Friday, April 19, 2024

Please Help Us Rejoice!

Look at this beautiful new church in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria!

I have great news about the church where we preached in Abeikuta late last year!

They needed a bigger sanctuary and this is what the new one looked like the night we were there in December.

We had a wonderful service that night and my heart was refreshed and encouraged. I left there that night with determination to help them complete the church. 

I was delayed a while with a detour through the ER, hospital and rehab, but in early February I found out what they needed. I eventually sent the amount they said was needed for completion.

I posted these pictures on March 1 of the day they were putting in the concrete floor.

I am happy in my heart to tell you the construction si finished and I received pictures yesterday to prove it! Hallelujah! Most of the finance came from our missions budget but we did receive some direct help toward the expense. Thank you very much!

Wow! This is beautiful!

Bro. Shobanke wants me to travel to Nigeria at my convenience to dedicate the new church building. If I had to go next week, I could not do it due to the hardship of travel for me. But we are fervently praying that I will be strong enough to travel to Nigeria at some point this year. That would be a mighty victory.

Having this building finished so soon is a mighty victory in itself. Praise God! I m so happy to see it!

We are also helping to build a new building at GoodNews School in Abeokuta and they need some miracles concerning that. I will try to bring you up tp date on that project next week.

Thank you for reading today.



Thursday, April 18, 2024

Wow! We Are Overwhelmed By Kindness!

Less than two weeks ago we came face-to-face with another example of extreme kindness being shown to our family by people who do not even personally know us. There have been other examples, but this one has been knocking on my heart's door for the last few days.

My word for Wednesday yesterday was entitled Distributing Joy On Purpose/I Want To Be A Brother Like That. The week before was Try A Little kindness

They were not recorded on successive weeks, however they ended up being posted one week after the other. I guess it is appropriate that they fall on weeks when we were inundated with examples of kindness and joy being shown to us. 

I will put the links to those two videos at the end of this Mile Marker. If you have not seen them I would love for you to take a few moments to view them.

Now, let me explain this handful of kindness and dose of joy that we were given recently. 

The first Sunday night in April, we preached for Pastor Kenny Morris in Ellisville, Mississippi. We had a wonderful service, great response at the altar and sweet fellowship with our dear friends.

Immediately following service I was sitting on the front pew. A man that I did not recognize approached me and handed me an ink pen. He said this is a pen with the information of my home church. The church is just south of town.

He said we have been praying for you as a church and individually since the moment we heard you had a stroke. He said, we have taken your situation very seriously at our church and when we heard you would be here preaching we purposed to be here to see the work that the Lord was doing.

I do not know if they have been to hear us in revivals at Ellisville before, they may have. We have been going there for many years. 

But the fact that these people are not personally acquainted with us yet have taken us and our situation very seriously, moves our hearts deeply. Friendship Baptist Church in Ellisville Mississippi has purposely prayed for us and we have been blessed abundantly by it.

This situation has been and is right now being repeated over and over and we are touched by the kindness these people have shown to us. Perhaps you are reading this page right now and you fall into this category. 

I am taking a moment today to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

We appreciate you being concerned for us so much that you have prayed for us, encouraged us and sustained us in this difficult season. May God bless you for the blessing you are being to us right now. 

God is using his people all over the country to lift us up when we have not been able to see the end of this situation. I know that God has this in control. You have proven it to me.

Thank you for reading today. These are the links to A Word For Wednesday. 


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

A Word For Wednesday Distributing Joy On Purpose - I want to be a brother like that!

Good Morning! Thank you for joining us today. We are so happy to bring you A Word For Wednesday. A few moments ago I posted A Word for Wednesday on our YouTube Channel. Please give it a listen and leave us a comment here or on YouTube.

We have been incredibly blessed by others who were going through situations that seemed much more difficult than our own. Reasons for happiness may have been in short supply for them but they were distributing JOY to others on purpose. That is amazing. I want to be a brother like that!

Near the end of this episode, I relate a story from the C. Roy Angel book, Baskets of Silver. I think you will enjoy it.


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

10 Years of Vision And Praise

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from the homefront. I hope you are having a great week.

Today, I am here with extra praise in my heart. This week is a special anniversary in my life. 10 years ago, my life drastically changed for a period of time. Faithful and long time readers can probably recite my testimony for me. I feel the need to praise God one more time.

In April 2014, in Salem, Kentucky, I woke up blind in my left eye.
I described it as a black smudge over my eye. This came on with little warning and with no apparent reason.

9 days, I lived with questions, worry, fear and very few answers. God was faithful to me through it all! The family of God rallied around us. Thousands of prayers were prayed for me and my family! God heard and answered those prayers! 

The Lord taught me a lot about trusting, waiting and faith during my eye issues. Doctors tried to help me with treatments and answers. I am so grateful for the help from my family, friends and medical professionals. It was God who was there, preparing the way and leading each step.

At the end of the 9th day, my vision did not just suddenly come back. But the healing began! I could make out things on the eye chart. It was blurry, but earlier in the day, it was not possible. My heart overflowed with joy that April 2014 day and the vision progressively improved! God deserves all the praise! 

Each day, when I wake up with clear vision in both eyes, there is praise in my heart! 10 years and my praise has not stopped! I know my help came from God in April of 2014. Today, He is still my helper! He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Is life overran with questions? Does your question seem just out of sight or reach? Friend, I know exactly where you are standing! It is not an easy or fun place to be! 

I encourage you to place everything into God's hands one more time. Please let Him have your troubles, heartaches, fears, questions and doubts! His hands are big enough to hold all of our junk, and His arm can still wrap you and me in His loving embrace. God is waiting for all of us at this very moment.

I will be praying for you! I hope you have the best day in a long time! May God bless you is my prayer!


Monday, April 15, 2024

The Weekend Dispatch 4/15/24

The hour is late, the body is tired and the mind is muddled. Therefore The Weekend Dispatch is mostly made up of pictures. 

We have a bunch of pictures from our weekend at White Plains. We enjoyed being with our friends so very much.  Bro. Ricky and Sis. Tanya Boler and all the folks have been our friends for many years. We have missed them terribly, and being in services with them was a joy.

They have many new faces too, which is always a great thing. It was a pleasure to meet many of them and we look forward to getting to know them better.

Next, we have a bunch of pictures Odie sent in from a birthday party for my great nephew Arlo in Ohio on Saturday.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Happy Birthday, Arlo!