Thursday, April 30, 2015

Central City, Kentucky - Revival In Pictures

We have had an absolutely wonderful time at Central City, Kentucky with Pastor Alan Harris and the Trinity Pentecostal Church. God came so near us and we praise Him for it. Hallelujah for the help of God.

We treasure the friendship of these great folks and we love coming back again and again. I am very surprised that they have not grown extremely tired of us yet. I guess its is good that we only stay a week or less on each visit. Honestly, these folks love us because they have followed the example of their Pastor. Bro. Alan Harris and his wife Sis. Tammy have embraced us with their loving hearts and the church has done the same. Praise God for these dear friends.

I am posting this before church Thursday night because we are planning to leave after church tonight and drive toward Virginia. I really need to be in Vonore, Tennessee first thing in the morning to have a couple of things adjusted on the bus. That is 300+ miles from here so I may not have a chance to post later tonight or in the morning.

Thank you for praying for us. I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures.


Pastor Alan Harris and Davy

It was an honor to have Bro. James Martin and his family in revival with us for two nights. They are super people and God is blessing their work as missionaries to the Native Americans.

Trying out a tablet for a phone. lol