Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hey Friends, this is Odie checking in from Richton, Mississippi. We have had a wonderful week in City Reach Richton! Friday night was powerful! God helped me and touched me so much! We have one more services tonight at 7:15. That is a change. We were scheduled to go through Sunday evening but there was a death connected to the church so we are closing on Saturday night. I am looking forward to what God has in store for us on this last night. 

I have had a great week with my Mississippi family. Bro. Scott, Sis. Kim, Regan and Rylee have taken awesome care of me. Thank you all once again for opening your home to me! I love y'all!


"What is on the back of your phone?" That is a question I get almost daily.

That "thing" on the back of my phone is a compact phone stand called a POPSOCKET. I have had this gismo since April and I am a total fan. It helps you to hold your phone and it is also useful to prop your phone up on a table.

It pops flat against your device when not in use. 

All three of us have them on our phones. They stick to any device with a built in adhesive. However, you can pull them off at anytime to reposition it or even change devices. I tried to using my phone a few days without it and I missed it terribly.

They offer several designs on their website. Also you can design your own POPSOCKETS

I received an email the other day from POPSOCKETS and I thought I would pass the information on to you. If you use this link and you order a POPSOCKET, you get $2 of and I receive $1 cash for each person that joins the POPSOCKET fun. That makes a good thing even better.  I highly recommend POPSOCKETS  and it makes a great gift. 

Thanks very much for reading. I should be writing to you next Saturday from Fayetteville, North Carolina.


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