Saturday, October 1, 2016

Having Fun With My Mother

Hello Friends. Welcome to October. I love fall! It is pumpkin time and I love it when Pumpkin Spice is the featured flavor. This is Odie and I am happy to be coming to you from Mississippi. 

I want to take a moment to wish a very special friend a happy birthday. Reese Lamb is celebrating her big day tomorrow! We love you, Reese, and wish you were in Mississippi so we could celebrate with you. Thank you for being our awesome friend. 


Homecoming is tomorrow in here Richton Mississippi. We love Pastor Scott Morris and the church family at First Assembly! They always make us feel at home. City Reach Richton begins in the city park Monday night. I am expecting great things in the week ahead. 

While the BoggsMobile was in the shop this week, I enjoyed some quality time with my Mom. Of course, that included some "Retail Therapy".  I did find a few bargains that could not be passed up. I even did a little Christmas shopping. 

We had a lot of fun. I mean, we had a really large amount of fun. Some of the fun is so funny, I figure I better tell you about it in this post before Mom decides to write a post about it. 

We were shopping in Stein Mart and I was telling Mom a story. Part of the story involved me waving hi to someone. Well, in the middle of the story I spotted a sweater on a rack that I wanted to point out to Mom. I mixed up my story and what I was actually doing. Instead of pointing at the sweater I WAVED at the sweater!   

Yes, that is correct. I WAVED hello at a sweater hanging on the rack like it was my long lost friend.

Here is the conversation that followed. 
Mom: Oh my goodness!
Odie: What?
Mom: Did you just wave at that sweater?
Odie: YES!! I am so dumb!

I doubled over in laughter and had a hard time regaining my composer. I am still laughing at myself! Have you ever liked a sweater so much you could wave at it?

Well, hopefully confession is good for the soul!

After Stein Mart we journeyed to the mall. We got the nice surprise of seeing our friend Deana Woods and getting to meet her friend Kathie. God has really touch Deana this year. We are Praising God with her!


Thank you for reading today. Have a fantastic weekend. 


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