Wednesday, August 31, 2022

A Word For Wednesday, Greater Works Than These

It is time again for A Word For Wednesday. This morning, I am posting A Word for Wednesday on our YouTube Channel. Please give it a listen and leave us a comment here or on YouTube.

I am reading today from "John's Wonderful Gospel" by Ivor Powell. And I am focusing specifically on
John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

Jesus says the man that believes on Him will do greater works than He, Jesus, has done. Wow! What an amazing statement! It must be true, because Christ spoke it!

Thank you for checking in.


Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Approaching A Deadline

We have not been to Nigeria since December 2018. We had a visit planned for September 2020, but a worldwide pandemic got in the way. Eventually, we set our sights on December 2022.

That is still our goal, but the vision is a little blurry at the moment. It is not possible, as a US citizen, to purchase a plane ticket and go to Nigeria on a whim. The airlines will not even let you board without a valid visa because the Nigerians would send you straight back home!
The Nigerian government has a few consulates in the USA, but only the consulate in NYC has been issuing visas for travel from the USA to Nigeria. Since July, even the Nigerian consulate in NYC has not been issuing visas. 

The process for obtaining a visa to travel to Nigeria is completely complicated at best. First, you wade through a tangled application process for each person online and then pay the various fees associated with the visa. 

Then you must print each receipt, print the completed application that has already been finished AND accepted online and then walk all of that into the consulate with your passport and cash.

You leave it there (including your passport) for several days and then go back and get it, hopefully, approved and the Nigerian visa affixed to your passport.

This would require a ten day trip to New York or two trips ten days apart. Instead, we pay a company to walk our printed information, money and passports into the embassy and then go back and get it all. We have used the same company for 15 years.

When I called that company in early July, they said the Nigerians had run out of visa stamps to insert into our passports. In late July, they said the consulate was completely revamping the computer systems and they would begin issuing visas to US citizens the second week of August.

I waited until the third week of August and called. They are now saying the person over the consulate in NYC is traveling to Nigeria and should be back in New York soon. Once they arrive, the consulate will be able to issue visas.

All of this would almost be funny, except it is not. I have been trying to guide an acquaintance that needs a visa for travel in about two weeks and it looks like he will not be able to get it. He has been trying for a couple of months. Ugh!

All of that to say, IF we are going to Nigeria in early December as planned, we need God to work this out. The Nigerian consulate recommends applying for the visa 90 days before the trip and not purchasing airline tickets until the visa is approved. 

90 days is this weekend. We are nearing the deadline and we will need to make a decision by mid September at the latest. Would you help us pray about it? We greatly desire to go, but we are completely content with God's guidance.

Thank you!


Monday, August 29, 2022

The Weekend Dispatch 8/29/22

We experienced a wonderful weekend that followed an amazing week. We are blessed to be living in such awesome times and to be exposed to so many incredible people. Praise God for His people and His presence!

Odie provided a ton of pictures from the Dryden Rd Indoor Fellowship Meeting. It is amazing how many folks are enjoyeing them. You can see Friday's pictures HERE and follow links from that Mile Marker to the other pictures.

I have four pictures from Friday night that missed that post. Friday night deserves its own post and then I need to write another Mile Marker about the whole meeting! Wow! It was so good!

Saturday needs a post of its own too, but I will squeeze it into the weekend Mile Marker. It will take some work to squeeze it in.

By 6:40 Saturday morning, I was outside getting things ready to roll.

I was pulling away from Dryden at 7:28 and parking and shutting down at the Lazy OD Ranch at 8:08. KJo was already mowing so I hit the ground running. By 10:50, the BoggsMobile was hooked up to the tent trailer, the Green Machine was in the trailer and we were preparing for take off.

We were rolling at 11. Fifteen minutes later, we were pulled over at the side of the road. Ugh! 

The side ramp door of the tent trailer came open!

That ramp door has two latches and I know for certain that one of them was latched. However, I did not have the latches locked. I have traveled thousands of miles with the latches fastened but unlocked. I do that so I can get the door down in a hurry in case of an emergency. I will not do that anymore! Wow!

Thank God, we did not hit anything or anyone! That could have been catastrophic! Thank God the door did not come down at interstate speed or in Cincinnati traffic. 

KJo said, "Look around for other problems. The door may have come down in order to get us to look around for another more significant problem."

I found it! The tag expired at the end of August 2021! OOPS! To be fair, we did remember the tag earlier this month and then I promptly forgot it

Fortunately, the Ohio BMV was close by. We pulled into a store nearby and I hoofed it to the BMV, waited in line and took care of business.

We only lost 45 minutes and we were moving again. 

I had planned to stop for diesel in northern Kentucky, but that did not go so well. We maneuvered through traffic, waited in line and then my fuel card would not work. 

That is not so unusual, so KJo took it inside while I retightened the 48 lug nuts on the trailer. I had the wheels off recently and this was the 50 mile checkup.

The fuel card will not scan properly so the clerk has to punch in the numbers manually. This clerk said it was company policy not to run a card that will not scan, so no diesel. We have multiple ways to pay, but I wanted to use that card.

It the process of this, I unlocked and opened the fuel door and removed the cap. While tightening the lug nuts, I closed the fuel door. After the clerk could/would not help, I made sure the fuel door was locked and left the fuel cap on top of the pump!

Stupid rookie move!

I discovered my mistake 30 miles later at the next truck stop. All went well with the fuel card, as we knew it would/should.😍

By 5:30, we were in Central City, Kentucky. We stopped at a big parking lot to remove the Green Machine from the trailer. 

By 5:55, we were dropping the trailer at a business that is allowing us to park the trailer for a few days. There is no way to pull the trailer into the church.

At 6:20, we were pulling into the church, unloading the sound equipment, parking the bus, hooking up utilities, visiting with our dear friends, Bro and Sis Harris and setting up sound. It was a welcome end to a long day.

We were climbing back onto the bus for the night by 9:00. However, we promptly changed our clocks to Central time and zoomed right back to 8:00! Hallelujah! We should be on Central time until November when we will grudgingly give that hour back. Until then, we will enjoy it!

Sunday was Homecoming at Trinity Pentecostal Church and we loved every moment of it. We have celebrated Homecoming with our dear friends a number of times before and we were looking forward to it.

We knew there would be a great service, great food, great fellowship and wonderful memories made and we were not disappointed in any aspect. It is nice to know that with all of the changes in the world, some things are constant. Great people are always great people!

Thank you for joining us today.


Sunday, August 28, 2022

Our View Out The Window of The BoggsMobile 8/28/22

Sunday Morning Sanity
Faith never knows where it is being led, but faith knows and loves the One Who is leading. Oswald Chambers

The BoggsMobile is on the move. This was our view this week at Dryden Rd.

This is our view this week in Central City, Kentucky.

I hope you have a super great Sunday! Thank you for stopping by.


Saturday, August 27, 2022

Odie's Dryden Road Indoor Notes 2022 and Pictures From Friday

This is Odie coming to you today. Fellowship Meeting is over and we should be on our way to Central City, Kentucky by the time most of you read this.

We have had a wonderful week at Dryden Rd. Indoor Fellowship Meeting. Each service has been amazing. We have been singing, worshipping and enjoying the Word of God all week long. It has been refreshing and reviving.

Dad has been posting pictures each day and I hope you have enjoyed them. Pictures from various camp meetings are often our most popular Mile Markers. I know that it is fun for me to go back through them and enjoy them later.

The pictures from Friday are at the end of this post and you can navigate to see pictures from the previous days at these links.

Before the pictures, I have some notes and pictures from the preaching all week!

Dryden Road Pentecostal Church Indoor Fellowship Meeting
August 23-26 2022

Tuesday 7 PM 

Pastor Bill Parks- Tulsa, Oklahoma

Psalm 134

Wednesday 10 AM Service

Pastor Dwain Galiher- West Plains, Missouri

Second Thessalonians 2:1-9
“The Imposter”

Pastor T.D. Boyd “Hollywood”- Sterlington, Louisiana 

Psalm 74:1-11
“Vandals In The Sanctuary”

Bro. Jon Anderson- Bond, Kentucky 

Acts 28:30-31
“Don’t Close The Book”

6 PM Youth Service 

Bro. Isaac Cowert- South Carolina 

John 14:1-6
“Follow Me I’ve Been There, I Am The Way”

Bro. Josh Smith- Bond, Kentucky

Nehemiah 12:30-31, 37-38, 40-43
“Worship On The Wall”

7 PM 

Pastor Bill Parks- Tulsa, Oklahoma

Isaiah 38
“What’s Your Job, After God’s Is Done”

Thursday 10 AM Service

Pastor Dwain Galiher- West Plains, Missouri

Genesis 12:4, 13:1, 5
“Tag Along Christians”

Pastor Kevin Lloyd- Bond, Kentucky

Acts 10:36-38
“The Power Of The Gospel Is The Power Of The Church”

6 PM Youth Service 

Bro. Brian Doval- West Virginia 

Matthew 16:18

Bro. Michael Touchton- Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Exodus 33:7-11
“Gleaning From His Glory”

7 PM 

Pastor Bill Parks- Tulsa, Oklahoma

First Samuel 301-8, 18-20
First Chronicles 26:26
“Spoils Of A Broken Man” 

Friday 10 AM Service

Pastor Dwain Galiher- West Plains, Missouri

Isaiah 44:13-17
“Residue Religion”

Pastor Randy Webb- Richlands, Virginia 

Isaiah 68:8
“Something Worth Saving”

Pastor John Roberts- Richlands, Virginia 

Exhorted, preached and sung. 

6 PM Youth Service 


Bro. Luke Martinez- El Mirage, Arizona 

Bro. Seth Cowert- South Carolina 

Bro. Bryson Hoskins- New Lebanon, Ohio

Bro. Tyler Combs- Bond, Kentucky 

First Kings 11:12
Isaiah 39:5-8
"The Sacrifice Of A Generation"

7 PM 

Holy Ghost move of God. 

Now for the rest of the story!