Welcome to Mile Markers

Mile Markers are the little green signs that pop up every mile on the Interstate system here in the USA that let us know our location within the state. When you spend much time on the road the Mile Marker tells you everything you need to know about how far you have traveled and how far you have left to go.

Mile Markers are a good way to describe our updates from the road. They keep track of our progress as we move across the country. We post about the grace of God, great churches, Pastors, people, revivals, music, family, food, fellowship, fun, our travels and who knows what else. Thanks for stopping in to read our Mile Markers. When you must leave we hope you leave informed, entertained, refreshed and thinking with a smile on your face.

Mile Markers started as an infrequent update on our first website. When we started the blog it became much easier to post the Mile Markers here and this became our main site. The archives of most of the early Mile Markers from 2007-2009 can be found below. The newest is at the top and they get older as you scroll down the page.
I hope you enjoy them.


Mile Markers
(Updates From The Road)
Mile Marker: March 18th, 2009
   Hello from Ellisville, Mississippi! I have a lot of information to give you. God has met us here at First Assembly. We have been here since Sunday Morning with Pastor Kenny Morris . Each service has been very good. Monday night the Holy Ghost was there not only to encourage the church He also came to encourage our family!! Tuesday was a continuation of the previous service. Who knows what will happen next. I can not wait to find out.
   We had an awesome week last week at the Allentown campmeeting! Once again we left encouraged from the word of God we heard. It was food for our souls. Dad really enjoyed getting to hear someone else preach for a change. He had not heard a message from another preacher since January 9th. Another great thing about campmeeting is the opportunity to visit with friends from all over the nation. It was good to see many of you and my eyes were sore looking for some of the rest of you!! Thank you to Pastor Eugene Futral and all the Pastors who make the meeting possible.
   Before Allentown we visited our friends at Tanner Williams Holiness Church. Thank you to Pastor Donnie Williamson and the church at Tanner Williams for your friendship. We love you all!! God met us in both Sunday services that day. I believe he was preparing our hearts for the meeting ahead. We also attended the Monday night fellowship meeting at Tanner Williams. Bro. Lendell Birdsong from Oklahoma did a very good job preaching that night.
   I think our last Mile Marker was from Richton, Mississippi. I want to thank everyone in the church at Richton. We had a wonderful week with Pastor Scott Morris and all the folks. As Dad told you we greatly enjoyed our visit with Bro. Scott, Sis Kim, Regan and Rylee. Yes, Sis Kim is one of our favorite cooks. Everything she fixes is out of this world good!!!!!!!!!
   I know that I have made a big loop but we are back around to Ellisville, Mississippi. I will be sure to fill you in on the rest of our stay here with Bro. Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris. Odie

Mile Marker: March 4, 2009 (From Davy)
  We are off to a good start here in Richton, Mississippi.  The services have been good with especially good altar services.   We have had lots of fellowship from local churches and that is always good.  Pastor Scott Morris and his wife Sis. Kim really know how to treat folks and we have been enjoying their fine hospitality and fellowship.  I am sure Odie will bring you up to date on the revival later.
   When we arrived Saturday, the Riddells came over and we were able to visit with them for a couple of hours.  They were in revival an hour or so away.  It was so good to see David, Sonja, Justin and Kayla.  They have been dear friends of ours for many years and we love them dearly.
   Allentown Campmeeting is next week and we are looking forward to it.  We always leave Allentown so encouraged by all the great preaching.  If you are any where around you ought to come and be a part of it.  I am sure you will be blessed.  We are planning to be there all week and soak it all in.
   We have added over 400 pictures the last two days to the website.  Here is a LINK to see them.  Let us know what you think of the pictures.  We love to hear your comments.
   Thanks for praying for us out hear on the road.  We certainly need God's help everyday.  May God Bless each of you!
Mile Marker: February 24th, 2009
   Hello again! Our current location is still Purcell, Oklahoma. Although we have traveled a few hundred miles since my last update and I will explain that in a moment.
   Things have been going good here. God is blessing in the revival at New Mission Holiness Church! We are thrilled to see God helping Pastor Steve Moore and congregation!! I don’t know how to describe the Sunday and Monday night services. They were sent from Heaven. We will be here through Wednesday night.
   If it has been a while since your last visit to New Mission; I suggest you pay them another visit, They recently finished giving the sanctuary a face lift. Everything looks so beautiful!!
   Speaking of remodeling, our friends at Bethany Revival Center just completed a huge make over to their sanctuary. God blessed Pastor John DiZazzo and the folks there in Wichita, Kansas with the building over twenty years ago. It had “gorgeous” orange carpet and chairs to match. Over the last few year they have been doing some updates whenever possible. They found some nice pews for the church, redid the parking lot and many more nice things. This year was the year of major change. The orange carpet is now gone, the platform is completely changed, they added a beautiful altar rail, painted, added Sunday School space, entry way and so much more. It looks awesome!! It looks like a completely different church. Although I must admit my heart is grieved because of the loss of the orange carpet because orange is my favorite color. But they replaced it with my second favorite color green.
   We were invited to sing and preach in the dedication service on Sunday morning. We left Purcell Saturday night and arrived in Wichita around 1:00.  After a good nights sleep at the Best Western we were well rested and ready for service Sunday morning. Then the fun began...
   Have you ever had to sneak into church? This was the first time I remember having to do it. Only a few people knew of our coming for the service. It was a surprise to the rest of the church. Sis. DiZazzo told the church she was going to do something different. She then asked her helpers to be seated and said welcome Davy, Kelly, and Odie Boggs. Bro. John opened the side door and we came in. I wish I could have registered the looks on each face. Dad was instantly swallowed up by hugs from the kids on the front row.  They were all definitely surprised and shocked!! It was great to be a part of it all!
   We had a great service. Then we had a good meal at Hometown Buffet before hitting the road again. The jeep carried us safely back to New Mission in time to catch a few zzzzzzz’s and freshen up for the Sunday night service. It was a wonderful day!!
   Monday was mostly a quiet day after our excitement filled Sunday. Who knows what Tuesday holds, but God? I will let you know at a later date.     Odie
   Note From Davy:  We have lost two dear friends in the last few days and we would like for your to pray for their families.  Bro. Eason from Oliver Springs, TN and Sis. Garman from Hanford, CA have gone to their great reward.  They were both long time friends of ours and wonderful Christians.  I would appreciate it if you would hold our friends up in prayer.   Davy
Mile Marker: February 18th 2009
   Good evening from Purcell, Oklahoma. We are having a wonderful time here at New Mission Holiness Church. Again this week we have had some great altar services. The Lord is definitely trying to minister to His people and their needs!
   We have had some schedules updates. Make sure you check our calendar on the front page for the changes. We would love to see you in service in the near future. It seems like our schedule always changes right after we publish a newsletter. That is why we include the note: “These dates are subject to change like maybe, tomorrow.” It just goes to show you before coming to see us it would be a good idea to check our schedule page. Also you can give us a call to confirm the dates. We have also added some dates as well.
   Things have been pretty calm around here lately.  Mom and I did start back on our diet Sunday. It has been four days and I have not starved to death. At times I feel a faint coming on though. LOL! My stomach was growling pretty loud by the end of service last night.
   I trust you all are having a great week. I must go get ready for church.   Odie

Mile Marker: February 13th 2009
   Hey it is Odie reporting again from the BoggsMobile in windy Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We are having a great revival at Calvary Holiness Church. Each service we have had good altar services. Faith seems to be the theme of the meeting. We have already heard testimonies of God moving in lives. Also the folks are remembering things God has done in the past! Sometimes it does the soul go to reminisce over answered prayers. I know it builds my faith! God is so awesome and it is wonderful that we get the privilege of calling Him Father.
   He definitely watched over us this week. Tuesday afternoon there were several severe storms in the area. The storms produced some tornado warnings, several of which were for “Oklahoma” county where we are located. Thankfully none of them touched down on our side of town so we made it without any damage to our vehicles! We did take refuge in the block laundry room of the campground. Thanks to the storm chasers, we could tell we were going to be okay. I would not want to risk my life to report on storms, but I am thankful for those who do the job!!
   We are nearing the halfway point of February. Already we have weathered an ice/snow storm and now a tornado. What is next? Hopefully not a hurricane or tsunami ! LOL
   Wednesday we had the right windshield replaced. On the way home to Ohio for Christmas a truck flung a rock into the passenger side of the windshield! I was on the phone at the time. It sounded like we had been shot. Once again I thank the Lord for His hand of protection. It did not come through the windshield. Mom could have been hurt very badly!
   On Thursday Mom and I managed to squeeze in some shopping. It does not take much to get me to head to the store. First we went to Sheplers where I bought a new pair of brown boots. I really needed to replace a badly worn pair. Next, we went to Cato and then Steinmart.  At Steinmart I bought a jacket for Easter. I’ll just say if you are in Thomasville, Georgia on Easter you will be able to find me. I will not be blending in with the crowd. I love it; the brighter the better!!!
   I also worked on a Newsletter. I finished it up today and Mom took it to the Post Office.  On Saturday we head down the road to Purcell, Oklahoma. We are looking forward to being at New Mission Holiness Church with Pastor Steve Moore and congregation.
    It is now the 14th and we are in Purcell. Hope you all have a nice week.
   Happy Valentine’s Day!!    Odie
Mile Marker: February 10th 2009
   Hello, I am back! For the last several days we have not had enough signal to update the site. It would took me thirty-forty minutes just to check my e-mail. Dad went to library to update, but he could not connect to their wireless network. We have lots of pictures to be posted as soon as we come across a great connection speed.
   During the last update we were in the middle of an ice storm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We did come through it just fine. It was nice to have a couple quiet days! Also we enjoyed visiting with Pastor Bill Parks and family. Thank you to the Parks family for all your hospitality! Thank the Lord, He sent the sun to help us be able to get out of there and head to Weir, Kansas on schedule.
   This made our seventh January trip to Faith Tabernacle. Pastor James Family and the church make us feel like we are coming home each time!! Thank you all so much for everything! You all are so precious to our family. Thanks for your belief and support in our ministry!!! God came by each service in different ways to help His people! All good things have to come to an end but Faith Tabernacle is always a difficult place to say goodbye. We are always looking forward to the next time when we will see our friends.
   The BoggsMobile hit the road late morning on Saturday. It was a relatively short trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We spent the afternoon getting settled into the campground where we are parked. In the evening Mom and Dad went to set up the sound equipment at the church. Revival kicked off Sunday morning with a bang. We are excited to see what God is doing in Midwest City, Oklahoma for Pastor Kenny Searcy and his congregation.
   The weather is beautiful here this week with a little rain that they desperately need and some sunshine that I desperately need! Keep us in your prayers.    Odie

Mile Marker: January 25th and 26th, 2009
   Hello, it is the BoggsMobile reporting in from the road again. As I write we are somewhere between Lawton and Tulsa, Oklahoma. So far the ride has been smooth, It has been an expensive ride . We have to travel mostly on toll roads, and five axels add up the cost. That is just part of being in Oklahoma; you almost have to pay a toll to go across the street. LOL
   We are looking forward to being in Sunday service with Pastor Bill Parks and the congregation at The House of Prayer. It has been a while since our last visit with these fine people.
   This week has been a good one for us. Dad and Mom are still trying to get over their colds. They have been able to sing a little more the last two nights. When one of us is sick we realize even more how much we work off of each other. When one voice is not at full potential we recognize it!
   As I told you last time we have done a lot of moving this week. Wallville, Oklahoma was our resting place last time. The two services at The Wallville Free Holiness Church went very well. Thanks to Pastor Al Hunt and family for opening your doors to our family! Your friendship now and in the past is greatly appreciated!! I hope we were able to help them.
   Thursday and Friday nights we had the privilege of being at Trinity Holiness Church in Waurika, Oklahoma with Pastor Matt Hunt. We love Bro. Matt, Sis. Kristy and Anna. Bro. Matt was saved at fourteen years old after Dad preached one night. He has always been good to us! After he and Kristy married they pastored in Idaho. We preached two revivals for them there. In 2006 Dad preached the first message Anna ever heard, or as he says “Anna ever slept through.” I think she was four days old. Now at two and a half she is a cute bundle of energy!
   Thanks to Pastor Brandon Murray for allowing us to park at the Landmark Holiness Church in Lawton while preaching in Waurika. Saturday night we had a great time with everyone at Landmark Holiness.
   Thanks to all the pastors who invited us to be in their churches. It was our honor to be with you! May God bless you abundantly for all you hospitality!! Also thank you to our many friends who visited our revivals this week. You were an encouragement to us and the churches!
   We have a praise report!! The 2004 Kountry Star fifth wheel has sold! That is a huge answer to prayer. Thanks to all of you who helped us pray!! The 2004 Chevy is still for sale. If you would like more information on the truck drop Dad an e-mail. It is a great truck still with a long life ahead of it.    Odie       
   Since I didn’t get this posted yesterday I thought I would add a little more. We had two great services here at the House of Prayer on Sunday. It was a joy and encouragement to be here. Mom and I went to the laundry this morning (Monday) and by the time we returned it was beginning to get bad outside because of freezing rain. Looks like we will be stuck here for a day or two until the roads clear. We don’t start revival until Wednesday night in Weir, Kansas so we “should” be OK. We are in a great part of town with everything we could possibly need it isn’t such a bad place to “hunker down” as Dad says. I will try to let you know how it goes.    Odie
Mile Marker: January 21, 2009
   Hey to all my friends.  I hope your week is moving along smoothly. Moving seems to be our theme this week. The plan is to be in seven church services in six days at four different churches and cities this week.
   Revival closed Sunday night at the Sterlington Holiness Tabernacle in Sterlington, Louisiana. I told you last time of the Thursday night service.  Well, Friday night turned out to be along the same theme. It was so incredible. God was speaking to His children reminding us of His soon return!! I want to be ready!! Thanks to our many friends who filled the church up Friday night. Your fellowship meant a lot to the Sterlington Tabernacle and us!
   Saturday night was a rest night from the revival. There was a concert in the local area. Some of my favorite groups were performing that night so while Mom and Dad rested, some of us loaded up and went. We had a great time getting to hear some wonderful singing and funny stories! Appearing that night were The Arnolds, Talley Trio, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Booth Brothers, Aaron Wilburn and Brian Free and Assurance. It was a tremendous line up of singers and all of us who went had a great time.
   Sunday morning we came in ready to have church. God was there from the beginning! It was not a normal Sunday service. Dad preached to us of our need to win the lost. The Holy Ghost spoke and said something to the affect of they will come in, but I will use you. It was so precious feel Him so close. Honestly Sunday night I did not think we would get the service. God was still in the place so strong! He had a special message to the church to “Go Forward”. Dad’s message went along with what Bro. Boyd had felt God tell him earlier in the week.
   Once the service was over we started packing up and saying our goodbyes.  Sterlington is a church that goodbyes can be difficult. They are a great congregation of people. They are led by an awesome Pastor, Bro. T.D. and his precious wife, Sis. Shea Boyd. They definitely have a heart for the folks they pastor!! It is awesome to see the church God has built there in 12 years. Their’s is a story of pioneering success. I am sure they have difficulties but they are victorious through Christ! Keep them in your prayers. They are in a building program. A lot of progress has been made but seeing the building unfinished at times can be discouraging. God is not through moving in Sterlington!! If I could put the revival into two words it would be “soul stirring.”
   Thank you all for everything you did for us. Your hospitality to our family was overwhelming! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
   Monday night was a great night as well. We were traveling from Louisiana to Oklahoma. While on the road Monday Mom told me to get up, get ready and clean my area because we were stopping to see friends along the way. I was really dragging so she finally told me we would be in Tyler, Texas in a few minutes to see the Isaacs. You should have seen me kick into gear getting my self and my bunk presentable. We had a great visit with them that day. They were having a rare Monday night singing at a church in Tyler and we were passing through with a rare Monday night off. It worked out perfect. If you have never seen them live it would be worth a trip somewhere to see them. They never cease to amaze me with their talent. Yes, I know I am biased, but they are my favorites!! You can get to their schedule from our links and while you are there check their Gallery for my Tyler, Texas photos.
    After the concert we traveled a few hours and slept the rest of the night at House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas. Thanks to Bro. R.G. Logan for allowing us to pull in and sleep there!! I am glad I got to say hello to some of my friends in Gainesville! The rest of Tuesday we spent driving to Wallville, Oklahoma and preparing for the night service. Thanks to Pastor Al Hunt and family for inviting us to be back with you. We had a good service last night.
   Please keep us in your prayers! All three of us have had head colds. Now my parents have chest colds and very little voice. They are not able to sing much at all and I need them BAD!! Mom has asthma so a chest cold is very rough for her to deal with. It is now Wednesday morning and I need to head to bed.       Odie.
Mile Marker: January 16th 2009
   Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Dear, Daddy, Happy Birthday to you!!!!! AND MANY MORE!!!!!!! January 16th, 1967, a little 6 pound addition was added to the Boggs family. That addition was my Daddy who is now a big teddy bear! I love you more than a hog loves slop, Dad!!
   Please pardon my personal introduction While I am on birthdays let me wish some more family members happy birthday. January is a busy month for birthdays. Brooklyn Coffman had the big 10 birthday on the 8th, on the 12th Gran, Betty Morgan, is now 6 decades old, my Aunt Jeanna and Uncle Danny Morgan also celebrate their big days on the 14th and 21st. Happy birthday to you all!
   We are having a great time in Sterlington, Louisiana. God has been blessing in the services at Sterlinton Holiness Tabernacle. And we have been having a wonderful time of fellowship with Pastor T.D. Boyd and family! The Boyds are some of our favorite folks to be around. If laughter is a good medicine, then I have overdosed on medicine this week. I would not trade a minute of it.
   God came by in a special way Thursday night. Pastor T.D. was fired up with hope and hopefully the rest of us got fired up too. He was encouraging us to be ready and anticipating the soon coming of our King!
   I thought we were going to be in warmer weather in Louisiana! It has done went and turned winter here too. The lows have been 20’s or teens. That is COLD for here. It is still better than most places around the country!! Next we will be heading to Oklahoma.     Odie

Mile Marker: Jan 11th, 2009
   We are alive here in Pine Prairie, Louisiana. For a while we wondered if the BoggsMobile could serve as an ark. It did nothing but rain from Saturday until Tuesday!! Getting parked here Saturday was an adventure, I think we were all relieved when it was done.
   I do want to thanks the Lord for protecting us Saturday morning (the 3rd) while traveling. We came upon a terrible automobile accident moments after it happened. We were about six or seven vehicles back from the scene. Dad could not even distinguish the cars involved. The whole bridge looked like a junk pile! Thankfully we were able to get turned around in the road, and take a detour. Although over an hour was added to our travel time, we are thankful for our lives! We learned later two brothers were killed in the accident. Another brother and a truck driver were injured. The highway was closed for hours.
   The Homecoming went great Sunday Morning! We enjoyed a delicious dinner and a fun time of singing in the afternoon. The Gautreaux's and the whole church are fine folks that we love very much.
   We were privileged to meet an Isaacs fan Sunday. You know I am always looking for a fellow Isaacs lover. Ken drove all the way from Lake Charles, Louisiana to be in service with us. We are both members of the “Isaacs Insiders” on their website and he saw on our schedule we were coming to the area. Thanks, Ken, for making time to come see us! It was a pleasure meeting you!
   We did not have service Monday or Tuesday night.  Monday I enjoyed a day in the motor home. I have a head cold, so a day inside felt good. Tuesday evening we went to eat with the Gautreaux. It is a little cafĂ© that specializes in steak. It was awesome!!
   Campmeeting started Wednesday night and went through Friday. We had a great time. Pastor T.D. Boyd of Sterlington, Louisiana preached the nights. It was a wonderful meeting.
   In closing I want to extend our sympathies to the family of Brooklyn Faith Duraham from Bond, Kentucky. Brooklyn left this life for a better one January 2nd. I know she is now shouting on streets of gold. She will be greatly missed but her testimony will live forever!!! Brooklyn became everybody’s “Princess” you could not help but love her. She was an inspiration to me and she will forever encourage me to fight until the end!! Please remember those closest to her in your prayers!!!!
   We are now in Sterlington, Louisiana in revival. I will give you a full report later.     Odie

Mile Marker: Jan 3rd, 2009

   Happy New Year!  We are doing fine in 2009. As I write this we are on the road to Louisiana. We are looking forward to Homecoming Sunday at Pine Prairie Christian Tabernacle.
   I don’t know where to start to catch you up on the latest news. Dad told you the outcome of my hunting trip. But I am not giving up. I will try again next season! Thanks to my uncle Danny Morgan and Eric Meford for all your help!! I appreciate your hard work! I had a blast! We were way back in the woods! I loved every minute of it! Especially when the we saw several deer coming toward us. We were expecting them to come in a different spot . So were set up and ready to shoot in another direction. I was able to get the antlers of what we think was an 8 pointer in the scope, but I went to turn where I could get a shot they heard us and moved on. It was a most exciting experience. I can not imagine what I would have felt like if I had got him! Altogether we saw about 40 deer that day.
   A funny thing happened the morning of the hunt. The alarm went off at 5:00AM. My cousin Courtney was trying to wake me up. I told her “I don’t need to go hunting. I already got one.” I had dreamed I had already shot a deer.
   We had a great time with family and friends on Christmas. Christmas Eve we were in Hillsboro with Gran and Papaw and all the Morgan crew. The little ones made it a memorable time. I was able to spend a coupled days before Christmas with Gran and Papaw. I don’t get to always spend a lot of time with them.
   Christmas Day we were with the Boggs family in Waynesville. As always we did too much eating, but my was it good!!!! We enjoyed being together as a family.
   We usually have Christmas with the three of us on Christmas Morning. Due to some problems with the BoggsMobile we did not get to do it as planned. Dad and Papaw spent most of the day and several other days working on the motor home. Thank the Lord for helping them figure out the problem, and getting it fixed. During some frigid weather while we were away from the bus some things froze and busted, but things were not as bad as they could have been! Praise the Lord.
   Revival began at Dryden Road December 28th. The Lord visited us this week. It is always special to see God blessing our home church!!! We had an awesome communion service on New Years Eve. Watch night is probably the most anticipated service of the year at Dryden Road!! Thanks to Bro. Bennie Sutherland and the church for everything! We love you!
   I want to say thanks to all my family who put with me while we were home. Thanks to Mamaw and Papaw, Jay and Theresa, Danny and Jeanna, and Gran and Papaw. Also thanks to my cousin Lisa Isaacs for all the rides to church. Thank you to Jeff and Debbie Roberts for inviting us to your home Tuesday night. Leah, Thanks for letting my be apart of your sleepover!! I had a good time with you and the girls!
   Thanks as well to the church at Dodds that allowed us to park there while we were in Ohio. That is a tremendous blessing!
   Birthdays started again for our family the day after Christmas. December 26th Courtney Morgan turned 15. Six years ago today our family was blessed with Lucas James Osborn. Luke is a trip, he is a laugh a minute!! Happy birthday to both of them!
    We are now parked at a WalMart in Jackson, Mississippi.  Dad drove over 735 miles today.

 Mile Marker: December 22, 2008
   Odie had a great time hunting on Saturday. It was her first time in the woods tracking big game with her Uncle Danny Morgan. They hunted in two different places and saw several deer but nothing came close enough to get a shot. Several regular readers had sent their best wishes for her hunt so she wanted to let you know the outcome. She said she had a “blast” but I will let her give the details in the coming days.
   Hope you all have a great Christmas with your families and friends.      Davy
Mile Marker: December 16th 2008
   Hello again from Ohio! We are doing fine, just trying to stay warm. Looking on the bright side at least it not -29 degrees like in Montana. Somebody in the Metzger family better put some more logs on the fire. Or better yet head to Ohio where it will feel like summer for you!
   I wrote to you last time of our friend Ray Ayers who was suffering with cancer. Ray left this world Saturday morning. Please keep the family in your prayers!! Also pray for Dad. He will be preaching the funeral on Wednesday. We will also be singing. So if you think of us at noon on Wednesday whisper a prayer.
   Last Thursday night we had a great time at First Pentecostal Church in Murlin Heights Ohio! The folks there made us feel so welcome. It seemed as if we had not missed a service. Thanks to Pastor Kevin and Sis. Kim Lloyd for your hospitality! We enjoyed a great meal after church at Frisch’s! Hannah, Lydia, and Ruthie Lloyd provided the dinner entertainment! They are such fun!!
   Thank you to Tommy, Holly and Jonas for the delicious meal at OutBack Saturday! I am still stuffed. Oh wait, I just had popcorn that is why I am stuffed. It was great to spend some time with you all!!!-
   Friday and Saturday we went shopping. When I say “we” went shopping that means Mom and me. The Christmas shopping is finished. We play a game called 
Sorry About That with both families. We buy little things for the game and I have to make myself quit buying things.
About That is so much fun! It is a variation to Chinese Christmas or Dirty Santa. All the gifts go in a pile. The numbers 1-20 are put in a basket. You choose 10 numbers for your list. Someone draws and calls the numbers. When a number that is on your list is called you get to choose a gift, but do NOT open it. Once all the gifts are gone from the pile. You then take from someone else when your number is called. But you MUST say Sorry About That if you forget youDO NOT get a gift that turn. The cycle then continues until all 20 numbers have been called. At the end of the game you can then open your gifts. You may end up with a pile of things or you may have nothing! But that’s the way it goes, Sorry About That!! One year I ended up with an ice scraper. Then last year I had tons of goodies. Uncle Jay and I end up in a war usually. But it’s because he love’s me sooooo much!
   It was great to be in church at Dryden Road for both services Sunday! That was our first time at home church this time around. Bro. Bennie preached wonderful messages to us. I love to hear his Christmas sermons.
   Monday Mom and I wrapped all the presents. Dad spent a while preparing for the funeral. In the evening Mom went to Wal-Mart for some things. It was just about too cold to do any thing.
   Now today is Tuesday and once again it is laundry day. It should not be too hard. We have the viewing for Ray tonight from 4 to 8 PM. I am going to try to make it to Dryden Road for church. The little kids have a Christmas play. Jonas is playing the part of Joseph, and singing part of a song. He sang it for me the other day. He did a great job!!
   Pray for me Saturday, I am attempting to go deer hunting! Yes, you read that right! My Uncle Danny has volunteered to take me. I don’t know if he knows what he is getting into. But we are going to try hard to get a deer!! I will definitely let you know what happens!   Odie
Mile Marker: December 10th 2008
   I’ll be home for Christmas you can count on me, please have snow and…. Oh pardon me you did not want to read my singing. I am happy to be home in Ohio and I am in the Christmas spirit. I am glad I am Not dreaming.
   I trust your weekend went smoothly. Ours was a great one. We had a wonderful time at Keen Mountain First Pentecostal Church. Pastor Randy Webb and the church were so kind to us. The only thing is we did not get to hear Bro. Randy preach. Although it was good to see him get blessed Sunday night.
   After I wrote Saturday we headed to some friends house. Bro. Bob and Sis. Tish Rice are working on becoming Virginia transplants. We are going to miss them at Dryden road when the move is finalized!! They have been great friends of ours for many years. We had a good time of fellowship with them Saturday. Also we enjoyed being with Nathan and Jamie Webb. Jamie has been a long time friend of mine. Nathan and Jamie have 2 cute boys. Thomas is 3 and Graydon is 1. They are definitely boys full of energy. I had fun with them.-
   It was around 8 am Monday morning when we hit the road. It was slow going for a while. We had to be on some very curvy roads and that was an experience. Dad did a wonderful job driving! We arrived safely at home in the afternoon.
   That evening we went to see a family friend, Ray Ayers. Ray is having a rough battle with cancer. He was diagnosed in early November. It is so tough to see a man who has always been strong and now he is fighting to live. Please pray for him and his family!!
   Tuesday was laundry day for us. It sure does pile up. A big washer sure helps get it done. The Sunshine Laundry in Lebanon, Ohio is a good one.
   Thanks to Mamaw and Papaw for a good dinner Tuesday evening. Mamaw fixed a spread of chicken, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, and sage corn muffins. It was all delicious!! Oh, and I finished it with two of Mamaw’s famous Buckeyes! Her Buckeyes are the best ever!
   Mom and I headed to Hillsboro after dinner. I called Gran on the way there, but we did not tell anybody else we were coming. It was fun to surprise them! We even got to help put the Christmas tree up. -It is Great to be home.
  We went to Dodds Church tonight and Dad preached. Tomorrow night we are supposed to be with Bro. Kevin Lloyd and the folks at Murlin Heights.
   Have a great day! Odie

Mile Marker: December 6th 2008
   Hey I’m writing from the road again. We are not far from our destination of Richlands, Virginia. Tomorrow we will be with Pastor Randy Webb at Keen Mountain. We were there a few years ago for a few services of their May meeting.
   Dad hit the road early this morning. We only had to go around 340 miles, but he wanted to get the oil changed in the motor home. We pulled in to the Speedco somewhere in North Carolina about 10:15 this morning. They let us out of there about 12:30. This was our first oil change in the BoggsMobile, and hopefully it will last close to a year. Poor Dad has been driving in snow for a quite a while today. We are definitely taking it a little slower than usual.
   The news from Ohio says it is pure white around there. We may get to have a White Christmas!! I don’t think there was snow on the ground last Christmas.  It is time to turn the heat up, turn on the Christmas music and enjoy the season!! I am ready for some hot chocolate.
   Thanks again to Pastor Howell and the folks of Goldsboro, North Carolina. We had a good time with you. May God bless you for your kindness!
   Don’t forget the 2004 Kountry Star fifth wheel and 2004 Chevy Duramax truck are still for sale. It would make a great stocking stuffer for your family! LOL!!! Please help us pray for a buyer. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions! We will entertain any offer.
   It is hard to believe the beginning of January will begin our seventh year on the road. God has been good to our family! Friday we mailed out the sixth issue of the sixth volume of “On The Road Again.” That is our bi-monthly newsletter. We send it out to churches that we have been to.
   We also send out an email when we update our website. If you would like to receive the 
emailupdates from us just drop us a line and let us know. Our email address is below.
   I will quit my blabbering for now. We made it to Richlands. There is a couple inches of snow here. Have a wonderful weekend!!!
   Odie                  davy@davykellyandodie.com

Mile Marker: December 4th 2008
   Hi, how is your week going? We have had a pretty quiet week around the BoggsMobile but is has been a good one. The weather has been nice. The days mostly have been warmer, and the nights are quite chilly. It has stayed above freezing most nights. Dad likes it above freezing, because he can leave the water hose hooked up. When it is below 32 degrees we use water out of a tank. When the “fresh water” is gone Dad has to fill it with more. That is just one of the many differences in our home and a stationary home. I will not go into an explanation of the “black or gray” water. Maybe sometime Dad will explain that subject! LOL!!!
   We are enjoying getting to know Pastor Sherwood Howell and family this week. They saw us at the 2004 Paw Creek Ministries Campmeeting. We were doing the special singing for the meeting that year. At a meeting like that you meet many people. Four year later Bro. Howell invited us to Pentecostal Christians Assemblies. Thank you all for remembering us! Dad has been preaching very good this week! Goldsboro, North Carolina is a nice place to spend some time. It is always interesting to visit a new city.
   December 2nd was the birthday of my cousin Wade Ross Evans. Happy belated 4th birthday, Wade!! We love you so much!!!!
   As the frequent readers know. I love my cousins so much! I am the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family. I now have a total of 12 first cousins. It was Christmas of 1991 when I found out I was getting a cousin. My life was changed forever, for the better. Now there is Deidre, Victor, Courtney, Isaac, Kayla, Lauren, Hunter, Jonas, Lucas, Morgan, Wade, and Seth. I could talk for pages of the joys they have brought me!! Also if you can not tell I am homesick right now. I am looking forward to being home soon, and seeing them again!!!
   Hope everyone has a great day.    Odie

Mile Marker: November, 29th 2008
   Hello from Goldsboro, North Carolina. It has been an exciting week for us. Revival ended at Paw Creek Sunday night. Monday we tried to get caught up from the last week. Twelve services in a week can wear a person out, but it was all worth it! Thanks to Pastor Joseph Chamber and all of Paw Creek for allowing us to be part of the family! We love you all!
   Monday evening we enjoyed a meal at Cracker Barrel with the Drye Family! Thank you all very much for your kindness! Then I went to Wal-mart and Wendy’s for a Frosty with Sis. Tanya and Tiffany Turner. Thanks for everything. It was good to be with you all again!!
   Tuesday Morning it was time to bid Charlotte, North Carolina good bye. We finally made it to Larinburg, North Carolina. It was good to be in service with the folks at East Side Emmanuel Holiness Church! God met us there with a great altar service! We appreciate Pastor James Croke for the invitation and the hospitality.
   Wednesday we journeyed to Goldsboro, North Carolina where we parked the BoggsMobile. We grabbed a bite to eat and set up. Then we loaded the jeep and headed to Danville, Virginia. It had been a year and a half since our last stop at Mount View Holiness Church. It was so good to be with Pastor Joey, aka Yoey Yeatts and our friends there!! It was a wonderful crowd for Thanksgiving Eve! We had a great time.
   Thanksgiving Morning we slept in before leaving Danville. We woke to a beautiful day and thankful hearts! It was a great day to be alive!! We have a lot to be thankful for!! Thanks for all the calls wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving! We are definitely blessed with great friends and family!!
   Most Thanksgivings when we are away from home our dinner is at Cracker Barrel. This year we found one with out a wait, what a miracle! We each had the Thanksgiving Special, turkey, ham, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, and hash brown casserole. It was a great meal to celebrate the day. I topped it off with pumpkin pie while mom and dad chose chocolate, pecan pie. Oh was it all good! The only bad thing is we did not buy any for later! We finished off the day at the motor home enjoying being together.
   Friday Dad spent the day around here. He gave the BoggsMobile a bath and did some other work. It looked good when he finished!! In the afternoon Mom and I decided to brave the shopping crowd. There is an outlet mall about 20 miles from here. We probably drove the parking lot for 20 minutes to find a spot. It was a good day to be out and about. The sun was out, and it was in the 60’s. It was wall to wall people!
   Dinner time came and the three of us went to Ruby Tuesdays. Again today we all ordered the same thing: the garden bar and white chicken chili. Their salad bar is delicious, and the chili hit the spot for me.
   Revival begins Sunday at Pentecostal Christian Assemblies. We will be here in Goldsboro with Pastor Sherwood Howell through Friday.
   November has had a few birthdays for the Boggs Family. Aunt Theresa Osborn celebrated on the 13th, Aunt Holly Boggs on the 23rd ,and Uncle Jay Osborn on the 27th. Happy birthday to all of them. May God bless you with another great year!    Odie

Mile Marker: November, 20th 2008
   Hello folks! I deeply apologize for the lengthy break between updates. It definitely was not intentional on my part. Again we were dealing with internet /computer difficulties. Hopefully everything is squared away for now. Thanks for your patience!
   I want to thank Bro. Dave Johnston for helping us with all our technical issue with the site! If you are in need of a good website click on this link. DRJ Designs  Bro. Johnston does great work and his prices are very reasonable.
   Now where do I start with what is going on in our lives? I last wrote from Bethel Chapel in Granite City, Illinois. We had an awesome time with Pastor David and Sis. Ruth Brimm. Almost 3 weeks later I am still laughing about some things!! It is always great to be with friends.
   It was our pleasure to be with Bethel Chapel for their 90th anniversary. We were glad to be a part of Reunion Sunday 2008! The Sunday afternoon meal was absolutely delicious! I just about hurt myself with all that good food!! Thank you to the entire church for you hospitality. Thanks for “Odie Night”!
   I am thankful for Bethel Chapel! My life has been deeply affected by people who were raised there! Bro. & Sis. Brimm, Bro. Dwain Galiher, Bro. Denis Heath, and Bro. Tim Brimm are just a few names that come to mind. Thank God for those who listened to God back in 1918!!
   From Illinois we headed to Neosho, Missouri. It was good to be back at Calvary Holiness Church. Thanks to Pastor Dudley Zerbel and his family; Sis Sherry, Samuel, Charity, Seth, and Silas for a good week!! Your kindness is overwhelming! Charity, thanks for my fortune cookies! Could you e-mail me some more? LOL!
   Cherry Street Pentecostal Church was our next stop. It was our first time to be in Metropolis, Illinois with Pastor Russell Gilbert. We had a good time getting to know you all! Thank you all for everything you did for us. I want to thank all our friends who visited our revival in Metropolis! It was wonderful to see all of you!!
   Now we are stationary at Paw Creek Ministries. We have been here in Charlotte, North Carolina since Sunday. Revival began Sunday night for the church. Tuesday was the start of revival at Paw Creek Christian Academy. We enjoy getting to see Pastor Chambers and all our friends here! -The children of P.C.C.A. our priceless! I love to see my long time buddies and make many new ones! They are fascinated with the BoggsMobile. The little ones gave me a new nickname, ”Mr. Cody Odie”!!
   Thanks to Sis. Tanya Turner for a great lunch at Cheddars Tuesday! It was a yummy lunch! Of course being with Sis. Tanya and Tiffany Turner and Cami Chambers is always fun! Thank for letting me tag along with you!
   Testimony time.. We are so thankful for the lower fuel prices. Dad paid $2.88 a gallon for diesel on November 2nd in Sullivan, Missouri. Back in June we got almost the same amount of fuel and paid $235.00 more then! We paid $2.60 a gallon on Saturday and now it is even cheaper and we are seriously praising God! 
   I think that is the highlights from the last few weeks.
   Have a great day!   Odie

Mile Marker: October 29th, 2008
   Good day to all of you! I hope you are having a God blessed day! God is so good to us! I am so thankful to live in this free nation. I hope and pray we will continue to be a free country. We need not to forget our Heavenly Father or our fore-fathers who gave us these freedoms!!! One way you can remember them is to vote on November the 4th. Help save America from change!!!!!!! Enough politics for now.
   We finished in Goshen, Indiana with Homecoming Sunday Morning. There was a great meal afterward!! Soups and chili were the featured items on the menu. It hit the spot, because it was pretty cold!!
   We immensely enjoyed our time spent with Pastor Mike Johnson and the folks at Trinity Holiness Tabernacle. It was hard to say goodbye. It is always great to find new friends!! Thank you all for all that you did for us!
   Monday we had to have some service work done to the Bus. We were in the shop about 8 hours. I was so glad they allowed us to stay in the motorhome. That was way better than being in a waiting room all day!
   After leaving the shop we traveled a few miles down the road. It was getting close to the afternoon traffic rush hour and we were coming up on Chicago. We were not in a big hurry, so we pulled into a truck stop. We ate dinner in the motorhome and Dad was able to get a nap. Around 7:00 P.M. we were back on the road headed to Illinois. Dad had to drive in rain and SNOW for a little while but it eventually cleared up. I think it was 2:00 A.M. when we pulled into Granite City, Illinois.
   Tuesday we tried to get caught up from the travel day. Dad ran some errands and in the afternoon Mom and I ran to Wal-Mart. Today we are here at Bethel Chapel Pentecostal Church where revival begins tonight. We are looking forward to some exciting days here with Pastor David Brimm. I will let you know more about it later. Odie
Mile Marker: October 23rd, 2008
   Hello from the land of Goshen, Indiana. We are having a great week here with Pastor Mike Johnson. This is our first visit to Trinity Holiness Tabernacle. The folks here have been so friendly and easy to get to know.
   We get to have the honor of being with them Sunday for their 18th homecoming. I am sure it will be good, and we would love to have you join us!!
   Yesterday we went to Winona Lake, Indiana with Bro. Johnson.  Winona Lake was the last home place of the evangelist Billy Sunday.  He lived several years of his life in the town. There was even “The Billy Sunday Tabernacle” there.  For many years they had Revivals, Conferences and Retreats there.  They now have a Billy Sunday Museum and the old home place in Winona Lake. I love history so it was pretty interesting thing to see.
   Billy Sunday blazed a trail for people like us. I wish we could have the effect that his ministry had on folks. A Million people were saved under his ministry! Billy was a baseball player for the “Chicago Whitestockings” when he got saved at the Pacific Garden Mission. It is an amazing story!
   Now, let me back track a few days. Saturday night was a special treat for us. We got to see the Isaacs in Inez, Kentucky. It was a great night!! It is always good to see Aunt Lily, Ben, Sonya, and Becky!! They were sounding fabulous! The people in Inez made us feel so welcome! We had a wonderful evening!!!
   Sunday morning we were in service with Pastor Duane Allen. The Lord visited us at Trinity Holiness in Hazard, Kentucky! Thank you all for a warm welcome!
   Sunday afternoon we head back to London, Kentucky where the BoggsMobile was waiting on us. We loaded up and came here to Goshen. Our weekend started in Tennessee and ended in Indiana. There were a lot of miles driven in those two days, but it was a great weekend!      Odie

Mile Marker: October 18th, 2008
   Hello! First I want to thank all of you who e-mailed, called or sent a text to wish me a happy birthday!! Thanks also to the friends and family who have given me cards and gifts! I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness!
   Tuesday, my birthday, was a wonderful day. Dad offered to take me to eat at a restaurant of my choice. I chose to stay home. (Home, referring to the motorhome not Ohio) I asked mom to make one of my favorite dishes, German Sundaes. It consist of potatoes, sauerkraut, sour cream, cheese, mushrooms, onions, bacon bits, and, green olives. Mom hit a home run that day, they were totally delicious! Dad and I about killed ourselves!! My cake was Angel Food with Chocolate Icing. It was all so very good! Thanks again to Mom for your hard work!
   The second weekend of October is the Sauerkraut Festival in Waynesville. It is everything sauerkraut imaginable and crafts! German Sundae is my favorite dish there. It is a huge festival. It has been four years since we have been home on that weekend. Twenty-three years ago I was born the day after the festival. So sauerkraut is in my blood!
   Revival went smoothly at Beechfork Holiness Church this week. Dad has been preaching wonderfully! Thanks Pastor Herman Woods and the entire church for everything!
   We have many dear friends in Tennessee. It has been great to see a lot of them! Wednesday we ate lunch at Red Lobster with Bro. J.P. and Sis. Betty Morgan. It has become a yearly meal that we have with them. Please keep Sis. Betty in your prayers. She is currently undergoing daily radiation for cancer. She is in extreme pain!!
   Wednesday was also Laundry day. The campground we are in has great laundry facilities so that wasn’t bad at all.
   Thursday we had dinner with Bro. and Sis. Eason. It is a pleasure visiting with them. We also worked on putting out our Newsletter on Thursday. My Mamaw and Papaw came from Ohio to be with us Thursday and Friday. We are so glad they came down. We had a great time Friday we drove about an hour to meet Mom’s parents and brother and his family. It is amazing how without prior planning we all ended up in the same state this week. We met and ate at Cracker Barrel. It is always great to see family!!
   Before I close I want to wish a happy birthday to lots of our friend who celebrated this week. Hope your birthdays were wonderful! My Gran and Papaw, Danny and Betty Morgan, had their 41st anniversary Tuesday! I love you dearly!
   Sunday is Hazard, Kentucky and Monday we start revival in Goshen, Indiana.
Mile Marker: October 14th, 2008
   (First, I want to interrupt this Mile Marker.)  
   Today is October 14th.  It is a very special day in our family.  Today is Odie's 23rd birthday.  It seems like only a few days since we held Odie in our arms and wondered whether she would live or die in the next few hours or days.  She has brought so much joy into our lives and into the lives of so many others.  We are so thankful that God allowed us to keep her.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ODIE!!!  Davy and Kelly Jo
   (Now we join Odie's Mile Marker in progress.)

   Hello friends! I hope you have a had a good two weeks! Ours have been full of excitement! The week of our revival in Central City, Kentucky I did not have a chance to keep you updated. I kept a detailed journal each day and I have posted it below this update in five parts. It might give you a little insight into our daily lives. Let me know what you think.
   After Central City we had a short weekend visit with the nice folks at Paducah Holiness in Paducah, Kentucky! Pastor T.L. Futral has a beautiful church there! Thanks for inviting us to be with you! It was a great honor to be in service with you!
   We left western Kentucky after church on Sunday night and headed to the eastern part of the state. We pulled into Bond, Kentucky in the early hours of October 6th. After a few short hours of rest we headed to Ohio to take care of some business AND to fetch our winter clothes. It was good to see some of our family for a few minutes that evening. Thanks to Uncle Tommy and Aunt Holly for the meal! Then we loaded up and headed back to Bond.
   Campmeeting got underway Tuesday night October 7th. I am sorry to say I got busy and forgot to keep a day by day journal of the meeting. I will try to rehearse some of it for you here.
   Bro. Bill Parks was the day speaker. He did wonderful all three mornings! It was great to see Bro. Bill and Sis. Melanie!  Wednesday morning Bro. Ralph Cox also preached Another highlight to the service was when Bro Richard Crane sang. He sang “Until The Storm Passes By”. Thursday morning the other preacher was Bro. Ronny Wheeler. Friday there was a total of three preachers. Bro. Ralph Lowery and Bro. Anthony Lester preached before Bro. Parks.
   The four night services were wonderful. Each was different from the others. My Pastor Bro. Bennie Sutherland preached better than ever! God worked on us in amazing ways. Friday night the altar service did not end until almost midnight!
   Sis. Ann Gabbard and the Bond ladies out did themselves in the kitchen this year! They are wonderful cooks! Each meal was absolutely delicious! Thanks for all your hard work!
   My sweet little friend Brooklyn Durham was able to attend several services. That is a miracle! A few weeks ago they gave her 20 minutes to two hours to live. She was at campmeeting looking beautiful, and even helping work in the kitchen. Friday night she felt good enough to sing! She did a wonderful job on “I Want To Know How It Feels!” Happy Birthday to Brooklyn who turned 12 on Sunday!
   Revival began Saturday night at Beechfork Holiness Church. We have been coming to Wartburg, Tennessee for 20 years. My parents met Pastor Herman Woods a week after they were married, nearly 24 years ago.  The services of the revival so far have been wonderful.
   Sunday night there was no service at Beechfork so we went to River of Life Holiness Church in Cleveland, Tennessee. It is exciting to see the Lord blessing Pastor Brent Gabbard and the church down there. We had a wonderful time of fellowship the Bro. Brent, Sis. Teresa, Brittany, and Courtney!       Odie
Central City, KY Journal: September 28th, 2008
   Well, It is the end of day one in Central City, Kentucky. As expected there isn’t any internet signal here. We can barely get a call out. We arrived at Trinity Pentecostal Church early this afternoon. Upon our arrival we learned Pastor Alan Harris was home sick with the flu. He was unable to attend either services today. We hope he gets well soon!!
   Most of our afternoon was spent getting settled in and preparing for the service tonight. Sunday evenings start at 6:00 P.M. here. So there was not time for much else.
   The service was a great start to revival. You can tell the church people have prepared for revival. God met us in a special way. He let us know there is still power in His name!
   After that was all said and done we headed to Wendy's for some fellowship with the church folks. Then it was back home to unwind a get ready for another day. My parents called it a day earlier than usual. Travel days are rough on Dad. He works hard making sure things are just right. Now that I can stretch out and ride, travel days have become restful to me. Dad says ”it must be nice”, and it is super nice. I am so thankful for what the Lord has given us! Now it is time for me to call it a day. I have spent the rest of my night going through pictures. I like to keep them organized. Hopefully we can get more on the site soon. There are a ton to add! Odie
Central City, KY Journal: September 29th, 2008
   Here is a bit of a review of day two in Central City, Kentucky. For Mom and I it was laundry day. We jokingly say evangelists know a town by its restaurants and its laundry mats. There are a few towns where we look forward to laundry day. Unfortunately this is not one of those cities. If you are a business person looking for a new business venture for Central City, a good CLEAN coin, laundry would be very helpful. Make sure most of the machines are in working order, and more than 2 and a half minutes per quarter for a dryer would be nice. We have noticed that a laundry that has a full time attendant on duty stays in better shape than those left unattended. Sorry for the rant on laundry!
   Now back to today's details. By the time we returned to the church. It was lunch time. Sis. Tammy Harris had prepared a dinner of roast, carrots, potatoes, corn and rolls. It was delicious! Roast, carrots, and potatoes is one of our favorite meals! Bro. Harris and Tyler joined us in the fellowship hall for lunch. We enjoyed the fellowship very much. I am glad Bro Alan was feeling better day! He was back to his Punny ways!!
   Dad worked hard most of the day. Either preparing for service tonight, or on the motor home. He always seems to be doing something. As for us girls the rest of our day was spent putting clothes away, and getting the house in some sort of order. Then it was shower and church time.
   Church tonight was great. There were some testimonies of answered prayer from last night service. God was with us the entire night! Dad preached really good. The altar service was good also. The people really seemed to grasp the message. That is always an encouragement to the preacher!
   We finished out the evening with fellowship at the Harris’ home. What good times we have. We are never short on laughs! Today was a wonderful day! To quote Jeff Easter once again, “Life Is Great and Getting Better!” Thank God for life!! Odie
Central City, KY Journal: September 30th, 2008
   Day three of Central City, Kentucky 2008 visit. Once again it was a very good day! Dad again was working around the Boggs Mobile. He has been trying to track down a certain part he needs. I think he has called all over the country. I feel sorry for him!
   We had dinner again today with Bro. Alan and Tyler. Bro. Alan grilled us some yummy steak! Speaking of steak it reminds me of A-1 sauce. I love to dip things in A-1. Today I had “Extreme Garlic A-1” for the first time. I must say it was very good!!
   Later in the afternoon Mom and I made our Wal-Mart trip for the week. What would we do with out Supercenters? Thank God for modern conveniences!
   I do not think I will be able to thoroughly explain tonight’s service. The Lord was there from the beginning. God blessed everyone in attendance! It was just amazing to feel God so near to us!!
   Again tonight we had great fellowship with the Harris family after church. It is so wonderful to be blessed with good friends. As Dad often says “God’s people are the best people in the world!”
   Well, I am going to end my day. I need to get to bed earlier than last night. Odie
Central City, KY Journal: October 1st, 2008
   Hello to you all and to October. I think Fall has finally fallen. It has cooled off here. And the leaves are beginning to change. It is so beautiful when God takes out his paint brush and paints the trees! I grew up seeing a beautiful Fall season in Ohio. Then in Kansas all the leaves just dried up and blew off the trees.
   Day four of our stay in Central City was also a good one. We had a wonderful lunch with Bro. Norman and Bro Alan, and Tyler. Central City has a good Mexican Restaurant for a small town. The ”Boggriguez” family ate great today! I think Dad is already trying to fit in another visit for more before we leave.
   I think revival is here! There is an excitement in the air! God has just visited us in mighty way this week. This is only the second night Dad has taken a text and preached this week. The folks are just open to the leading of the Lord in the services. They have been responding to how God works it out! After church several of the church folks stayed for fun, food, and fellowship. At Bro. Harris request we taught them how to play “Take One.” He has watched us play the last two years at Elco Campmeeting, and he wanted to learn. I am always in for a good game of “Take One.” I think everyone had a good time. Odie
Central City, KY Journal:October 2nd, 2008
   I am here again writing to you from Central City, Kentucky for the fifth day. It too has been a beautiful day. I am glad that it has not been extremely cold. Our winter clothes are still in Ohio. We are trying to work out a way to get them soon. I have been wearing the few sweaters that I have with me.
   Bro. and Sis. Proffit provided a great lunch at the Country Cupboard today! It was very tasty!! Dad is already planning a return trip on our 09 visit here. If you are ever looking for a good place to eat in Madisonville, Kentucky I recommend you give the Country Cupboard a try!!
   Back at the BoggsMobile for the afternoon we prepared for the rest of the day. For Dad there is a lot of preparation for the church service. He tried to have most of it done before lunch. Dad and I had some computer work to do. Mom went to the church to play the piano for a while.
   We had another a great service tonight. No two services have been alike. Dad preached good tonight. Again the altar service was really good. -Our friends the Meredith Family from Henderson, Kentucky visited tonight. Sis. Bev brought Dad a “Davy Pie”. She knows how to stay on his good side. On one of our visits to Union Holiness she made this pie for him. If I remember right the recipe was her own creation, and she did not have a name for it. Dad liked it so much it became “Davy Pie.” Please remember Sis. Bev and her family in her prayers. She is having a rough battle with Cancer! She is a fighter, and refuses to quit!
   I am sure you have already noticed the updates to the site this week. Thanks to Bro. Harris high speed internet Dad has been able to get our photo page up to date. He has worked very had this week on it! I think he said he added almost 600 pictures since Monday. Hopefully we will not get so far behind again.
   We ended the evening at the Harris home. Sis. Tammy fixed us a good snack. A sister in the church fixed some Heavenly Apple Dumplings! I am proud of my self that I only ate one. While Dad finished the pictures the rest us played Take One. We kept score this time, but I forget the final score. Mom whipped up on us as always! Well good night for now.      Odie
Central City, KY Journal:October 3rd, 2008
   Friday is here again. Another week has come and gone in 2008. This our final day in Central City, Kentucky for this time around. It was difficult to say good bye to the Harris Family and all the kind folks here. They have treated us like family! Thank you all for everything! We are already looking forward to next year!
   Revival has been so refreshing. It is wonderful when the evangelist’s family gets revived! Tonight was Youth Rally for the fellowshipping churches. There was a good turn out from the local area. Every seat was full. It was great to see so many friends!!
   Dad preached great tonight. He reminded us not to get a taste for the things of this world, but to hunger for God. Several of the young people prayed good tonight.
   We packed everything up and got ready to head to Paducah, Kentucky tomorrow. Dad finally got the part in today that he was looking for. He got it installed and in working order. Thanks to everyone for your help in finding the part. I think he finally found it in Florida somewhere.
   The Boggriguez Family again met Bro. Alan, Bro. Norman, and Tyler for Mexican food today! I told you Dad would find a way to visit that restaurant again! It was very good! Today I had Chicken, Cheese, and Rice. I have to have my daily allotment of rice. LOL! I am a rice junkie! The rest of our party had Fajitas, but I had to be different.  That is all from Central City!   Odie
Mile Marker: September 26th, 2008
   Hello, Happy Friday to you all. We just a great lunch with Bro. Kevin and Sis. Teresa Webster. Thanks y’all for taking us to Fish’s BBQ today. It was delicious! I had a Pulled Pork Sandwich and French fries. Dad had this thing called a Bad-wich. It looked bad, in a good kind of way. I don’t know what all was on it . I do know it had several different meats on one sandwich.
   I hope you have had a great week. It has been a pretty normal week around the Boggsmobile, IF we have a normal. Allergy season is upon our household. Dad says, “Tis the season to be sneez’n.” I am thankful I am having a better year than I have the past few. Usually by now I am dragging bottom. This week, it has just been itchy, stuffy nose, and a bad sinus headache. I can put up with that for a while. Poor Mom and Dad are having pretty rough times. We will be thankful for the frost to get here.
   The revival services this week have been good. God visited us in a special way last night. It is wonderful to know that through the testing times of life our hope is in Jesus. He is the one the thing that is steadfast and sure in life! We may not understand it all down here, but one day we will understand it better bye and bye. When we bid this world bye bye!!
   It is so hard to believe it is already Friday night. I think time is getting faster. Pastor Travis Martin and the entire Iron Post Holiness Church have been so good to us.
   We leave in the morning headed back east. Next week is Central City, Kentucky. I am sure I will have lots to say about a week with the Harris Family. I will have to keep a journal, because I am not sure how much internet signal we will have.
   A week from Tuesday is the start of Bond Campmeeting in Bond Kentucky. We will be there the entire meeting, Tuesday-Friday. There will be lots of god preaching! Bro. Bill Parks and visiting ministers in the day and our Pastor Bro. Bennie Sutherland at night. Of course, with Sis. Ann Gabbard over the kitchen there is always awesome food! Every human being needs at least one trip to Bond in their life time!! You will be hooked!!
   Happy Birthday the 28th and 29th to Tommy and Jonas Boggs! Have great birthday guys! We love you!!    Odie

Mile Marker: September 23, 2008
   Hey Y’all, I am back in business now.  I got my new power cord for my laptop! It has been a long two weeks. I have been able to check my e-mail on another computer, but all my pictures, songs and other info I needed was on here. If you can’t tell I am just a little happy!
   We had a great week last week in Gainesville, Texas! They are such sweet people at the House of Prayer. Bro. Logan and the congregation always welcome us with open arms. I had a blast with the kids a Gainesville Christian Academy. Thanks to Sis. Judy for allowing me to crash break a couple days. I am already gearing up for more “Take One” in 2009. You all better get to practicing, no mercy next time!
   I am sleeping good now! We got our new mattresses in Thursday. It feels heavenly to me!! I am not sleeping on the ply-wood anymore.  A good mattress sure helps with my stiffness factor!
   Saturday we traveled to Oklahoma. Our final destination for the day was Oneta Holiness Church but we made couple stops along the way. First we stopped by Wynnewood, Oklahoma for lunch with the Landress Family. Thanks Bro. Larry and Rosemary for the good food! We do not get to spend enough time with them. They a precious friends to us. Also we got to see Jeffery, Rebecca and Madelyn Blankenship and Jeromy, Renee, Hailey, and Dylan Landress. It is always good to see long time friends! The kids are all growing up to fast!!
   Then we journeyed to Oklahoma City for a quick visit with the Searcys.  Javonia was in rare form so we had some great laughs.
   Finally around 7 PM we arrived at our destination. It was exciting to be back at Oneta after several years. We were glad to be in service with Pastor Darrell Brewer on Sunday Morning. The Brewers are great people and great friends.
   Sunday evening was the start of revival at Iron Post Holiness Church. This is our second time in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, but our first revival here. We have been looking forward to being here with Pastor Travis Martin for a long time. The service went really well. Dad preach to the lost and a man prayed. The Lord is good!
   We are sure to have a wonderful week with the Websters. This is their home church and they are home this week. Bro. Kevin, Sis. Teresa, Jessica and Brady have been our friends for a number of years and it is so good to be here with them.
   I will try to write some more later this week. God bless you all. Odie
Mile Marker: September 15th, 2008

   Hey to all my friends!! My how I have missed writing to you this week. I know I am the one that usually does not write for ages, but I had determined to write whenever we have an internet connection. Well, my computer decided not to cooperate with my plans. Then Dad's computer decided to go on strike as well.  Both of them are having power cord issues! Mine decided to quit all together, and it caught me when both batteries were dead. I think the computers and batteries got together and had a meeting on when to call it quits. Hopefully by next week all will be well. We have new power cords on the way.
   Otherwise we had a great week. We have been in the Lone Star state now for a week, arriving in Keller, Texas last Saturday. It was great to visit the fine folks at Keller Holiness Church again. We have a blast hanging out with Pastor Kenneth and Sis. Andra Rowe!! Our first visit to Keller was in October of 1990. I had just turned five years old. It is hard to believer Dad was just twenty-three back then. Where have the years gone? I will be twenty-three myself in a month.
   At the close of revival at Keller we quickly made the trip north to Gainesville, Texas. We wanted to avoid Hurricane Ike as much as possible. The wind has blown some with a little rain here in Gainesville.  Dallas/ Fort Worth (Keller) was supposed to get stronger winds than here. Thank the Lord for protecting us! We were here three years ago when Rita came through. I think we need to change the time of year we come to North Texas.
   Now our location is the House of Prayer. We are looking forward to revival Sunday through Friday with Pastor R.G. Logan.
   A good thing happened Friday. I ordered a mattress for my bunk. Thanks to Bro. Rowe, we found a local mattress factory. I needed a good mattress, but it had to be a special size. It will by done sometime next week. I am excited!!!
   We were privileged to see the biggest bed ever made. It was 47 feet x 77 feet. It was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records Thursday! It was a very cool thing to see! I was disappointed my camera was at home. They plan to take it apart to make several hundred beds for a homeless shelter.
   A special Happy Birthaday goes out to our Pastor Bro. Bennie Sutherland who celebrated his big Saturday. We love you Pastor!! This is birthday week for the Sutherland family. Richie Sutherland on the 9th, Jacqueline and Renae Coffman the 11th and 12th, and Bro. Bennie the 13th. Melissa Sutherland also has a big day somewhere in there, I am not sure when. Happy early birthday to Isaac Boggs on the 18th. Happy Birthday to all of them! May God richly bless you!! Odie
Mile Marker: September 5th, 2008
   Hey folks, from Texarkana, Arkansas. We have had a couple relaxing evenings here in the motorhome. We have been paying close attention to the Republican National Convention this week. I am a self professed News Junkie. Dad and I sometimes drive mom insane with our talk radio but this week she has been on the wagon with us.
   I thankful XM radio carries the Fox News Channel. Our XM has spent most of it’s time on 121 this week! Don’t worry I will be back to Enlighten channel 34 next week. I was happy to learn today they will be airing the National Quartet Convention next week. It will be live 5 PM-8PM Eastern Time Monday-Friday. Check enlighten34.com for all the information.
   If you are not yet a subscriber to XM Radio I highly recommend it. It is radio that goes with you from coast to coast and also online at xmradio.com. You still have a few days to get signed up before NQC starts. Also you can get great election coverage from the news channels. If you need something different to listen to check out channel 164, The Old Time Radio Channel. It is great!!!
   I guess I am all over the map today. My three favorite subjects politics, southern gospel music, and radio. That is three of my hot buttons.
   Now back to the election, for the last week I have been excited about the soon coming election. Which is just a short 60 days away from now. We have all been given the right as Americans to vote. So if your 18 years or older make sure you exercise the right on November 4th. If you are not registered please do so while there is still time. If you have moved or had a name change since the last election you need to re-register. If you are not able to make it to the polls on election day you can vote using an absentee ballot. You have to apply for this ahead of time. You can check out your local election boards website for more information.   As Dad says “I’m not going to tell you how to vote, just vote right. WAY RIGHT!!” Also Please pray for our leaders!! Our, Nation, Leaders, and Soldiers ALWAYS need our prayers!!!
   Before I close I want to say thanks to Bro. Shad McDonald for allowing us to park here at the House of Prayer while we were dodging the remnants of Gustuv.  We have enjoyed our time here. It has been good to visit with the Bohon Family. Bro. Tommy, Sis. Lisa, Brad, and Tyler are great friends of ours! Odie

Mile Marker: September 3rd, 2008
   Hello Friends! Wow it is so hard to believe it is already September. Where has 2008 gone? I think Mom wished it away so we could go to Montana. As Dad told you we had a fabulous trip to Montana last week! The Metzgers are an awesome family! They definitely are a bright spot in our lives. It is always a pleasure to be with them! I am already looking forward to seeing them next year.
   I had an interesting experience Saturday afternoon. I took one flight to Cincinnati while my suitcase took another. Thankfully it was easily located and we were able to be reunited!! The extra hour and a half in the airport drained us of energy. We were happy to get back to the BoggsMobile! After a small visit with several family members Dad headed to church and Mom and I put things away. As soon as possible we headed to bed.
   Sunday we visited the folks at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio. Happy belated 63rd birthday to Pastor Bill Lamb!! Sunday Evening we were glad to be in service with Pastor Bill Finley. The Finleys are another great family and they welcomed us with open arms in Louisville, Kentucky! -Now we working our way to Texas trying to dodge the remnants of Gustuv! We are looking forward to seeing our friends there.
   The Friday afternoon of Dryden Road Campmeeting my face was introduced to the carpet of our motor home. Just for the record, I don’t think much of that carpet! I left a red mark on it and it left a huge mark on me. From my chin to my nose was a big carpet burn. Especially above my upper lip. It turned into a big yellow blister. It was very painful and embarrassing! For several days in Montana I had to put up with a big ugly scab. The last of the ugly scab come off on Sunday, Hallelujah! My lip is still quite tender but I am glad to look a little better.
   A While back I wrote about one of my little friends, Brooklyn Duraham, who is battling leukemia. Brooklyn and her family attend Bro. Gabbard's church in Bond, Kentucky.  She is continuing to fight a long hard battle. Please pray for Brooklyn and her family!! They desperately need help from God. Follow this link to learn more about this princess.
   You can hear her sing at this location
   God bless you all. Odie

Mile Marker: September 1, 2008 (From Davy)
  We have had a tremendous time the last couple of weeks and the Lord has been faithful as always. We finished up revival for Bro. Brent Moore in Verona, Kentucky and then headed home for Campmeeting at Dryden Rd. Odie missed most of the revival in Verona, because she was in Joplin, Missouri for the wedding of one of her good friends. We missed her and we are glad to have her back with us.
  As Odie said, we had a great meeting at Dryden Rd. Bro. Webb, Bro. Galiher and several other preachers really preached good. We had many folks in the altars each service and each one in our family received help from the Lord as well. We sure appreciate our Pastor and our home church. They always make us feel welcome when we are home and Campmeeting week was no exception.
  Early Saturday morning after Campmeeting we headed to Cincinnati for our flight to Missoula, Montana. We had a layover in Salt Lake City and landed safely in Montana around 2:00 pm. The Metzger’s met us at the airport and it was so good to see them. That night we had a big birthday bash for their youngest daughter, Jessica. She is now six years old! Jessica is quite a character and my dear friend. We are very glad we were able to be there for her big party.
  We started revival on Sunday morning at Sun Valley Church. We had some great services. The folks responded very well to the preaching and made my job pretty easy. The Metzger’s and their church are precious people. Bro. Mike and Sis. Debbie pioneered Sun Valley Church over thirteen years ago after spending seven years as missionaries to Sierra Leone, West Africa. Western Montana is a lonely place to work, as far as any holiness fellowship is concerned, but they have persevered and have been faithful. Please pray for the Metzger family and the Sun Valley Church. The northwest part of our nation needs to see a great move of God and the Sun Valley Church is positioned to be the spark for that revival. I would love to inspire many of God’s saints to make revival in Montana a priority in prayer. We are certainly living in the last days and we have been promised an outpouring of God’s Spirit in the midst of all the evil. There is no reason why the Great Northwest should be exempt from this sovereign move of God. Please Pray for Pastor Mike Metzger, his family and the Sun Valley Church.
  We flew back to Cincinnati on Saturday (the 30th) and made it to the motorhome in Waynesville around 5:30 pm. I preached at Dodds Church that night (Dodds is the church I was raised in and it is where we left out motorhome.) Sunday morning we were invited to Anchor of Hope in Lebanon and we sang and preached there.
  We drove Sunday afternoon to Louisville, Kentucky and visited Pastor Bill Finley and Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle on Sunday night. We sang and preached there and had a great time with the Finley family. I sure appreciate these Pastors and churches being so good to us this weekend.
  After church last night we drove almost to Nashville and parked in a truck stop to get some rest. This morning we pulled into a campground and we will stay here until tomorrow. We have an appointment tomorrow in Nashville to have some tires put on the bus. Then we will be off to Texas. Speaking of work on the bus, Bro. Wendell Winkler from Dryden Rd. did some work while we were gone to Montana and probably saved us at least $300. Bro. Wendell has always been so helpful to us and to many evangelists out on the road. May God bless him.
  God bless you too, dear friends. Davy

Mile Marker: August 22nd, 2008
   Dryden Rd. Campmeeting has been great!  Bro. Webb and Bro. Galiher have preached some tremendous messages and the services have been awesome.  It is now Friday afternoon and we have one more night to go. I can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do.
   We are leaving tomorrow for Montana so we we'll be out of touch for a week.  We are looking forward to seeing the Metzger's and preaching for them.  Please keep us in your prayers.
Mile Marker: July 30th, 2008
   Hi from Ohio! It is good to be in the Buckeye state again. We arrived safely home on Saturday evening. It has been a joyous and sad time. I will get to more of that later.
   Revival ended at Bethany Revival Center in Wichita on Friday night. It is always difficult to leave friends. You just have to say see you later and go on. Daddy had to leave his little buddy Ian who was crying and begging him not to leave. Kids know how to tug on the heart strings!!
   Thanks again to Pastor John DiZazzo for your hospitality! “It is never enough”, but thank you! That is an inside joke you will have to ask Dad about some time. The congregation at Bethany Revival Center always go way out of their way to make sure we are provided for!! Thanks so much for everything. Thanks to Sis. Shawna Walker from New Horizon Holiness Church for the awesome peanut butter pie! It is still the best in the world!
    We traveled most of the night Friday. Dad stopped and slept for a few hours then we were “On The Road Again.” Thank God for the motor home! I think my snoring kept Dad awake. Traveling is so much more comfortable in the motorhome than the truck!!- We were able to be in service at Dryden Road for service Sunday morning! It happened to be a special Sunday in the history Dryden Road. They broke ground on a much needed fellowship hall/youth center. Then there was a big church dinner. Dad enjoyed that part the best.
    Sunday evening we were in service with Pastor Clifton Galiher. We always enjoy being at Taylor Mill Pentecostal Church!! They are great folks!!
   Also on Sunday evening my Uncle Roy Coffman passed away. It was a shock to our family! Please keep the Coffman family in your prayers!!
   Tonight Mom and I are going to Hillsboro to hang with the Morgan crew. Yesterday was a big day for my Papaw Danny. Happy 60th birthday, Papaw!! We are fixing him Fajitas for dinner tonight.
   I also want to say thank you to Pastor Rex Lloyd for allowing us to park here at Dodds Pentecostal Church.    Odie

Mile Marker July 30th, 2008
   Howdy partners! I am back in the “cow town” of Wichita, Kansas. It is always good to come back to Wichita for a visit! We have many memories of this town since it was home for four years. It was during our pastorate at New Horizon Holiness Church that we met the good people at Bethany Revival Center, and the rest is History.
   We first met them nearly nine years ago. Wow how time flies! I was a mere 14 years old. We preached our first revival for Pastor John DiZazzo in August of 2003. Now we are back for the sixth revival. As Dad would say “they are real gluttons for punishment”! We are glad they keep having mercy on us and asking us back. We love spending time with these folks.
   I am also thankful for the opportunity it gives us to see the people from New Horizon every year. They will always be special to us. We are glad they are doing good and God continues to help them!!
   This week has brought us a couple more special treats. Bro. Joe and Sis. Alma DiMinico from Omaha, Nebraska came down for the whole week of revival. They also brought several family member with them. We were surprised yet very happy to see the DiMinicos come in on Sunday. They Pastor a sister church to Bethany in Omaha. It has been a blast listening to the DiZazzos and DiMinicos tell of their days at their home church in Boston, Massachusetts!!!
   On Monday night we had several members of the Fellers family visit from Weir, Kansas. They are awesome friends to us! Thank you Pastor Fellers for driving three hours one way to be in service with us!
   Dad is also preaching three times this week in the Sedgwick County jail. They had a service yesterday morning, another this afternoon and then the last one is Friday morning. They say they have a good time ministering to the men there. Bro. Charles Mitchell here in the church has a ministry in the jail. Dad went with Bro. Charles once last year and he was glad they could do more this year.
   Before I close today I want to wish two special ladies a Happy Birthday. My Mamaw, Martha Boggs, celebrates her big day today on the 30th. Our pastors wife, Sis. Jane Sutherland will celebrate tomorrow the 31st. Happy birthday to you both! I hope you have a wonderful day!! We love and appreciate you more than words can express!        Odie

Mile Marker: July 24th, 2008
   I hope you all are having a good week. Our week has been a good one so far. It has been extremely hot here in Oklahoma City. I told Mom it was time to go to the zoo. We went to a zoo in Kansas City last summer when it was over a 100 degrees. Mom and I had a blast! Then we have tendency to only visit Shoe Carnival store when it is about Zero outside. We are messed up!
   The revival services have been good here at Mt Vernon Holiness Church. We love Pastor Rickey Searcy his fine congregation!! Many friends have already visited the meeting. Thanks for taking the time to visit us!!!
   Deidre made it safely home Tuesday evening. It feels very different without her here! I know she was ready to see her family. Thanks Uncle Steve, Aunt Karen, Victor and Isaac for loaning her to us for the summer! Deidre, thank you for coming to be a part of our family
   I am glad to be here in Oklahoma with my good friend Javonia Searcy. Javonia is a precious gift from God! We are having a good time. We like to look at pictures and listen to music together. -Sunday Morning we had a great time at Bethany Holiness Church with Pastor Darrell Toliver. During the 10:00 am service we got to minister in the outreach service for folks they bus in. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks to Bro. Todd Sloggett for the invitation to preach that service. Keep up the great work!
   Then we joined the entire church for the Morning Worship service. God also joined us there. He definitely let His presence be known. Thanks Bro. Toliver and the kind congregation for welcoming us. You all have always been so nice to us! -I must get ready for the service tonight. Try to stay as cool as possible during these HOT days of summer!

Mile Marker: July 19th, 2008
   Hello from Oklahoma!! It is good to be back in an area where there is internet signal. This past week in Reeds Spring, Missouri cell signal was very low. We had a great week at Allen Pentecostal Church. The revival flew by extremely fast! Thanks to Past Kurt McCrorey and all the church for making us feel at home. We love you like family!
   The Lord visited us in a special way several services. Thursday night was very special. Five year old Emily McCrorey cried a puddle of tears, and said “ I feel like I got saved”. It was a wonderful sight to see! She has a tender heart toward God!
   Deidre and I would like to say thank you to Bro. Kurt and Sis. Angie McCrorey for letting us stay with you a few days during revival.  We had a wonderful time. Thanks again for putting up with us! Angie thanks for the shopping trip!! You are a bundle of fun!!
   The revival at Full Gospel Assembly in Sullivan, Missouri ended July 11th. Pastor Dale Graham and the congregation of Full Gospel are good people. Thanks for all your kindness! We appreciate you all!
   The last night of the revival was missions night. We wore our Nigerian clothes. Several of the church folk also had clothes from other countries. Dad’s message challenged us to win the lost to Christ. It was a neat service.
   Deidre has been with us almost Five weeks and is leaving in three more days. She will be flying out of Oklahoma City Tuesday afternoon. Please pray for her on Tuesday! I am not ready for her to leave. We don’t like to talk about it. I just remind myself I will see her next month.
   I will quit my blabbering for now. We are looking forward to being in service tomorrow morning at Bethany Holiness Church here in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Then we will head to Mt. Vernon Holiness Church in Oklahoma City. Come see us when you get a chance.
   A reminder: Indoor Campmeeting at Dryden Road Pentecostal Church is August 19th-22. We would love to see you at 3201 Dryden Road, Dayton, Ohio!!  Bro. Dwain Galiher is preaching the days and Bro. Randy Webb is preaching the nights.

Mile Marker: July 10th, 2008
   A warm Missouri howdy to you all! I hope you all are having a great summer. We have been having a grand old time. Deidre is still with us for another week and a half. I am not sure I am going to let her go home! I love having her here! She definitely learning what evangelist life is like. I think she is enjoying herself.
   Dad last wrote from Evansville, Indiana. We had just seen the Isaacs the night before in Owensboro, Kentucky. It is always a special treat to be with the Isaacs!! They did awesome as always. Thanks Dad for the great surprise!!!
   In Evansville we enjoyed two services at Full Gospel Mission. God is continuing to do great things for Pastor John Eaton. It is always good to see “Pops” Eaton and all our Evansville family!!
   We pulled in the huge “metropolis” of Elco, Illinois on Monday June 30th. I just could not find the town at all!! We did not need much town. God knows where “Elco Hill” is located!!
   Pastor Lloyd Shuecraft was anointed by God as he preached the night services!! Awesome is the only way I know to describe it. Dad did a great job preaching the morning services. Thank the Lord for helping him! We had great time visiting with all our friends at Elco too! Thanks to the gang for such a great time. Oh yeah, “take one”! Thanks to Pastor Geoff Bond, Pastor Alan Harris, and all the Board members of the Elco Adult camp! We appreciate your confidence in our family!! Also thanks to Sis. Anita Harris and all the other kitchen workers for the delicious food!
   July 3rd was my Mom’s birthday. She seemed to have a good day. I think she has been listening to many Jack Benny episodes on XM radio, because she said it was the first anniversary of her 39th birthday! Toward the end of Campmeeting Mom came down with a terrible cold. She worked her way through it although she felt terrible. I guess her birthday made her sick! She seems to be on the mend now.
   We arrived in Sullivan, Missouri Saturday. Revival began here at Full Gospel Assembly that night. Pastor Dale Graham and the congregation have treated us so good. They are some nice folks!!
   Thanks to Deidre for stepping up and singing with us since Mom has been sick. She has been doing a great job! Next week we will be near Reed Springs, MO at the Allen Church. I will give you an update then IF we have internet service.        Odie

Mile Marker: June 27, 2008 (From Davy)
   I want to let you know why we won't be updating the next week or so.  We will be in Elco Illinois until after July 4th.  We won't have cell phone service much less internet service.  Bro. Shuecraft will be preaching the night services so I know we are in for a treat.  Last year this meeting was a great blessing for our family so we are really looking forward to it.  We will be singing and preaching during the morning services so come on out to Elco and help us out!
   We have been off this week.  We rested Monday in Florida, drove Tuesday , rested Wednesday in Tennessee and drove on to Evansville, Indiana Thursday.  We stopped in Owensboro, KY last night to hear the Isaacs and came on in here about 2:00 am.  The Isaacs were awesome as usual.  So much for resting this week, but we had a great time.   I am sure Odie will have much more to say about all that.
   Thanks for praying for us.    Davy
Ps.  You didn't hear it from me but my sweet wife has a BIG birthday coming up on July 3rd!
Mile Marker: June 19th, 2008
   Hello friends, I trust you have a had a God Blessed week! I am enjoying my time here in Cantonment, Florida. It has been a much better visit than our last in 2005. I spent the majority of our last revival at Beams of Light rolling the bed in pain! This time has been pain free for me, Praise God, and Lord willing there will be no week long stays in the hospital!
   It has been so good to see these church folks again. This time I am actually able to be sociable. Our good friend Bro. Ferrell Sterns has been here two nights. Ferrell is a special friend, I appreciate him very much! He and I could talk for hours about southern gospel music!!
   We have been having some very encouraging church services. Wednesday night was especially special to me. The Lord seemed so close to us. I am anxious to see what God will do each night. We serve a mighty good God!!!
   My cousin, Deidre, arrived in Pensacola safely on Tuesday afternoon. We are having a great time together. Thanks to Pastor Philip Deane for allowing Deidre and me to stay in the evangelist quarters! We love having our own apartment. It is so nice! Odie

Mile Marker: June 14th, 2008
   Hey friends! I want to wish all you Fathers, especially my Dad, a Happy Father’s Day! I am a daddy’s girls! I am so thankful God gave me an awesome Father!! “I love you more than a hog loves slop!!!!”
   We had a great week. As Dad told you last time we spent a few days relaxing. It was our first few days off of the year, and they were desperately needed! It felt so good to have some down time to do what we wanted.  We took two and a half days this week and we hope to take four more the end of June.
   The Falling Waters State Park in Chipley, Florida is a beautiful park! The water falls were not working during this dry season. There was just a water drip, so I call it Dripping Water State Park. It did rain some this week. On Tuesday Mom and I spent several hours outside. We went on a few of the trails in the park. We went as far as the wheelchair could go.
   We also pulled out the Connect Four game this week. It has been long time since we have had a “Connect Four Wars!” They are a blast! I love it because I am actually a challenge to Mom. I still can not beat Dad. Somehow he finds a way to trap me . I will have to keep trying!!!
   Late Wednesday night we pulled into Campmeeting at Miracle Valley. It was my first time to visit the meeting. My parents had not been there in 15 years. Thanks to Bro. King for your warm welcome! We had the chance to see a lot of people have not seen in a long time. The Lord visit me in a special way on Thursday night and Dad preached great on Friday morning.
   Now we are in Cantonment, Florida gearing up for revival. It has been three years since our last visit to Beams of Light. We are looking forward to seeing our wonderful friends! They treated us so wonderful last time we were here. This where we were when I had to spend a week in the hospital. They are definitely God’s people!
   We had a wonderful evening last night with Pastor “Doctor” Philip Deane and his family. They fixed us delicious meal!! Also it was great to see Stephanie and James Lawrence who came in from Georgia. I first met Stephanie when I was four in Broxton, Georgia.
   Today the church had a big picnic by the Pensacola bay. We had a good time fellowshipping with the church folk. Of course A LOT of eating was involved! The weather threatened not to cooperate with our plans but the sun finally showed up bringing us a beautiful, breezy day. We are now trying to recover from a long day outside. I am waiting for my turn in the shower. Then my bed will be calling me!
   June is anniversary month for the Boggs family, and the first two were this week. My Mamaw and Papaw Boggs celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on Thursday. Uncle Jay and Aunt Theresa Osborn had their 16th anniversary Friday. Happy Anniversary to both couples!
   I am so excited my cousin Deidre will be joining us on Tuesday!! She has the hours and minutes counted down. Please pray for her safety has she flies here!!       Odie

Mile Marker: June 9th, 2008 (From Davy)
   We had a great day yesterday near the big city of Opp, Alabama.  We spent the day with Pastor David Sims and the Calvary Holiness Church.  We had a tremendous service Sunday morning.  The Holy Ghost came and refreshed the church and especially our family.  The Lord knows exactly what we need and He certainly met our needs in that service.  The great blessing we received was a super start to the next couple of days.  We are off through Wednesday and we are in a top secret undisclosed location (Actually a state park campground in Florida) while we do nothing but rest.  I am sure that Odie will bring you up to date sometime soon.     Davy
Mile Marker June 7th, 2008
   We had a great week here in Thomasville, Georgia.  We just returned from a delicious seafood restaurant called Homecoming. Now we are pulling everything together to head to Alabama in the morning.
   Last night was the end of revival at New Hope Holiness Church. The people prayed good in the altars! Dad often says the altar-call is main part of the service. That is where our help comes from. We had services of encouragement, dedication, and Jesus reaching for the sinner.
   Our time spent with the Walker Family will not soon be forgotten. We had a wonderful time visiting with them! Bro. Tony is a Pastor who understands an evangelist. Sis. Annie is the “leader of the pack”!!. We missed her Thursday and Friday nights! She had to be out of town, but somehow we made it without her. Thanks, Dallon, (The Walker's son) for allowing us to use your truck! Landon (The Walker's other son) is the life of the party. Holiness folks know how to have a good time and it always includes eating a good meal!!
   I have two great aunts that are in need of special prayer. Aunt China Upton has cancer and Aunt Kathy Abner is recovering from a stroke. They both have a long road ahead of them!  Please add them to your prayer list.
   Happy birthday to my cousin Seth Erickson Evans! “Setheronie” turned One yesterday. He is a sweetheart! You all know my first cousins are all special to me! They are precious gifts from God! My Oldest first cousin, Deidre will be joining us on June17th for several weeks.  I can hardly wait!
   I can not close with out telling you my new nick-name. Odie seems like a pretty easy name to pronounce but kids still give me some cute names. I've been called Oee, Opie, Dodie, Flody, Jody, Cody, Oddie, Okie and more.  The newest one on the list is 
Olie. That comes from One year old Madelyn Blankenship of Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Since she can now say my name I am on her prayer list. Her mother, Rebecca, says Madelyn prays for everyone who’s name she can say. She prays for Olie every night.  I know God hears those prayers!!
   I hope you have a great weekend. We will be in Opp, Alabama for services on Sunday. Odie

Mile Marker: June 3, 2008
   Howdy friends and neighbors! (To quote my Dad) I hope the month of June has been treating you well. We are doing just peachy here in Thomasville, Georgia. We are trying to survive the heat, humidity, and love bugs. There is absolutely nothing to love about those bugs. It has been 2 and a half years since our last visit to New Hope Holiness. It is so good to come back to a church and see so many new faces! God is visiting us in the revival. We have had three good services. They have recently remodeled the sanctuary. It looks extremely nice. We are having a great time with Pastor Tony Walker and family.
   Now let me rewind a week. We spent last week in Prattville, Alabama. I don’t know where to began the report from Summit Holiness Church. We had been to the church on a few different occasions for fellowship meeting, or a midweek service. It was great to get better acquainted with the folks of the church. They were so kind to us. Making us feel right at home! We had great service and the people responded so well to our singing and Dad’s preaching. We sure appreciate you folks at Summit!
   We had an excellent time visiting with the Simpson family! Sis. Bev is so sweet. She worked so hard taking care of us. All of her cooking is good, but her meatloaf is out of this world good!!!!!! I had a blast hanging out with Hope. It would get pretty dangerous when it would get late and the giggle boxes tipped over! I don’t know what we would do without Hope!! Isaac, he had a blast playing in my wheel chairs. At the beginning of the week Isaac was saving money for a four wheeler or a Dodge truck. By the end of the week he wanted a wheel chair. I think he was praying extra hard for my healing during that revival! Ha ha. Ike is my buddy!
   Oh yeah, we can't forget  Bro. Rick, or as we affectionately call him “Mr. Sinner’s Prayer”. God has been blessing him to write some good songs. I like to give him a hard time. If you have not had the chance yet to hear “The Sinner’s Prayer” by the Greasons call your local southern gospel radio station and request it. They have been playing it a lot an XM Enlighten 34. It is a song that is blessing a lot of people across the country. One lady testified of rededicating her life to God after hearing the song. I am Bro. Rick’s number 1 fan!! Be listening for more great songs from the pen of “ Mr. Sinner’s Prayer.”
   May 28th was a special day for my Papaw Eugene Boggs! Happy belated 65th birthday, Papaw!! I am so glad God has allowed us to keep you with us here on earth! I love you very much!      Odie

Mile Marker: May, 24th, 2008
   Our current location is Prattville, Alabama. We are excited about being here at Summit Holiness Church with Pastor Rick Simpson and family! I will let you know how things are going here as they develop. I am sure I will have plenty to say with Bro. Simpson around!
   We had a very smooth travel day. It was only around two hours of driving time. I slept through the majority of the driving time. Before arriving at the church Mom and Dad did the weekly Wal-Mart run. Wal-Mart is practically across the street from the church. I can see it from the window of the bus.
   I used the evening to get caught up on some of my phone conversations I do not have to stay in one position to keep phone service!! If I breathed the wrong way last week the call was dropped.
   We have not had enough phone service to get online and update you lately so I kept a journal of the happenings this past week. My last Mile Marker was Saturday morning, May 17th. I hope you all have had a good week. You can read about mine below.
   I should close for now. Tomorrow is Sunday and will be busy day. I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Here’s the updates from this past week. Odie
Saturday May 17th, 2008 
   The Community Outreach Service in Elba, Alabama was a success. Thank you all for your prayer! It was a lot of hard work for everybody involved but was a service ordained by God. We felt Him there from the opening prayer! We always love the chance to take the gospel outside the four walls of the church. One lady came forward for salvation at the altar call. We had a bunch of area folks under the shelter, many listening off in the distance and there is no way to know who all listened on WELB AM1350. THanks to pastor Jon Isaacs for inviting us to be a part and Thanks to Bro. Derrick Snellgrove for all your hard work! May God bless you and WELB! Keep up the good work!
   After the service we went on to Zoar Holiness Church and got the “BoggsMobile” set up for living this week. Now we are looking forward to Homecoming in the morning.    Odie
Sunday, May 18th, 2008
   It is Homecoming Sunday for Zoar Holiness Church. We are privileged to be here again with Pastor Jon Isaacs. There was an eleven o’clock service this morning. We sang a few songs and Dad preached a great messages on the “Long Arm of Grace”. God’s grace is so amazing and powerful!
   Then it was time for the real reason everyone came to homecoming, the meal! They were not disappointed either. I had several good things, but the dumplings I had were Heavenly.
   Around 2:00 P.M. we gathered back in the sanctuary for the afternoon service. Several visitors from the area churches were there for this service. A few of the visitors sang songs and the ministers testified. After we sang a few more songs Dad preached for twenty-three minutes. Wow! that is almost a record.
   We have spent the evening getting some much needed relaxation. Dad took the opportunity to go to bed early. After I took a nap and ate dinner I have been getting some computer work done.
   Well, that’s about it for today. So I will bid you a good night. Odie
Monday, May 19th, 2008   It has been a beautiful, sunny day here in Alabama. We are enjoying the peace and quiet out here in the country. We had a wonderful lunch today at Pizza Hut with Pastor Jon, Sis. Heidi, Alayna, Alivya, and Sis. Brenda. I am always in for some good pizza. The girls provided the dinner entertainment. They are a bundle of fun!!
   We are each in our afternoon mode. Dad is studying at the table. Mom is in the bedroom probably studying Spanish. I am in my bunk enjoying my surroundings. In just a while it will be time to get ready for church. The evening services start at 6:30 this week. Odie
Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
   Well, another day has come and almost gone. It was a good day for us. We spent the day here in the motor home. It is always good to have a day to ourselves every once in a while.
   The church services the last two nights have been great. The area churches are always good to fellowship when we are in this part of the country. It would be hard for me to name all the churches that have been represented in the revival. Dad had been preaching some good sermons. The ladies of the church have been preparing food after church each night. Monday was Mexican food and tonight was Italian food. Both meals have been very good!
   Since being here we have had some annoying neighbors. No, it is not the inhabitants of the cemetery next door. The birds have been having a time with bus. They think they can roost on the awnings, mirrors, and step. Their evidence is all around. To top it all off when they see their reflection in the stainless steel, they start pecking at the opposing bird for barging in on their space. LOL!! We put Mom’s rubber snake on the step. I think it worked to scare them off. It also scared several people at church tonight! You know Mom had a good time with the people being scared!    Odie
Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 
   We did not do anything really special today, but it was a great day. This afternoon while Dad was studying Mom spent some time outside studying her Spanish. She has tried her best to talk me into learning Spanish with her. But so far she has not talked me into it. I spent another afternoon in my wonderful little area. I have been listening to several episodes to "The Life Of Riley."  My, what messes Riley can get himself in. “What a revolting development this is...” I have several MP3 episodes of the show, thanks to my Uncle Steve.
   We went to the Isaacs home today for dinner. Sis. Heidi prepared a wonderful meal! You can not beat a good home cooked meal. Thank you to Bro. Jon for chauffeuring us around while here. Alayna (7) and Alivya (3) know how to keep us rolling. They are two precious girls!!
   Tonight's service was very faith building to me. Sometimes our faith just needs a little boosting. We had a good time of eating and fellowship after the service with the church folks. You know us Holiness people have to eat after going to church! Until later I am signing off.    Odie
Thursday,  May 22nd, 2008 
   “Life is great and getting better” to quote Jeff Easter. We had a good family day here in the motor home. Mom fixed us a wonderful brunch! I think Dad ate omelets and Mom and I had French toast. It has been along time since I had French toast. It was absolutely delicious!
   We had a wonderful church service tonight. Once again it was a faith building service. We were encouraged to believe God for anything. There were several visitor there. Not only from the local churches but also from far a way. It was great to see our dear friends Bro. Chris and Sis. Linda Whiffen. Also Jabo and Jennifer, Kristen, Keeton, and Kailey Griffith. They came all the way from Haines, City, Florida. They are precious friends to our family.
   I better quit my babbling go to bed. Soon nothing is going to make sense. Odie
Friday, May 23rd, 2008 
   Today is the birthday of my little sister, Ali Elizabeth Boggs. She arrived in the world four month too early. God only allowed her to stay a few short hours. I can not remember that time in our lives, because I was only 18 months old but the Lord definitely guided my parents through that very rough time! We have not understood God’s reasoning for not allowing her stay with us but we trust Him. I am looking forward to seeing my sister one day in Heaven!! Happy 21st Birthday, Ali, I will see soon!
   Today was a grand day visiting with all our friends. We met the Isaacs, Whiffens and the Griffiths at Ryan’s for a lunch. We then returned home to prepare for the evening service.
   A host of visitors showed up again tonight for church. I know it was an encouragement to the folks at Zoar. Pastor Jon Isaacs and the congregation of Zoar Holiness Church were so kind to us! They are wonderful people! -Most of you that know me good enough to know that I am a bag lady. I have always loved any kind of purse, bag, or whatever I could carry around. Honestly as a child I wouldn’t allow mom to throw away a plastic bag. The church folk last night added to my Vera Bradley purse collection. Sister Heidi was the instigator of it all. We have a something in common. She also has deep love for purses!
   Then it was time to load the equipment and bid them all goodbye. Odie
Mile Marker: May 17th, 2008
   We had a great week here at Harbor of Hope. The revival ended well last night. I think there were visitors every night. That always helps bring life to a meeting. Pastor Al and Sis. Martha Loper and all the church were so kind to us! It was nothing but a warm welcome from the sweet folks. Bro. Loper is a joke a minute! It is hard to tell if he is being serious or joking with you. We had a ball with him!
   Friday was Laundry day for Mom and me. It was an eventful time. We had to go tracking down quarters. Because the change machine at the Laundromat only took $1 dollar bills. Mom had to completely re-wash a load because a washer did not work properly. So there went $2.50 down the drain that we spent the first time. I spent part of the time in Bro. Loper's truck. When we went to a bank to get money my wheel chair got soaked in the rain. It felt good to head home!
   Laundry day always means a drink from Sonic if there is one in town. And Praise God, Ozark has a Sonic! Bring me a Route 44 Dr. Pepper! Sonic has the BEST Doctor Pepper on their crushed ice! That stuff is “Heavenly Nectar”!
   Today is going to be an exciting day. We get to be a part of the outdoor service in Elba, Alabama. It is being sponsored by Zoar Holiness Church and Pastor Jon Isaacs. The Local Southern Gospel station WELB is planning to broadcast it live. It will be a great witnessing tool for the church. Unless our singing runs everyone off! I am nervous about singing live on the radio. I guess there always has to be a first for every thing. Pray for us!!!
   It is now Saturday as I write this and I have not retired for the night. Mom and Dad have called it a day and I am about to do the same. I still need to work on the Wal-mart list for tomorrow. We need to make one last trip before we go to mans land! We need to stock up on Rice and Sam’s Choice Water. Those seem to be our two main food groups lately. Ha Ha
   The next several days we will be way out in the country, so there will not be any Mile Markers for a while. Sorry Aunt Theresa. You could pray for a miraculous AT&T cell tower to appear next to Zoar Holiness Church! Oh yeah I need a Verizon tower too so I can talk on my phone!
    While your are online check out the home page of Enlighten 34 XM.  At the bottom of the page it has the Lyrics of "Sinner's Prayer".  It is a great song written by our friend Pastor Rick Simpson.  It is a great song.  If you know Bro. Rick, call him and congratulate him.  Here's the link.
   I will update in a week or so.    Odie

Mile Marker: May 14th, 2008
   Well, it has been a good couple of days since my last update. Tuesday the McKee family took us and the pastor to eat Chinese food. It was a good meal. Bro. Loper (the Pastor) had to point out there were three veterinarian shops close to the restaurant. Dad says, “So many cats so few recipes”. Mom and I stick to things we can recognize. I love good fried rice and “real chicken! 
   Yesterday Mom and I also ran to Dothan to do a couple errands for Dad. While we had a car we went to Ross and T.J. Max. Mom was looking for a few things to organize us better. Can you believe I did not even look at the clothes in either store? That is an accomplishment for me I am proud of myself!
   Today Dad did some maintenance to the bus and we worked inside. It is nice to have warm sunny weather! We have been in a lot of rain lately. I like sunshine!! Things are pretty dry around here. They are hoping for rain.
   Sis. Patricia and Sis. Louise made a delicious meal today. I can not remember all the food the prepared for us. I know one thing, I got my daily fix of rice. We have been on a rice kick for several months. Now I miss my rice if we do not have it.  Dad said he started eating rice and causes a world wide  the rice shortage!
   The church service the last four nights have been good. Tuesday night was especially good. You could sense from the beginning God had something special in mind. His sweet Spirit was definitely there to bless!
   I had better go for now. Thanks for stopping by visiting!   Odie
 Mile Marker: May 12th, 2008
   It is Monday! Things are going smoothly around here today. Mom is still trying to get things organized just right. I have been trying to get rested up from the trip. I get sooooo tired laying down while dad is driving. Ha ha! This afternoon we met Bro. and Sis. Loper for some Mexican food. I had a Burrito Supreme that was very good. Dad wanted me to only eat part of it, but guess what, I ate the whole thing! Sorry to disappoint you, Dad.
   We had a great first service of revival last night. Something funny happened yesterday. Two families came to church because they saw our bus parked in the parking lot of the church. Both families were first time visitors to the church. I guess they wanted to hear good singing. They were in for a big disappointment! We need more practice that is for sure!!! Tonight we had five more people come for the first time because they saw the bus. That is awesome!
   This is our first week without our truck.  It is very strange not to look out and see the white truck. We are waiting until the trailer and truck sell before seriously looking for a tow vehicle.  Thanks to Pastor Loper for sharing his truck this week.
   The world of Southern Gospel music is in a state of grief and shock.  Early Sunday morning Dottie Rambo was killed is a bus accident. It was late last night when we read the news. She definitely had a gift from God to write some awesome songs. Her songs are too numerous to name, but they will continue to bless people forever. Please pray for the Rambo family and others who were injured in the accident!  It just reminds me how blessed we are. We travel so many miles every year without incident. In fact we travel that very same stretch of road very often. Thank the Lord for His hand of protection on us!!      Odie

Mile Marker: May 11th, 2008
   Happy Mother’s Day!! I am blessed with a wonderful mother that I love very much! Mom is a precious person. She has always went the extra mile for me, and I will forever be indebted to her! I pick on Mom a lot but you all know she trained me to joke. I never know what trick she will pull on me next. Mom gave me a hug and a “love pat” on the back last week. My first instinct was to check for a kick me sign or some foreign object stuck to me. I love you Mom! You are my bucky!!
   Today has been a good day. We are now in the state of Alabama. It has been a typical south Alabama day, hot and humid. We were in service last night and this morning at the Mt. Sinai Holiness Tabernacle. It was great to see Pastor Dewayne Watson and the congregation in Dothan, Alabama. God is blessing them!
   Tonight we begin revival at the Harbor of Hope. This will be our first revival for Pastor Al Loper. We were here for a service in the fall and had a great time. So we are looking forward to an exciting time here!
   I want to say our home now looks so awesome inside. Sis. Gibson did a miracle blending everything together! If you saw the motor home before you will not believe the change. Thank you Sis. Gibson. Also thanks to Uncle Danny for painting my bunk! I feel like singing, Danny, Danny don’t be blue, cause nobody paints like you! (Ha Ha Ha) I love you!!!
   As you know we spent the last few weeks in Ohio. It was so good to be with all our family friends! God blessed us with three great revivals! Since we were close to home I spent one week with my Mamaw and Papaw Thank you for putting up with me again! Even though I was in church every night. I had a wonderful week of R&R at Mamaw’s house! Dad say’s I am spoiled rotten even at 22. Thanks also to Aunt Theresa and Uncle Jay for letting me camp out at your house for a night!
   Both Aunt Karen and Papaw Danny are continuing to recover from surgery. They both appreciate your prayers and concern. Papaw is back to fishing. Aunt Karen is trying to bounce back. The Waynesville School needs her well again!    Odie

Mile Marker: May 10, 2008 (From Davy) 
   Yesterday was a travel day. In fact, it was a very long travel day. We left Ohio and ended up in Southeast Alabama just outside Ozark. We are parked at the church where we are having revival starting Sunday night. We wanted to make it to church in Dothan (Pastor Dewayne Watson) last night but we just could not make it. We traveled 700 miles and arrived here around midnight, just slightly late for church!
   We usually don’t travel much over 500 miles a day. That has pretty much been our rule when pulling a trailer. Any more than that can whip up on me for three or four days. I thought I would try to drive a little farther in the motorhome. I feel like somebody took a stick to me right now but that could be due to the fact that we haven’t had to travel much at all the last four weeks. I will let you know how it goes.
   We stopped in Nashville for our first visit to Prevost. Prevost is the company that manufactured the shell of our motorhome. They have a repair facility in Nashville. We only had a few minutes to spare but they were very helpful. I bought a set (7) of belts for the engine. I will try to replace them this week and then keep the old ones for spares.
   We did get our Kountry Star Fifth Wheel back from the repair shop Wednesday evening. It is parked at my brother Steve’s house in Waynesville. We are asking God to send a buyer for it. Please help us pray and pass the word along. You can find pictures and information about the Fifth Wheel from the front page of this website.
   We are looking forward to being in this area the next few weeks. There are some great churches within driving distance and they do a great job of fellowshipping. This week we will be here at Harbor of Hope for Pastor Al Loper and then next Sunday (18th) we will have homecoming and then revival at Zoar Holiness Church for Pastor Jon Isaacs. We are looking for a visitation from God with several souls saved.
   Also next week on Saturday (17th) we are doing an outdoor service in a great location in Elba, Alabama for Pastor Jon Isaacs. Bro. Jon and his folks have been working hard to get ready for that and we are looking forward to it! Bro. Jon has arranged for the local radio station to broadcast the service live so it is a great chance to reach out a give the gospel to a bunch of folks. The man who is running the station, Derek Snellgove, really has a heart for good gospel music and reaching the lost with God’s Word. He has stepped out on faith and changed the format of the station to 100% Southern Gospel and has a long way to go to make it pay off but I am praying the Lord will bless his efforts. I have corresponded with him by email and I am looking forward to meeting him personally and working with him as well. If you would like to encourage him, I have listed his contact information below. Help us pray that we will be effective in reaching the lost for Christ on Saturday the 17th!
   May God bless you all. Keep in touch with us when you can. Davy
Derek Snellgrove
20334 Highway 87
Elba, AL 36323
334-897-2216 phone        334-897-3694 fax      welbam1350@yahoo.com

Mile Marker: May 2, 2008  (From Davy)
   It has been a fast two weeks in our home area.  First we had a great week with Pastor Kevin Lloyd and the church in Murlin Heights.  We had visited there years ago when we lived in Ohio full time but we had never preached there or gotten to know most of the people.  After a week we did not want to leave.  We felt right at home, especially with all the visits from family and from our home church at Dryden Rd.
   This week we have been at Anchor of Hope just outside of Lebanon, Ohio.  This is another church we have been familiar with most of our lives and I had preached here some but this is our first revival here.  Pastor Bill Lamb his wife Sis. Norma and the whole church have treated us so well.  We are having great services and great response at the altars.
   We were supposed to leave tonight after church and be in Dothan Alabama Sunday night to start revival but we had to change our plans.  Our Kountry Star Fifth Wheel has been in the shop since the first part of April having some repair work completed.  It was supposed to be finished last week but wasn't done right.  Then it was supposed to be done this week but still wasn't right.  It won't be finished until next week and I have to be here when it is completed in order to take it to Waynesville and set it up in preparation to sell it.  It seems like a small thing but it has been a trial of our patience.  I hate to cancel revival but I really had no choice.  We do not plan on being back home until August and I need to sell the trailer .  Pleas help us pray about this!
   We will be here at Anchor of Hope on Sunday and then our Pastor  asked us to come and preach at Dryden Rd. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Hopefully the trailer will be ready to move to Waynesville by then and we can head on down to Alabama.
   I need to thank some folks that have really went out of their way to be helpful to us the last two weeks.  First, Bro. Danny Morgan which is Kelly Jo's little brother worked so hard this week painting Odie's bunk.  He made several trips over from Hillsboro and did a great job!  Thanks Danny!
   Next, Bro. and Sis. Gibson that attend Murlin Heights where we just preached revival completely changed the look of our motorhome inside.  Sis. Gibson is an interior decorator extraordinaire! We asked her to make curtains for Odies' bunk and she made curtains, pillows and comforter for Odie's bunk, pillows for the couch and also completely redecorated our bedroom.  Her and her Husband just brought it all over to Lebanon and it looks Awesome!  Odie has her own little space now and it looks great too!  Thank You Bro. and Sis. Gibson!
   Their son Bro. Mike Gibson who owns Pro Coach Leasing and goes to Agape Church in Vandalia provided a mattress for Odie's bunk.  He also let me pick his brain and helped me understand many things about the bus that had concerned me.  Thanks Bro. Mike!
   We appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness of God's people so much!  We still plan to order Odie a special mattress in the future but she has what she needs for now and it is beautiful.  We also plan to install a lift for Odie in the future as well (if she still needs it) and buy a car to tow behind but for now we are set and ready to go!
   That brings us up to date!  Thank you for your prayers...      Davy
Mile Marker: April 26th, 2008
   Wow!  I can’t believe it is already Saturday! Time flies when your having fun, and that is exactly what is going on here. Revival has been great this week. God visits in a special way each service. Praise the Lord two men have confessed to being saved. We have had wonderful fellowship this week with Bro. Kevin, Sis. Kim, Hannah, Lydia, and Ruthie Lloyd! It is so exciting to have such a great family working for God!
   On Monday morning my Aunt Karen Boggs had surgery and on Tuesday my Papaw Danny Morgan had surgery. Both surgeries were very serious! Thank God for carrying them safely through! Please keep Aunt Karen and Papaw in your prayers for a quick and full recovery! I am glad the scheduling worked out to where we could be close by for the surgeries. God knows how to work things out.
   I think we are getting more settled in our new home on wheels. My bunk should be totally completed next week! I actually slept in it for the first time last night. It is going to be a cozy little home!! It will be painted next week. Sister Gibson here in the church is going to help with the curtains for my bunk. Thanks to Bro. Mike Gibson from Agape for all your help! Also Bro. Jeffery Bostwick worked hours detailing the outside of the motorhome. He made it shine!!
   Well, It is time to prepare for church. So I will go for now. Have a great weekend!    Odie

Mile Marker: April 21st, 2008
   Hello from the great Miami Valley!! It is not “Home On The Range” but it is my home! It feels so good to be in this part of the country for while. We have not been home in almost four months.
   Revival at New Hope Trinity in Anderson, Indiana ended with Fellowship Meeting Friday night. We had a great week in Indiana with Pastor Clifton Smith! Thank you all for everything! Sis. Bonnie thanks for all the laughs. We do think of you often!!!!!
   Anderson is the home area of “Mr. He Touched Me”, Bill Gaither and also home of the Riddells. It was so exciting to have the Riddells home for Thursday and Friday of the revival. They are a wonderful ministry family and we always have a blast with them! We did not get to see Uncle Bill this year. We ran out of time to make to Alexandria, Indiana to the Gaither Family Resource Center. If you are ever passing through that part of the country The Resource Center is a neat place to visit.
   We left Indiana Friday night after church headed to Ohio. My sweet Daddy was so kind and drove me home so I could spend some time with my youth group. They were having an all night lock in at a local Recreation Center and since we were just two hours away Dad took me there. It was a lot of fun getting to spend some time with the great crew from Dryden Road Pentecostal Church! Thanks for still claiming and including me! Thanks to Bro. Darius and Sis. Kim Templeton and everyone involved for an awesome night! DRPC youth leaders and youth group rocks! I love you all!!
   Sunday morning was a special treat for us we had the privilege of be at our home church. We have a wonderful church family and it is always great to be with the Bro. Bennie Sutherland and the folks at Dryden Road!
   Sunday night was the beginning of revival at First Pentecostal of Murlin Heights . The Lord met us with a “Break Through” the very first night! It was so refreshing to feel God so close! We are so excited about being here with Pastor Kevin Lloyd and I am looking forward to reporting great things to you!    Odie

Mile Marker: April 16th, 2008
   A huge Anderson, Indiana howdy to you! We had a really good travel day on Saturday. Dad and I in the motorhome and Mom followed behind in the truck. Our next two revivals are in Ohio then we plan to leave the truck at home. I know Mom is looking forward to riding with us! Dad is ready to have his navigator back. I am not a good navigational system! My snoring does not tell him where to turn.
   The Friday homecoming services in Jonesboro, Illinois were very good! And the meal in between was delicious! The ladies of the church prepared enough food for an army! Thanks again to the Pastor Geoff Bond and the fine folks at Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle.
   Now we are at New Hope Trinity. Its great once again to be with our many friends here. We have been coming here so long that I do not remember not knowing them. Thanks to Pastor Clifton Smith and church for all your kindness!
   On the way here Saturday Dad started battling a terrible cold, flu, or something just nasty. He spent most of Monday and Tuesday in the bed! He had a fever that made him feel like he was dying! He still feels rough, but thank the Lord he is tons better! Please keep him in your prayers!
   For all our family and friends in Ohio that read this check out our schedule. We would love for you to be in service with us over the next couple of weeks! As for the rest of you keep watching the calendar some day we will show up in your area.
   If this is your first time on the site please drop us an e-mail! It is always great to hear from new and return visitors!      Odie

Mile Marker: April 11th, 2008
   It is Friday, the end of another week. It is Homecoming day here at Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle. They are having a 2 P.M. service, dinner, and then the 7 P.M. service. I am sure it will be an exciting day!
   The altar services this week have been really good. Last night Dad preached to us of God’s grace and a woman prayed through to salvation. Thank God for “Amazing Grace” and “Power In The Blood” that cleanses ALL sin!!
   We have had tremendous time with the Bond Family this week!!! They have been going out of their way to make us feel at home.

   More Good News!! 
Dad was able to add some pictures to the website last night, Hallelujah! We hope to have more up in the coming days! I need to give him several folders to prepare for the website. He is not exactly sure what cured the problem, but we are thankful to have it fixed.
   One of the pictures we want to add is the picture of the new Boggsmobile! I am loving it! I have my own little cubby hole to live in. We don’t have our part finished but Bro. Shannon McDonald did a great job designing and building my bed! 
Thank you, Bro. McDonald!
   We plan to have the new bunk painted in Ohio and we also need to order a special sized mattress and curtains. When it is finished I will try to post some pictures for all to see!.
   Well, it is almost lunch time so I will go for now.      Odie
Mile Marker: April 8th, 2008
   Well, I think things are beginning to get back to normal, IF we have a normal.
   We were able to get moved into the motorhome last week. Now I am trying to find where my stuff is hid. We also had two bathrooms in the trailer so we are back to sharing one bathroom.  Sunday morning  is really an adventure until we perfect the routine.
   I have to say a special thank you to our friends Bro. Kurt and Sis. Angie McCrorey. They drove 600 miles from Missouri to help us get settled. Dad and Bro. Kurt made a whirlwind trip taking the trailer to Ohio. They went from Mississippi to Ohio and back in 36 hours. Mom put Sis. Angie to work helping us get organized. Sis. Angie is a God send!! Thank you Jonathan and Emily for all you your help too! We owe the McCrorey family a lot.  They are true friends!
   We had a wonderful time in Richton, Mississippi last week. It was our first visit to First Assembly. God seems to really be blessing Pastor Scott Morris and the church there!  Bro. Morris and his church were a big help to us this last week and we sure do appreciate them.
   This week we are in the state of Illinois. The services here at Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle have been great so far. Thanks to Pastor Geoff Bond for inviting back to Jonesboro!
   I know that Dad has mentioned it, but please help us pray that our trailer sells.  We have pictures and the description here on the website if you know any one that might be interested.   Thanks,   Odie

Mile Marker: April 2, 2008
   We are busy making the transition from our Trailer to the Motorhome.  We are in revival in Richton, Mississippi and working on all this during the day.  The services have been great and last night was especially good.  This is our first time here and they have just welcomed us with open arms.  The Pastor is Bro. Scott Morris and I have just fell in love with his family.  Bro. Kenny Morris and several from his church came last night so we got to see friends and have a good service too.
   We are almost done with trailer and Dad will be taking it North tomorrow.  We are going to have a little work done on it and then park it in Ohio until it sells.  Please help us pray a buyer in for this trailer.  That would take a load off my Dad's mind!
   Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and for all the nice emails we receive.  We should be in Jonesboro, Illinois next week so I will try to write more from there.    Odie
Mile Marker: March 27, 2008
   Thanks for all of the encouraging emails and calls the last few days.  God has used many of our friends and even strangers to brighten the way for us.  He has been dropping "Handfuls of Purpose" for us and we sure do appreciate it.  Nothing special going on in our lives other than day to day challenges but our God cares about the small stuff too!  In fact, I made a list of ways He has encouraged us in the just the last few weeks and the list was overwhelming.  We definitely serve a great God!
   The revival here in Pine Prairie, Louisiana is going great.  Bro. Barry Gautreaux and his people are some of the finest.  God has visited us each night and we are soaking it up.  Bro. Tracy Boyd brought his family down the other night and they were a great blessing.  Each night the Lord has had something special for us.  We are looking forward to what God has in store the last two nights.
   Saturday we plan to move to Richton, Mississippi and start revival Sunday morning.  We should be changing things over from the trailer to the bus while we are there.  Please continue to pray for us during this transition.  Odie hasn't had much computer time lately due to all the extra work but I am sure she will squeeze in an update soon.
   May God bless you all.   Davy
Mile Marker: March 23, 2008
   Allentown Camp Meeting was Wonderful!  We had a great time visiting with friends and feasted on the Word of God as well.  There was so much great preaching.  Much of the preaching was pointing the church toward the coming of the Lord.  We came a way with a new sense of urgency to win the lost and to draw closer to God in our personal walk.  Thank God for Camp Meeting!
   After the weekend with some great folks in Mississippi we headed to Florida to look at a bus.  My Dad and Bro. Chris Whiffen had looked at this particular bus the week before so we knew it was in good shape.  To make a long story short we bought it and now we have a trailer for sale.  I will post more information as soon as possible, but if anybody wants a two bedroom/two bathroom trailer, please let them know about ours.  We need to sell the trailer and truck as soon as possible.
   Bro. Shannon McDonald is putting a bunk in the bus this week for Odie and we hope to transfer all of our stuff over next week while we are in revival at Richton, MS.
   We are at Bro. Gautreaux's in Pine Prairie, LA this week and we had a great Easter today!  We will have more updates later this week.  May God bless you all.   Davy
Mile Marker: March 8, 2008
   My bratty daughter says I (Kelly Jo) should write a Mile Marker.  So here I am writing my first ever Mile Maker.  We are now in Alabama.  We pulled in last night (Friday) about 10:00 and it is cold!  Well, I guess cold is a relative term since it is around 50 degrees and at home (Ohio) it is much colder and they have about 15 inches of snow!  Praise God for NO Snow!
   We had a great trip to California last month and two good revivals in Mississippi the last couple of weeks.  Now we are looking forward to the Allentown Camp Meeting.  We get to see a lot of friends that we don't get to see very often and the weather should be a little warmer.  I am sure that Odie will give you a full report.
   That is all for now.  My Mile Marker is just like me, Short and Sweet!   Adios!  Kelly Jo

Mile Marker: March 4, 2008
   We are having a fine time in Ellisville, Mississippi!  Revival began here on Sunday morning.  Each service has been very good.  To me it seems to be a faith building meeting.  We are having a great visit with Pastor Kenny Morris and Sis. Joan Morris!
   Sunday was also Bro. Kenny’s birthday.  This is the second year we have been here to join in the celebration.  Happy Birthday, Bro. Kenny, we love you!!
   Monday morning we woke up to a forecast of bad weather heading our way and by church time storms were surrounding us.  With the Lords protection we continued with church as planned.  Dad preached a great message and we had a good alter service.  Thanks to Bro Kenny, we spent the night in the Best Western hotel.  I think he was a little worried about his evangelist ending in up pieces over in Alabama!  For a while the weather was a little scary but it finally blew over.  The hotel felt safer than our fifth wheel!!  Mom and I took shelter in the bathroom for a few minutes.  Our county was under a tornado warning and we heard a strange roaring sound.  We have not heard any news of a tornado actually touching down.  I thank the Lord for protecting us!!  By 1am things cleared and I went to sleep.
   We lived in Kansas for four years and we never went to the tornado shelter.  Now in our five years on the road I have lost count of the times I have took shelter from a storm.  Some of the storms have been bad ones.  I am glad God takes care of us! Sometimes people laugh at me for taking cover so quickly when the warning sounds but I can't out run tornados!
   Now on Tuesday we are back home in our trailer.  Yesterday we had 80 degree weather and today it is near 50 degrees.  I am just glad to be safe!  There is an excitement in my heart about the service tonight!    Odie

Mile Marker: February 26, 2008
   Let me start by backtracking a couple weeks.  Thank you all for your prayers! Mom and Dad safely made the trip to and from Pennsylvania.  They did experience a winter storm while there but thank the Lord they arrived back to California in one piece!  Thank you to the Burris and family for putting up with me while my parents were gone!
   Then we were in a three night revival in Atwater, California.  It was our privilege to preach the first revival there for Pastor Jared Burris!  Thanks to all our friends in the area who supported the meeting!
   This year we were finally able to attend two services of the camp meeting in Raisin City, California. Both of the services were really good and it was great to see many friends!
   Last week founds us in Riverdale, California.  It is was a pleasure to spend a few days with Pastor Charles Spencer and the entire church there!  Everyone there was so nice!  A lot of the children wrote us the sweetest notes. We really enjoyed getting better acquainted with everyone! The Lord moved in each service!
   Bro. and Sis. Spencer gave us a grand tour of the future home of the church. When we first came to Riverdale they were in the dirt work stages of the new building.  It is amazing to see the progress that has been made in two years!  They hope to be in the new building later this year and it will be a beautiful church!  Then we toured Riverdale Christian Academy.  I have never seen a Christian school of that size in operation.  I must say we were very impressed with how smoothly it ran!  Christian Education is a wonderful thing!
   Riverdale Assembly has the reputation of having an awesome choir and the reputation is well deserved!!  Bro. Jim and Sis Darla Davis and everyone involved do a great job!  Just a little side note: if you are not familiar with Bro.  Jim Davis’ songwriting check out the latest radio song by Gold City Quartet. “Preach The Word” is a song with a tremendous message that everyone needs to hear!! We are so excited for Bro. Jim on the song’s success!
   Then we made the 2,200 mile journey to Moss Point, Mississippi.  Wow!  What a trip!  It is good to be back at Forts Lake Assembly this year!  The service last night was an absolute blow up.  It was great to see Pastor Tim Cauley and the entire church receiving help from God!
   My oh my!  We are eating wonderful this week. Sis. “Ruthie Angel” is an awesome southern cook! I have never eaten anything at her house that is not delicious! It is so good that I am starting to sound like Dad talking about food. I need a “Ruthie Angel” cook book!!
   Another highlight of my week is that I am learning to drive.  They are letting us use a golf cart to get back and forth between the church and our trailer. So I am taking advantage of the open field and lane to practice my driving skills. The only thing I have ever driven is my power wheel chair and I am a reckless driver.  I am having a blast driving this golf cart!  I have been chauffeuring my parents the last two days.  I still need tons more practice before it is conquered.  Don't worry I will not be pulling the trailer any time soon!        Odie
Mile Marker: February 11, 2007
   Hey! I hope you all are doing great. We are doing fine.  The weather here is so beautiful right now.  I feel sorry for all of you that are facing terrible winter weather!!  Just remember summer is coming!
   The revival ended Friday night at Faith Chapel in Stockton, California.  It was a great meeting.  You could feel God there challenging the saint and sinner alike to move a little closer to Him!  The Brandon family are such sweet people!  They are surrendered to God’s call to win souls for the kingdom.  We were so glad to be there with them in revival
   Sunday found us at Gospel Defenders in Merced California.  It was so good to be with Pastor John Hilton and a host of friends!  Even though it had been almost two years in between visits they made us feel like we had not missed a service.  We always go expecting to have a good time!  This is one of the most talented churches I have been to.  They all sing exceptionally good!!  Thank you all for the warm welcome.  You all hold a special place in our hearts!
   For the next couple of days I will stay here in California and Mom and Dad will be in Pennsylvania taking care of some business.  When you think of it the next couple of days whisper a prayer for us.  We have some major decisions to make this week and we want to be open to God’s will.  Dad is the major decision maker and he needs the clear leading of the Lord in this situation.
   I can hear your questions right now.... NO this does NOT involve going to pastor a church!

Mile Marker: February 6, 2008
   Hello from California! We have been here in Stockton since Saturday evening, but I am just now getting around to writing. Things have been really good for us this week. In Arizona Friday morning we were ready to hit the road and Bro. Jorge Stevens brought us some burritos for breakfast. They were absolutely delicious! For all you folks at El Mirage we are having Mexican food withdrawals!! I am sure we will survive,...somehow.
   Now back to California; it is wonderful to be here! This state is one of our favorites to visit. The scenery here is so varied yet so magnificent! The campground we are parked in this week is on the water and the sunsets are amazing! Hopefully we can get some pictures posted soon!
   Our revival is at Faith Chapel and is going very good. This is a pioneer work that has been going almost three years. Pastor Michael Brandon definitely has burden for the church and this community. It is amazing to see the progress that has been made here in the two and a half years since our last visit! They are several new converts and they all seem hungry to learn more of God. There have been some more folks pray for salvation this week. I am anxious to get to church and see what God is going to do each night!
   Last night we had a good surprise at church! Evangelist Doug Cornett is also preaching here in California. He came to be in service with us last night. It is always good to see a fellow Ohioan!   Odie
Mile Marker: February 1, 2008
   Thanks for stopping by the website today! I appreciate all of the feedback on the Mile Markers. I am enjoying keeping you all updated on the latest news.
   As I last told you the revival in El Mirage, Arizona went on through Wednesday night, but it is finally time to pack things up and leave Desert Cove Assembly. It has been a wonderful revival and it was our privilege to be here one more time. Thanks to Bro. Jimmy Munoz and the entire church for all your kindness, and welcoming us with open arms! You were a HUGE blessing to our family, and we appreciate you so much!! We stayed around here Thursday. Sis. Jenny Munoz fixed a big breakfast for us. Well it was more like brunch, but that is better by me!! Later we had dinner with Bro. Jorge and Sis. Mary Stevens. We enjoyed one last visit with the Stevens!
   Next we head for Stockton, California. I am so excited to see all are friends in California it has been too long! If you are in California and you are reading this check out the schedule and make plans to come be in service with us! Please keep us in your prayers as we travel!
   See you in a few hundred miles!     Odie
Mile Marker: January 28, 2008
   Our time here in Arizona is flying by so fast! It is hard to believe it is already Sunday! The folks here are like family to us and they do not seem to be ashamed to claim us. They are treating us so well! We do not get much time to get hungry! The cooks here love to watch Dad enjoy his food, and it is sure easy to enjoy! Diet is not in the vocabulary around here!
   Our first revival here was in October 2002. In fact, I celebrated my 17th birthday on the way out here in 2002. WOW! Where has the time gone?
   The services has been very good! Each service has been different, but you can feel the sweet Holy Ghost! There have been several lost people attend the revival, and praise God a few have prayed. We are praying for more souls today!!
   Bro. Jimmy Munoz is pastoring here at Desert Cove now. We have known and loved them for several years. Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Jenny have a wonderful family! They have been blessed with six great children that are fun to be with. Abigail who is three has become my little shadow! She has me wrapped around her finger with her big blue eyes and beautiful red hair!
   Kids some times have a hard time understanding my handicap. They are prone to say things that crack me up, but totally embarrass their parents. Laughter is a great medicine!!! Here is one of my favorites a little girl asked me, speaking of my canes, “Were you born with those”. Abigail is trying her best to understand my limitations. She cannot seem to grasp that I am like any other “normal” person aside from the fact that I can’t walk normally. I think she is really pondering this thing out! Monday she asked me to see my crippled legs. She just knew they would look different than hers! Thursday she asked me “how are you talking”! Friday her question was “are your teeth crippled”! I am just anticipating what is next, but I think it is hilarious! I am going to miss her!!!
   It is after church now and we had a great service! We have decided to stay here until Wednesday! I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do!
Mile Marker: January 24, 2008
   Hello from the beautiful city of El Mirage, Arizona!  El Mirage is just one of many suburbs of Phoenix. It is in the Northwest part of the valley. The White Tank Mountains to the West of us look like a painting. We are so glad for the warmer weather. I will take a high of 61 degrees any day over the 21 degree high of Waynesville, Ohio today!! Oh, I SO sorry I am not supposed to gloat! It really is freezing here; you need a light jacket!
   I will move on to the church service last night to see if I can stay out of trouble! Our last visit to Desert Cove Assembly was in the summer of 2005. I was so glad to see all our friends last night! Revival got off to a great start. There was a great crowd with many visitors.
   The Lord was also present in the service; His sweet spirit was there to save and encourage. It is amazing that we serve such a mighty God! When we began to sing “Power In The Name of Jesus” you could feel that power of God there just waiting to help those who ask! We sang for a while, and you could tell God had more He wanted to accomplish. Dad began to exhort on the power of God and what our God can do. He can heal, comfort, and He can Even put a broken home together. Anything is possible when you ask it in the Name of Jesus! We had a great altar service. Many seemed to pray good from my viewpoint!
   I better be going for now. They will be bringing some delicious Mexican food in a short while. I think the menu today is green chili enchiladas, beans, and rice! My belly is already growling! We are the Boggriguez family this week with this wonderful Mexican food!!
   Mile Marker: January 22, 2008   Let’s start on a Lighter Note:
   Most of you who read this probably know the story behind my name “Odie”, but it occurred to me the other day some readers might not know its origin. My given name is Andrea Eve Boggs. I was named Andrea after a cousin and Eve is from the Bible. Andrea means Lovely, Eve means Woman and Dad says that Boggs must have come from Swamp so my parents tease me that my name means “Lovely Woman of the Swamp”.
   I was tagged with Odie around the age of 2. Dad said I reminded him of the dog in the “Garfield” cartoon strip. His name is Odie. Not being able to walk I crawled everywhere. I had and sometimes still have the habit of letting my tongue hang out of my mouth. Also my hair was fixed in doggie ears. Therefore they say I looked like Odie! I say I am a “people dog”.
   Odie has stuck with me now for 20 years. It is who I am! Around the age of 13 Mom ask me if I wanted to be called Andrea, and I chose to stay with Odie. I am proud to say Andrea is my name, but I am equally proud to say Odie is my name. I have a unique name not very many people have today.
   My grandparents call me Andrea sometimes. Mom calls me Andrea at times but that is NOT a good thing. If I hear “Andrea Eve Boggs” I know I am in for it. I never remember Dad calling me Andrea. In fact, he calls me Pickle most of the time. That is just one of my many nicknames.  All my friends call me Odie!
   As for my namesake Odie the Dog, I feel his pain! Garfield picks on him unmercifully! I have tagged my Dad as Garfield over the years because it seems his goal in life is to give me a hard time!! Garfield the cat loves lasagna, and so does my Garfield! Well, come to think of it I love lasagna too!!! I don’t care what you call me just please don’t call me late for supper!!!!!
   On A Serious Note:
   In our travels we make many great friends. We are thankful for those special people God puts in our path. I seem to be a kid magnet and I love the kids!! I will probably write often of special little ones that I come in contact with.
   Today one of my buddies is in need of lots of prayer! My friend Brooklyn Faith Durham is 11 years old and she has leukemia. She is now on chemo treatments, and it has made her really sick. Over the weekend she came down with a fever and now is in the hospital. It breaks my heart to read the updates. She has a wonderful attitude, but she has to suffer a lot! They are concerned because she has gone 80 to 64 pounds in about 8 weeks. She desperately needs a miracle from God!!!!! You can find out more by visiting:
   Brooklyn along with her family attend the Bond Holiness Church in Bond, Kentucky. Bro. John Gabbard is their pastor.
   I have people who tell me a lot that they pray for my healing everyday. I am so grateful for the prayer support I get from God’s good people!! I often remind my self to look around and find someone else who suffers worse than me. It is not a hard thing to find a brother or a sister in need. Let’s help bear one another’s load!    Andrea ”Odie” Eve Boggs

   Mile Marker: January 21,2008
   We had something very interesting happen to us the other night in Flagstaff, AZ.
   We were trying to get Odie in the trailer about 10:00pm and it was about 15 degrees NOT including wind chill. We needed to put some water in our fresh water tank because it was bone dry. After getting stuck in the snow and ice, changing camping spots, shoveling quite a bit of snow to get Odie in the trailer, over 14 hours on the road that day with the stress and time lost with mechanical problems, I decided to skip the water and "make do" until morning. I told Kelly Jo as much and she agreed that we could get by. I then turned and spoke to another late arrival two spaces away.  I said something meaningless about the weather trying to be polite and went into the trailer.
   The next morning I knew we probably didn't even have enough water to brush our teeth much less get showers that we really did need. I bundled up while the girls were still in bed and got the hose and everything together. I hooked it all up and turned the water on. In less than a minute it was burping water so I shut it off and let the vent catch up. I did this a few more times and finally concluded that the intake hose inside the trailer must be frozen. I put everything away and went inside. I checked the gauge for the fresh water tank just to see if any had made it to the tank and the gauge read FULL! I thought the gauge was frozen, but I turned on the pump and we had plenty of water!  The tank really was FULL!
   Evidently the man parking two spots away must have seen what a hard time we were having and heard my comment to Kelly and filled our tank for us. That is the only thing I can come up with.  He was already gone when I discovered the FULL tank, so I will never know for sure.
    Even on a very rough day the Lord let us know He is mindful of us.  He used an anonymous person to "bless" us!  It made me wonder... "Am I willing to take time to allow God to use me to be a blessing to some one else?  Maybe even some one I don't even know?"

Mile Marker : January 20, 2008
Travel update
  Friday was a travel day for us.  There was not much in to see, unless you want to see flat fields and cows.   I spent most of my time lying down in the back trying to sleep off a cold.  By suppertime we were in Amarillo, Texas.  We had to eat at the Big Texan, the home of the FREE 72-ounce steak.  I really thought Dad was going to get the BIG steak but he decided not to this time.  You have to eat the complete dinner of salad, roll, 72 ounce steak and potato in 60 minutes to get it for free.  Dad decided on a regular size steak.  We had a very good dinner!  We spent the night at a campground in Amarillo.
  By 8:00am Saturday we were on the road headed to Arizona.
  About 30 miles after our first fuel stop Dad noticed the truck was losing power.  Before making it to a repair shop we were going about 25 miles per hour on the shoulder of the interstate.  Thanks to Bro. Chris and “Little” Chris Whiffen for helping Dad diagnose the problem over the phone!  Thankfully we had phone service out in the middle of New Mexico!  We were so relieved to find a repair shop open on a Saturday! They changed the fuel filter and the power was back.  We thank the Lord for protecting and helping us!!  After a few hours delay we were back on the road.
   The rest of the day went smoothly for us!
  Finally we made it to Flagstaff, Arizona around 9:30. Our plan was to pull in a campground in the daylight.  But now it was dark and snow on the ground.  Making it into the campsite was a little eventful.  Our truck and trailer does not like ice and snow.  Mom had to push me in the trailer in my wheelchair.  I could not stand on the ice, and Dad had to shovel a path to be able to use my lift.  When we made it into the trailer we were cold, tired, and hungry.  After warming up and eating we headed to bed where we could dream of the warm weather we will see this week in Phoenix!
   Please pray for the Woods and Prince Families and the entire Beechfork Holiness Church in Wartburg, Tennessee!
  They have had two sudden deaths in 9 days.  Sis Hester Woods and Bro. David Prince will be missed by everybody!  Both of them were great friends, and it is hard for me to imagine them not being there.
   See you somewhere down the road!
Oklahoma City Report  - January 17, 2008
   Hello!   I hope 2008 is going good for you.  We celebrated five years on the road on January 5th, and we are not tired of it yet!  God has blessed us so much in five short years!  Time flies when your having fun!  We have been with so many friends already this year.  There are too many to name them all.
Currently we are in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Thanks to pastor Rickey Searcy for letting us camp out here for a few days!  It is always good to visit with friends and eat good food!  Mom and I also squeezed in a shopping trip.  Our Christmas money is really starting to burn holes in our pockets. We make a good shopping team.  I have to talk mom into spending money, and she talks me out of spending it.
We were in service on Wednesday night at Mt. Vernon Holiness Church.  Tonight we went to Bro. Aaron Brock’s to be in revival with Bro. Brent and Sis. Teresa Gabbard.
We are preparing to head west to Arizona tomorrow.  We are ready for some warm weather!  It is cold, windy, and wet here now.  I know it is like that a lot of places, but I am ready for warmth!
   Wednesday January 16th was my Dad’s birthday.
  I want to wish him a happy belated birthday! Thanks to Sis. Sharon and Javonia Searcy for making him a cookie cake and also Bro. Rickey for fixing a delicious dinner!!  Dad is not the only one in our family celebrating birthdays this month. There is Lucas Osborn, Brooklyn Coffman, Betty Morgan, Jeanna Morgan, and Danny Morgan. Happy birthday to you all!!    Well, I am closing for today.  I will see you a few more miles down the road.  Please try to stay warm and healthy!       Odie 

A Brand New Year!

   2008 is off to a great start!  We finished up 2007 in West Harrison, Indiana with Bro. Wade Hicks and his folks and then headed out to Kansas.  By January 2nd we were in the big city of Weir ready to crank up revival with Bro. James Fellers and the folks at Faith Tabernacle.  This was our sixth January in a row with these fine folks.  In fact, this is where we started on the road in January 2003 and they just keep having us back.  They must be gluttons for punishment but I am glad they are. Bro. Fellers and his folks are very dear to our hearts.  They were a great encouragement to us while we were pastoring in Wichita and have continued to strengthen us through the years.
    Due to a cancellation we were at loose ends this weekend so we wound up in Sand Springs, Oklahoma with Bro. Wayne Holcomb and congregation here at Amazing Grace Holiness Church. Bro. Holcomb has invited us to come at various times but this was our first opportunity to do so. We are so glad we stopped in.  We had a glorious time both services on Sunday and the Lord really blessed our family.
    Now we are headed to El Mirage, Arizona to be with the folks at Desert Cove and Pastor Jimmy Munoz.  It has been a little over two years since we have been there so we are anxious to get back and see all our friends. (Not to mention all the great Mexican food!)  We are anticipating a move of God in those services.
    Until next time may God bless you everyone!



Almost On The Road Again  December 28, 2007

    Hi, I hope all of you are recovered from the holiday rush!  I love Christmas!  First of all I am thankful for birth of Christ!  Thank God that He came.  One of my dad’s favorite verses is II Corinthians 8:9:
For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich.
   He Came For Us!  That we might be rich in God!  God gave His son for us.
   I love to give gifts at Christmas.  I enjoy finding the perfect gift for everyone on my list.  The smiles on the kid’s faces are priceless to me!  I am the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family.  I now have a total of 12 first cousins, which range in age from 15 years to 6 months.  Each one of them is so precious, and the little time I’m with them is equally as precious! Deidre, Victor, Courtney, Isaac, Kayla, Lauren, Hunter, Jonas, Lucas, Morgan, Wade, and Seth I love you so much!  Thanks for being the best first cousins in the world! 
   It is almost time for us to hit the road for 2008.  I am anxious to see what lies ahead, yet I am hanging on to every second at home.  Our home church, Dryden Road Pentecostal Church is in revival this week with Bro. Denis Heath.  It started last night (Thursday) Bro. Denis preached awesome!!!  I am looking forward to tonight’s service.
   Saturday we head to Indiana to kick off 2008.  Please check the schedule and visit us in the coming year.  We hope to see you somewhere soon!  Also we love to hear from those who visit the website.  Drop us an e-mail, and give us your feed-back!
Odie Podie
Odie’s Nigeria Report: December 20, 2007
   Hello! This is a new venture for me. I am used to doing the "View From The Back Seat" for my bi-monthly "On The Road Again" newsletter. But I have never wrote anything for the website. Since we are pretty much stationary until after Christmas I haven’t been spending as much time in the back seat. I guess this could be considered "The View From My Bunk”. My bunk is not only my bed, but my desk, closet and a myriad of other useful things. When people see my room in the trailer the question is "How do you live in that tiny space?" My answer is I'm thankful for my little room! YES, it is tiny but it is my space.
   We have been home from Nigeria two weeks now. Thankfully we all seem to have recovered from jet lag! The trip was amazing! I could never put into words what I experienced those ten days. When we left I was a bit worried about the hours on the plane and all that goes along with air travel. The Lord heard my prayers and the trip on the plane was great. I will answer two questions that we are always asked about the trip.
   Question #1 How were the people in Nigeria?
   The people that we came in contact there were super nice! The church folks went overboard to make sure we had the best they could offer! Bro. Shobanke has trained them well! I am proud to call them my friends!! They were very caring, kind and hospitable. We have never been treated any better.
   Question #2 How were the church services?
   Every time we visit a new church in the USA I feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness, and that was true in Nigeria as well. However, all it took was a few minutes in the first service and we felt right at home. Several preachers had told us that Bro. Shobanke had a praying church, and that fact is 100% true! It was so humbling to watch them pray and worship! It was an awesome reminder to be thankful for how blessed that I am.
   The Campaign to the lost at night was great. We always love to take the church service out side the four walls of the church! Many came forward for salvation, and there were several who testified to being healed in the meeting. God definitely was there to save and heal!
   The Ministers Conference was a new experience for us. Dad was rather nervous about the conference, but he allowed God to use him. The outcome was amazing! It is one those times we have to stand back and say God knew what He was doing!! I am just so glad that God's plan included me getting to experience His mighty working power! Now that I'm back home, I am glad to be here, but I constantly think of the great people in Nigeria. Please pray for them!
   Please check out the photo page.  We have a lot of new updates. Dad is doing a great job learning how to maintain the site. I am proud of him!!
   I will close for now.
   Odie Podie

Nigeria Report Part III: December 5, 2007
   Little did I know what a blessing the Minister’s Conference was going to be. I was looking forward to the Gospel Crusade so much that the Minister’s Conference almost caught me by surprise. I had done my best to prepare for it and I had definitely prayed about it, but I did not realize all that the Lord was up to. After the Lord moved the way He did my whole perspective changed. Here is what I wrote the last night in my journal.
   I came to Nigeria a little apprehensive about the Minister’s Conference. Do I have anything of relevance to say to preachers and church workers that they do not already know? Is there anything in me that could possibly qualify me to preach to these laborers in God’s vineyard? Although the answer is NO, it is clear we are here according to God’s purpose. Now that it is all over I can see that this Minister’s Conference may be the very reason the Lord had us come to Nigeria after all.
   Isn’t it something how the Lord works in our lives. My driving passion is to preach to the lost. I would rather do it than eat, and anybody that knows me knows that I love to eat! I love to preach the gospel and that is what drew me to Nigeria; the chance to preach to hundreds of lost people in a just a few days. God moved in those services and folks were saved and healed. Praise God! He did reach for the lost and save souls. God moved in the Gospel Crusade just like we has asked Him to.
   But what stirred me the most was the great work the Holy Ghost performed in the hearts of the preachers and church workers (Including my own heart). The first morning the Holy Ghost saturated that place at the end of the preaching and I jumped right in the middle of it! I knew right then I had stumbled right into the will of God! From that point it seemed the Lord opened every heart and the Holy Ghost began to speak to us. He challenged us to stand up in this dark and wicked world and preach holiness. In fact, Bro. Shobanke told me that some of the men were requesting prayer that they would have the courage to go home and preach holiness.
   The theme that Bro. Shobanke gave me for the Minister’s Conference was Prepared For The Masters Use. As we finished the meeting it was plain to see that God was definitely trying to prepare each one of us for His use. I thank God for the time of refreshing and encouragement!
   They have challenged us to come back to Nigeria next year and preach another Minister’s Conference. I did not make any commitments but if the Lord points us that direction we will certainly be willing to go. We appreciate all of you who helped us in any way on this trip. Thank you for covering us in prayer. May God bless each one of you!

Nigeria Report Part II: December 4, 2007
   Sunday night we began the outdoor Gospel Crusade. It was held next to the church building on property that they have acquired in the recent past. This is the first Crusade held on this particular piece of property. The ground slopes up from the road so it is very nice for this purpose. The platform was placed at the front of the property and the seats and pews were placed on the hill facing down. When we arrived on Sunday night church was already in full swing and they were worshipping God with passion.
   Each night of the five night Crusade the crowds were large and the services were good. I preached to the lost the first four nights and I preached on Faith the last night, reaching for both the lost and the sick. Each night after the preaching the response was tremendous. Folks came to be saved and folks came to be healed. I was very pleased with the response to the Word of God. God’s Word is powerful and He worked His power during those nights. It was not because of good singing or good preaching on my part but the power of the Holy Ghost that was present in the services.
   For the people that know me well, you know that I absolutely love outdoor meetings focused on winning the lost. There is so much potential to reach vast numbers of people who desperately need to hear the gospel message. They were definitely hearing the gospel in Abeokuta last week. Not only was the crowd large on the grounds but there were great numbers of people around the walls and houses all around the property. They cranked up the P.A system and put the message of Jesus Christ out for all to hear!
   Oh! How the people responded. It was amazing to watch the folks pray with all their heart. After I made the altar call each night I would turn the microphone to Bro. Shobanke and he would exhort and pray for the people who were seeking salvation and healing. I would make my way into the people who were praying, helping and encouraging any way I could. However, I was the one who was getting the most encouragement. The power of the Lord was so great as these men and women sought God that I would cry and shout until I could hardly stand it any more. Well, I guess you get the picture that I had a great time at the outdoor Gospel Crusade!
   On Tuesday evening before service the church presented us with African suits they had tailor made for us. When the tailor was measuring me earlier in the week I told him that he probably didn’t have enough material to make a suit for me. He replied, “With God all things are possible!” I thought that was pretty clever! The last night of the Crusade, we wore the clothes that the church had made for us. They were made out of matching green material. I think they are very beautiful. They gave us their best and I was very glad to wear them. Everybody got a great kick out of it and it worked out pretty good.
   Kelly Jo and Odie sang the last night with Bro. Shobanke’s daughters Ruth and Rebekah. They sang “God Is So Good” both in English and in Yoruba. It was beautiful and a blessing.
   Also on the last night all the children came forward and I prayed for them and then we passed out candy to all of them. We had men designated to pass out the candy but I had to get down there and pass some out myself in order get my share of the joy and hugs. The kids that got candy from me definitely got handfuls on purpose!
   Two different interpreters worked with me during the Crusade. Bro. Salmon was the interpreter three nights and Bro. Matthew interpreted two nights. Both of these men helped me so much! They were praying and reaching for the lost right along with me. I appreciate these men and their faithful service to the Lord. Bro. Salmon pastors a church in Oyo State, Nigeria and Bro. Matthew is a high school teacher. Please pray that God will bless these men.
   Little did I know what a blessing the Minister’s Conference was going to be...to be continued...
Nigeria Report Part I: December 3, 2007
   We thank God for the opportunity to travel to Nigeria and minister for Pastor Ade Shobanke. Bro. Shobanke is a man of faith and holiness preacher who is familiar to many churches and pastors here in the USA. Many of our preachers have been in Nigeria to preach for him, including Bro. Darrell Meadow, Bro. Lloyd Shuecraft and Bro. Don Rich.
   When Bro. Shobanke first asked me to go to Nigeria my initial response was to laugh. I did not think he was serious at all. But after being assured that he was in fact serious, we began to talk about the possibility as a family. In just a few minutes we realized the Lord was in it because He had already begun to do a work in each of our hearts. On November 2, 2006 I accepted Bro. Shobanke’s invitation and the adventure was on!
   The plans were made to hold a Gospel Crusade for five nights; Sunday November 25th thru Thursday November 29th and a Minister’s Conference for three mornings; Tuesday November 27th thru Thursday November 29th.
   After a year of preparation, on November 22, 2007 we were off! I won’t bore you with all the minute details but after a missed plane in Paris, an afternoon of sleep in the luxurious Paris Hilton and a dinner buffet at the Hilton which cost $70 a person (All compliment of Air France) we arrived in Abeokuta, Nigeria 39 hours after we left home!
   One of the first things you see when you arrive in Nigeria is the extreme poverty of the people. Now we have poverty, homelessness and despair here in America but the amount of poverty is overwhelming in Nigeria as well as most of Africa. Yet it is obvious the people have made up their minds to go forward in spite of their situations and circumstances. I wrote the following in my journal the third day we were there.
   I am constantly overwhelmed by the desperate need in this country. They need everything but they especially need God! There are plenty of churches every where and many large ones. It seems a large portion of the people are aware of Christ and many serve him, but there is still so much spiritual oppression. I guess it is exactly the same in the US, we just mask our spiritual need with things, money and stuff. I suppose our prosperity sort of hides how desperately needy we really are! God Help us!
   Now, I realize that may not be a completely fair assessment of our culture OR the culture of Nigeria but that is what I observed. I think it is fair to say that we in America have opportunity for so much and yet we are so easily discontent. While Christians in countries that have so little and very little opportunity are content with Christ and Christ alone! The Christians I met were very happy and thankful. They inspired me to complain less and bless and praise more!
   Our first service was on Sunday morning. We sang and preached the regular Sunday morning service in Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church. Bro. Shobanke was sent by the Lord to the city of Abeokuta thirty years ago and this church is the result of his labor and the Lord’s blessings. The service was very good. The crowd was large, the worship was lively and sincere and the presence of the Lord was so near us. My effort at preaching that morning was halting at best but the Lord moved and the people responded and I had my first message in Nigeria behind me. Several responded for salvation and healing and God met with us.
   Sunday afternoon Bro. Shobanke gave us a tour of the church and the property and introduced us to his leadership team. I have never met a nicer group of people in my life. Everybody was so polite and hospitable. We were overwhelmed at the welcome they gave us and the kindness they extended toward us. I can not emphasize enough how caring, gentle and considerate the people were to us. Our experience with the people of Nigeria was 100% positive even when interacting with people not associated with the church.
   Sunday night was the beginning of the outdoor Gospel Crusade...to be continued...



 November 30, 2007 Friday 9:15am Nigeria, 3:15am Eastern

  Wow! That is the only way I can describe our experience the last few days.  The services have been awesome, especially the response to the preaching.  The people have overwhelmed us with kindness.  Bro. Shobanke has taught them very well and sets a great example for his church and the other ministers and people who come to the meetings.  I plan to write a more detailed account of the services and everything else when we get home.  We have each been keeping a journal on the trip but I don't have access to a computer long enough to type it all in.  All I can say for now is .... WOW!
  Thank you for all the prayers.  We have definitely felt the Lord's presence every step of the way.  We will be leaving here around 3:00pm to drive to the airport in Lagos.  Please continue to cover us in prayer.  May God Bless each of you!      Davy


Update 11/27/2007  9:30pm Nigeria 3:30pm eastern

  We just came in from our third service of the Outdoor Gospel Crusade.  We are having a great time!  We have had dozens and dozens in the altar each night and the Lord has been moving mightily.  We are having great crowds and very good weather.  At least that is what they tell me.  It sure seems hot and humid to me!  Thank God for air conditioning in our room!
  The first service of the Minister's Conference was this morning.  We had a great crowd for the conference as well.  We have preachers from different parts of Nigeria.  They had me break my preaching into two sessions so the people could take a break.  I would be ashamed to tell you how long I preached total but it was not enough for them.  We had a Holy Ghost break through in the second session and I jumped right into the middle of it.  I was so thankful for the shower of Holy Ghost Power.  I can feel Him right now as I type these words.  The Lord has been so good to us.  I have felt so very inadequate for the task here so I sure appreciate the visitation of the Lord!
  Kelly Jo and Odie say to tell everyone "hello."  They are doing well.  The church presented each of us an African suit of clothes tonight before church and they want us to where them to church before we leave.  I am quite sure that will be a sight to see and I am sure there will be pictures as well!
  May God bless you everyone!  Please continue to pray for us!
Update 11/24/2007 10:00pm Nigeria 4:00pm eastern
  We made it safe and sound arriving only 13 hours late and missing only one plane in the process!  We are not yet adjusted to the time but we are working on it.  We have had two services so far.  One in the church this morning (Sunday) and one tonight outdoor on the Revival Grounds.  It was the beginning of the Gospel Crusade and the response was great!  Pastor Shobanke and his people are treating us so good.  They have opened their arms wide with love and we appreciate it so much.  Just being here amid such poverty and despair could be a little overwhelming if it wasn't for their kindness and great hospitality!  They actually think they are the ones that are privileged and honored for us to be with them.  But we know the truth.  We are the ones with the great privilege to be with such great people!
  The presence of the Lord has been so easy to feel among these folks and we are anticipating great things from God!  Thanks for your prayers!  Keep it up!    Davy


   November 22, 2007 12:40 am     We had a great Thanksgiving Dinner with family Wednesday evening.  Everyone in my immediate family was there along with a few extended family members including Kelly Jo's dad.  We had great food and great fellowship.  We also had a good time of testimonies and prayer.  We sure have a lot to be thankful for! 
   We are busy getting all the last minute things together.  Kelly Jo is working so hard, like she always does.  We fly out this evening (Thursday) about 7:30 pm from Cincinnati.  After our connection in France we should arrive in Lagos, Nigeria Friday at 5:00 pm local time.  Bro. Shobanke will meet us at the airport and drive us to his city of Abeokuta.  I will send updates if and when it is possible.  We are in the hands of God and that's the safest place I know!      Davy
Gospel Crusade in Nigeria
   As many of you know, we have been invited to Nigeria, West Africa.  We are planning to preach an outdoor Gospel Crusade for Pastor Shobanke in Nigeria November 25-29, 2007.  We will also be preaching a Ministers Conference during the day November 27-29.  Pastor Shobanke's church is located in the city of Abeokuta in Ogun State.  We are scheduled to fly out of Cincinnati on Thanksgiving Day and we will be gone about 10 days.
   It has been quite an adventure just getting ready.  God has certainly been faithful in helping us prepare.  We are so excited about it!  We now have our shots, our visas and our tickets and we are ready to go.  We have placed the whole venture in the hands of God.  We are asking God to move in a powerful way!  Please pray that we will be effective in reaching the Nigerians with the gospel of Christ!
   Our First service will be the Sunday morning service at Christ Ambassadors Holiness Church on the 25th.  We will be singing and preaching in this service. 
   The Gospel Crusade will begin on Sunday night the 25th and run through Thursday night the 29th.  Services begin each night at 6pm.  (That will be 12 noon in the Eastern time zone.)  Please pray for these services.  I will be reaching for the lost in each of these services.
   The Ministers Conference will be Tuesday the 27th through Thursday the 29th from 10:00am to 1:00pm.  (That is 4:00am each morning back home.)  If you are awake at this time, please pray for us.  The theme for this Conference is "Prepared for the Master's Use".
   If you would like more information or would like to help in any way, please feel free to contact us.