Wednesday, June 30, 2021

A Word For Wednesday-One Step At A Time

Today it is time for A Word For Wednesday. Our word for today? One Step At A Time. I posted it on our YouTube Channel a few minutes ago. 

First of all, thank you all for praying for us and specifically praying for my health to improve enough so we might get back out on the road. I do not even know how to say thank you strong enough and loud enough. We appreciate all of the concern and prayer more than we can express.  I still have a ways to go, but I am still climbing by God's grace.

With all of the prayer being offered and the texts, calls, emails, cards, letters and comments, there comes a measure of responsibility on our part, to keep you informed on how things are going and if I am improving.

Let me begin, by saying I am definitely 1000 times better than I was in mid March and even many, many times better than I was three weeks ago in the first part of June.

We are thankful for every ounce of improvement that we can sense or see. Praise God for His help!

From the very beginning of this ordeal, I have tried to stay active, even if it was only marching in place in the BoggsMobile for a few minutes at a time. On May 20, KJo and I began riding our stationary bike, hoping to build up my wind and endurance. This is how I KNOW that I am making some progress.

That first day, I rode one minute and had to quit. On May 21 I rode one minute and rested one minute. I repeated that five times for a total of five minutes riding in ten minutes time and 1.1 miles. We have kept building on that six days a week.

On June 1, I rode three minutes took a one minute break and rode two more minutes. The next day I rode eight minutes and the next day nine minutes. On June 10 I rode twelve minutes. Like I said, one step at a time.

Since June 12, I have been riding twenty to twenty three minutes and five miles, plus or minus a tenth or two, six days a week. This effort has undoubtedly helped my lung capacity and endurance.

During this time, I have sung and preached once or twice each week and sang some during services at our home church. I have done all of this while using the portable oxygen machine and my levels stay up pretty good.

Here is where the rub comes in and where I would like for you to focus your prayers unto God. I still need the supplemental oxygen to do anything at all. I have taken it off several times when I am near the bus exhaust or adding gas to the mower or using anything that makes a spark. If I do much at all without the oxygen, my levels drop.

I am doing my best to be patient with this and I do see improvement at times. I have been told repeatedly that this can take a good amount of time and I understand that with my head. However, my heart is raring to go and to get back to doing what we love to do, what we are equipped to do.

I know that God is able to repair all of this and allow my lungs to absorb oxygen like they are supposed to this very instant. I have complete faith the God can complete the work. God is a miracle working God!

Until that miracle comes, we are determined to move forward one step at a time as we are able. 

Last week, our Pastor, Bro. Bennie Sutherland, ask us to sing for the altar service at our home church during revival. It may not seem like much of a start, but this is the first time I have been to church more than two nights in a row in months.

We were able to sing each night, enjoy the services and still do a few things during the day that needed to be done. I was more tired than usual, but I was able to exhort and sing each night without extreme trouble.

We ended the week of revival with a very busy weekend and I handled it pretty well. Praise God!

This week, we are taking another test step.

Bro. Chambers in Charlotte, North Carolina has asked us to help with the singing and for KJo to play the piano. Bro. Chambers knows that I and not 100% and that I may not even be able to attend all of the services. I hope to be able to go as much as possible and to sing.

My tendency is to push as hard as I can go and find the limit. That is exactly what I did about three or four weeks after COVID and the result nearly killed me. I really want to avoid that if at all possible. I can not do that.

There is a temptation to swing the pendulum back the other way and never try to do anything. I can not do that either.

The compromise between the two extremes is to keep taking baby steps, making all the progress I can without going over the edge again.

That is the plan. We will pray and step forward. We ask you to continue to pray for us. We believe that God will provide answers and stay faithful.

Thank you for reading today.


Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Davy and Kelly Sittin' In A Tree

On this day in 1985, I made one of the smartest moves I have ever made in all my born days. I married Kelly Jo Morgan and gave her my last name and took her hand in mine for life. It is no coincidence that on that same day, Kelly Jo made one of the most boneheaded moves that she has ever made by taking my name as her own and giving me her hand.

But I am sure glad that she did. I tell her all the time, you may have been rooked and crooked, but you are took!

I would say there were less than 20 witnesses to that momentous occasion and I would like to know how many of them were shaking their heads, wondering if our marriage would ever survive.

Who could blame them? Some of our friends expressed their doubts right to our face. Yet, here we are thirty six years later, still married, happy to be married and going forward by God's grace. Hallelujah!

Thank you, Lord, for creating Kelly Jo and allowing her to choose marriage to me. Thank you, KJo for loving me. You are an incredible woman. I love you more than a hog loves slop!

Wow! thirty six years!

Thank you for dropping in today. I posted more pictures last year. You can see them HERE.


Monday, June 28, 2021

Weekend Write Up 6/28/21

From our statistics, it is known that a good portion of our readers may not read the posts on Saturday and Sunday. Odie put up some great pictures of the Isaacs on Saturday and yesterday I posted a short video you might like to see.

It has been a busy, but fruitful weekend and we are glad to take you along for the ride. Friday afternoon, we drove to West Harrison, Indiana to be with our friends for an hour or so as they gathered to mourn the passing of Sis. Rhonda Hicks. We did not take any pictures of the crowd, of course, but I did snap three pictures of the photos the family had chosen to display.

We left West Harrison and drove straight to Dryden Rd. in Dayton for the last night of revival. It was a wonderful service and we enjoyed experiencing the Lord working in our lives and in the lives of people we love. Praise God for His help and grace and strength.

Saturday morning we had to hit it early and be on the road before 9:30 on our way back to West Harrison for Sis. Hicks funeral. We spent most of the day there for the service, accompanying the family to the cemetery and going back to the church for dinner.

The funeral was beautiful. We are so glad we were able to attend and it was an honor to say a few words and sing for our dear friends. I have said it before, because we are often 1000 miles away, we miss so many funerals and we hate that. Praise God we were home this time.

Bro. Wade and Sis. Rhonda Hicks have been our friends for 34 years and we love them dearly. Although I am rejoicing that Sis. Rhonda is at rest and no longer sick, my heart is broken for Bro. Wade, his daughters and his church. We are trusting God to hold them up.

When we arrived home, we had salsa with Dad and Mom and Cousin Lisa. It was good to spend a few minutes with family.

Saturday evening, KJo spent a few hours getting us ready for our next adventure. I will try to fill you in on the details on Wednesday.

Thank you for reading Mile Markers today.


Sunday, June 27, 2021

Our View Out The Front Window-Moving!

This morning I am giving you a moving view out the front window. After 142 days of not leaving our property at all, the BoggsMobile cranked, turned around and went for a very short, but important drive. We hope to take a much longer drive in the next few weeks, but we were thrilled to be in our seats and moving, even a little!

I will embed the video below. IF that does not show up for some reason, you can find our YouTube Channel Here.

I hope you have a super great Sunday. Thank you for stopping in.


Saturday, June 26, 2021

The Isaacs In Plain City, Ohio 2021

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in for writer duty today. How are you doing? I hope your first official week of summer has been good. This week for our family has been exciting. Our home church, Dryden Road Pentecostal Church, had four nights of revival. I enjoy getting to attend and support our church family during revival.

The Isaacs In Plain City, Ohio

Now it is time for today's main blog topic. We are rewinding to June 18th. Dad wrote a little about this fun day in Monday's post. You can read his post here.

Our long time faithful readers know that one of my favorite blog topics to cover are Isaacs concerts. I have tuned in to every virtual concert that I could in the last year. It has been way too long since I have been able to attend an Isaacs concert live. I am so thankful that we were able to be at Der Dutchman in Plain City for this concert!

This was a wonderful day of incredible music, awesome singing, visiting with precious family and delicious food! I think I smiled the whole day because I enjoyed myself so much!

I will hold onto the memories of this concert for a long time. The whole day was outstanding. I wish all of you could have experienced it too! Do not worry, I have plenty of pictures to share with you below.

I enjoyed getting to spend time with Sonya's children, Gatlyn and Evya Yeary. We had a lot of fun with them.


This night was dinner and a concert. Here are the pictures of my food for the evening.       

Then was go time for the main event, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Isaacs! It was a night filled with encouragement, fun, laughter and even a few good tears. I left there inspired! The Isaacs sang a wide variety of songs from the ever-growing catalog of music. Every song left me in awe. Their talent never ceases to leave me speechless!

Becky, Sonya and Ben

Josh Swift is the newest member of the Isaacs. He plays one of my favorite instruments, the dobro. Josh's talent is amazing!

My Beautiful Aunt Lily

Levi Bowman

Josh Swift

I was thrilled to enjoy this night with Papaw and Mamaw!

Our cousin Caleb also attended the concert. It is always great to see my buddy!

There you have my report from The Isaacs in Plain City, Ohio 2021.
Thanks to my family for making the night special for me! Aunt Lily, Ben, Sonya, Becky, Levi, Jakobi, Gatlyn, Evya, Mark, VeeVee, Nathan, and Josh I love all of you!

I will close for now. Thanks for reading. 


Friday, June 25, 2021

Another Week Passing

Another week has flown by and what a mixed bag it has been. The days have been full and we have loved being in revival services each night at our home church. Bro. Randy Webb has preached outstanding and God has ministered to us tremendously.

Yet it has not been all roses this week. Yesterday I asked you to pray for our friends that are grieving and you responded wonderfully. Thank you for that. 

I need to ask you to pray for some more friends. We received word yesterday afternoon that Sis. Bittle in Oklahoma passed away. Regular readers will remember Bro. Bruce and Priscilla Mayhan showing up on Mile Markers pretty regularly through the years. They have surprised us with visits all over the country. Sis. Bittle is Priscilla's Mother.

In fact, we are friends with several of Sis. Bittle's children and their spouses. She was a great Christian lady and her Godly influence still rings through multiple generations. She was sick and she was advanced in years, but no one is ready to lose Mother. Please pray for our friends in Oklahoma.

Now, I have a few pictures from the week for you.

Three generations of ladies.

I like this selfie that Odie snapped of her and Bro. Bennie.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you for stopping by. I always appreciate you spending a few moments with us.