Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Little Work, A Little Travel, A Little More Rest

Don't miss a bunch of pictures from Richton Tent Revival posted yesterday.

This is where the tent was...

Saturday started early after a short night but ended with plenty of rest.

After getting the tent down Friday night we visited with friends until late and finally went toward bed about 2:00. The Pavilion we were parked next to at the city park was rented Saturday so we were up unhooking the bus getting it ready to move to the church. 

It is probably less than 3 miles from the park to the church so it was definitely a short travel day. After the bus was set up and wired in Bro. Scott and I took the church van back to the park and brought the tent trailer to the church and parked it in the back.

The tent trailer will spend the winter here so Kelly Jo and I spent some time separating tent revival gear from regular gear and putting the regular gear back in the bus. We ate quick lunch with the Morris' and then I went to the bus for a long afternoon nap! I went out like a light. From the puddles outside it must have rained cats and dogs but I did not hear it at all.

Cleaning up in style...

I appreciate Pastor Scott Morris and his church for allowing the tent trailer to park here for the winter. It is a huge blessing to me. Leaving it in the south saves me from having to pull it several thousand miles between here and Citronelle, Alabama next March. That not only saves a whole lot of diesel but also saves me a bunch of worry and aggravation about getting in and out of a several of places where I will not need it at all.

About 5:00 we went with the Morris family for some great Mexican and then came back to the church to set up our sound and fellowship some more. Then I went to bed early for us and slept good again.

Great food with even better friends...

Today we have Homecoming here in Richton and then we are supposed to be in Ellisville, Mississippi for service tonight. Tomorrow morning we plan to point the nose of the BoggsMobile toward Bond, Kentucky.

Thanks for praying for us.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tent Revival In Pictures - Richton, Mississippi

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I do not know how to explain this tent revival any other way. It has been incredible and we give God all the glory for it.

It was good right up to the last minute of the last night. We had great crowds and super participation in the altar services. Folks were saved and delivered and several received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

I appreciate Pastor Scott Morris and his church for all the hard work they put into tent revival. I know that God has and will continue to bless them for their labor.

Praise God for a great week of tent revival in Richton, Mississippi. Now we are looking forward to Homecoming on Sunday.

Every night the dew has been very heavy. The water has been dripping off the edges of the tent after church. We knew we would have to wait until Saturday until about noon to take the tent down.

By Friday evening there was a high chance of storms rolling in Saturday morning and staying all weekend. Bro. Scott and I decided to take it down wet Friday night and roll it out in his fellowship hall to dry it out.

It was going to be a lot of extra work but we needed to get it down before the storms started. If not then it might be Tuesday before we got it down.

We started pulling it down Friday after church and we noticed it was dry. The cloud cover had kept the temperatures up enough that we had not reached the dew point. Praise God.

We were able to take it down and pack it up dry Friday night. It is almost unbelievable because it had been so wet every night. I am so thankful.

The take down went perfectly. Everybody worked so hard and in unity. I sure will rest better knowing it is down.

We have a bunch of pictures this week of tent revival. I hope you enjoy them.

God bless,


Some of Odie's Pictures.