Monday, March 31, 2014

Travel Days, Sunday Services and Google Street View

Before I get started I would like to give you a couple of things to pray about. Bro. Bill Houston is very sick in Ohio and Bro. Scott Morris is very sick in Mississippi. Both of our dear friends are having what seems to be heart trouble. Would you pray for these men of God and their families? Thank you very much.

We have had a great weekend in Tennessee and Virginia. Saturday in Vonore, Tennessee started cool and rainy. I cranked the BoggsMobile, hooked up the Green Machine and pointed northeast toward Pigeon Forge. By noon we were parked in an RV park in Pigeon Forge, the BoggsMobile had the first layer of road grime washed off and we were eating lunch.

I spent the rest of the day preparing to preach on Sunday and trying to rest. Kelly Jo and Odie fought the crowds and dodged the rain at a few stores. It was a pretty good day. I was very glad to get the bus washed. It was a mess from driving in the rain.

Sunday morning we rolled out early and drove about two hours to Bristol, Virginia. We had a great day of fellowship and church with Bro. and Sis. Horton, Bro. and Sis. Switzer and all their folks. We really love this place and these people. We had a wonderful Tent Revival here last May and we are scheduled to return for Tent Revival in September.

There was a little snow on the ground and a chill in the air when we arrived Sunday morning but the folks were waiting with a warm welcome inside. It was a wonderful day! Thank God for good friends that love to let God move in their midst.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well. Enjoy the pictures.


I discovered something neat on Google maps. If you pull up Battle Hill Rd., Bristol, Virginia you can find Bro. Horton's church across from the ball field like the picture below.

If you look at the street view you can see the Tent Revival signs from when we were here with the tent in May, 2013. Follow the street around and you can see the tent, the BoggsMobile and the tent trailer. I think that is pretty cool.

In February 2012 the tent we used in 2011 showed up in the satellite view in Google maps. Those satellite pictures were taken of Hilldale Holiness Church and you can read about it HERE.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Travel Day and BoggsMobile Day

Thursday was a travel day and Friday was a work on the bus day. That just about covers it but I will go ahead and give you the details anyway. Lol

We stayed up late Wednesday night visiting with Bro. Marshall and Sis. Paige so we did not leave near as early as we had hoped to Thursday morning. In fact it was just a few minutes before 10:00 when we pulled out of the parking lot. We sure hated to leave our new friends.

Once we got on I-75 we stopped at a rest area and emptied the holding tanks.

The only other stop was when we pulled into Flying J and filled up the big tank. 

The price is not so bad when you consider we had not filled up since we were in Jackson, Mississippi on our way to Ellisville on February 21st.

We pulled into Vonore, Tennessee just before closing time on Thursday evening. Mr. Jeff Rowe has opened up a repair facility called East Tennessee Luxury Coach and he is doing great work and receiving rave reviews. He has worked on Prevost buses and their conversions for many years.

They pulled me inside Friday morning and replaced a side window that was cracked pretty badly. The windows are in two pieces. The top part is fixed in place and the bottom part swings out to open. The top part was broken on one of the windows on the driver's side. I had ordered the window from Prevost a few weeks ago and had it shipped to Vonore.

They lifted the BoggsMobile in the air to look at a potential problem and found another more serious one. I have a wheel seal leaking on the driver's side inside dually. That will need to be repaired sooner rather than later. Mr. Rowe also found the source of some persistent fluid leaks. 

After they were finished I pulled the BoggsMobile outside and plugged up for the night. We stayed there again Friday night to allow the sealant on the new window to cure. Mr. Rowe had some specialty latches that we have been looking for so I purchased several and replaced latches all afternoon. It is a good thing that I have nothing else to do besides work on the bus.

Kelly Jo and Odie drove to Knoxville to have some work done on Odie's phone. She has been having some problems with it and she was hoping they would fix or replace it. The Apple folks got her going again and she is back in iPhone happiness.

We hope to pull over to Pigeon Forge this morning to be in position for PFYC. We plan to leave the BoggsMobile in Tennessee and drive the Green Machine to Bristol, Virginia on Sunday for both services. We are excited to see our dear friends the Hortons, Switzers and all the folks in the church there.

God bless you all for reading.