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Summary of City Reach Phoenix Area

Here are a few of the posts from City Reach Phoenix area 2016.

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City Reach And Ambassador Youth Choir

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Special Prayer For City Reach from Central City, Kentucky

I am so very thankful to God for the results both seen and unseen from the City Reach Phoenix campaign in El Mirage Arizona from April 3-22. I can not stop thinking about and talking about all of the good things I witnessed first hand during the meeting and praising God for the testimonies that were told to me as well. But rather than listen to me ramble on about City Reach, it might be good to hear about it from a different perspective.

I asked Pastor Noah Martinez to share some thoughts about City Reach from his perspective as host Pastor. I appreciate him taking time to give us his overview. Without local Pastors I can not effectively set up and orchestrate City Reach, so I need to hear what they have to say when everything else has been said and done.

I also asked Pastor Scott Morris to share his thoughts concerning the nights that he was with us. I have posted his comments down below as well.

Now, both of these Pastors are my friends. They are very kind and generous to me and my family in their assessments. I do appreciate that. However, I believe you can get a feel for the affect of City Reach from their reports.

Pastor Noah Martinez, Desert Cove Assembly, El Mirage, Arizona

As Christians, we are always looking for ways to serve the Lord. Many things He will approve and bless and we will feel His smile. Then there is City Reach. Not only did He approve and make a way, He made a highway! Our scheduled meeting with the Boggs family was put through trials, twists, and turns – however, once the tent was finally set up, God’s Glory came down. From day one we saw God’s Hand.

On a Saturday in early April, we had almost every DCA member show up for set up. Our initial plan was for a two week event. If you wonder about City Reach’s success, we felt it was a success on the very first night. Every single night we had visitors. Every single night we had people in the altars. Every single night we left the meeting with the feeling: things could not have been any better. The outcome was so great that we felt it was not only right, but imperative we go on another week. In doing so, the outcome multiplied.

Thinking back, City Reach has been the most important event DCA, or for that matter, I personally have ever been involved in. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Bro. Davy, Sis. Kelly, and our favorite, Sis Odie. We have a new vision. We have new members. We have a new relationship with our city. We have new friendships with people who came from several parts of the country to support the meeting. We have a pile of new contacts to continue to reach for. And we have a new debt we will gladly repay to the countless saints who kept us in prayer all over the nation.

Moving forward, I cannot wait to see how the results will continue to unfold. We have the ambition of starting another work in Phoenix. Our church is dedicated to continued support of City Reach. We have the promise that if we do the lifting, HE will do the drawing, “And I - if I - be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me.” Our prayer is for the results of other City Reach campaigns to be greater. Thank you, Boggs family and thank you Lord.

Pastor Noah, Desert Cove Assembly

We were blessed to have Pastor Scott Morris with us for the tent set up and the first several days of City Reach Phoenix area. He was a tremendous help to the services and has been a terrific encouragement to us through this whole City Reach journey. I thought it would be good to hear his thoughts on this particular City Reach campaign as well.

Pastor Scott Morris, Richton, Mississippi

Praise the Lord!

City Reach Phoenix was all we prayed for and more. Bro Davy asked me to share some of my thoughts concerning being able to be at City Reach Phoenix. I would like to thank Pastor Noah Martinez and the congregation of Desert Cove Assembly for making me feel so welcome and for the wonderful place to stay. I also want to thank the Boggs Family for allowing me to be a part of their burden and what God is doing through City Reach. 

Bro. Davy, Sis. Kelly, and Sis. Odie have been a part of our annual tent revival in Richton, MS for the past few years. It was during one of these tent revivals that Bro. Davy had mentioned to me his burden to set a side a year and do City Reach campaigns. I became excited about the possibility from the very beginning. The excitement began to grow as we watched God put it all together. 

I had determined to be a part of at least one, hopefully more, of the campaigns this year. City Reach Phoenix fell at a time when I could get away for a few days, so I made plans to be there. As we set up the tent and got ready for services to start, you could feel the excitement growing.

From the start of the first service we knew we were in the right place at the right time. God moved in a mighty way that Sunday night and it was only the beginning. I watched as God worked through the Boggs family to reach for the hurting each and every night i was there. Bro Davy, Sis Kelly and Sis Odie are right at home under the tent. You can tell this is where their heart is and that they are burdened to reach the unchurched. I believe this is the only beginning to great things God is going to do this year with this ministry. 

Pastor Scott Morris

No summary of City Reach in the Phoenix area would be complete without thanking Bro. Alan Harris and his church in Central City, Kentucky. They called a prayer revival the whole first week of City Reach Phoenix area and called down the power of God on us. They encouraged us, empowered us and inspired us tremendously! May God bless them for their love in action toward the body of Christ!



  1. Just wanted to testify that as of last night, 6/15/16, we have continued to see 11, yes 11! of the people we met during City Reach Phoenix. These folks have adopted DCA as their home church. Thank you Bro Davy and family for your vision. We give God the highest praise for all He has done! -Pastor Noah

    1. That is awesome news, my brother! I am so thankful and happy. The diligence that you all have demonstrated in following up with the folks that visited has played a large part in that!

      God bless you all!



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