so our 221 mile drive took us 5.5 hours.

Saturday we caught up on bookwork, carried in and set up sound and ate supper with Pastor Doug Stevens and his family.

We were rested pretty good by the time Sunday morning rolled around and we were anticipating a super great day. Both services were good and we are thankful. 

We are happy to be at High Point with Pastor Doug Stevens and his family. We are praying for three more great nights of revival.

Thank you for joining us for a while today. See you tomorrow.


Sunday, October 30, 2022

Our View Out The Front Window of the BoggsMobile 10/30/22

Sunday Morning Sanity
God cannot be a figment of my imagination, because he is nothing at all like I imagined him to be. C.S. Lewis

Our view out the bus window last week in West Plains, Missouri.

Our view out the bus window this week in Paducah, Kentucky.

I hope you have a super great Sunday. Thank you for dropping in.


Saturday, October 29, 2022

Pod’N Me Take 2

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from the BoggsMobile. I hope you are doing well this fine Saturday. We are doing great. The Lord gave us a wonderful revival this week in Birch Tree, Missouri. I love watching God's plan unfold.

We are in Paducah, Kentucky today. We are looking forward to being with Pastor Doug Stevens and the people at High Point Pentecostal Church. Revival begins tomorrow morning thru Wednesday night. I anticipate God will meet us in the five services of revival!

Pod'N Me Take 2
My faithful readers may remember me talking about my favorite podcast in past posts. If you are new, allow me to introduce you to Pod'N Me.

Pod'n Me is a weekly podcast full of great Christian humor! A new episode is released every Wednesday. It is available on all the different podcast platforms. I listen here on Apple Podcasts.

Pod'N Me was started by Pastor Devin Birdsong in 2020. He produced several episodes of the podcast with special guest interviews. Those episodes are wonderful!

Bro. Devin still does a monthly interview with a special guest. The interviews are released on the first day of the month. I highly recommend you check out the interview series. The testimonies and topics addressed are outstanding.

Two years ago, the format of the weekly episodes changed. Bro Devin brought on two more members to the podcast crew. The Wednesday Pod'N Meeting was born. Bro. Devin Birdsong is the Poderator and the virtual pastor every Wednesday. Bro. Dustin Wakely is the virtual deacon, and Bro. Brad Cottrell is the virtual song leader for the Pod'N me services.

I have known all of these men and their families for many years. They are wonderful people that love God! They are sold out, 100 percent Christians. I love it when Christians love to have fun!! Bro. Devin, Bro. Dustin and Bro. Brad make a fantastic team.

You never know what will transpire during a virtual church service at Pod'N Me. This is a time to relax and have fun. It blesses many people each week! I love it when I find a fellow member of the podience that enjoys the podcast like I do.

I have been a faithful member of the podience for almost two years. I am always encouraging others to join in on the fun! I love the humor! They have given me the title of Souper Fan. Yes, it is spelled souper, not super. Soup has been a hot topic of debate for a long time.

Last fall, I was invited to be a guest on Pod'N Me! Click here to hear my 2021 interview. We had so much fun recording the show! We made so many memories that day. We are still laughing about them.

This year, Bro. Devin, Bro. Dustin and Bro. Brad invited me to come back to Pod'N Me. It was an honor to be part of the show again. I truly can not tell you how much fun we had recording the episode!

Dad took this picture below right before we started recording. I was too busy during the actual recording to snap any pictures.

Bro. Devin thought he had the bright idea to put me in charge of the episode! This was not his wisest decision.😍 The Souper Fan took charge. We had lots of fun with the whole situation. It definitely could have been a train wreck, but I think it turned out good. 

The episode was released on Wednesday, October 26, 2022. Click here to find my latest Pod'N Me visit. I hope this is not the least downloaded Pod'N Me episode!

Thanks to Bro. Devin, Bro. Dustin and Bro. Brad, for allowing me to be a member of their team for the day! I had a great time with you all! Thanks for your friendship! Keep up the excellent work at Pod'N Me.

My Pod'N Me Take 2 episode was released this week. Click here to hear it for yourself. I would love to know what you think. Also, send your feedback to Bro. Devin by email. The address is Tell my friends at Pod'n Me that The Souper Fan sent you.

You can also find Pod'N Me information on their website here. Hey, do not forget Christmas is coming. Pod'N Me merchandise would make great gifts. Order yours today on their website.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today. I will see you next Saturday.

Friday, October 28, 2022

Revival In Pictures-Birch Tree, Missouri

This week of revival at Victory Pentecostal Holiness Church in Birch Tree, Missouri has been wonderful. Each service was outstanding and the people responded to the preaching. It was fantastic. 

We appreciate Pastor Ronald Coots inviting us for revival. We had been here for one service in 2020, but this was our first revival. His people received us very warmly and we will never forget it.

We have known Bro. Ronald and Sis. Candi Coots since they were young teenagers and we are thankful to see them working in the ministry and to be able to come alongside of them and assist them in the work God has called them to do. It is such a joy to see them and be with them and their family.

Thank you all for joining us today. I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures.


Since The Boggsmobile had to park in a campground, the Green Machine was pressed into service again!