Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Driving Down The Western Slope of the Tehachapi Mountains

There is a video link near the end of this post.

I wrote and posted recently again about Asphalt In Our Blood and Charles Kuralt for this purpose. I wanted to write about beautiful drives that we have been blessed to see in America.

In one of his books, Mr. Kuralt said that Bear Tooth Pass was the most beautiful drive in America. Bear Tooth Pass goes from Red Lodge, Montana into the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park.

It took me several years, but in 2005, KJo, Odie and I drove our 2004 Chevy truck on the Bear Tooth Pass. We were blown away by the beauty. It is an absolutely amazing drive.

We drove it again in 2006 on our way to Montana and Idaho for revivals and we were blown away again. Wow!

In September 2007, we drove my parents on Bear Tooth Pass in a Chevy van on our way back from revival in Montana. I was so glad to be able to take them there to see Charles Kuralt's choice as the most beautiful drive in the USA.

Yet, there are other drives that KJo and I love as much as we do Bear Tooth Pass. They are all different and beautiful for varied reasons, but I can think of several off the top of my head that we absolutely love.

We love the drive up the Maine coast toward Bar Harbor.

We love Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. 

We love I-81 through the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. 

We love several drives in and around the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

We love driving down through the Big Thompson River Canyon between Estes Park and Loveland, Colorado.

We love driving on I-90 all the way across Montana.

We love driving in and around Glacier National Park in Montana.

We love driving south of Missoula, Montana on Hwy 93 along the Bitterroot River all the way to the state line.

We love driving west out of Lolo, Montana following Lewis and Clark's path west.

We love driving I-84 along the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon/Washington state line.

We love driving the gravel road through the giant Redwood trees in Jedidiah Smith State and National Park in northern California.

We love the drive through Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park in central California.

I typed that list off the top of my head as they came to me. I am sure there are many more that we love as much as Bear Tooth Pass. Was Charles Kuralt wrong in his choice? No, he was only more decisive than me and Kelly Jo.😍

We love so many scenic routes and can not narrow the list to only one.

Recently we drove another of our favorite routes and captured some dashcam footage along the way. This video is through the Tehachapi Mountains between Tehachapi and Bakersfield, California. 

Normally I speed the video up to shorten the length, but I heard from several of you that you would like to see drives in real-time. That makes the video longer so we will see how it works for you.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful drive! Please pardon the glare, streaks and bugs.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Kelly Jo 54!

I remember well the build-up to the bicentennial celebration of the USA on July 4, 1976. I was in the third grade. It is incredible that forty-six years have slipped by since then. Wow! Happy Birthday, USA!

More importantly, personally, yesterday was KJo's 54th birthday!😍🎵🎁🎂

What an amazing joy it is to know this kind and Godly woman and have the privilege of traveling the road of life alongside her. I hit the jackpot with this one, ladies and gentlemen!

Happy, Happy Birthday, KJo!

Kelly loves a Brazilian Steakhouse and it had been two years exactly since we had been to one. In honor of our anniversary and KJo's birthday, we found one and tried it out! It was outstanding!

Pastor James McCoy and his family took us to our first Brazillian Steakhouse in Denver, Colorado several years ago. We were hooked from the first visit. Thanks a lot, Bro. McCoy!

We do not go as often as we would like, but if we can combine a special occasion and a big city that has a Brazillian Steakhouse, we like to go.

Wow Again! We need to have more special occasions!😁

Thank you for stopping in. I hope you enjoy the pictures!


Sunday, July 3, 2022

View Out The Front Window of The BoggsMobile 7/3/22

Sunday Morning Sanity
A man who is intimate with God will never be intimidated by men. Leonard Ravenhill

View Out The Front Window of The BoggsMobile

Back in Tehachapi, California

I hope you have a super great Sunday!


Saturday, July 2, 2022

Celebrating Birthdays And Anniversaries

Hey Friends, 

This is Odie checking in from Ohio. Happy Fourth of July weekend! I hope you get to have some fun, as we celebrate the birthday of our great nation! 

Two hundred and forty-six years ago, our forefathers fought and gave their lives for us. I will forever be thankful for their selfless sacrifice. Today I am proud to say I am an American! God Bless America is my prayer!

We need to rewind to June for this topic. I want to tell you about four special dates that happened last month. June is a very popular month for weddings. My family has done their part to keep June weddings popular. There are four Boggs family Anniversaries during June. 

Mamaw and Papaw celebrated 59 years on June 12th! The entire family is so blessed and grateful every time their special day rolls around!

Jay and Theresa Boggs Osborn celebrated 30 years of marriage on June 13th! I can not believe thirty years have passed! I was their six year old flower girl. 

Steve and Karen Boggs had their anniversary on June 25th. This year marked number 34 for them. I was 2 and a half when they married. I do have some memories of that special day!

My parents 37th anniversary just passed on June 29th. God has seen them through a bunch of life, miles and memories in those thirty seven years. I will forever be thankful for God's help and strength. God gave me amazing parents!

I know all four of these anniversaries are now history. I just wanted to take a moment to publicly tell these couples, Happy Anniversary! I love all eight of these family members so much! I am thankful for their devotion to marriage and family! They worked extremely hard to reach this point in life! I am grateful for their examples!

There is one more special date to recognize. Tomorrow is my beautiful Mother's birthday! She is the firecracker that lights our world!

Happy birthday, Mama! I love you so much! Thank you for showing me how an extraordinary lady is supposed to conduct herself! You are my hero!

Thanks for joining me as I celebrate my family today! Family is important to me. I would not be who I am today without my incredible family. See you next time.


Friday, July 1, 2022

Revival In Pictures - Bloomington, California

Here we are at the first of July! I hope you are having a great summer and that you are staying cool wherever you are!

We have had a fantastic week in Bloomington, California. We love preaching for Bro. John Deatherage and the wonderful people here. We enjoy the fellowship, we enjoy the services and we always enjoy the presence of the Lord in this place! That makes revival possible and pleasurable!

As with all the churches in California, we have not been here since 2019. It was December 2019 here in Bloomington. We intended to spend a couple of months out here last year, but with seven months of sickness in 2021, we had to postpone.

We are super glad to be back.

Pastor Deatherage was faithful to call me all during our time at home to encourage us and to constantly let us know we were welcome back in Bloomington. He was a great help to our family and a tremendous consolation to me personally. It has been a joy to be here to thank him in person!

Now it is time for Revival In Pictures. I have a little commentary along the way.

Sis. Deatherage is always quick with a smile! Evidently, Bro. Deatherage is quick to make us all smile!

There is a Prevost shop in nearby Mira Loma, California. We have had the bus worked on there several times. I think we have been there just about every time we have preached here in Bloomington, whether for service or for parts. This visit was no different. The BoggsMobile needed new windshield wipers.

I had ordered wiper blades in May, but they were back-ordered. They had 8 at Prevost Mira Loma. What? Oh, well, I am glad they had them. The bus needed them badly!

For my own information, all I need to change them is a small flathead screwdriver and a 3/8 open end wrench. There is not enough clearance for a socket or box wrench. A small ladder is helpful too.

Thank you for stopping by today for Revival In Pictures!