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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Friday Night Revival at 8:00 PM Eastern

Today is a reminder of our third and final night of revival from Nigeria on Friday night at 8 PM Eastern. 

This is the last night of the Gospel Crusade was on a Saturday night in December. I preached to those in need of a miracle from God.  The response at the end of the preaching was tremendous

The people in Nigeria honor me and respect me way beyond what I could ever earn or expect. Bro. Shobanke has loved me greatly and he has passed that love on to his people.

They seem to listen close to every word and are immediately ready to come to the altar and believe God is going to give them their miracle. It really is a sight for us to behold.

I have never preached good enough in Nigeria to merit the response that they demonstrate, but I love preaching in that type of environment. wow! What a wonderful relationship and wonderful amazing services we have enjoyed since 2007. 

Thank you for making plans to join us Friday night at 8 PM Eastern. It will be great to have you and to hear from you.

Thank you for reading today. May God bless you.