Monday, November 30, 2009

Weather II

Next week in Ibadan, Oyo State looks more like the weather we
experienced in 2007. Notice Wednesday; 100 will be great with about
96% humidity. Good thing that's my last day to preach!
Heat, humidity, sweat and all, it's still great to be here! Thank God
for the opportunity to be here!


Morning everybody. We are not sleeping but the wifi is working so we
looked up the weather on my phone. This screen shot is for Abeokuta
this week. It is really not all that bad. In fact it is much cooler so
far than last time. I still get soaking wet when I preach but al least
I'm not instantly soaked the moment I step out the door.
When I look at the weather back home in Waynesville, OH And for our
friends the Metzgers in Montanna, it is really quite nice here.

11/30/09 Altar

We had a move of God at the Altar service tonight. The response to
the message was tremendous. I love the way God is reaching out and the
people are reaching toward God.
We start the Ministers Conference tomorrow at 10:00 am. The
schedule says I will be preaching two sessions at one hour and fifteen
minutes each. Pray that God will cover that place with the Holy Ghost.
The theme is from Esther 4:14 ...who knoweth whether thou art come
to the kingdom for such a time as this.
The message tomorrow is "A Portrait of Esther". Pray for us. God
bless you all.

11/30/09 Church

I couldn't stay on the platform tonight! Nights like tonight make me
want to grow up someday and be a preacher! We had great church.

On the road again!

Just can't wait to get on the road again. On the way to church Monday
evening. Not a traffic light in the whole city that I've seen.

11/30/09 Lunch

Monday lunch. Rice with fried Plantain. Very very tasty!

Kelly's Friend

Kelly Jo found a little friend Inside the motel.

Hello from Odie

Hey Friends,
I am having a great time here in Nigeria. It is so good to see so many friends from our last visit in 2007. All of them are so kind to us. They go out of their way to do their best for us. It is overwhelming the love and appreciation they show us just for coming to Nigeria.
Saturday night was our first service here. The youth choir sang a special song welcoming us. There we signs hanging saying Welcome Evangelist Davy Boggs and Family.
At Bro. Shobanke's church they use white plastic chairs on the platform. As Dad says "they are not fat boy approved". Last time they would bring Dad a more solid chair from Bro. Shobanke's office. The Youth of the church bought a couch for us to sit on because they wanted us to have a better seat. They even carried it outside for the crusade service.
The three services we have been in have been great. Dad has preached very good. Bro. Matthew has interpreted twice and Bro. Salmon interpreted Sunday morning. They both do a great job. I am sure it is a difficult thing to do.
Well I must go for now. Dad wants you to know that the wifi went back down before he could get all the pics posted from the trip to market.
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This is the place they bought our bottled water. It's just around the
corner from our hotel. The young lady tried to charge more when she
saw us in the van this time. Bro. Emmanuel refused to pay more than
three days ago and she giggled with embarrassment. She looked at us
with a sheepish grin as if to say, "you can't blame me for trying."
The truth is, I can't blame her at all.

More Along the Street

Along the Street


Trip to the market 11/30/09

The next few pics are from our trip to the market. I use the word
market in a general sense because any city street that has much
traffic has booths or tables set along each side selling goods that
people need for their day to day lives. The first picture is the place
we bought our material. It is one of dozens of places just like it up
and down the street.
When we get out of the van in a place like this it always causes a
scene of sorts. There are no traffic laws that I can see, so cars and
motorcycles are going everywhere. The people are constantly trying to
stop traffic for us so we can cross the street or even walk along the
street. Some are probably genuinely concerned for our well being but
many are trying to get a tip.
All the vendors are competing to get us to their wares because they
think we have lots of money to spend. We have to let a local negotiate
for us because the price immediately goes up when they see us. The
tailor from the church negotiated the price for us.
Can't wait to see this material turned into out new clothes.


Monday at 12:25 pm. My bride is just as beautiful in Nigeria!

11/29/09 Crusade

Altar service Sunday night.

Ice Cream!

Very good a creamy chocolate ice cream made from pasturized milk.
(Kelly checked Before we ate it.)

11/29/09 The Great Meal

Here it is.

11/29/09 Lunch

Bro. Shonanke took us to a new restaurant called Chicken Republic.
Here's a pic of the Sunday Special. 1 roasted chicken, 4 servings of
fried rice, a serving of fries, 4 cokes & 2 ice cream cones. Notice
the price. On sale for N4000. That's around $26 and about 25% of a
good monthly wage here in Abeokuta.
The food was DELICIOUS!


Bro. Shobanke & Kelly Jo


Kelly Jo enjoying a Mt. Dew treat after church Sunday morning in Bro.
Shobanke's office.


Inside Bro. Shobanke's church. This is also where the Ministers
Conference will be held.

11/29/09 Sun. Morning

It is Monday morning about 11:30 am. We are all doing pretty good
but still not resting well in the middle of the night. Pray for us
concerning that. Also pray that God will give us strength and good
health the remainder of the trip.
We are having a great time with the people of Nigeria. They are so
kind to us. The Ministers Conference starts tomorrow so we only have
one service today. Bro. Shobanke is going to pick us up around 12:30.
We are preparing to go buy material for my new African clothes.
As you can see, the updates from Sat. night service have posted.
Hope you enjoy.
This pic is from the altar service Sunday morning in Bro.
Shobanke's church. We had a wonderful move of God in the altar.
More to come I hope.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


The pic of me and Bro. Shobanke was included twice in that last post. I guess Odie's Blackberry had never seen anything like me in my traditional African clothes.
It is between 3-4am and we are awake. Other than that everything is great. The pic is Odie tonight before church.
Have a good night.
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Wifi has been down at the motel so my updates from Sat. night are sitting in the outbox on my phone. I will add them if and when wifi comes back. They will be out of correct order but they will have the date in the subject line. Odie has regular Internet on her phone so I will try to update from here.
Sunday morning service in Bro. Shobanke's church was great. They responded in the altar service very well. The Gospel Crusade kicked off tonight. The crowd was good and we has a good service. Odie took some pics on her phone so I will try to add them. I must warn you that our phones take terrible pics at night.
Thanks for all the prayers. If you have commented and it hasn't been posted it is because I can't access my email. I will get to it ad soon as possible.
God bless,
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sat. 11/28/09 V

Preaching with Bro. Matthew interpreting.

Sat. 11/28/09 IV

Crowd coming in before dark.

Sat. 11/28/09 III

Sign in front of church.

Sat. 11/28/09


Sat. 11/28/09

This church is an offspring of Bro. Shobanke's church. It is also
called Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church. The Pastor is Rev. Lawrence
T. Ariyo. He Is a fine man that I met last time. They had moved
everything outside for a one night Healing & Salvation Revival. They
went to a lot of work & expense for one night and God honored us with
His presence. The next few pics were taken with my phone.
Praise God we are off to a good start.

First Service Abeokuta

We went across the city of Abeokuta about 30-40 minutes and then off
the main road. After a while we started seeing signs like these. It
says "Welcome Rev. E. A. Shobanke; Evang. D. Boggs& Family"

Saturday Lunch

Very good Fried Chips (French Fries)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Bro. Shobanke came to the hotel today and brought some drinking
water and stayed for a great visit. We talked about the meetings to be
held the next two weeks and caught up on news here and in the US. The
pic is Bro. Shobanke praying for Odie during that visit. Bro.
Shobanke is a man of faith and is believing God to heal Odie while we
are here. We appreciate all the folks here And in the US that are
daily praying for Odie to receive a miracle. I can't think of a better
time than tonight!
I can only add one pic at a time when I email updates to the blog
so I noticed it keeps pushing updates down the page and then off the
page. So if you only check once a day or less you might have to click
on "older posts" to see everything that has been added. Or if you
notice the sidebar on the left lists all the post. You might be able
to keep track like that.
We are still having a good time just trying to stay awake until bed
time so we can get adjusted to the time difference. We've been
studying, writing in journals and playing word games.
Thanks for praying. Please comment or send us an email to let us
know you're reading. Thanks

A Lizard of Some Kind With An Orange Head

Front Desk Staff

Everyone is so nice to us here.

Our Hotel in Abeokuta

Friday Lunch

Very good rice with a can of Vienna sausages(not pictured)

Friday morning

Hello from Nigeria!
Its Friday 12:30pm here and 6:30am in Ohio. Kelly Jo is Trying to get clothes sorted and straightened out from the trip. She works so hard when we travel like this. The truth is, she works hard all the time. The plan is to rest up and visit today and tomorrow. A service has been added in another church on Sat. night. I think it is in Abeokuta as well but I'm not sure. 
I'll send more pics when we get out and about. Thanks for praying for us.  

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Thursday, November 26, 2009


My favorite part!

Abeokuto At Last

After 23 hours we are in the hotel in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.
We are so glad to be here.
Pastor Shobane and his wife along with four of his men met us at the
entrance to the airport. It was so good to see smiling faces that we
I'm just a few minutes we were loaded up in a van and a car headed
this way. We just arrived a few minutes ago and the pic below is
Kelly Jo and Odie in our room. I'll send another pic of our bed in a
moment. The room is nice and we are looking forward to a good nights
sleep. More update tomorrow if these go through!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No wifi

We are waiting for the plane to get loaded in Atlanta. It doesn't look
like we will have Internet service on this flight so this will
probably be the last update for a while. Y'all have a good night and a
great Thanksgiving!
God bless you all.
Davy, Kelly & Odie

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These are our seats. And we are glad to be on the way.

Flight 054 to Lagos

These are not our seats!

From The Friendly Skies

Sending this from the air. Delta along with eBay is providing free
wifi over the holidays. It's neat to have Internet while flying. Hope
it works between Atlanta and Nigeria.


Odie is all strapped into the seat. Flight #1217 from Dayton to
Atlanta. Good so far.


Checking in.


Ma & Pa dropped us at the airport.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another luggage pic

Here We Go!

Here's a bit of our luggage stacked up on the couch in the bus. I can
only send one at a time from my phone so I'll send another in a
moment. Kelly Jo & Odie have packed for two solid days. We have six
suitcases that weigh between 49.2 and 49.8lbs. each. That's pretty
good packing since the limit is 50lbs. We each have a carry on
stuffed to the max as well.
We are going to our home church (Dryden Rd.) tonight and then leave
tomorrow. We will try to arrive at the airport around 5:00 PM. I'll
keep you updated until we leave Atlanta. After that it will be up to
Odie's phone or an Internet cafe if we can find one.
God bless,

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nigeria Updates

We are in the final stages of preparations for our Mission trip to Nigeria. Kelly Jo and Odie are doing the necessary shopping in order to pull everything together for the trip and soon the packing will begin. We will arrive home from Goshen, IN the night of the 22nd, pull it all together and fly out Wednesday the 25th. We should land in Lagos, Nigeria the next day. Bro. Shobanke will meet us at the airport and we will go by car to Abeokuta, Ogun State that evening. We plan to start the meetings there on Sunday. We will have a Minister's Conference during the day and a Gospel Crusade at night. The next week we will move to Ibadan, Oyo State and do it all over again. We are looking forward to seeing the many friends we made last time and making many more. Please pray for our effectiveness in Nigeria.
We are trying to figure out a way to keep everyone up to date while we are in Nigeria. We are not taking a computer with us for various reasons so we can't update the website like we normally would. We have opened a page at so we can add updates from any internet enabled computer or even with email from our phones (if we have service). If you are reading this on then you have already found us. We will link to it from the front page of our website and from the Mile Marker page but we may not have a way to let you know it has been updated while we are out of the country. We will update as often as possible would love to hear from you as well. Please leave a comment and if we have internet service like we did last time we will publish the comments as well.
Thanks and God Bless,
Davy, Kelly and Odie

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