Friday, June 5, 2020

A Week In Pictures and Words

There was one thing on the agenda Monday after we returned home, mowing the grass. We had been gone nine days and it had been eleven days since the yard had been mowed. I cut it on Thursday, 5/21, then spread Weed and Feed on Odie's yard the next day, Friday and left Saturday. Dad told me they had a few big showers of rain while we were gone and it had been hot and humid most days.

All of that combined to produce a hayfield by the time we returned. Before I could get the mower out of the barn, I was having trouble with it again so I switched to Dad's old mower that lives out its retirement in the barn.

Here are a few pictures to show how long the grass was. I mowed with the mower on the highest setting.

I did finally get the regular mower going again Monday. The fuse we had trouble with a few weeks ago had vibrated out again. I fixed it back again temporarily. I will apply a more permanent fix today.

How in the world does a guy that hates mowing and tending to grass grow a yard this beautiful? This is three days after mowing.

Kelly Jo spent all day Monday getting caught up on laundry. I should say she spent all the time she had left after helping me multiple times. See yesterday for clarification.

Wednesday afternoon and evening we sat on Odie's driveway and porch and visited with my parents and with Steve, Karen and Jojo. That was refreshing and certainly the highlight of our day.

Tuesday was dedicated to catching up on bookwork. KJo helped me with the ministry books and our personal books. It always feels great to get that caught up and feels even better when they balance at the end!

Of course, we had a few Mexican meals this week.

Speaking of Mexican, we had some more lovely socially distant fellowship with our dear friends, Pastor EJ Lamb and his little family on Thursday at lunch. The food was from Acapulco.

Bro. EJ took a preaching spell in our "old" online church. 😂

We had a wonderful time visiting with our friends.

Several hours later, I had to eat supper, right?

Bro. EJ, Carter and Hudson helped me tote some sound equipment from the bus to the garage and Thursday evening KJo and I hooked everything up in the Beach Cottage Chapel. In the evening we did a short sound check and turned on the camera for 22 minutes. 

We plan to have Friday night revival service at 8:00 PM eastern tonight so we wanted everything sounding as good as we could get it. It sounded like us, so that is about as good as we could do.

That took care of our week to this point. Praise God for a good week. Thank you for joining us on Mile Markers today. I hope to see you tonight at revival.


Thursday, June 4, 2020

No Time For Laziness

I often tell my wife and daughter. There must be an easier way for a lazy man to make a living.

Sometimes, I think that I might slide into being lazy. Yes, that is the truth. However, there are a few things that keep me from sliding into a life of slothfulness.

Number One: I am a Christian and Christians can not be lazy. Was Christ, the son of God, Lazy? Absolutely not! What is a Christian? A Christian is Christ like. Therefore a Christian can not live a lazy life and live up to the name of Christ. It is not an option.

There may be men and women that go by the name Christian and yet they are verifiably lazy. Please take note of a lazy "Christian" and remember there is another name for that type of Christian.

1. I refuse to be lazy because I am saved, I am a Christian.

Number Two: I am 53 years old and I still live in dread of my Dad catching me being lazy. My Dad taught us to work, emphasized the importance of work and set a blazing example of work. Every time I am tempted to be lazy, I hear my Dad's voice, I understand his teaching and I think of His example.

I hear my Dad saying, "What's wrong with you? You got the dropsy? Stand up. Get your hands out of your pockets. Nobody wants to hire you with your hands in your pockets"

1. I refuse to be lazy because I am saved, I am a Christian.
2. I was raised with an emphasis on work and warned of the dangers of laziness.

Number Three: I am married to the hardest working woman that I know and definitely the hardest working evangelist wife. Her example inspires me and compels me to get up and go find something productive to do.

KJo is like the energizer bunny. She keeps going and going and going. She takes care of me, the bus, Odie and then helps me work on the barn, the house, the bus and the yard. She carries sound equipment and hooks it up too. She breaks it down, rolls up cords and I have to threaten her to keep her from carrying heavy speakers.

She buys groceries, cooks, cleans, washes laundry and then does it all over again. She helps me with the bookwork of Boggs Family Ministries and she also helps me with our personal finances. If I am not real careful, she will do the things I need to do and leave me to wallow in my laziness.

No, I can not be lazy and allow my wife to do it all. My Lord would not be happy. My Dad would not be happy. Kelly Jo would not be...Well, I am not sure that is correct. She might still be happy working and me being lazy, but  I could not live with myself.

Therefore, I must get to work. I have spent enough time on this today, I better get busy!

Thank you for dropping in.


Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday Jacksonville, Alabama

I have spent another frustrating period of time trying to load pictures for our Vintage View Vednesday. It is difficult to load new pictures, but it is doubly difficult to load pictures from our vast archives. I do not know why. I have emptied the browsing history and even tried different browsers, but for some reason, I am not having success. After many attempts, I finally loaded about half the pictures that I wanted to load.

So we are able to present Vintage View Vednesday Jacksonville, Alabama.

Several years ago we had Easter revival at Charlie Penny Rd. Church near Jacksonville, Alabama for Pastor Roger Boyd. We always had a great time at Charlie Penny Rd and we love those folks. Bro. Roger has been our friend for well over 30 years and he was always so kind to us.

Here are a few pictures from that wonderful Easter week. Thank you for stopping by.


Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Making Circles Again

We may be making small circles, but we are glad to be making circles again! Yay!!!

We left the Lazy OD Ranch before 8:00 on Saturday morning, May 23. We arrived in Romney, West Virginia about 8 hours later. We had driven about 400 miles and the majority of those miles were slow going with curves and mountains. There is no way to go fast in the mountains with the BoggsMobile, so those days we put our hand to the plow and keep our eyes on the prize.

After church on Friday night, May 29, we cranked the bus and drove 72 miles. Those 72 miles took us two hours and that was the whole point of driving at night. We were shaving time off Saturday's drive time and breaking up the mountains into two stages.

We spent the night at the West Virginia welcome center in I-68 west. West Virginia Welcome center? I thought we were already in West Virginia. Yes, we were, but we first went north on 28 to Cumberland, Maryland and then west on I-68 about 40 miles into West Virginia again.

We were thankful to see two open spots when we pulled in about midnight and we only needed one of them! We slept pretty good until almost 7:00 AM and we were soon rolling again. The first 250 miles took us about 5 hours. Whew! It was good to get back into Kentucky.

We pulled into Hodgenville Pentecostal Church after nearly 8 hours and we were glad to get there and get parked. We had a great evening Saturday and a wonderful time with our friends Sunday at HPC. After lunch, we cranked the bus and drove 200 miles home, arriving at the Ranch a few minutes before 8:00

We loved being at HPC with Pastor David Webb and his fine folks and we loved being with Pastor Bob Jeffreys and all his people at Safe Haven Tabernacle. It is hard for me to believe, but that was my first time ever preaching in West Virginia as far as I can remember. It was not my first time praying in West Virginia. I have driven the bus through lots of times and that always requires prayer!

This circle was 1122 miles, 9 days, 5 states, 2 churches, 8 services and 2 sound checks. Yep, it may have been a small circle, but we are glad to be making circles again. Our next circle with be another quick one and then we will venture out a little longer if all things remain equal or improve in this world.

My heart was so heavy when we arrived home Sunday night. I am heartbroken at the hate and anger in our nation. God help us all! I had a few scriptures to read and few things to say. I hope it is helpful.

Thank you for dropping by Mile Markers today. See you tomorrow.


Monday, June 1, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? 6/1/20

What a wonderful weekend we enjoyed the last few days! There were some decidedly unwonderful moments, but we pushed on through and made it just fine! The unwonderful bits were driving through the mountains of West Virginia. It was slow going and tedious, but we drove right on with no unforeseen delays or problems. Praise God for it!

We left Friday night after our final night of revival in Romney, West Virginia. We loved being with Pastor Bob Jeffreys, his wife, his family and the saints of God at Safe Haven Tabernacle. They all received us with open arms and we enjoyed making new friends and having revival with them. We look forward to going back soon. May God bless them for treating us with special friendship!

Odie captured a few pictures Friday night. If you would like to see more pictures from Safe Haven Tabernacle you will find them here.

We left Friday night after church in order to get a jump on the long route ahead. The first 27.3 miles from Romney to I-68 in Cumberland, Maryland took us a little over one hour. We drove one more hour that night on curvy and hilly interstate for a total of 72 miles for the evening.

After resting pretty good, we left the rest area about 7:20 Saturday morning.

We followed I-68 west to I-79 south to I-77 and then I-64 west. It was mostly mountains and curves for the first few hours. I thought we drove 530 miles Saturday and 600 total, but on closer examination of the numbers, we drove 460 miles Saturday for a total of 530 miles from Romney to Hodgenville, Kentucky.

We got parked and hooked up in Hodgenville, ate, rested a bit, cleaned up and then carried in our sound equipment a little after 6. At 8 we went live on YouTube with sound check and enjoyed Pastor David Webb and his family as our special guests. We had a wonderful time even after the camera was turned off.

Sunday morning we were in the special 5th Sunday service at Hodgenville Pentecostal Church at 11:00. We enjoyed the service very much and I sure hope they did too. We love Pastor David Webb and his family and the saints at HPC so very much. May God bless them for being so good and kind to us.

We also enjoyed lunch, takeout from a Mexican restaurant of course, with Bro. Webb and his family. We had good food and super great fellowship with our dear friends.

HPC is in the middle of a building program and the outside is nearly finished. It is looking beautiful!

We left HPC a few minutes after 4:00 and finished up the 200 mile trip a couple minutes before 8:00. I dropped KJo and Odie at Odie's house and then parked the bus next to the barn. I walked back up to the house and KJo had the tripod ready to add my phone and start recording.

We had not planned on having online service Sunday night because we knew we would not have time to get set up and going before 9:00 or so. However, my heart was heavy with all the turmoil happening in the USA and I wanted to talk about Love One Another. I would not call it a sermon, probably more of a homily. Anyway, I delivered my heart and tried to encourage us not to descend into hate, darkness and blindness.

I spoke off the cuff, without notes. I hope my heart came through. I may expand on the subject later.

When I was finished, Steve and Karen were here bringing mail to us and saying howdy. It was super great to see them too!

That wraps up the weekend. Thank you for joining us for a few minutes.