Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Miracle Baby!

The first part of March I posted about the miracle baby in Richton, Mississippi. We are still praising God for giving Bro. and Sis. Brewer the miracle of little Logan. You can read about it and see pictures HERE

We heard then that God had also given Bro. Paul and Sis. Tracy Sheffield a miracle baby in Ellisville, Mississippi. Now I have seen him with my eyes and held the miracle in my hands. He is a beautiful baby. You can see Caleb for yourself along with his mom and dad. 

(More pictures below)

I remember clearly the night last year that Bro. Paul grabbed hold of faith for a child and would not let go. It was March 26, 2010 on the last night of revival in Ellisville, Mississippi. 

God had challenged his heart to demonstrate his faith in God. Bro. Paul was the first one in the altar that night and one of the last ones to leave. Bro. Paul and Sis. Tracy wanted a baby so bad but every avenue was a dead end. 

Bro. Paul demonstrated his faith in God by going home and preparing a nursery for their baby. They finally decided to paint their nursery blue. With the nursery painted they settled in to wait on God. 

In September they received a call from another county about a newborn in need of a home. Two days later they brought Caleb home from the hospital and placed him in the nursery they had painted by faith. Caleb was seven days old and they have had him ever since. 

Isn't that awesome? They had faith in God for a miracle. They demonstrated their faith by preparing a nursery for their baby and God honored their faith with a miracle.

Here's an interesting side note. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but little Caleb is a spitting image of Bro. Paul. Isn't that cool?

Bro. Paul and Sis. Tracy are only a step or two from having permanent custody of little Caleb. We are praying and believing that the rest of the process will be smooth and timely. 

Praise God for working miracles in the lives of those that trust him. If you have a great need in your life today dare to believe God for a miracle! Our God is able to do it if you put your trust in Him. Trust God to do what is best in your life. You may not understand Him or comprehend what He is doing but Trust Him!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mt. Sinai Holiness Tabernacle, Dothan, Alabama

Pastor Dewayne Watson and Pastor Jon Issacs

Here are a few pictures of the folks in Dothan, Alabama. We had several visitors at Mt. Sinai last night so of course we all went out to eat after church. We love this work for God and all of the folks involved. We are asking God to cover us up with His presence this week in revival. Please pray that God will move among us and save many souls.

God bless,


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dothan, Alabama Storm

Some left over hail!

We made the trip over from Ellisville, Mississippi to Dothan, Alabama on Saturday. It was a good day to travel and everything went very smooth. It was the first time to pull the trailer with the jeep in it since we had the hitched on the BoggsMobile fixed and all went well. We are very thankful for that.

We started revival this morning at Mt. Sinai and they had a church dinner afterward. It was all good but the excitement started in the afternoon. As we finished eating is was plain to see that a storm was on the way. When it arrived it came on strong!

We hadn't been back in the bus long when the rain, hail and wind whipped up into a fury. It came down on the windows and roof with a vengeance. It was just a little scary. One of the neighbors said he saw a tornado but that hasn't been confirmed.

We are all fine but when we went outside afterward we could see how blessed we are. The power lines were down, some trees broken, the church air conditioner was moved and things not nailed down were blown around or away.

Some of the church folks were still in the fellowship hall when it started and they opened the door to go after some children they had already loaded in their vehicle. The storm ripped the door off the hinges. Bro. Watson, the pastor, lost the chimney off his house and also lost a set of steps.

It was wicked rain, hail & wind. The roof of BoggsMobile may have some hail damage, the trailer definitely has some hail damage but Mr. Cheap Jeep is fine. We will look it all over better tomorrow but we are so thankful everybody is safe.

Thank God for helping and protecting us.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ellisville First Assembly

Wow what a week. I don't think words exist to tell all God has been doing at First Assembly! I'm so thankful we get the chance to be a part of this revival! It is always a blessing to see our friends encouraged.

We have had a wonderful time with Pastor Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris! They are special friends! All of the folks here are surper sweet. Well, I forgot our "Anonymous Friend", he is just nice. LOL Just kidding, Bro. Jason. The first two pics are of " Bro. Anonymous".

As Dad said we were thrilled to have the Boyds with us Tuesday night. They helped the service so much! We also had great fellowship!! I caught some pics with my phone.

Bro. Jeff Smith and Family came from Jackson, Tennessee to be in revival. It has been good to get acquainted with them! Their singing has been a help. Pics of them are still on the Canon.

I must close for now. Please say a prayer for our voices. Spring allergies are camped out in the BoggsMobile.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ellisville, Mississippi, Pastor Kenny Morris

Wow! We are off to a great start in revival at Ellisville, Mississippi! Each service has been wonderful and last night was no exception. We have had great conviction in several services, similar to some of the services last week at Midway and last night the Holy Ghost fell and folks were filled and refilled in the altars.

Last night was extra special because Pastor Tracy Boyd and his wife and girls (Dayla, Darah, & Kaylee) drove down from Sterlington, Louisiana to be in service with us. Sis. Shea and their girls sang during the service and then also carried the much of the singing during the altar service. It was so good to have them. They were, as always, a tremendous blessing! They have a wonderful CD and HERE is the link for more information.

I noticed as I was pulling this post together that I have neglected to get any pictures of the church and Pastor Kenny Morris so we will try to get some up later in the week. Please continue to pray for us that God will use us as an instrument for revival in these last days.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Singing at Flat Branch Assembly, Pastor Jim Koen

Saturday night we had a great singing at Flat Branch Assembly near Millry, Alabama.  We had a good crowd from the surrounding churches and a wonderful service. Pastor Jim Koen and his church received us with open arms and we enjoyed their warm hospitality. It was our first time at their church and we look forward to returning.

Kelly Jo snapped just a few pictures as the folks were coming in. You can see them below.

We started at Ellisville, Mississippi yesterday and God covered that place up in the altar services. We are praising God for His help. We will have more to report with pictures as well in the coming days.

God bless,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Midway Assembly near St. Stephens, Alabama

We have had a wonderful week near St. Stephens, Alabama. Midway Assembly is out in the woods with not much to do besides work, eat, fellowship and have revival and we have been doing plenty of at least three of those things. Each service was very good and the altar services were exceptional. We are praising God for each one that was saved and each one that was filled with the Holy Ghost.

Tonight (I am writing this late Friday night) conviction was so strong in the service. It was unusually strong. Several responded to the altar but the Holy Ghost tarried for quite a long time dealing with lost individuals. I am saddened that some did not respond but I am thankful for conviction and for those that did respond.

Pastor Lamar Chapman and his family have embraced us and treated us so well. It has been a great joy to fellowship with them this week, eat at Sis. Chapman's table and get to know them better. We have had a wonderful time! In fact, it has been so good that we really do hate to leave.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we will move to the other side of Millry, Alabama for a Singing at Flat Branch Assembly and then on to Ellisville, Mississippi to start revival Sunday morning. Please keep us in your prayers.