Friday, March 16, 2018

Hopefully Rolling Tonight

There are several things on the agenda that need to be done before we pull out of the Lazy OD Ranch but our intention is to be rolling Friday night if at all possible. I have three categories of things to do. 

1. Things that must be done before we leave.
2. Things that need to be done before we leave.
3. Things I would like to get done before we leave.

It will be interesting to me how far passed category #1 I can manage to navigate.

I am typing this very late Thursday night. It was another long, productive and blessed day but all my "extra" time evaporated. We have an early morning ahead and much to do so you only get a few pictures today.

The flooring in the house for Odie is installed. We have a lot of pick up and clean up to do on the floor today among a list of other things.

I did not talk to the septic guys before they left Thursday but it looks like they are ready for inspection!

We also had a great service at Dryden Rd. We enjoyed singing with the Deanes, really enjoyed listening to them sing and then we were blessed tremendously by Pastor Phillip Deane's preaching. It was a wonderful night.

That is all I have time for tonight. I will fill in the details later. Thanks for reading today.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Gaining Momentum

Our days this week have been packed with house activity so my time for posting much at all each morning is limited. Kelly and I have not been working every moment of the day but we have been staying busy. We are trying to do whatever we can do to help the Deane flooring gurus with the small stuff and answer any questions the septic guys have.

Both projects are going well and nearing completion. Hopefully by this evening the floor will be finished and the septic will be ready for inspection. IF I can, I will do a post tomorrow with more details and lots of pictures.

I told you this week would be fun. Even though we are putting in very long days, we are having the time of our lives. We are singing, working, laughing, eating and then laughing some more.

We have been to Acapulco a time or two and this was Tuesday's visit.

The meal was fabulous. It was as good as it has ever been. The portions were huge too! I think they were showing off for our guests and that is fine by me!

This is Odie in the kitchen/dining area of the house and the living area behind her. We think the flooring looks great! What do you think?

We are anxious to show you more pictures of it!

The septic tank has been set and the lateral lines have been dug. They only have a few more things to do on the septic.

It has been bitterly cold at night and very cold during the day at times. When they were setting the tank in place in the picture above the wind was blowing and it was frigid. That was the norm for the day.

We did have a few small spots of sunshine like the picture below. They were definitely the bright spots in the day but they were fleeting.

We have another full day planned today and then we are taking the Deane crew to church at Dryden Rd. with us tonight. It should be a great day.

That is all for today. Thank you for joining us.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday Miami, Oklahoma 2010

Today's Vintage View comes from our first revival at Faith Pentecostal in Miami, Oklahoma in January 2010. We have preached other revivals for them since then including two tent revivals. We love these folks and we will always remember our first visit there fondly.

It ended well but it did not begin well. We arrived on Saturday evening with the real temperature just above zero and so much snow on the ground that I could not get the bus in the parking lot. I unhooked the jeep and Kelly Jo followed me into town to the small campground.

As we were going into town the belt on Mr. Cheap Jeep started screaming and the alternator locked up and ruined the serpentine belt in the process. It was way too cold for that!

It was dark as I removed the alternator with KJ holding the light. I paid some folks at the campground to take me to the parts store to get the alternator and then they brought me back. Something was incorrect about the alternator and I had to pay them again to take me to the parts store. 

We were about frozen by the time I finished the alternator and the serpentine belt only to discover the tension pulley was bad too! I gave up!

We were supposed to preach Sunday morning at a church about an hour away. Pastor Stephens from Miami insisted I take his truck and I did, reluctantly. We had a great service, but I had a blow out on this truck on the way back. I changed the tire on the side of the turnpike in zero weather, in my suit and tie after I had dug the jack from beneath a bed full of snow and ice.

There is more to the story but it does end better. We made it to the church in Miami as church was beginning. It was our first time there, we were stressed from the last 24 hours and we had no time to set up our equipment.

I started singing "He's An On Time God" and the Lord's presence came into the church! The service "blew up" and the rest is history!! We could not have hand a better introductory service with our new friends

It was a horrible weekend with an awesome ending followed by a wonderful revival!

Today I have some pictures of the church folks and a lot of friends that came to visit. I hope you enjoy.


Pastor Mike and Sis. Ruth Stephens

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

An Excellent Monday

Monday was another excellent day with progress on the house, visiting with family and wonderful friends coming from far and near. It seems that we crammed two days of activities into one day.

I suppose I should get right to it and the best way to start would be salsa!

Kelly Jo's parents came over in the early afternoon and we "had" to take them to Acapulco! You do not think they drove over an hour only to see us do you?

The salsa and the food was good as usual. I sure hope I get a chance to go back again soon.

The day started with work on the house. Kelly Jo worked, my Dad worked and I worked. I am happy with all the things that are getting completed.

About noon I went to Home Depot to finalized the order for the counter tops and pay the bill. The contractor should be out to check my measurements and get the ball rolling later this week.

Then I met Kelly Jo, Odie and KJ's parents for the late lunch at Acapulco that I already mentioned. We sure appreciate Danny and Betty coming up to spend some time with us.

Later in the day, my brother Steve dropped by and then Pastor Phillip Deane, Pastor Eddie Deane and Eddie's son Bro. Jordon Deane arrived to begin the installation of the flooring for the house. It is great to host these dear friends for a few days. They are a laugh a minute and good at what they do too!

After more great fellowship over a meal and trip to Home Depot, we went back to the house and the Deane's went to work.

Well, not straight to work.😀

Then we had another tremendous treat Monday night. Sis. Renae, Jacqueline and Albany came to visit us. Wow! What a night. Seeing these precious friends capped off a wonderful day like ice cream in 100 degree weather!

Thank you all for coming to see us! You really made our day complete.

The Deane team worked a lot and then played some music and sang some songs. This is going to be a great week!

The slab did not turn out so well so there is a bunch of leveling to be done.

We are excited about the progress! We will try to post more pictures of the floor later in the week. Thank you for stopping in.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Woudup and Weview March 12, 2018

The weekend was busy and very productive. My parents, my brother Steve and his wife Karen and Kelly Jo helped on the house project and totaled a bunch of hours between them all. We laughed and had a good time but a great deal of work was completed too.

Inside the house we worked on nail guns, put the finishing touches on some trim, scraped and cleaned the floors, installed bathroom vanity lights, designed and installed and accent wall in the bedroom and several things I have forgotten.

The septic system company started Friday afternoon on the curtain drain to the back of the property. This helps drain the natural ground water around the septic field so that the leach lines work properly. They came back Saturday but had an equipment problem early in the day. I am sure they will continue today.

Oh yeah, we also had a trip OR two to Acapulco!

Saturday we had a little warmth with the sunshine in the afternoon so we cleaned up quite a bit outside. We had been stacking stuff in the garage. Some of it needed to be carried to the barn and some of it needed to be burned.

Dad burned the cardboard and paper, Steve and Kelly Jo carried the stuff and cleaned the garage again.

Steve also helped me pick up all of the scrap from the siding install a few weeks ago. The workers did a pretty good job putting it all in stacks and we moved it behind the barn. We also moved the unused siding that is still in whole pieces. That was a big project and now it is all completed.

Dad and Steve both worked on the thermostat trying to run the furnace remotely from our phones. They now know what needs to be done.

Saturday ended with another trip to Acapulco. It really was a great day and we could not have done it without the help of our family.

Sunday morning we sang and preached for Pastor Kevin Allen at Calvary Pentecostal Lighthouse in Middletown. We love Bro. Kevin and his family and we always enjoy preaching for them. We hope to have a City Reach in their neighborhood in 2019 by God's grace.

Odie was not very happy that a thief tiptoed in and stole an hour of her sleep about 2:00 AM Sunday morning. No, she was not happy about that at all. However, she did get the upper hand. Sunday afternoon about 2:00 PM she took back her hour of lost sleep and then took another one too! Father time should not mess with Odie. She will get even, plus!

Sunday evening we loaded up and drove to West Harrison, Indiana to sing and preach for Pastor Wade Hicks. They wanted us to sing a little extra so we sang about 30 minutes and then I preached about 35 minutes. We had a good altar service but we had an even better prayer line. I believe that most of the congregation was very encouraged. I know that we were!

It was midnight before we arrived home but it was a day well spent with God's people and in God's presence. We are looking forward to a great day today. We are expecting special friends to arrive this afternoon to install the flooring in the house. I will have more on that later.

Thank you for reading today.