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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Time For A Scrub!

The Jeep was in need of some tender care after being pulled a few thousand miles the last several weeks. In that time period, we had washed it by hand a few times and run it through some automatic washes, but it was showing the miles.

The BoggsMobile leaks a little oil and a little oil goes a long way when you are going 65 MPH. Once you add in diesel exhaust, road grime and several hundred miles being pulled behind the bus in the rain, you get the idea.

My brother Steve had plans to take care of that before we ever arrived. He had scheduled the Jeep for cleaning inside and out and good hand wax. He knows a young man that does the cleaning onsite and does a super great job.

The Jeep was not dirty inside, but the young man worked about four hours on the wash, wax and detailing and he really did a great job. Wow! The Jeep really shines!

Thank you, Bubba, for treating the Jeep to a spa day! It was a thoughtful and helpful gift.

Thank you all for stopping in a few minutes today.


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Nice To Have The Proper Jeep At Home

The Jeep is back in the capable hands of KJo. Monday evening I called the dealership to check on the repairs. I was not in a hurry for it, but it was a few days past the estimated time frame. I was hoping they were not expecting me to show up and I had misunderstood.

They were only a few minutes away from having it ready, so I headed that way. The paint repair looked good and they had given it a decent wash and spit shine. The rain and snow this week spoiled the wash, but that is no problem. It was a factory paint problem and covered under the original warranty.

So the Jeep Compass loaner car went back. It is a nice little Jeep, but a bit small for our needs all the time. It was fine for the short term.

And the Jeep Grand Cherokee came back home.

It is nice to have it back. I had not driven the Jeep much since we bought it, but I drove it about three hours Tuesday and I am going to drive it some more today. IF I am going to drive the bus long distances like we must do to travel, then I need to know if I can drive without difficulty.

Driving the Jeep is not the same as driving the car, but it is a start. I am doing my best to build up to full strength and full duty. Please keep praying for us. We desire God's help and His direction. 

Thank you for stopping in today.


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Another Blue Ox

I told you about the Jeep that is bouncing along behind the BoggsMobile now. In order to pull anything with the bus, the vehicle being towed has to have a little adaptation.

The new Blue Ox tow bar that hooks the bus to the car we are towing, but that is not all the story. There must be a solid place on the car where you can fasten the tow bar. To accomplish that, it is necessary to install a base plate on the car.

In our case, the baseplate is also manufactured by Blue Ox and is pretty involved to install. Each model car requires a specific model tow bar. Jeff Rowe's guys at East Tennessee Luxury Coach installed the new base plate on the Jeep. They also wired up the lights to work properly when towed.

This is what it looks like when finished. 

You can remove the shiny tabs when you are not towing and the car looks normal, but we usually leave them in. They are "shin getters" if you are not careful when walking by though.

On this Jeep, you have to temporarily remove the windshield washer fluid tank during the base plate install. It looks like some kind of creature.

Now that this is completed, the Jeep should be set to go as long as we own it. It is time to roll some miles and I think we are going to get a chance to do that this year.

Thank you for dropping by.